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WiGGLE TOOTH!! Adley’s First Loose Tooth! Family Bike Ride a House Tour & Crafts with Niko n Adley


(crowd chatters indistinctly) (playful music) – [Shaun] Hey, did you just eat some cake? (upbeat music) – Whoa, that was awesome! – [Navey] Navey's turn. – [Shaun] Oh, Navey's turn? (upbeat music)
– Whoo! Whoa! Whoa! (kids giggling) Whoa. Whoa, I like your hair, Wiggle Tooth. Why's your new name Wiggle Tooth? – 'Cause I got a wiggle tooth. (upbeat music) I think it's gonna fall out. (upbeat music)
– Whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa! Whoa! Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo! Superman seat grab! (laughing) – [Jenny] She's gonna love that. (upbeat music) (bell dings)
Yay! You look so good! – Go Navey, go Navey, go! Off your first jump. (growling) That's probably a good size for Niko. (screaming) (crashing) – [Jenny] Crash! (upbeat music continues)
– What is this? Are you okay? – These!
– Oh! – Brownies! – This one's way more better. – [Shaun] They're all so better. (screaming) Is that a yummy nana? (Navey babbling) – I want one of these! – [Shaun] You want one of those? – I want this.
(Adley screaming) (Shaun screaming) (kids screaming) – We lost her again.

(laughing) (Shaun laughing) She's at the very bottom. (grunting) Okay. Oh look, a little jellyfish. Hi! – [Adley] Popcorn! (imitates bashing sounds)
– Ouch, ouch! I want popcorn. – Hi, my name's Popcorn. – [Jenny] I'm getting outta here. (upbeat music) – Welcome home!
– Welcome home! – [Shaun] Whoa! – Kitty! – [Shaun] A kitty?
(gasps) – [Adley] Kitty, hit the vlog. – Thanks for watching, bye. (laughing) – A closet!
– Let's play Hide and Seek! – [Shaun] And the bathroom. It's like a shower cave. – Oh, we need this! – [Shaun] Wait, this is the
coolest shower I've ever seen! – Our whole family can fit in here! – All right, let's test it out. – What?
– This baby snake has one eye. – Look at this little baby snake. Adley, do you like my snake?
(screaming) Don't touch my snake. (upbeat music continues)
(tongue licking) Aw, vlog, the snake likes you. – And then you'll take your
head and stick 'er right there. – Okay. And then what do I do after
I stick it to my head? – No.

(giggling) (Niko yelling) – What is that guy? (upbeat music) – [Jenny] What is it? – Moo. – [Jenny] Moo. – Moo. Pet.
(laughing) Bye, horse. – [Jenny] Good job. – More. (Niko yelling) – This is how you make a creation. (intense music) – [All] Have the best day ever. – [All] Have the best day ever. – Navey. The mommy. – The mommy.
– The mommy? – The baby, the quack-quack. – [Shaun] Yeah! – Quack. The quack. (giggling) – Welcome to a best day ever. I was gonna take you out in
the backyard with the family 'cause it's so fun. But the Navey saw that her birthday's on. (Navey babbling) (Navey babbling) – Then I touch the ducky. – [Shaun] Yeah. Was that Navey's birthday? – Oh yeah!
(babbling) – [Shaun] Oh. (Navey babbling) (Navy laughing)
(Shaun laughing) – All right, should we go
outside with the family? – Go, the baba. – [Shaun] Get your baba. Whose birthday is that? – Me!
(horn honking) – [Shaun] Navey's? – Me.
(horn honking) – Wow! Let's go. Navey has loved watching her birthday. She's probably watched it
50 times, which is so fun. You ready to go?
– Yeah.

(Navey yelling) Mama got some scones this morning. – Mmm.
– Dad? – [Shaun] What? – I was looking at your
house and there's a sheep in your house there.
– What? (intense music)
(sheep bleating) Me and Niko been playing Minecraft and there's a sheep in my house? What's up, Naves? – In that. – Oh, you wanna go for a ride?
– Yeah. – [Shaun] Mom, should
we go for a ride today? Let's go ask Mom.

(Navey giggling) Let's ask. (Navey giggling) – Hi!
– Let's go. – Let's go?
– Yeah. – [Jenny] Okay. – [Shaun] I went to go get the vlog and she saw that her
birthday video was on- – Oh!
– and she just started loving it and watching it. – She watches that all the time. It's her favorite.
– I know. And then the official reason
I had to come get you guys. I need to introduce you to a
new member of our family named Wiggle Tooth. Hello, Wiggle Tooth! What are you doing? Whoa, I like your hair, Wiggle Tooth. (laughing)
– Crazy. – [Shaun] Why is your
new name Wiggle Tooth? – Because I got a wiggle tooth. – Let's see it. – Look at that.
– I think it's gonna fall out today or tomorrow. – Yep, your first tooth gone. Oh boy. Ooh, you're gonna cash
in with the Tooth Fairy. – I have to eat like this every time 'cause the wiggle tooth's over here, so I have to eat like this. (Shaun laughing) – Oh, the rough life of a seven-year-old Wiggle Tooth. Good job.
(giggling) She's pretty stoked to
lose her first tooth.

I remember losing my first tooth. (Adley growling)
It was so fun. No, don't lose your tooth on me. (Adley exclaiming)
(Shaun laughing) – Ride bike, ride bike, ride bike, ride. – Bike ride.
– Bike ride. – Woo!
– Woo! Should we show the vlog your- Navey, Navey. (whispering) – [Shaun] Let see. – Woo! – [Shaun] Yay! – She can do it by
herself now, go like this. – Let's see it, Naves, more. (Navey babbling)
– Yay! – [Shaun] Yay! – [Jenny] This girl. – [Shaun] Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa. (Navey giggling) – Hey, I need everyone off the tramp. Mom, you're in charge of holding this. – [Jenny] Oh, yes. – Off, off, off. Off, you phone.
(exploding) – [Shaun] Hey, that was my phone. – I hope I don't lose my tooth. (Shaun laughing) Two, three, go. – [Shaun] Whoa, that was awesome. – Navey's turn.
– Oh, Navey's turn? – [Adley] Navey's turn.

Go, Navey, go! (all cheering) – Adley's turn!
– Did you hear her say, Navey's turn?
– Yeah. (Niko screaming) – [Shaun] Niko got his scone. – [Jenny] That's bigger than your face! – [Shaun] Wait, yeah, let me see. Bigger than your face? He's Scone Face! Oh, no. – Go!
(cheering) – We have Scone Face and Wiggle Tooth. – After it's Adley's turn, it's my turn. – [Shaun] Holy smokes! That was humongous! – I wanna do a double flip. – [Shaun] You're trying to do a double? – [Adley] Yeah.

– [Shaun] Holy! – [Niko] Now it's my turn. – [Shaun] Okay, Scone Face. (Niko yelling) Good turn. Is it Navey's turn?
– Yeah. (all cheering) – Dad, watch this. Scone holder. – Oh. (scoffs) – [Shaun] Ooh, that's a cute scone holder. I need to get one of those.
(Jenny chuckles) – You're my scone holder.
– Oh. I'm a scone holder now. (kids babbling) – It goes like this. One, two, three. – [Shaun] Wow! – Then it goes like this. What? – Wow!
(Shaun laughing) – Navey's turn. (kids babbling) – [Shaun] Woo! – [Adley] All the kid's turns! – All the kids!
– And Mom and Dad's turn! – [Shaun] Family's turn! Whoa, whoa.
(kids giggling) Whoa!
(kids giggling) Whoa, Navey!
(kids giggling) – Navey, sit down. Let's show vlog our trick. – Whoo!
– Sit down! Three, go! – [Niko] Everybody get off! – One, Naves, sit down! – One, two-
– Everybody get off the tramp! – [Shaun] Whoa, Navey, you're crazy! – [Niko] Dad, I need your help.

– Oh, boy.
– Whoa. – All right, we're about to do (chuckles) some tricks on the trampoline. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
(kids giggling) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
(kids giggling) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
(kids giggling) – Adley's turn.
– Adley's turn! – Watch out, Naves. – [Jenny] You're crazy, bud. (Niko giggling)
– Niko always comes up with good ideas. (funky music)
– And bad ideas! – [Jenny] And bad ideas. I actually think this is a bad idea. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – Ouch.
(Shaun laughing) – [Jenny] Okay. How about we take that
bike ride we talked about? Should we go for a ride? – How about, it's Dad's turn! (Shaun screaming) Superman, seat grab! (laughing) – [Shaun] Ride ride? – Yay!
– Bike ride! – Bike ride!
(imitates motor revving) Navey can ride her new bike? – [Jenny] Yeah.

– [Shaun] Meep, meep, meep,
meep, meep, meep, meep. (bike crashing) – [Jenny] That's my bike. – Sorry. – [Niko] One, two, three,
four, ready set go! (upbeat music) – [Shaun] Hey, Koopa,
are you going on a walk? (Niko babbling) (Niko imitating engine revving) – [Adley] Come on, Koopa, go, go, go! – [Shaun] Go, Koopa, come on! (Niko babbling) – [Adley] Whoo! – [Shaun] Koopa, come on! (upbeat music) Hi, Olive. – [Niko] Stay on the edge of the sidewalk. That was cool?
– That was way cool. – [Jenny] You ready? – Yeah, I'm so excited. – [Jenny] She's gonna love that. (Jenny gasps)
– Navey! – She's excited!
– Presenting your new- (Shaun gasps)
your new bike! (bell dings) – That's Navey's bike!
– That's Navey's! – [Jenny] That's for you! – Nave, that's yours! – Like it? – [Niko] You can put your stuff in there. – [Jenny] Wanna put your helmet on? – Navey, watch. You can pay your helmet right here. – Oh. you can put your
helmet in your basket.

– [Jenny] Or on your head. (chuckles) – Okay.
(bell dings) – Hop on!
– Oh, look at the bell. (bell dings) – Yay!
– Whoa! – [Adley] Nave, do you
wanna ride your bike? – [Jenny] you sit and walk. – Yeah, you sit right here. Okay.
– Walk, Nave, walk. – Okay.
– Walk! – [Jenny] Can you walk? (bell dinging)
– Do the bell first? – That's pretty. – Okay, you ready? Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk. – Go.
– Good job! – [Shaun] Good job, Nave! (clapping)
– Go, Nave! – [Jenny] You doin' so good! – [Shaun] Go Navey, go Navey, go. Go Navey, Go Navey, go. – [Jenny] Yay! Good job! All by herself!
(Jenny gasps) (Shaun laughing) – [Jenny] Good job! – Go off your first jump? (growling and imitating crash) – [Jenny] Yay! – Yeah! Oh, I found some sunglasses in the grass. Bright day, dude.
(Jenny laughing) – [Jenny] Nave, was that fun? – Yeah.
– Yeah.

– You like your bike? – Niko, you wanna try it out?
– Yeah. – Okay.
– Ooh, that's probably a good size for Niko.
– Yeah. (Niko yelling)
(bike crashes) – [Jenny] Crash! – [Adley] My turn. – [Shaun] There you go, dude. – I don't need sunglasses. – [Shaun] Go for it. – [Jenny] Whoa, whoa. Watch out for those obbies. – I've got an idea. – Oh boy. We are not being good examples. Kids, don't ride your
bikes on the trampoline, or your little pink cars. – [Jenny] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – [Shaun] Oh, that's kinda cool. Don't all your tooth fall out. – [Jenny] Oh, wow. (laughing) All right, I think we're ready
for a real bike ride now. Oh, hi Dad. – Daddy Bear's ready? – [Jenny] Do you want a ride with Mommy? – Bear. – [Shaun] Oh, is this your bear? – This hurts. – [Shaun] Yeah, give me those sunglasses. Those are Dad's sunglasses. – Navey, you buckled?
– Yeah. – Roll!
– Nave, high five! – And I'm riding with- – Niko, you need a helmet.
– And I'm riding with Dad! – [Shaun] Where's your helmet? All right.

– [Jenny] Adley? Vlog is not riding with me. I do not want to be responsible. – It goes like this. And then go like this. Okay, Mom, we're set.
– Okay. – When we start riding, then you got to do the time lapse, okay? When we start riding.
– Okay. – [Adley] Scoot, scoot up. – Okay, is everyone on?
– We're on. – We're on.
(Shaun singing) – [Adley] Let's go! (upbeat music) – What's up? You guys ready to roll?
– Yep. (upbeat music) – Ring the doorbell.
– We're here! – We're here.
– Dad, ring the doorbell. – [Shaun] Does he have a doorbell? Where is it?
– It's right there. – Did you hit it?
– Yeah. – [Shaun] Look how cool this house is. (Shawn growling) That is awesome! Niko, how was the ride? – Good, but I dunno how I get in.

– [Shaun] How do we get in? – It's someone else's house, Niko. – How is your ride?
– Good. – What's your favorite part?
– The jumps. – We kinda hit a couple jumps. A couple curb jumps.
– I was behind Adley and you guys the whole time. And I could see her shake her booty. And then she put her legs up back here. – We were cruisin'. We were listening to Barbie music. – Hey, so were we. ♪ Have a brand new day ♪ Hows that wiggle tooth?
– Good. – Let me see.
– Dad! – [Shaun] Oh! – [Adley] Hi, Jordan. – Jordan, can you come open the door? – [Jordan] Oh shoot, I am not there yet. I can give you the garage code. (Jenny laughing)
– We'll wait for you. We'll continue our bike ride
and call us when you get here. Do you have a ETA? – 10 minutes.
– 10 minutes? – [Shaun] 10 minutes! – Bye.
– That's a long time! (laughing) – Ooh, let's go get him
a housewarming gift.

– [Jenny] Yes. – [Shaun] Should we go to the store and get him a housewarming gift? – [Jenny] We could put
our bikes in his garage and walk over there. – [Shaun] Ooh, I like that. Let's do it. – Yeah, let's go. (Adley humming)
– Ooh! – When I pass the car I said, "Thank you, have a good day!" (intense music)
(screaming) (Shaun and Jenny sighing)
– Oh, Jeez. – [Shaun] Ooh, he's goin' the secret way? – [Adley] Caution, caution, caution. – [Shaun] I know how to get past this. – [Niko] Hi, y'all! (intense music)
Have a good day! Coin machine! – [Adley] Coin machine.

– [Shaun] I don't got quarters. Niko, sticky hands! – Dad, I been wanting these for a- – Whoa.
– long time. – Guess what, I don't have any quarters. Dad!
– Let's roll. – Super hero bouncy balls!
– Whoa! – Mom, look at those little key chains. – [Shaun] You know, they need
to make some quarter machines that you can just hit without quarters. You know, just with normal
card or cash or something? (screen digs)
– Look, sticky hands! – Groot.
– What? – Groot. What is this? Are you okay? Dad, listen to this. – We walked in and she
yelled, "Groot, Groot!" I'm like, "No, that's grapes." Then she points and I'm
like, "Oh, it is Groot." – [Shaun] Is that Groot? – Yeah.
– Yeah.

– Owie, owie, owie.
(giggling) – Okay, we're bringing this balloon. – Ooh, is that for Jordan's new house? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – All right, Feliz Cumpleaños and unicorn. – [Jenny] We can get him a
cake that says, "Welcome Home." – Welcome home.
(rock music) Those famous lyrics by Coheed and Cambria. – Brownies!
– Ooh. – The brownies.
– Brownies. – No, this one's way more better. – Oh, they're all so better. – Oh, so much. Sugar overload. (Niko screaming) – [Shaun] What one do
you think he would like? – I think he would like the sunflower.

– Here's a red one.
– Yeah, he might like the sunflower.
– Red and orange. – [Jenny] Oh, that one looks good. – Dad.
– Oh, that one? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Oh, nice welcome home plant? – [Adley] This one looks like Groot. – [Shaun] One, that one's cool! Ooh, don't know what this is,
but it looks kind of cool. – [Adley] Yeah, let's get this one! – [Shaun] Do you like that one? The hanging one, K? – We need to get the Groot one. – Okay guys, this is a
lot of responsibility we're giving him. – Navey's just eating already. Mom opened the cookies for her. – I wanna cookie. – [Shaun] Navey, are you eating already? – Mmm.
– Guys, look what I got. It's the Lucky Bamboo. – [Shaun] Aw, that'll be
so lucky for his new house. – I know. More responsibility. – Navey's just having lunch already. – Help.
– Oh, you want me to push ya? – I'm excited to give Jordan his plant. – [Jenny] We should name that one Groot.

– [Shaun] Yeah, Niko
got him the Groot one. (Adley humming) Excuse me. Hey, Wiggle Tooth. – We're gonna get candy too.
– Tooth check! Oh boy! Is that a yummy nana?
(Navey mumbling) – Daddy, I want one of these. – You want one of those?
– I want this. (intense music)
(screaming) (Shaun laughing)
– I want one too. – Guys, you're gonna kick
us out of the store, stop.

– [Shaun] You guys are gonna
kick us out of the store. – What?! – They're gonna kick us-
– They're gonna kick us out. Are we kicked out?
– Popcorn! – [Jenny] Okay, this is
pretty cute actually. But get out. (kids screaming) (Shaun laughing)
– We lost her again. (Shaun laughing)
– Niko! We are gonna get kicked out. – Welcome to shopping with our family. Hey! Seriously! Where is she? Hold this. She's at the very bottom. (grunting) Okay. – Look at my purse.
– Oh, cool. – Oh, look, a little jellyfish. – Hi.
– Popcorn! (imitates punching sound)
– Ouch, ouch. I want popcorn. – Hi, my name's Popcorn. – [Jenny] I'm getting out of here. See ya.
– All right. Jenny's literally outta here. – Rainbow!
– Okay, let's go. – It's a rainbow! – [Shaun] If you move into a new house, I'll get that for you, okay? – Oh, okay, I'm moving.
(Shaun laughing) – [Adley] See ya! – Ooh, cars.
– Ooh, cars.

– Ooh, look for a Spacestation
Gaming Hot Wheels. Fun fact, if you didn't know we've made two different Hot Wheels cars. One with Tanner Fox and one
with Spacestation Gaming. (intense music)
(screaming) Niko! Spider! Wait, Jordan loves spiders. We could get that for him. (kids speaking indistinctly) – [Jenny] Look at this crocodile one (toy beeping)
– Daddy! Look. – [Jenny] I like this one. – Guys.
– Oh my goodness. – Daddy.
♪ A whole new world ♪ – We should put those at Pirate Island. ♪ A dazzling ♪
Wait, that's Aladdin. ♪ Under the sea ♪
(laughing) ♪ The seaweed is always greener ♪ ♪ In somebody else's lake ♪ ♪ You dream about goin' up there ♪ ♪ But that is a big mistake ♪ – Are you kidding me?
– Isn't that cool? You probably need that for Halloween. – Welcome home!
– Welcome home! – [Jordan] Thank you.

– [Jenny] Whoo-hoo! – [Shaun] We got some welcome home gifts. – Balloons?
(laughing) – This is for you.
– Thank you! That's your welcome home spider. And another welcome home plant. This is gonna turn into
something cool someday. – Oh, heck yeah.
♪ Dun, da, da ♪ – Check the place out.
– Whoa! What you think? – What the heck?
– It's so cool! – Kitty! – [Shaun] A kitty? (gasps) I see a kitty. Hi, kitty. – Hi, kitty.
– Hi. – Kitty, hit the vlog. – [Shaun] Thanks for watching, bye. (Shaun laughing) Wow! This is ginormous! Whoa, I like this little like
banner of steel right here. – Right?
– Whoo! – Whoa.
– Hey, Dad! Come check out this piano up here.

– [Shaun] Is this the keyboard room? I like your keyboard room.
– Thank you, thank you. There's gonna pianos and the music equipment's
all gonna be in here. – I see the cat room already. – Cat room's in here.
– There's the cat room. – [Jordan] With the laundry room. – Oh, if you ever need any
cat detectives, I know some. – Do you really?
– Yeah, I do. – We actually might need some.
– Okay. Let us know.

– What do I smell? – You smell something? Oh, I love when she smells something. (playful music)
(nose sniffing) Oh, she sniffed out another one! – Yay!
– Good job. – Ooh, this is so cool. – Whoa!
– Whoa! – A cat!
– Did you guys find the cat? – Yep.
– There's the cat again? – Her name's Marcy.
– Hi, Marcy. – Hi Marcy.
– Let her smell your hand. – [Jenny] Oh my gosh,
this shower's awesome! – Isn't it great?
(laughing) – I'm so excited.
– Holy cow! – [Shaun] Ooh, it's like a shower cave.

– Oh, we need this. – [Shaun] I like this. ♪ Dunna, nunna, nunna, nunna,
nunna, nunna, nunna, nunna ♪ ♪ Bat baby ♪ – This is the part I like about it. That it's a cave.
– Yeah. Whoa. – [Shaun] Wow! This is way- This is the coolest shower I've ever seen! – Our whole family can fit in here! – [Shaun] All right, let's test it out. – [Jordan] We also have
a nice corner bathtub. – Oh, yeah.
– I know. – Look how huge this thing is.
– Wow. – You can go swimming in it. – What's in here?
– There's the kitty room.

– Open it, let's see.
– What's in here? – [Jenny] What's behind door number one? – A closet!
– It's a closet. – [Shaun] Guys, I just realized something. – Hide and seek!
– We need to have a giant Hide and Seek tournament. – Let's play Hide and Seek! – [Shaun] This'll be perfect. – Okay, so Jordan's counting. – I'm counting?
(Shaun laughing) – Okay.
(Shaun laughing) – [Shaun] This is a perfect
Hide and Seek house. All right, Wiggle Tooth. Oh, first you, gotta see this. Look at this wiggle tooth.
(gasping) – No way!
– Looks like the Tooth Fairy's gonna come soon.
– Uh-huh. – I got a present. – For you?
– What'd ya get? – For you.
– Aww. – This!
(gasping) – Oh, thank you! – How cute!
– It's so cute. – [Shaun] It's a welcome home fox. – Its name is Frederick.
(laughing) – Is his name Groot?
– Yep. – Groot.
– We should call him Groot. – Groot and Frederick friends.
(laughing) – [Shaun] Groot and Frederick. Enjoying their new home.
(laughing) Hi, vlog. We left you on the bike. I'm sorry! Yes, our garage is very messy.

I feel like we never ever
have time to clean it. Mom and Navey taking a little
nap while we do some crafts. Where's the craft kids?
– Over here? – [Shaun] Wait, first. Wiggle Tooth. Let me see. Ooh, is it still in there?
– Yep. – (groaning) It's gotta
be falling out soon. – This is my first one.
– Okay. – So I made dad a Popsicle person. – Yeah, that's my Popsicle person. – I said, "Dad, what flavor do you want?" And he said, "Lime," so I did lime. And then I said, "What legs do you want?" And he said, "Spacestation Gaming." So I did Spacestation Gaming. – Spacestation Gaming legs. – And then I said, "What
stick do you want?" And he said, "Blueberry." So I did that. – Is this a little snail? – A little snail. – That's a way cute one.
– There's his shell. And then there's his eye.

And then that's him. And then that's the slimy track. (Shaun imitating squelching) – Can somebody get me-
– A slimy track. – He crawled right out of his shell. – And then a pink balloon. – (laughing) You made a pink balloon? – Hey, I made that. – Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – Dad, that pink balloon,
me and Niko did teamwork. He did the pipe cleaner
and I did the fuzz ball. – Good teamwork.
– Boom. – Boop, boop, boop.
– Ew! Don't glue me! All right. And now I'm going to make- Niko, where'd your bat go? – Bat? He felled on the ground. (Adley humming) – A snake!
– Here's your bat. Ooh a blue snake? – I'm gonna make a snake. – You like this little bat?
(squeaking) – I'm making a snake. – Should we make snakes? – Yeah, let's all make
snakes together, Okay? – Okay. (upbeat music) – You could do a-
– Hello! – I'm doing a orange snake. – An orange snake? – Hey, Dad.
– What? – This baby snake has one eye.

He has one eye. – Look at this little baby snake. (upbeat music) – Look at this baby snake. (Niko imitates baby crying) – Hi, I'm a baby snake. You wanna be friends? – Hey, that's the mama snake. – You said this was a baby snake. – Yeah, I know. That's a mama snake.
– Oh, gotcha. One of our favorite
things to do is crafts. Feel like we've barely even
been doing crafts on the vlog 'cause we've been having so much fun. – Can we make whatever we want to make? – Yeah, you can make whatever you want to. (upbeat music) – Hello!
– Actually maybe not. – I'm gonna do this snake head.

(upbeat music continues) – I have to do something so he
doesn't just always fall over 'cause his head's too heavy. Look.
(laughing) – Look at my little snake mouth. (hissing)
(Adley giggling) (hissing) – It's a bird. – Wait, it's a plane. – No, it's a bird. – It's Superman! – No, it's a bird. – Okay, it's a bird. (upbeat music continues) – Hello! Hello! – Hello, Mr. Bird. Do you know what loves to eat birds? – What?
(hissing) – Snakes.
(hissing) Snakes can't fly. – Not yet, until I craft wings on him. (Shaun imitates Dracula) Does this guy look aggressive? (hissing) – Whoa. I have a friend. Bat. (Shaun screaming) No! Snakes don't like bats! Help me, help me, there's a bat! – Snakes eat bats.

– They do?
– Yeah. – Oh, I've got some bad
food for you, my friend. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. – And this bat can eat snakes. (Shaun screaming)
Num, num, num, num, num, num. – I was wrong, it's too hard. – Do you know what my
favorite kind of bat is? The Dracula Dad bat.
(imitates Dracula) A little teaser for all
you friends of ours. A family cartoon in
October is very spooky. (Shaun imitates biting) – Dracula's house. Are we sure we wanna do this one? – It looks haunted! (lightening cracks)
(thunder crashes) But I'm really sure I wanna do it.

(upbeat music) – Would you like a fruit snack? – No. – Well, I found some. Yum, yum, yum, yum. Hey, vlog, can you see me? Maybe I should take my dad's spot. Now can you see me? Now I don't want to be here. And now I do want to. And now I don't And now I do. And now I don't, and now I do. – Poof, magic! – Ouch.
– Markers. Maybe that's how they got
the name Magic Markers. The very first person to
share markers was like, "Poof, magic!" Let me see that tooth. – No. – Hey, Daddy?
– What? – Look at this. – For all you kids out there, don't let your dad be by you with markers or they'll color on you. (Shaun imitates Dracula)
– Dracula Dad. (Adley giggling) That's it. (Shaun imitates biting) – [Speaker] Come on in. – Children, are you ready for ze donuts? (laughing) – Donuts!
– Donuts! (upbeat music) – Adley, you like my-
(Shaun screaming) Don't hit my snake! Hey, but seriously, do you like him? His cute little eyeballs?
– Yeah.

– Do you like my snake?
(tongue licking) – No.
– Okay, what about you vlog? (hissing)
(tongue licking) – Oh vlog, I think the snake likes you. – Mm-hmm, I like you vlog. – The snake is done.
– Hello. Do you want to be snake friends? – It's supposed to be a neck frill. You know how cobras have neck frills? – Oh yeah. Like cobras like this?
(hissing) Do I look like a cobra? (hissing) Do you know how to train cobras? – Yeah.
(snake charming music) (Shaun and Adley giggling) – Ooh, that's looking good. – You're done, snake. – Okay, snake pile over here. – When you're done-
– Bat pile over here. – When you're done with
stuff, just put it over there by the vlog's foot. – Vlog, you're the babysitter. You babysit all our creations. – Yeah. – Can the vlog babysit my Popsicle guy? – Yes. – Vlog, will you babysit my snail? – Hello, vlog. Will you babysit me? (Adley and Shaun laughing) – Oh, I'm gonna make a teddy bear. – Ooh, teddy bears next? I'll make one one of those.

– Do you wanna help me? Do you wanna watch how you make it? – Vlog, would you like a tutorial on how to make a teddy bear? – You need two green little fluffies for whatever color teddy bear you want. – [Shaun] Wow, a multicolor fluffy? I've never seen one of those. – [Adley] You can do this as your head. And then you need two little ones. – Okay. – And then more two little ones. – [Shaun] So it's like a little snowman. – No, you don't stack 'em yet.
– Oh, sorry. Ooh, look. A multicolor blue one.

That's kind of cool. Okay, oh, they need to be that small? – Be this small.
– Where you gettin' these small little guys? (gasping) Black and gold! Can I make a black and gold teddy bear? – This can be your body.
– Perfect. – So your body has to be
bigger than your head. So grab your body and then we'll have to share the glue stick. Where's the glue stick? – [Shaun] Glue stick! Niko, do you know where the glue stick is? – Oh, it's on the floor
standing up 'cause it has glue. So first you'll have your body. (Niko screaming)
– Okay. Okay, hold on. I gotta focus vlog. You just gotta sit right
there and pay attention. – So first you'll like screw the glue onto your body like that. – Screw some glue on. – And then you'll take your
head and stick 'er right on.

– Okay. And then what do I do after
I stick it to my head? – No! Take the tiny head. – Oh, the tiny head. Not this head.
(Niko yelling) Ow! Okay, so stick the tiny head on? – Yeah, like this. – Yellow ears-
(Niko yelling) – Whoa. What is that guy? – (growling) It's an animation creation. – A what? – Animation creation. – An animation creation? – Yeah. And you take care of my Christmas. – Oh thanks, vlog, for
taking care of our stuff. – Thank you.
– You're welcome. – Stop!
(Shaun screams) (Niko humming) – Excuse me, I'm making a
Spacestation Gaming bear. Look at this little guy! Am I doing it right? – Yep. Vlog, this is how you
make little teddy bears. – Hello.
– But first you have it like this so far. I need one foot, not two. So you grab one little foot
and then just push it into the glue and then stick it on the bottom.

– Oh, we need little paws. Littlefoot. That was my favorite dinosaur
name when I was a kid. – Littlefoot.
(ethereal music) – Give me a foot. – I need one more little foot. Foot, foot, foot, foot.
(Adley screaming) – My body! – (screaming) I'm sorry, did I do that? – Yes!
– I'm sorry. Where do we even get these? I think you can get these little
like craft stuff anywhere. I don't know where we get 'em. We just get 'em places. Actually, since making this, we've totally decided to
make a Bradley craft kits for families coming soon. – Hello! – Whoa! – Hello noodle monster.
– Oh! – It's a giraffe. – It's a giraffe? It looks like a giraffe. – Vlog, can you watch my giraffe? – Hello, I'm a little teddy bear. Then I need little arms. – I don't know how to do arms. I don't want my- – Look at my little
teddy bear and his arms. – Oh, my teddy bear needs some arms. – Look how cute he's lookin'. ♪ Do, do, do, do, do ♪ ♪ I'm a little bear, I'm a little bear ♪ ♪ Do do ♪ – Hello! – This how you make a
creation mini teddy bear.

– Hello, vlog. Welcome to the best day ever! – [All] Have the best day ever. – [All] Have the best day ever. – Once you make your little teddy bears, you gotta let it dry and
then you gotta do a mouth. – Okay, ooh, careful. Punched him in the belly. (Adley laughing)
(lips smacking) – One little pinky will make him think you're punching him, boop. (Shaun screaming)
(Adley laughing) – You punched me to the
other side of the planet! (Adley giggling) – That's craft time with us. I think we're gonna keep doing crafts but- – Crafts!
– I think we've been filming for a long time. So later tonight we're going
to our little niece's birthday. Oakley, getting so big.
– Uh-huh, Oakley. It's been a long day today. – Yeah, it has been a long day today. Have you guys had a best day ever? Leave any comments about what your favorite part of
today was and we'll read all the comments.
– It's a pretty teddy bear! – whatever she just said and-
– It's a pretty teddy bear! – it was a really good best day ever.

– [Child] Oakley doesn't want it. (laughing)
– She doesn't want it. – Happy birthday. (Jenny laughing)
– Great job. (upbeat music) – [Shaun] Hey, did you just eat some cake? (kids clamoring and screaming) – [Speaker] Oh sorry, kids. – [Jenny] What is it? – Moo. – [Jenny] Moo. – Moo. – [Jenny] Navey, look at the horsies! They're coming to say, "Hi." (Navey and Jenny exclaiming) – [Jenny] Hey, you're so pretty. – More. – [Jenny] Another horse? Do you wanna say, "Hi" to the horsies? Say, "Hi." – Pet.
(Navey laughing) – Is he gonna sniff you?
– Yeah. (Navey giggling)
– Hi, horsey. – Bye, horse! – [Jenny] Bye, horse. They're so cute. – More, more. – More?
– Yeah. – [Jenny] Look, there's
a horse right there. (Navey giggling)
Hi, Horsey. Good job. – More. – Oh, he's a pretty horse. Oh, I want a horse. One day we will get one. That'd be so fun. Should we get a horse Nave?
– Yeah.

– [Jenny] Yeah. Good job. (upbeat music) (horse neighing) What the horse say? (Navey imitating neighing)
(Jenny laughing).

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