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What if the Pets of Superheroes Turn Out to Have Super Powers? | Animation Recapped


The animation starts on a planet called Krypton. 
There you can see Superman's parents together with   little Superman. Then his parents send their child 
out of the planet Krypton using a capsule because   their planet is about to be destroyed. Seeing that 
little Superman is about to be sent off-planet,   their dog, Krypto, wants to accompany Superman 
and jumps into his capsule. When they made it   out of Krypton, the planet was destroyed. On 
his way, little Superman missed his parents,   and then he cried. Krypto, who saw that, tried to 
cheer him up, and his efforts succeeded in seeing   Superman laughing happily. Several years have 
passed, and now the grown-up Superman and Krypto   are famous on Planet Earth as heroes.

There they 
catch criminals together and save the townspeople.   One day Superman and Krypto went to the city park. 
There they both will meet his girlfriend named   Lois Lane. They both look very affectionate. 
Krypto, who saw that tried to annoy them by   inviting him to play. Jane, realizing that Krypto 
was lonely, asked Superman to find a new friend.   The next day Superman takes Krypto to an animal 
shelter. There Krypto was waiting by the road.   He met a dog who was trying to escape from 
the place.

The dog's name is Ace. Krypto,   who knows Ace intends to escape, tries to catch 
the dog using his strength. When Superman,   who sees Krypto's attitude, tells Jane that 
Krypto can't get along with other animals, he   decides to take Krypto back home. Arriving at the 
house, Superman and Krypto saw a scientist named   Lex Luthor taking an orange Kryptonite stone. They 
both rushed to his place. Soon they arrived at Lex   Luthor's place. They tried to take the stone, and 
there was a fight scene between Superman and Lex.   Luckily, when the rock fell and almost hit the 
residents, Krypto caught it in time. Seeing this,   Lex doesn't accept it and uses his laser gun 
to catch them. When they were caught, the other   Justice League members suddenly came to help. 
They are Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, and   Green Lantern.

They all fought together to fight 
over the Kryptonite stone, and it didn't take long   for Superman and his friends to beat him. Then 
Superman threw the Kryptonite back into space.   On the other hand, in Refugio de Animales, you can 
see an animal named Lulu trying to pick up a piece   of Kryptonite, and she manages to pick it up. It 
turns out that before being at the animal shelter,   Lulu was one of Lex's experimental animals, and 
she knew that Kryptonite stone fragments could   give superpowers. Lulu, who manages to get power 
from the stone, tries to destroy the place, then   leaves there. When she left the shelter, it turned 
out that the other animals there were affected by   the Kryptonite stone and had superpowers.

It can 
be seen that Ace has a strong immune superpower   while his three other friends named, PB, a pig; 
Merton, a turtle; and Chip, a squirrel. They   have superpowers. So, PB can shrink and enlarge 
her body while Merton has super fast strength,   and Chip has the power to emit electricity. 
After Lulu managed to get superpowers,   she went to Superman and Krypto's place. Arriving 
there, she introduced herself to Superman and   attacked him with Kryptonite green stone. In that 
fight, she easily catches him. However, Krypto,   who knows Superman is in danger, tries to save 
him. Unfortunately, his strength is gone because   he accidentally ate a kryptonite green stone 
hidden in a piece of cheese. Krypto felt very sad   because he couldn't save Superman then he talked 
to his father through a hologram. After finishing   talking with his father, he continued his journey. 
In the middle of his journey, Krypto met Ace and   his friends.

Then PB asked about his condition, 
and Krypto told her he had just been hit by a   car. There Krypto was surprised to see Ace and 
his friends now have superpowers. Seeing this,   Krypto then asks them to help him save Superman. 
But Ace refused and said they would look for a   farm in the north. Hearing this, he knew Ace was 
lying to his friends because there were no farms   in the north. Ace, who didn't want his friends to 
be disappointed, asked him to talk privately. Soon   after, they started chatting, and Krypto offered 
a partnership to Ace.

If Ace and his friends   want to help Krypto save Superman, he will take 
them to a farm in Smallville City. Hearing this,   Ace agreed to help him. The scene then shifts to 
see Lulu trying to recruit other animals to become   her army, and she gives them strength by using 
the Kryptonite stone in her necklace. It wasn't   long before the Justice League members arrived and 
tried to arrest her. But unfortunately, they were   all defeated by Lulu's troops, and they started 
to wreak havoc in the city. Krypto and his team,   who saw her making a mess of a news story, plan to 
go beat her. They all rush to Lulu's place. When   they got there, Krypto and his friends joined 
forces to fight against her army. But his team   was defeated easily because it turned out that 
Ace and the others had no fighting experience.   Kripto then decided to fight Lulu alone but was 
easily defeated. Ace who saw Krypto, was very sad   and tried to cheer him up. There Ace told Krypto 
about his past and gave him information about   Lulu. Hearing this, he got excited and discovered 
that Lulu intended to go to Striker Island to get   Lex out of prison.

Then Krypto invites his 
friends to stop Lulu. They all go to her   place using the Justice League's plane. After 
taking off, their plane is suddenly attacked,   and their plane crashes. It turns out that it was 
Lulu's minion, a super orange cat. The cat returns   to using its superpowers by shooting at Krypto and 
his friends using a missile. Then they all try to   hide in the car. After that, they all started to 
obey Krypto's words and tried to focus. Finally,   Ace and his friends managed to control their 
strength. Afterward, Krypto began to strategize to   defeat the orange cat. When the orange cat threw 
a bomb at Krypto, Merton quickly used her strength   to move the bomb into the orange cat's hand. Then 
Waffles closed the cat with an iron box, and Chip   tried to ignite the bomb with his lightning, and 
it didn't take long for the bomb to explode.

On   the other hand, Lulu has entered the prison and 
managed to defeat all the guard robots. It wasn't   long before Krypto and his friends came to stop 
her. There, they caught Lulu by pressing her down   with PB's body and resisting her strength 
using Chip's power. When she was cornered,   unable to move, Lulu knew that Krypto had lost his 

Then she used this to threaten Ace and   his friends by wanting to hurt Krypto using her 
strength. Merton, PB, Ace, and Chip, who didn't   want to see Krypto get hurt, chose to back off and 
follow Lulu's orders to enter the prison. After   she succeeded in imprisoning them, she released 
Lex from prison. It can be seen that Lulu really   loves Lex, and she is happy that he made it 
out. Sadly, he betrayed Lulu, imprisoned her,   and left her. This made Lulu very angry, and she 
called all her men to help her escape the prison.   After successfully freeing her, they went after 

On the other hand, Krypto, who was in prison,   began to feel hopeless. Shortly after, Ace and 
his friends tried to encourage him so he would   not give up. They say that currently, Superman and 
other members of the Justice League need his help.   Hearing that, suddenly his strength returned. Then 
he started getting his friends out of prison using   his powers. After being successfully free, they 
intended to help Krypto save the Justice League   members, but he refused because he didn't want 
his friends to get hurt. After saying that,   Krypto flew after Lulu. When he got there, he 
fought her and her troops. Krypto easily defeats   all of her troops. On the other hand, Lulu has 
arrived at Lex's place. She used her powers to   lock Lex up with the Justice League members. Then 
she ordered her two men, Mark and Keith, both of   them are hamsters, to press the rocket launch 
button into outer space. They knew that Lulu was   planning to kill a member of the Justice League. 
Knowing that, they refused her orders. Hearing   their rejection, Lulu attacked them. Shortly 
after, Krypto came and tried to get Lulu away   from the rocket control room so that she couldn't 
press the launch button.

But unfortunately, Lulu,   who was being held by him, managed to press the 
button using her powers. Krypto, who panicked   when he saw the rocket start to fly, let go of 
her and tried to chase the rocket. In the middle   of his journey, Krypto meets Mark and Keith. 
They tell him that the rocket contains a time   bomb ready to explode. Hearing that, he rushed 
after the rocket. But Krypto meets Lulu again,   who is holding Jane, Superman's girlfriend, 
hostage. There, Krypto needed to choose which   one to save, Jane or Superman. Luckily Ace and 
his friends came. Seeing this, Lulu attacked Jane   by dropping her helicopter. Meanwhile, Krypto 
enlists Ace and the others to save the Justice   League members while he goes to save Jane. After 
he left Ace, the others used their superpowers to   save the Justice League members. Soon after, PB 
raised herself, so Ace and Chip could chase the   rocket.

When they felt they were getting close, 
Merton used her powers to throw them into the   rocket. After they managed to get into the rocket, 
Ace and Chip tried to save the Justice League   members by cutting off parts of the rocket. But 
suddenly, the rocket exploded. Krypto who saw the   incident was shocked. Luckily Ace and Chip manage 
to save them right before the explosion. However,   the pieces of the rocket actually slid down 
very quickly. Soon after, Merton and PB rushed   to their rescue. Then PB raised her body 
so that it could become a landing pad for   them.

Seeing all her plans fail, Lulu became very 
angry, used all those orange Kryptonite stones,   and turned into a giant monster. Krypto, who came 
forward to stop her, was easily pushed aside until   he fell far away. After that, the battle became 
increasingly fierce. Then, the Justice League   members and Ace and his friends worked together to 
defeat Lulu. However, it didn't take long for her   to defeat them all. When they were all cornered 
and started to give up, Krypto suddenly remembered   that one of his powers was using solar energy. He 
quickly flew towards the sun. When he got there,   Krypto began to absorb the sun's energy and then 
used his power to attack Lulu, and he managed to   beat her with just one attack. It was seen that 
Lulu, who had lost all her strength, was caught by   Mark and Keith, then they put her in the cooking 
area. After that, everything ends happily. Now   Ace and his friends are the pets of the Justice 
League members.

Ace is with Batman, PB is with   Wonder woman, Merton is with Flash, and Chip is 
with Green Lantern. While Aquaman chose Keith   and Victor chose Mark. Then, Superman proposes to 
Jane. Krypto who saw that, felt happy too. Some   time has passed. Then Krypto, Ace, and his friends 
form their own team and eradicate crime together,   and the film ends. Many lessons can be taken from 
this animation. For example, the story of Lulu,   who is very ambitious about strength, actually 
destroys herself. From the story of Ace and his   friends, we can learn to respect ourselves more. 
Because every creature must have its own value.

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