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Unwanted Dog Family of 5 Get Delivered to The Rescue Camp in Stuffy Sacks


Shouldn't have carried them in sacks They may suffocate Wait a second It's too hot, hurry up and open up these sacks Why did you carry them with sacks? I don't have any other means Get a cage! (Calling out to someone to bring a cage) Open them now to prevent suffocation (Let them take a breath of fresh first) A woman picked them up (stray dogs), She picked them up because they were dying of starvation But she can't keep them anymore Do they belong to the same family? She said, this white one is the mother. This one, her children? This is the mother.

(They must have suffered a lot) (It looks more miserable now) This is the mother Other dogs are her children That car was the transportation vehicle They have been stuffed in several sacks And put in the trunk and back seat (It's a little frightened) These four puppies are all her children this is the mother (What a poor doggie family) We're going to run some tests to see if they may have any infectious diseases This dog is the mother Have some water Have some water this is the mother Offer her some meat Don't be anxious Don't get agitated (Ms. Liu Li feels sad) Check if they have the CPV or distemper (We pray for them to be healthy) (This black dog appears to have suffered the most) Luckily, they are all healthy Both CPV and distemper tests came back negative No infectious disease Take furry kids back We arranged them to stay in this small courtyard For new furry kids we wouldn't give them cornflakes or anything other than dog food To prevent possible indigestion or diarrhea (Will feed them normal dog food) Sister Liu Li got dog food just for them We arrived Arranging them to stay in this small courtyard for now (So they will have their own temporary home) Let these 5 little kids stay in this yard (Hope they can be adopted by kind-hearted people) This is their temporary abode After a few days of rest The dogs have been a part of the big family of the rescue station My c utie And the two black puppys are good now they are very lively Although they can't speak they keep kissing our hands to show their love for us 5 dogs were rescued from the road but abandoned again This experience makes them more careful But also more eager to be able to play with us Hope all dogs have a good family

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