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What goes on in superstar CoCo’s life? [Boss Pet : EP.20-1] | KBS WORLD TV 221105


Let's just ease into things by watching mine. Superstar CoCo's life. Is there anything you can't do? She's cute. (She makes idol star Youngjae laugh) (Cute and tiny princess) Good girl! I think of her as my daughter. I'm so thankful for her in my life. (What goes on in superstar CoCo's life?) (Meme Wars 2) CoCo. So cute. CoCo is the best. (OMG) (That's my girl!) (I'm the best) (I'm the best) (Bam!) Wow, the editing! – She's so cute. / – Cute. Look at her blinking her eyes. (A top beauty! Can anyone beat this?) What did you think of that, Yerin? – This is your junior's first video.

/ – Yes. Be honest. How does it compare to your fellow seniors' work? (Bero is watching) As his senior, be honest. I think he'll improve on his second video. (Wow) That's great. The reason is this is his first time. Once he sees our videos, he'll know what to do next time. He'll be able to see it. – Right. / – I got it. Next, we have Yerin's video. Last time, I showed you Happy's pretty face. This time, I'll show you Happy's beautiful figure. Honestly, last time, Yerin's house stole the show. All we could see was the interior design. What will she show us this time? (Last time, she wanted to show off Happy) Why is your house so elegant? (Not what I was going for) – Elegant.

/ – Your mother's… Come here. This is perfect for you, Happy. You're a genius. (Things will be different today) Yerin and Happy. (Yerin and Happy's meme starts now) – Oh? / – My goodness! The quality has gone way up! (Behold, my real meme!) The quality has gone way up! Dressing room. (Eyes wide with shock) What on earth? She's so cute. – So cute. / – It enhances her beauty. What is that? She's so cute. (Jaw drops) Wow… – Superstar. / – She's a real pet influencer. (Superstar Yerin's meme is a hit) – Yerin knows a thing or two about memes! / – Wow. The real superstar was here. (Butler Yerin's meme was a success) Hold on. That was so good. I have to admit it was good. It was like a TikTok video. (Seniors are different) (Big round of applause) What on earth? Happy day. Yerin, you weren't like this. What happened? Was that a big improvement? Totally. Don't even get me started. I now see why Yerin said those things earlier.

She had a reason to be confident. Hold on while I puff out my chest. Who's next? Can I have high expectations? (So much pressure) They keep getting better and better. I'm up next. Mine is educational. – Educational? / – Educational? I made an educational video. (Trendy guy is always one step ahead) Over the next 10 or 20 years, young puppies can watch and learn from this.

Looking ahead 30 years. I can't wait to see it. (Master of young trends) (Haute's dad has changed) (Directing, Editing, Narration: Lee Seunghoon) (Will be watched for dog generations to come) (Educational meme for boss pets) (It's paw-some) Let's watch it. Trendy dog. What's this? (Warning / No part of this video may be copied) (Seunghoon and Haute's Dog Yoga) – Yoga? / – Dog yoga? City dogs are exposed to a lot of stress. They get what is called anger. Overt excitement. (Shocked!) (LOL) Laziness. (Laziness) Use this excellent video to ease your dog's mind. – Dog-maste. / – Dog-maste. (Dog-maste, the magic words) – Dog-maste? / – What's that? – Dog-maste. / – Dog-maste. Place your dog comfortably on your lap. Stretch your legs high into the sky. Breathe in. (Peace of mind) Breathe out. You form a bond with your dog. You make eye contact and breathe in sync.

He's not making eye contact. (Oops) (Dog airplane) Lie comfortably on your back. Put your feet together to form a V-shape. Doggy Airlines, ready for takeoff. This is so funny. It's cute. (Taking off) Haute is staying still. By doing that, I'm realigning Haute's spine. Breathe up and down. (Breathe and lift when the dog is ready) He's trying to keep his balance. See? (Breathing with your dog helps to build balance) Is this a real thing? Yes. It's real. I was shocked too. (Maintain your health and well-being) – Dog-maste. / – Dog-maste. (One video can change your dog's life) (A gift of relaxation from the yoga world) – Dog-maste. / – Dog-maste..

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