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went SWiMMiNG with SHARKS!! Adley & Mom got in shark water! family boat ride to find ocean animals


(ominous music) – [Shaun] You got it, Mom. (laughing) There's one
right underneath her! Good job girls! – Adley. Look right in front of you. (Adley shrieks)
(Jenny laughs) – Alert! Alert! Look at that crab!
– [Shaun] Whoa! Look at that crab!
– [Shaun] That's a crab! (Adley laughing) – Watch, I'll show you. I'll show you… – It's very, very shallow. – [Shaun] Yeah, you could
like almost touch the bottom. – We're like in the middle of the ocean. – [Shaun] A butterfly in
the middle of the ocean. (upbeat music) (water splashes) (water splashes) (muffled talking) (upbeat music continues) – I see a pirate ship sinking underwater.

(water whooshes) (water bubbles) – That was so cool. – [Guide] Throw it right here,
see. Where the sharks are. There you go. Right here. (water splashing rapidly) (water splashes) – [Adley] Oh perfect. Put it in. (shark thumps lens) – [Shaun] Whoa. (upbeat music continues) (water whooshes) – [Guide] Oh right here,
guys, manatee. Behind us. – [Shaun] (gasps) He saw a manatee! – I see him! (upbeat music continues) – [Shaun] You look like a
Dracula with the Dinglehopper. Oh, I like your Dinglehopper! How's that spaghetti? (laughs) (Shaun imitates bulldozer) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. No sand please. We're done. We're done, we're done. – [Adley] No, silly. – [Shaun] No, no, we can't. We're done. (both laughing) Oh yeah, Niko! (Niko yells) That was so good. – And then, it's three big shells which, that makes our tower. (upbeat music continues) – I see a starfish. – Hi, baby! I miss you! – I miss you too! – Mommy wants a kiss.

– Niko wants a kiss. – Niko wants a kiss! (audio stops) (water splashes)
(Adley shrieks) (people laughing) – (muffled) It's coming
out. It's coming out. – [Jenny] Okay, grab it! – [Shaun] Wait, are you serious? – [Jenny] Pull it up! (Jenny gasps) – [Adley] Ooh, let's
grab one. For good luck. – We're starting the day with good luck and a boat ride. We're going on a good old
fashion pirate adventure today. And I still got my pirate hair. – Today's the adventure day, where we're gonna do 10 adventures. – This one's super sandy here. – [Shaun] You got a super sandy one? It's a good luck shell.

– Look at that crab!
– [Shaun] Whoa! – Look at that crab!
– [Shaun] That's a crab! – Alert! Alert! (indistinct shouting) – What, a million fish? – [Adley] Alert, alert, alert, alert! – [Shaun] Can you see all those? There's lots of alerts today. It's gonna be an adventure. Best day ever. We're gonna see cool stuff like, uh- – Another fish! – another fish. – We're gonna see like crabs and turtles and maybe we can see some like shells and get some shells. Come on, Niko. – [Shaun] Good job, Niko. Yeah, Niko's being careful today, huh bud. – It's a kind of old rusty bridge, but- – [Shaun] Yeah. – we gotta be careful. – [Shaun] It's true. – Jenny, Adley, Niko, Shaun. – [Guide] Niko! Niko and Shaun.

– [Shaun] And the vlog. What's up boys? – Smells a little fishy in there. – [Shaun] Is that our fish
food or our real food? – Our real food. – [Shaun] All right, we're
getting life jackets on. – That's Papa's. – [Adley] No it's not! (Adley laughing) – Watch, I'll show you. I'll show you. It's gonna fit. – [Adley] No it's not. Look! They could've
belonged together. Look. – [Jenny] Aww. – A clam! – They're a family. – They're our lucky shells. (boat engine whirring) – Do you wanna come snuggle? Awe, there's Niko. All right, next stop. Somewhere cool. (fun upbeat music) – It's very, very shallow. – [Shaun] Yeah. You could like almost touch
the bottom. That's cool. – I don't see (indistinct). – [Shaun] Yes you do. We're in the ocean. – We're like in the middle of the ocean. – [Shaun] We really are! A butterfly in the middle ocean. He wanted to come say hi to the vlog. – I see (indistinct) over there.

– [Shaun] There it is, right over there. – [Guide] This is so the
sharks don't eat you. – [Papa] Oh, a shark repellent. – [Guide] And if they do,
then we can ID your body. (Shaun laughs) (water splashes) (people cheer) (upbeat music continues) (water splashes)
(water bubbling) (upbeat music continues) – There's a fire crab inside! (muffled talking) (muffled talking) (upbeat music continues) (muffled talking) (water sloshes) (upbeat music continues) – So cool. – I see a pirate ship sinking underwater. (muffled talking) (upbeat music continues) (water sloshes) (Adley laughs) (upbeat music continues) (water sloshes) (upbeat music continues) – French Angelfish, also known as a Spacestation Gaming fish.

(water bubbles) (upbeat music continues) (water bubbles) (muffled talking) (upbeat music continues) – That was crazy! You
held your breath forever! How did he do that? Props to this guy. Yo these are superheros. (Adley murmuring) (upbeat music) – That was so cool. (indistinct) (water bubbles) (upbeat music continues) (water sloshes) – Look at this delicious fresh pineapple. Very good. – [Jenny] Right there. Look down. Right there. – [Shaun] That's a shark. Did you see that Niko? – I see a baby one. I see-
(ominous music) – [Shaun] A baby what? – A baby shark. (ominous music)
(Shaun laughing) – [Papa] Oh there swimming right over. (ominous music intensifies) – [Jenny] Oh, look at this! – [Papa] Look right here! – [Shaun] Like, all right! We're ready. – [Guide] You want to go in
and I'll pass her to you? – [Shaun] Mom's jumping in!
(ominous music) You got it, Mom.

(laughing excitedly) There's
one right underneath her! Good job girls! – [Guide] Okay Niko, come here for me. – [Shaun] Adley, look
right in front of you. (Adley screams)
(Jenny laughing) (water sloshes)
(serene music) (upbeat music) (water sloshes) (water sloshes) (upbeat music continues) (water sloshes) (upbeat music continues) (water sloshes) (muffled talking) (upbeat music continues) – Ooh warm water.
(water splashes) (water splashes rapidly) – (in unison) Whoa. – [Shaun] Is that pretty cool? – Yeah.
– [Shaun] Adley, throw it in. – [Guide] Wait until the
shark comes to the surface and then you throw it
right into their mouth. (water splashes) (water splashes rapidly)
– [Shaun] Whoa. (chum splashes against water)
(Adley squeals and laughs) – [Shaun] Whoa. Good throw. – [Guide] Throw it right here,
see. Where the sharks are. There you go. Right here. (water splashes) – [Adley] Throw it in. (water splashes) – [Shaun] Oh yeah. Look at those little teeth in there. (water splashing gently) – Whoa it's so pretty. Put the vlog down and let's see what the sharks will do with it. – [Shaun] Okay. Here we go sharkies. – [Adley] Wait dad.

I think we should put a
food on the lens and then- – [Shaun] Put food on, can
she put a food on the lens? (water splashes) – [Adley] Oh, perfect. Put it in. (shark thumps against lens)
– [Shaun] Whoa. That's such a cool shot. Okay, Adley is getting these shots. (water sloshes against lens) – [Shaun] Whoa, did you get that shot? – [Adley] Yeah. – This shark footage
brought to you by Adley.

(water sloshes against lens) Oh, Adley's getting the shot. – Don't get eaten Mommy!
The shark are still hungry! – [Shaun] What do you think? – That was so cool. – [Shaun] Bye Mr. Shark. – [Adley] Bye! – [Shaun] All right. What was that like? – It was scary, then
(indistinct) it was fun. And it was fun to feed the sharks. – Yeah. We had never done that before. That was your guys's first time too maybe. You guys got in the water with sharks for the first time with us. (water splashing gently) That is the coolest thing. – [Adley] That's the pregnant one! – We saw a pregnant shark. A mama shark.

("Baby Shark" plays) ♪ Mommy Shark doo-doo, doo-doo, doo-doo ♪ – What was your thought
swimming with the sharks? – A little nervous at first. You hop in and there's sharks
like everywhere, (laughing) but then you're like, oh, this is fine, they're doing their own thing. Then they start coming at
you and like, oh my gosh. Okay. Swim away. Swim away.
(Shaun and Jenny laugh) But they're very friendly. – [Shaun] It is true. They
are friendly. That was cool. Adley you were brave. Good job. – Yay. – They look like really big like hippos, but they're cows, but
they're in the water. It's where we sometimes see manatees. – The colors for manatees are, it's gray-ish, blue-ish,
green-ish, white-ish. – Yeah. Kinda whatever color you can see. They're like little sea
cows that aren't little. They're ginormous sea cows. – It is so blue guys. – And so green and so shallow. – Yeah.
– [Shaun] Yeah. See that? It looks not even deep. That's 20 feet deep. It's just so clean and clear
that you can see the bottom. – [Papa] It's like a dang swimming pool – I know.

We're on a lookout for manatees. Tell me if you see one vlog. – Tooth fall out? – [Adley] Mm-mm.
(Shaun laughing) Let me see your wiggle tooth check. Oh, it's getting way loose. – So clear. I love it. – [Shaun] Wow. – [Jenny] You like can see everything. – [Shaun] All right, have
we seen any manatees? – Not yet. – [Shaun] Zero for zero. – [Jenny] We think they're
over there a little bit more. – But I know I'm getting sunburnt. – [Shaun] (laughing) yeah. I feel it. The sun's hot. – [Guide] Right on the edge of the coral. – Yeah. Looks like a rainbow kinda. – [Shaun] We got our manatee eyes up here. He's gonna spot some. ("Baby I Love Your Way" plays) ♪ I wanna tell you I love your way ♪ ♪ I wanna tell you ♪ Isn't that beautiful? Oh, I love it. (water sloshes) – [Guide] You look in
the front of the boat, about 12 feet this way,
there's a huge needlefish. – [Shaun] Oh yeah, wow. – [Adley] We see those all the time.

– [Guide] Oh right here,
guys! Manatee! Behind us. – [Shaun] (gasps) He saw a manatee! – About a hundred feet that way. – [Shaun] Oh, our guy Jody pulls through. – Put this on so you can spot him- – [Adley] I see him!
– with the polarized glasses. – [Shaun] 50 Feet out. – [Jenny] Oh yeah. – [Shaun] What do you
want me do with the vlog. – [Guide] You might get
a chance to jump in, or he might just swim away
really fast. I don't know. The good thing is you can
see him so well from up here. – I see him!
(dramatic electronic music) (water splashes) (dramatic music continues) (music intensifies) (water sloshes) – There's a rainbow in the water. – [Shaun] Yeah look how pretty. You can see to the very bottom so easily.

– It's so pretty (indistinct) – [Guide] Look in the water
over here, guys. Starfish. Stand up. And then it's
right beside of the boat. – [Shaun] Oh, do you see it right there? – [Guide] Beautiful. – [Shaun] Ooh, there's one right there. – [Guide] And another one
right in front of the boat. – [Shaun] Wow. – [Guide] And another
one on the the left side. – We're surrounded by starfish! This is amazing! We're here here, honey. – You ready to eat Miss? – We made it! This is the next part
of our best day ever. We're on a new island.
We're gonna get lunch. Do a little exploring and look for shells.

All the fun stuff. Vlog I think I just saw crabs in the sand. Ooh, they're moving. They're moving. Wait those aren't crabs.
Those are Niko's toes! (Niko giggles) All right. This is what
lunch is looking like. Good little spot on the beach. What'd you order? – Spaghetti. – [Shaun] Spaghetti. Mom, what'd you get? – Quesadilla. – [Shaun] Quesadilla. – For you. – Oh! We have been all about the,
uh, what are these called? – Piña coladas. – Piña coladas. We've been all about 'em this trip. (Niko laughing) – Watch this magic trick. I'm gonna make the straw
float away into the air. – By himself. He can make the straw float. Let me get a drink first though. – Magic! Magic!
(ethereal music) Magic magic magic. – Whoa! Good job, Niko! Check this out. He was
in a, what was it called? – Lionfish tournament. – A lionfish tournament. Look at this. Whoa. All right, so why
are you hunting them? – So they're an invasive species.

So it's our job to try to
eliminate 'em off the reef so they don't eat all the
little marine life, right. – Gotcha. That's so cool. He's just spear hunting fish
and it's like for a tournament. So they help balance out the ecosystem. You know what I'm saying? You ready for some food? You look like a Dracula
with a Dinglehopper. Ooh! Thank you. I've been
needing to brush my hair. Oh! I like your dinglehopper! (fork bangs against lens) All right. These right here are papusas. They are delicious and cheesy. And they're from El Salvador. – [Jenny] I think there's a
puppy right underneath you. – [Shaun] Aww! It's so
nice of you to share.

And papusas are perfect for sharing. (staticky music) How's that spaghetti? (laughing) – [Jenny] You're eating like an animal. – This is my food. (Forever Young plays in background) (Shaun imitates bulldozer) – [Shaun] Oh yeah, Niko. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa no sand thieves! Get your own sand! – [Adley] (laughing) I'm sorry! – [Shaun] Chop! (imitates engine) – [Adley] Hey you just broke your- – [Shaun] I was getting my sand back. All right, Niko. Ours
is looking pretty big! – [Adley] Dad! You stole some of ours so we get to steal some of yours. – [Shaun] Okay. And then
you stole some of ours so I'm bringing just a little bit back. (Adley laughing) – [Shaun] Okay. We're done! We're done! We're done, we're done. Okay. – [Adley] No more stealing. – [Shaun] No, no! Okay, we're done. (Shaun and Adley laughing) – [Adley] Now I'm going get… – [Shaun] Look how tall ours is, Niko.

– [Adley] I dunno. Ours
is looking pretty tall. – [Shaun] Ooh, they're
looking about the same. – Let's decorate-
– [Adley] Oh no, not that. – [Shaun] Ooh like a volcano? (Niko yelling) Oh yeah, Niko! – (indistinct) – [Shaun] Good idea. – Well our volcano has
lava in it. Real lava. – [Shaun] Ooh. – And it's drizzling down. Drizzle, drizzle, drizzle. – Ooh. (Niko screeches) Drizzling lava too. (Niko screeches) Yeah. Good volcanoes. Good sand volcanoes. That's my new favorite
thing to make in the sand. Even more fun than castles. – This is the final finish. Lava. Pretend this is lava. (Shaun imitates volcano) – [Shaun] Those are volcano noises. That looks so good. – And then it's three big shells, which, that makes our tower extra special. – Dad! I'm covering the shells up. – [Shaun] Oh, that's a good
idea. Like secret protection? – [Papa] I like this little
thingy here. That's pretty cool. – But I like that one with
all the rocks and everything. And just the little tiny top.

– Papa says, I like this one. Mimi likes that one.
– Mimi likes that one. – [Jenny] The shell castle?
– [Mimi] Mm-hmm. – Mine has shells on it but you have to break my sand
castle and find my shells. – [Papa] Wow. There's one! – [Niko] Okay. Find another one. – [Papa] Oh, there's more? – [Niko] There's two more left. – [Shaun] How big were
the turtles we saw today? – [Adley] This big! – [Shaun] Yeah, they were humongous. – I think they were as long as me going all the way to the bottom of… – Yeah, those were some
big turtles. Huh, bud? – Yeah. And big shark! – Yeah. I can't believe
you swam with sharks. You're so brave! – Dad! A shark is this big. – I know. Those were
some big sharks, guys. Some of those sharks
were bigger than you are. – I know. Dad, the turtles we saw were
from my head to my butt. (Shaun laughs) – I'm a Starfish! – [Shaun] Starfish, where are you? – I'll tell you if you, if I see a, a starfish.

– [Shaun] Okay. Adley. Wooh! She get some sunscreen? Hey, are you on starfish lookout? – [Adley] Yep. – [Shaun] You look like a starfish. They'll see you and they won't
be scared, they'll be like, "Oh, that's just another starfish." – Whoa! Stingray! (people hollering) – [Jenny] Good job, Adley! – [Shaun] Good job! All right. Do you remember what that was? (Adley sneezes) A sneeze? – (laughing) It's a spotted eagle ray. – A spotted eagle ray. So those ones with the
spots, pop it up Brandon, spotted eagle ray. I think I kind of just saw a
starfish, review the footage.

We'll go find another one
though. But I think I did see it. – Yeah, Shaun's face is toasty. (laughs) (liquid squirting) – [Shaun] Any starfish out there, captain? – [Adley] No. (water splashing gently) – Right here, Niko. – [Shaun] Oh, look!
There's one right there. – [Guide] Two more right in front of you. Two more, five feet out. – [Shaun] Oh.
– [Jenny] Oh, yeah. – [Shaun] Yeah!
– [Jenny] Very cool. – [Guide] And another two
right there in front of us- – [Shaun] Look right there! – [Jenny] Oh, see the orange in the- – [Shaun] Can you see it? Let's hop in the water
and look at some starfish.

– It doesn't look that deep. – [Shaun] Yeah, I think we can hop in. – What's, what's this, I want my floaties on if I can't touch. – [Shaun] Okay, let's do.
– It's only three feet. – [Shaun] Okay. – [Niko] I want my floaty. – I'm scared to touch the floor. – I think it's gonna
just taste like plant, or (laughs) feel like plants. – Oh, daddy, will you come in? Ew gross. I can touch, but I don't want to.

– It's a starfish. – [Shaun] That's pretty cool, huh? – It looks super, super, super orange and pokey. (laughing) – (laughing) You're outta here? That's cool. I'm gonna go under real quick and see. (water sloshing) – I saw a sting ray. – [Shaun] (laughing) Really? – [Niko] It had dots on it. – [Shaun] Dots? So it was the eagle one? (water splashes) (water splashes) – Where's this music coming from? (percussion in distance) – [Shaun] Over there.
– Niko's jammin! – [Shaun] Wow. That's
the party part of island. Woo! There's people just
jumping off right there.

(island music) – I'm trying to pull my tooth out. – [Shaun] Wiggle tooth? – I can't do it. I can't do it. – [Jenny] Yeah you can.
– [Sean] You can do it! – I got idea. I got a good idea. – [Shaun] What? – What if we get a rope and tie it to her wiggle tooth and then tie it to the boat and then the boat will drive it and then her wiggle tooth is gone! – [Shaun] Ooh, that's a good plan! Can we tie your wiggle tooth to the boat? – (muffled) It's coming

It's coming out. – [Jenny] Okay, grab it! – [Shaun] Wait, are you serious? – [Jenny] Pull it up! (popping sound effect) (Jenny gasps) – [Mimi] Did she do it? – [Shaun] Did that just come out? – Napkin. Napkin! – [Jenny] What! Oh my gosh!
(Adley squeals nervously) – [Shaun] Whoa! – Adley, look. That was barely hanging on. Look at that little piece
that was hanging on still. – [Shaun] Wiggle tooth came out in Belize. – [Jenny] Wow. – [Mimi] Wow. That's pretty cool, Adley. – It hu- it feels weird now.

(Jenny laughs)
(Shaun laughs) Mom, you gotta put it
somewhere and make it safe! – [Shaun] Yeah, we gotta keep that safe. – Safe place. – I lost my- – (gasps) Look look look look look! – [Shaun] Oh, a sting ray! – Mommy, don't drop my tooth! – [Jenny] I already put it away. – [Shaun] You have it? Oh. How does it feel to
have your wiggle tooth out? – Not fun. It hurt. – [Shaun] You're brave though. You've swam with sharks
and lost a tooth today. (Adley laughs) – I lost my tooth on a boat in Belize. Kinda cool. (Shaun laughs) – It's a trip to remember.
– [Shaun] Way cool! Yeah. – You swam with sharks today, sting rays, and you lost your tooth
– And lost the wiggle tooth. – Oh baby. Yeah you really could
slurp a spaghetti up there. – [Shaun] Oh yeah. You could
get a full straw on that thing.

This is so fun. I'm glad
you guys are here with us. This is a good best day ever. – A sunken ship! – [Shaun] Oh, a sunken ship, look. – [Niko] It's in the trees. – Oh, I wonder how it sunk. – Look at the other one.
– Look at that boat. – [Shaun] Ooh another sunken boat. – [Jenny] Doesn't even
look like a boat anymore. – [Shaun] That was cool. Good eye, Niko. – I saw a lot of sunken ships. – [Guide] Between your hand
here, keep your hand flat and you're gonna stick it
out about two feet away or far as you can from the boat and about two feet off the
surface and then you just wait.

They're not gonna bite you. Lower, sir.
(ominous music) (water splashes loudly)
(person screams) – That scared the crap out of me! (people laughing) (water splashes) (water splashes)
(Adley shrieks) (people laughing) (dramatic music) (water splashes) (people hollering and laughing) – [Shaun] You got it. Just keep- (water splashes)
(Adley shrieks) – [Adley] Mom, I need a
fish. Mom, I need a fish. (water splashes)
(Jenny screams) (people laughing)
– [Adley] I need a fish! – [Shaun] (laughing) She checks her hand. (FaceTime ringtone) We're gonna call Naves. – I hope she answers. – (gasps excitedly) She's
gonna see your missing tooth. – I'm just going to
wake up Navey right now. – [Shaun] Oh, perfect! – Allie, guess what? (mumbles) I lost my tooth! We were on a boat and I lost
it in the middle of the ocean! – Let me see your hair.

Is it braided? – [Adley] Yeah! – Mom got some. – Even Dad. (all laughing) Oh yeah. We're a twinner family. – [Jenny] Hi baby!
– [Adley] Baby! – [Shaun] Hi Naves. – [Jenny] Hi!
(Navey whimpers) – I miss you! – I miss you too! – Hi Naves, we love you! – We love you! – We'll be home in two days. – Two sleeps. – Go sleep two times and we'll be home. – Oh (laughing) – (gasps) Are you at Allie's house? Navey let me see, is that Allie's house? We miss you Navey. Can I get a kiss? (lips smack) – Mommy wants to kiss. (lips smack) – Niko wants a kiss.
– Niko wants a kiss! (lips smack) – Navey, look. Look at
Adley she lost a tooth. – Oh look, Adley's tooth. Allie, guess what? Niko swam with sharks. He was brave and swam with sharks. – Yeah. – And guess what. The
sharks were this big! – [Allie] My goodness.
That's bigger than you! – Allie. We didn't know
manta rays and manatees are different things (inhales sharply) so we thought we were swimming
with a sting ray manta ray (inhales sharply) but we
were swimming with a manatee, which is kind of a walrus,
that we swam with a manatee.

– It was so cool. – [Shaun] Crazy, huh? – We have got lots to share with you when you when we get home.
– Yeah. You're gonna love watching
this best day ever. And so is Naves. – Bye. I love you! – Bye. – Buh-bye. (lips smack) – I love you Naves! (lips smacking) Did you have a fun day, bud? – [Niko] Yeah. – What was your favorite part of the day? – I just miss Navey. – Me too. – My favorite part of the
day was the whole boat ride. – I know. The boat was fun.
– That's pretty much, that's pretty much the whole day. – I know. Just exploring,
looking for animals. – The coolest animal I saw was manatees. – That was really cool.
– That was cool, I had never seen one of those. – And the giant sharks! – And the giant sharks.
You swam with sharks! You crazy boy. – Yeah. Turtles, stingrays, eagle rays. – Yeah. We saw three
different types of rays.

– And a bunch of crazy
colored looking fish. – Oh, the starfish! You're a cool guy, Jody,
thanks for the trip today. I hope you and your
family loved this video. And you got to be in it, how cool is that? Their dad got to be in our videos. I bet they're way excited. Thank you guys for spending
the best day ever with us. – Yeah. – I think that's our last one
and then we're headed home. (lips smack) – Nope. Tomorrow we have one more. – We gotta do something fun! – What are we gonna do tomorrow? – Uh, we're gonna
celebrate Mimi's birthday. – Oh yeah. We are gonna
celebrate Mimi's birthday. Oh! I brought our new
game, Best Games Ever. Should we play that? – Ooh, yeah. – Yes! – I think by the time we get back home, it will be time for our new
winter workshop to be open with all the new stuff that we made.

– Horay! – It's a lot of fun. – All right, should we
end this best day ever? – Yeah. Thanks for watch…
– Thanks for watch… – [Adley] Wait, wait, wait. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. What? Pause this. – Freeze. – Okay. Play, play, play, play, play. – Play! – (in unison) Thanks for watching! Bye! – Good job guys. – We're back in Utah, vlog,
and we're launching this thing. It's our family board game,
oh I had it backwards. Best Games Ever.

And we're getting ready to
launch and we have an app and the actual thing on our (whispering) oh, she's
in the middle of it. Sorry, did I ruin that? – Hi! – Hi.
(people laughing) She's talking about Best
Games Ever right here. Is that what you're doing? – Yeah, toss it over. (Shaun grunts) Tell 'em all about that. I'll
pop up this footage right now at the end of this vlog we'll
tell you all about it, but. I'm happy to be home. Hey, welcome home. – Hey, thanks. Our family loves to play board games. We love to get together and have fun. – We're always playing
games. We're a game family. When me and Jenny were dating, we'd always play games back
and forth and we'd keep track and whoever would get
to pick the next date was based off who won the games, so we've always been a games family. Playing with our kids, we
started inventing our own games with the little magnet
tile blocks where we just set toys on 'em and
roll the dice and just, we make up the rules as we go.

So from idea to actual board game, I think first step was we had
to actually play something and see if it would work. So we took all these little
ideas to our A for retreat and we got all the A for Adley
and Spacestation apps people to like just hypothetically
play these games that might work. That's how the game actually started from an idea to trying to play it. And then it went to labs
who can actually create the window clings and the sticker books and the cool case it's in. We wanted it in a nice case,
so you could travel with it and like keep it for a long time. – So Best Games Ever. Here it is. It's so fun and it's colorful
and you have all these magnet tiles and you can
put 'em in different places. – We want you to play this
as a family in person, like moving things around. But also there's situations
where you're like traveling or you're on an airplane.

Want you to be able to bust
it out and play it digitally. And also IRL with family and friends. – This is the app right here. So exciting. Look, cute. They match. I feel like you get different experiences with the physical game versus the app. – We made the decision to
keep the app completely free. Parents, you're welcome.
Kids, you're welcome. – We just wanted this to
be the best experience for you guys, so we made everything free and no ads and none of that. So we hope you guys can
enjoy and love to play it and love having your kids play it. We just wanted the best
experience for you guys. – Overall, the ultimate
purpose of Best Games Ever is to bring our community together, like families and the kids who like watching our family cartoons
and our Adley videos. Anytime you get to spend with your family and have fun and laugh, if we can create something
that brings that group of people together to
do that, that'd be cool. We're gonna make more Best
Games Ever, not just this one.

Thanks for being part of our community and keep watching the videos. (upbeat music) (Niko imitates lava) – [Shaun] Drizzling lava tube. (Niko imitates lava repeatedly).

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