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What Happened When Leopard Kills Mother Monkey Holding Her Baby? | Wild Animals


while nature is very poetic but also extremely
harsh life in the jungle savannas operates according to the Laura's strength and weakness
it can be very cruel and the Animals always have to struggle to survive wherever you are let's swag wild animal life
decode the wild world through the video thank you what happens when a leopard kills the
mother monkey holding her baby African leopards are nocturnal Hunters that
primarily feed on small primates and other mammals across their range of their natural
habitats leopards are species with Superior climbing
skills and this is proven when they are shown to be the gods of up all animals such as monkeys
and apes therefore the prey of the leopard is quite diverse not only the herbivores on
the Savannah but even monkeys can become its prey with its Professional Tree movement skills
the leopard has relentlessly chased a monkey in a high tree the monkey tried to climb out
of the small branches to escape the pursuit of a leopard but hunger has made the leopard
recklessly attack its prey so it takes advantage and slowly gets closer and closer to the monkey finally the leopard attacks and grabs hold
of the monkey before the branch breaks and they fall to the ground but this is exactly
what the leopard wants as one of the four largest species of the
cat family the leopard is hunting according to the rules of survival after a long chase
the leopard pounces on the prey and kills it according to animal experts clashes between
the two species are rare and this is the first evidence of a leopard hunting and killing
monkeys in this area the way for leopards to hunt monkeys is isolate
them the leopard is a predatory creature native to Africa and it wants the monkey to cling
to a tree branch to avoid the clutches of its opponent what could be more satisfying than aiming
for a prey that is both fat and easy to attack so when he saw a monkey wandering in the middle
of the forest the leopard immediately rushes over and captures the opponent after many
hours of train with expert hunting skills in the blink of
an eye the prey died in the cause of the leopard with skillful hunting skills leopards can
defeat their prey however when the leopard has just released the mother monkey's body
to a safe place to enjoy the meal it discovered a baby monkey seeing its mother being taken away by the
leopard the baby monkey quickly runs after it and tries to cling onto its mother's body
despite the threat too immature and innocent to know the danger of the leopard and seemingly
not realizing that the mother monkey has passed away the baby monkey will rudely clings to
the mother's body finally it is carried by the leopard and it is killed after a few minutes
of playing this scene would mean many people haunted the leopard relies mainly on its Keen senses
of hearing and sight to hunt their lifestyle and food choices are different from other
giant cats they are capable of hunting in trees as well
as on the ground they mainly hunt at night in most areas [Music] nature is not always beautiful and
this photo shows us the cruel side of nature where the end of One Life creates the continuation
of others for a sustainable environment some animals need to die in order for others to
survive wow despite the parallel face by clinging onto
its mother the baby monkey refused to let go and it was eventually killed by the leopards
in this group motherhood is a miracle that nature has given
to all species on Earth but wild nature only operates according to its rules which is something
that we cannot interfere with and change thank you this story is sad but I think we have to accept
the laws of nature leopards also need to survive and raise their own babies what do you think of this leave your thoughts Below in the comments
section crocodiles are considered one of the top types
of carnivores [Music] and they possess amazing hunting speed as well as being known as Natural
Born Killers with countless scary weapons as a large reptile that prefers aquatic environments
the crocodile is known as the Swamp killer [Music] foreign motionless waiting for hours for delicious
prey to come up to them rated is a very agile species even over short
distances or in the water crocodiles are quite patient when they hunt to hunt prey crocodiles often camouflage by
hiding under the water both to cover the prey's eyes and to avoid
being exposed by the enemy they usually hide in the water and only reveal their eyes and
nose above the water foreign their target they seize the opportunity and
the crocodiles will emerge and attack the prey with just one powerful bite the crocodile
defeated the large prey after all this time spent waiting famous for being Fierce and cold-blooded crocodile's
almost outweigh every predator in their territory foreign such as lions or cheetahs and hyenas also
have to die when they enter the river this is where the crocodiles reign but there is
another species of herbivore that makes crocodiles afraid When approaching hippos and crocodiles are both animals that
live mainly in the water when they aren't sure they have a very strong territorial defense
therefore if they live close to each other intense clashes can occur therefore crocodiles
are very careful with hippos trying to avoid disputes on the territory to preserve their
lives large hippos have wide and strong mouths that can kill crocodiles in the blink of an
eye while they are brutal in the water on land
crocodiles are not as well known for their ability to hunt they do not possess a good running speed but
sometimes crocodiles are forced to come ashore in search of food dangerous crater for them though [Music] the grasslands are ruled by other
carnivores of which the lion is a prime example careless crocodile can turn into a meal for
a herd of hungry Lions immediately or any predator you may not know the swamps and rivers are
crocodile territory there are also other determining factors for example at water level crocodiles
will often attack and drown their prey but you can see in this video the crocodile
is being bullied this crocodile made the mistake of trying
to attack an elephant then it was brutally trampled by the elephant it rolled the crocodile around like a joke
and even stepped on it the weight of an elephant could kill a crocodile
we just one step crocodiles are widely distributed in many
different territories which region there will be other Predators
with their own advantages and disadvantages for crocodiles to compete against [Music] when it came and attacks the otter Cubs the
whole family comes together to defend them the fierce resistance of the Otters cause
immense pain to the Cayman and it had to Fleet in humiliation have you ever witnessed the crocodile being
killed while they were swimming in the river it sounds impossible but it's true I will
show it to you now this Jaguar stalked its prey and then suddenly plunged into the river
biting the crocodile's neck the prey tried to struggle to escape but failed the Jaguars
pencil-like teeth gave the crocodile no chance another interesting thing about this creature
is when its hunger is out of control they are not afraid to eat their own kind the big ones will attack and eat the smaller
ones [Music] crocodiles often tend to attack each
other during the breeding season and they are not afraid to plunge into brutal fights an alligator has fallen victim to competition
for territory and mates it was bitten by its own kind and broke its
jaw that can make this crocodile lose the ability to hunt and defend against predators
[Music] wild nature is always so cruel and we cannot change it Beyond accepting it leave your thoughts Below in the comment section
[Music] in Africa one of the most notorious Predators
must be called The Leopard they are one of four species of big cats in
the genus panthera along with the lion tiger and jaguar leopards bury in size according
to where they are despite its relatively modest size compared
to other large cats in the family leopards are gifted with agility and the ability to
climb very well lipids are Africa's most successful carnivores
not only possessing diverse hunting skills but they also do not refuse any prey inside [Music] thus in contrast to many other carnivores
that often seek to avoid the porcupine the rodents with sharp spines leopards do not give up easily when confronted [Music] they still attack enthusiastically
even though they know they may be seriously injured most of those battles take place despite receiving
much pain but leopards still win and eat their prey however on this unfortunate day anything can
happen the young leopard was trying to figure out
how to eat the porcupine this video has prompted many people to ask
whether a leopard attacking a porcupine is unusual [Music] and others wondered which
animals are the leopard's favorite prey the answer to those questions is that leopards
regularly kill and eat porcupines and generally prey on whatever animals or
Birds they feel capable of overpowering including large Antelope heavier than themselves they have been known to catch catfish and
will even eat creatures as small as mice or insects Predators usually act quickly and instinctively
with equal urgency displayed by the prey both these animals appeared to have had to
start problem solving instead of instinctual fighting the leper can see that this creature is alive
and it can smell that it is food but it can't get to the meal so it has to try tactics that
is not likely to ever have used before it doesn't take the leopard long to figure out
the defenses the quills aren't dangerous or at the very least painful but also that they do not appear on the underside
so it tries to slip its port and sometimes its face under the porcupine to flip it over
to get its mouth on the area it suspects has no defenses the porcupine on the other hand
keeps turning in order to present its tail quills which are its longest towards the leopard [Music] keeping it at the furthest possible
distance and it seems to instinctively know that running is not an option what's particularly
interesting in this standup is that although both the participants are juveniles they manage
the process in a very cautious manner resulting in no harm to either porcupines are Africa's largest rodent and
the second largest rodent in the world they make formidable foes too many predators and
some including Lions have ended up with quills stuck all over their faces or paws the quills sometimes fall out easily but they
sometimes can cause nasty wounds which if they become infected inhibit the Predator's
ability to hunt and in extreme cases can even result in death in the end this leopard died after stubbornly
feeling its stomach with a meal of porcupine meat you may not know but in the African grasslands
the porcupine is a prey that makes many predators hesitate to attack them with its sharp and stiff quills that can cause
unpleasant painter Predators even Lions have to avoid them [Music] when hunting high-risk prey Predators often
ignore them thank you because the benefits are low and the risks are higher and if they were successfully hunted they
would endanger their lives and suffer unwarranted pain [Music] [Music] despite all of this there are exceptions
this pride of lines were too hungry after many days of not eating they attacked the
porcupine and defied the sharp quills that pierced their flesh [Music] pride of lions
then tore the Hedgehog me to fill their hungry stomachs African nature is always so cruel and there
is always danger and trade-offs to be able to survive leave your thoughts Below in the
comments section do not hesitate to ask us questions swag will
answer your questions I hope the above information is useful to you don't forget to like share
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in the future goodbye and see you in the next video [Music] thank you for watching till the end of the
video was your experience here good it would be fantastic for us to meet you here every
day swag wild animal life will continue to update every day the best interesting stories
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