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Why Pitbulls Make Great Pets #2 | Bull Terriers Are So Cute


Welcome back to Pitbull Planet. The little 
bling you're seeing here is so cute, isn't it?   Today we will follow these bull 
terriers and see how cute they are Oh what a pity, what's wrong with him,   is his leg not good, why is it so dangerous 
to go down the stairs? can anyone help?  oh wow, this leg is still normal, an amazing trick  oh he's sleeping and dreaming, looks like 
he's chasing something. A fried chicken?" This charming lady is enjoying a delicious   drink, looking so classy. Looks quite 
appetizing and eats very gentle as well.  These are famous dogs that are 
very energetic and naughty.   Look at it, the way it spins around 
is a headache, but he looks so happy.

It's party time. Let's eat politely. one 
plate per person so there is no dispute  This white cotton, has 3 black 
dots, looks like eyes and nose,   the rest is white like cotton, so cute  Bull terriers are famous for 
their strong muscles. look,   the way they practice every day, it's true that 
without practice, you won't be able to succeed  Have you ever seen a lion-like this? 
The mane is straight and spread out,   and this lion has a white 
face too. looks very special.  Have you ever attended a 
party in a club like this?   I don't understand how much 
he drank but fell here.  oh, so he used to forget 
himself like this before.

"  This is my carry-on baggage. and at the same time,   it's a mop to clean the floor too.
what's going on, hey hey what's wrong??? wake up.   What's so noisy, Mom, I'm just sleeping.
It's sports time, the sport that bull   terrier loves is showing off this 
super-tough and strong jaw muscle.  Have you ever had a cleaner who is as careful, 
responsible, and dedicated as this? It's amazing!  I know how to get food by myself, I'm 
hungry now, I still haven't had dinner, find   something to eat so I don't feel hungry  Today let's experience the 
thrill of roller coaster.   Watching my dog sits and plays without feeling 
scared or anything, totally enjoyed it. These Bull Terriers are funny and cute as well.   Which dog do you want to watch 
next? please comment below for us.  See you in our next videos and comment your 
favorite dog breed for us to make. bye!.

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