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Wild Animal Attacked me at NEW HOUSE!!


(dramatic, suspenseful sounds)
– What, whoa, what? (Stephen groaning)
What, Stephen, what happened? Oh my goodness, oh my
goodness, oh my goodness! – Oh my goodness, oh my
goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Ow, it scratched me! Oh!
(TV signal dropping) – Sharers, we just caught an animal. We caught an animal! Oh, Grace,
(calm, playful music) I hope it's not someone's pet. Oh no, oh, it's so cute! Look at that! It's just sitting there patiently waiting. Okay, I actually don't know what this, I think it's a possum, but
Sharers' comment down below, if you know what this thing is. Oh, it's really cute. It looks like baby Otter! I think now we just had
to call the terminator to come pick it up and
relocate this animal. We caught the wrong one.
(playful suspenseful music) Grace, I'm gonna go back inside. Call the terminator to come relocate it. Don't worry, Sharers. We are not doing anything
bad to the animal. We are just relocating
it to a better spot. – [Dispatcher] Environmental Services.

– We have a trap set
out that you guys put in and we did; the animal got caught in it. – [Dispatcher] Okay, so
we said we set the trap for you back the 21st. – We have a possum, I believe. – [Dispatcher] Yeah, I'll
get someone out there today to pick it up. I'm not quite sure what time, but we'll get someone down there today. You can also do, is
pour some water on him. 'Cause what he'll do is he'll lick his fur to keep himself hydrated. So you can help do that, just
take a little bucket of water. You can just take the hose and like hose him down a little bit. – That sounds great. We'll see you guys soon.
– Okay. – Okay, you heard what the
lady on the phone said. She said the possum should be fine, as long as it stays
hydrated and all that stuff.

And it's not very hot out today. (laid back acoustic guitar) It's a good temperature. The sun's not gonna bake it. But I did a little research online and it turns out possums
are actually nocturnal. So this poor thing is up past its bedtime. Hi, hi, you want some water? I got you some water. Oh, it's so scared of me. I'm kind of scared of him. You want some water? Little water? I don't know how to get
the water over there.

Should I just sprinkle a little? Oh, it pooped in the cage. Poor thing. I think that's poop right there. Okay, it's okay. I'm gonna give you a little water. (water splashing) Poor thing, I, sorry. This is crazy, Sharers.
(playful music) We haven't even really
moved into the house yet because there's been so many issues. Like a major flood last vlog,
a giant groundhog last vlog and the police showing up last vlog! So we really haven't even
moved into this house yet. Now we got this possum we gotta deal with. Let me go grab my mom, if I can find her. Keep in mind, we will do
official new house reveal. But after they are a 100
percent done with the building, because I don't wanna show
you the house a 100 percent yet until it's complete and ready to go. By the way, I've been
going through the comments and I picked five people,
who guessed correctly where I moved to.

We got Emma Thompson,
Jake Weber, Zack Aaronhart Jeremy Hutchins, and Vanessa Tremblay, who have all guessed correctly. So I will be sending you some awesome, free share-the-love stickers.
(stickers wowing) Remember, if you want some
awesome, share-the-love stickers. All you gotta do is be subscribed
and comment down below. We are still painting. Wow, Mom! We just gotta select the right
paint and stuff like that. But Mom, we got a little bit of an issue. – What? – We caught a possum in that cage. – Wait, a minute. We're supposed to get a groundhog. – I know, we got a possum, but I'm trying-
– Oh, no! – To give it water, but it's scared. – Oh, no! – So I don't know what to do. – Oh, do you have a like
a cloth to put over it, so it can hide, like a towel or a rag or plastic bag? Black plastic bag.

– No, we don't wanna suffocate it. – No, no, no, no. Not the whole thing. Just put it over the corner and it can hide in a little corner. Like just drape it halfway. – Oh dear, it's gonna be so scared of me. I hope it doesn't attack me. I'm just bringing you a box. Just bringing you a a box. It's okay; it's okay. It's just a box. Oh, poor thing, it's so scared. Bringing you a box. It's gonna help. It's okay; it's okay. Look, ooh, I don't know how to do that. I'm like scared. I'm scared of this thing, Sharers.

I thought people had possums as pets, but it turns out they have
something called a ferret, which looks, I think similar. But possums apparently
aren't that friendly. So it's really cute looking. I don't know what to do. Look, just this. It's okay; it's okay.
(foreboding music) It's okay; it's okay. Just that. Yes, good, good, good,
good, good, good, good. That's a nice little box for you. Oh, Grace, what'd you get? – Oh, I got some more
stuff for our new pet. – Okay, I think the pet's
actually very scared of us. What should we call the possum? We gotta name the possum. – Perry the possum! – Perry the possum. So this is gonna be Perry the possum. Is that water for it? What are you doing with the stick? – Oh, I was gonna make a
little like clubhouse for him.

– I think he's really scared, right? – Yeah, we need to make a little- – I made a little shade for him. So, but we need to give
him a little water somehow. Do you want some water?
(water image popping) Look, watch this. This is gonna be perfect. I can drip water down the box like this. – [Grace] Oh, (gasping) oh!
– Oh, oh, oh. Do you like it? – Oh, okay-
(Stephen talking quietly) Okay, perfect. I'll go find a bowl. We need to get some food and water. We need everything for our new pet. When you make sure it's comfortable, while it's staying.
(dramatic music) – [Stephen] Oh, ow, ow!
– What, whoa, what, whoa, what?
(Stephen groaning). – Stephen, what happened? Oh my goodness, oh my
goodness, oh my goodness! Stephen, Stephen, Stephen! Sit down, sit down! Are you okay?
– Hold on, I'll be right back. I think it attacked me. It attacked me.

– Stephen, Stephen, sit down, sit down! Stephen, Stephen, Stephen!
(dramatic music intensifies) What happened, what
happened, what happened? Oh, no, no, no! I think the animal attacked Stephen. Stephen, did it attack you? Did it attack you?
(dramatic music) – Ah, ow, oh my goodness, oh
my goodness, oh my goodness! Oh my goodness, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!
(dramatic music) Oh, it scratched me! Oh, oh, no! Oh, that possum got me good. Grace, where'd you go? It bit me! Grace, where'd you go? Where is Grace?
(dramatic music intensifies) Hold on, lemme go find my mom.

This is not good. Ow, it's like swelling. This is not good. This is not good. Mom, Mom! (intense dramatic music)
– Oh my God! – The possum bit me!
– Oh, what happened? – The possum.
– Oh my God! – I tried to save it. – Oh, oh, oh my, oh my! Oh, oh, oh! – Oh no, the possum-
– Here, here, here, here! – Oh no, the possum bit me. It's like swelling.
– Oh my God, oh, oh! Okay, let's go, let's go, let's go! – [Stephen] Okay, okay. – Can I take you to the hospital? – Okay, okay, okay. – Oh my gosh, you might
need a rabies shot! – [Stephen] Oh, no, oh, no.
(dramatic music) – Okay, hold that, hold that, hold that! – [Stephen] Okay, let's go.
– Hold that, hold that! – [Stephen] Okay, okay,
I'm holding it, okay.

Okay, okay, okay, oh my goodness. Wait, where's Grace?
(suspenseful music) Where's Grace? – [Mom] I don't know where she is! – [Stephen] Okay, okay, okay, okay. (Mom speaking quietly) Yeah, let's go get Grace.
(dramatic music) – You want Grace first?
– Yeah. (door clicking open)
– Okay, we'll put that there. – [Stephen] Go get Grace. Go look for Grace. Ow, ow, ow. (sucking in breath) Ooh, ooh, it's sticking!
(dramatic music) What's going on? Uh, ow, it's sticking; it's
sticking; it's sticking! Oh, (gasping), ow, ugh, this hurts! Mom. where's Grace?
(dramatic music) The possum's dangerous. Where are you? Grace, what are you doing?
(dramatic music) – I made this possum and eh, a, oh, oh, Stephen what happened? – Are you eating? – No, I, I, I made this for the possum.

– No, I saw you eating. That's your salad, Grace. You said you were gonna go help me. Look, it's swelling! – Oh, Stephen, you know what? Uh, here, let me take this! – Where's Mom? She went to go look for you. I have to go to the hospital. – I'm gonna put this right here. Stephen, that looks pretty bad. I think you should sit down! – Grace, I can't sit down. I had to get in Mom's car and go. Yeah, let's go Grace, come on! (Grace sighing) We gotta go. – Oh my goodness, Stephen! I can't believe that
little possum did all that. – I told you, Grace. It needs a bowl of water,
not water dripping on it.

– Oh, no! – It was scared of us and attacked me! The possums are not friendly animals and they're nocturnal. They're not supposed to
be out during the day. – Oh, this is bad Stephen; this is bad. Are you feeling okay? – I'm feeling, I don't know, maybe not? I think I need, no. – [Grace] Here, sit down, sit down. – Do you have any candy? – Candy, what do you mean?
– I heard it's really good. The sugar help. – The sugar help? I think you should just sit down. – Go see if there's like
Starburst in the house. – We don't have anything in the house. We haven't even moved in yet. – Just go, go check. – I can run to the store. – No, just go, I don't know. Just, I, I, I'm gonna go find Mom.

– [Grace] Oh, I, (sputtering) are you sure? – I'm going to find Mom. I gotta go to the hospital, Grace. – Oh my goodness! This is absolute disaster! I did make this for the possum! Should probably bring it over to him. Especially if the possum attacked Stephen. It might be a little bit hungry. It maybe thought Stephen was food? Oh, he's hiding! Look, you can barely see him. He is a real little guy. See, he moved away from me. How could he have attacked Stephen? He's so little and cute.

Hi, Perry! How could he have attacked Stephen? There's no way. Yeah, I don't think that
animal could attack Stephen. Something just doesn't add up right. Look how cute he is. Wait a second, Stephen! Oh, no! Oh, Mom there you are, there. – [Mom] Oh, oh, Grace! Good, we're going. We're looking for you. Got the keys and I got my purse, let's go! – Let's go? You saw what happened to Stephen? – Yeah, of course, come on! – Let's go!
– Mom, Mom- – What?
(Grace whispering) He's what? What?
– Yeah. (Mom gasping)
– Yeah! Come on. – Oh, not-
– Where's Stephen? Let's go get Stephen. – [Grace] Yeah, that possum
back there, did that? – Yeah. – [Grace] That big, big reaction? – Yes.
– Grace, get in! – Yeah, get in, let's go! – [Grace] That, all that
from that teeny possum.

– Yes, it's crazy. – [Grace] And you're feeling not good? – Yeah, we gotta go. Let's go, come on! – [Grace] Hmm, well, how bad does it hurt? – It hurts; let's go Grace. Come on, get in, let's go! – [Grace] Yeah, that right there hurts? – Yes, ow, ow!
– That right there? – [Grace] Let me just!
– Ow (gasping)! – Stephen-
– (gasping) Ow! – I knew you pranked us!
– What? – Yeah, I knew that too, Stephen. You did it again! – Aha, that's right, Sharers!
(cheerful, playful music) It is all nothing, but a prank! Ah, if you fell for the prank, comment down below, "prank". So I quickly pretend I
got bit by that possum. I ran into the bathroom,
put this awesome fake stuff on really, really, really,
really, really quick.

So by the time I caught up with Grace, she thought it was real at first. – Yeah, I did think it was real first and then I started looking into it. Things just weren't adding up. – Okay, Sharers, well
animal control is on the way to remove the possum to relocate it. So it's super, super safe. Don't worry about it!
(upbeat music) We have Perry the possum,
a-okay under control. The house is still being worked on, but we're one step closer
to fully moving in. And so if you haven't already, make sure you hit the subscribe button. Turn on post notifications. You don't wanna miss next vlog. And until next time, you know what to do. (subscribe dinging) [Grace and Stephen] Stay
awesome and share the love! Peace, woohoo! (hip-hop music)
♪ Flex it ♪ ♪ Flex it ♪
♪ Flex it ♪ ♪ Chyeah ♪.

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