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Wild Dog’s Unlikely Friendship | Dogs In The Wild: Meet The Family | BBC Earth


reports of strange creatures living amongst the crops has brought biologists rogerio kunda de Paola to find out more his first move to set up a network of camera traps and the results have been extraordinary mained wolves normally found in natural grassland seeing them living in crops was remarkable we've found so many wolves here that was incredibly surprised for us I never expected to find the population in a good shape that we we found here mind wolves are grassland specialists they can eat a variety of food small mammals fruit and even vegetables they're extremely long legs make them the tallest of all wild dogs and allow them to move through and see above tall vegetation their large ears help them listen for small prey hiding in the undergrowth [Music] one swift pounce and lunch is served as grassland Specialists they have learned to live in these vast sugarcane plantations here there's an abundance of prey for them to hunt until [Music] when the main walls worked is flattened and the Farms are so vast there's not enough natural grassland for the Wolves to hunt in during the Harvest Time but what can be done working with local farmers rogerio has come up with a brilliantly simple solution is foreign just enough crop to hunt in and enough food and shelter to raise their pups in return the Wolves help control rodents that eat the farmer's crops [Music]

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