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UNICORN inside our HOUSE!?? Surprising Adley with a pet horse & Uni-verse Surprise pretend play toys


– Unicorn coming in hot tamale. (giggling) (upbeat music) – Hey, don't eat the vlog. – [Jenny] She's saying, you're welcome. (giggling) – Open up, open it up! – Crazy, crazy.
– Yes, open it up. – Whoa! (giggling) (gasping) You guys, I'm freaking out. – Does she have pizza hair?
– Pizza hair? – I found her friend Ren. (grunting) – Welcome to A for Adley. – Today we have huge surprise. – Yeah, huge, huge.
– Huge. – It's ginormous surprise. – Yeah, huge, huge, huge, huge, huge. – Where is the surprise?
– Where is the surprise? Wait, do you have the surprise? – I don't even know what it is.

– I don't know where it is.
– Oh, yeah wait, do you know where the surprise is? – No. – I dunno where the huge surprise is. – Let's go find it.
– I think we gotta find it. – Yeah.
– Okay. – Maybe it's upstairs. – Dad, dad.
– What? – How about you look
downstairs, we'll look upstairs. – Yeah, okay, I'll look
downstairs, good luck. – Maybe the toy room? – Is it around here?
– Under the bear? Inside the tent. – Inside the tent, no. – No? – Not in here. – In there, no. – Where would I put a huge surprise? The huge surprise is here. This is crazy. Adley's gonna love it. Okay, come on, let's go, let's go. Let me get these all set for ya. All right, welcome to Adley's house. Come on in.

This is a huge surprise
that I have for her and I need you to deliver it, okay? I'm gonna go get Adley, then you deliver the big surprise, thanks. I'm so excited. Adley loves unicorns, she dreams about unicorns, she's obsessed with unicorns. And one time we surprised
her with one in the backyard and she got to ride it around, but never have we invited the unicorn into our house. She's gonna freak out. Hey Adley, I found the huge surprise. – He found it, let's go. – [Dad] Hurry, come on. – [Adley] I'm coming. – We're on our way. – I found the huge surprise, come on. Over here, over here. – Is it outside? – Where is it?
– Right here. That's not the surprise.
– Surprise is coming.

– Oh, okay. – Hold on, I need to get
something for the surprise. – [Jenny] Come sit down, hurry. Let's close our eyes.
– Okay. Mom, do we have to close our eyes? – Not yet. Presenting Adley's big surprise. You have a visitor here, Adley. Let's try it here, probably. All right, I think we're ready. Are you ready? – Ready.
– Yeah. – Okay, I'm gonna go
get your huge surprise. – Do we have to close our eyes? – Don't even have to close your eyes. Get ready.
– I'm so excited. – I think it's a kitty. – A kitty? What if it's a giant tiger? – It's still there. Okay, Adley, here comes
your huge surprise. – Oh my gosh.
– What if it's a horse? – Welcome to Adley's house, come on in. – Hi.
– It's the unicorn. Oh my gosh, it's in our house. – Come on in to Adley's house. – Oh my goodness. – You have a unicorn and
it brought you a surprise. Come check this out.
– What? – Unicorn! – Hi.

– Do you remember this unicorn? – Yeah!
– Bling. – Bling, hi.
– Bling! – Hi, did you miss her? – Yeah.
– Me too. – She brought you a surprise. What is this Bling? – What is this Bling? – What did you bring us, Bling? – What did you bring us? Wait, before we open it, we better say thanks to Bling. Should we get her a carrot or something? – Thanks, Bling. – Thank you.
– Do you wanna carrot? – Do you want a carrot? Should we get her a carrot? – Yeah.
– That's a good idea. Bling, we got you some treats. Hi Bling, okay, let's
give her some carrots now. (dad screams) (giggling) – It kind of tickles, huh? – Bling, thank you for the delivery. – Hey, dad. – Dad
– What? – We should brush her hair. – Oh, should we brush your hair? – Yeah, because she's very messy. – Yeah, look at her horn, it's so pretty. – A horn. – Kay, should we get a
brush and brush her hair? – Yeah, brush and brush and brush.

– Yeah. And then the surprise, kay. – Dad, I got the brushes. – Oh, good job. What one do you wanna use first? This one or that one?
– Blue. – Good job.
– Good job. – You are so pretty. (giggling) Hey, don't eat the vlog. – She's saying you're welcome. (giggling) – Bling, there's two rules. You can't eat Adely or
the vlog, only carrots. – Only carrots. – You are so cute. Do you wanna walk her out? – Yeah, I'll walk her out. – There you go
– Here we go. – Come on Bling. – Come on Bling. – Good job. – Thank you for the prize. – Ew, dad. – What? – He stepped on poop. (group screaming) – Gross
– Bling, you pooped in our house? You stinker! – That's okay, she brought us a surprise.

– All right, we'll clean
it up, it's a deal. – Okay. – Okay, open up the
door let's let her out. – Come on, Bling. – How did you make it outside daddy? – I know. – Hey, come on. – Whoa! – Whoa!
– Whoa! Hey, you're doing pretty good. I think we should sell
your bike and get a horse. – Okay, I wanna get a unicorn.

– What do you want a bike or a unicorn? – Unicorn. (giggling) – Whoa, this is heavy. – Oh, look at that cute face. – That is a cute face. – All right, let's go in here.
– What do you thinks inside? – I don't know. – I don't know either. All right, how do you open it? – I can't even lift it. Oh, the tongue. – Pull her rainbow tongue. – Pull the rainbow. (bouncy music) – I like this song. – Whoa, there's something in here. Sweet treat landing, nummy bay. These are all different places. The Surprising World of Unicorns. This is where the different unicorns live. – I'm excited. – Okay, should we look? Universe. – Oh my goodness. Look at all these. – Oh they're little clouds.
– They're so cute. – Wait, I thought there were
unicorns in here not clouds. – We have to soak 'em in water. – What? – She's right. We open the package and soak it in water. I'll go get some. – Yeah, let's look up here. – Oh we have a
– A yellow one. – We have a green one. – Oh, that one looks
crazy with the lightning.

– Dad, should we do this yellow one first? – Yeah, let's do the yellow
one first, let's see. And then it says it
comes with one unicorn, three surprise accessories, a collector card, and a poster for your room. – Should we start unopening it for mom? – Yeah. Let's open them all
and get them all ready. (paper rattling) – I did, I did it daddy. – Good job. This one's pink. (bleating) – I find the pink one right here. – Wait, are we twinners? – You.
– Hi. Wanna be my friend? – Yeah. – Come here. – Hey, these are two. – Okay, these friends go by each other, those friends and then these ones. – Then they all hold hands together.

– Oh, they all hold hands? Wait, how do we know what lab they go to do you think? – I think it's mystery. – It's a mystery. (paper rustling) – Hey mom, where are you? We're excited.
– We're really excited? – [Jenny] I'm sorry, the water is taking a long time to warm up. – Come down when you have the water. We're all ready.
– Okay. – Love you, bye. – Love you, bye. – These are things like,
look, they come with like, I skateboard maybe. What oh, end the call. (giggling) A mustache, lipstick.

I think these are like
all the accessories. – Oh, she's coming. – I hear her, do you wanna hide?
– Yes. – Let's hide under the table. – [Jenny] Okay, I got the water where'd you guys go? (screaming) (gasping) (giggling) Oh, you got them already? – Yes. – No, no. I wanna do this one. – Let's see what happens. – Oh my gosh, feel it. cloud slime.
– It's changing the water till it's green. – Does that mean she's from–
– It's green and slimy. – Mysterious land? – Mysterious land
– Maybe she's mysterious land. – Should we open it up? – One, two, three, four–
– There's all of these one, two, three, four. – Oh boy.
– I found something. Too little cupcake. – That's her friend
– That's cute. – Oh, that's her friend?
– Yeah. – Phobe, where are you? – I'm coming. Oh
– what? – Oh, my gosh
– Oh, that one is so cute. It's like a snow unicorn. – Here's her accessories. – Hi.
– Hi, I'm here. – Hey, your horn matches my horn. – Oh, my gosh. – A little snowman. – That goes on her horn I think.

– Cute. – And she comes with wings. – It's off, they just clip on her back, look, so you just go, boop. – Her name is Ann Arctica, – Ann Arctica. – She's from the mysterious land should we find out more about her? – Yeah.
– Oh, this is the card and that tells.
– Yeah. She loves the snow.
– What did she love? – I wanna show the next one.

She likes to eat, what
does she like to eat? – Hot chocolate! – She likes to eat hot chocolate. Good, job, okay, what's the next one? – I want to do this. – Oh, this is stuff she doesn't like. – Sunny. – She doesn't like the sun.
– The sun? – So she goes
– No, wait look. Look at all these unicorns we can collect. – Oh, we can collect 'em all. – Oh, I like that one. – That one has a skateboard. – This one's so funny. – Oh that one's cute.
– That one's funny. – Hey, that's where we will go. – Yeah we got that one.
– That is the one we got, Ann Arctica.
– Ann Arctica. – So she goes in the green cloud. Look, they're all different colored clouds and she goes in mysterious land. Should we put her there? Let me Ann Anartica. – Okay, you guys do that I'm gonna get a new clean water.

– Okay, all right, Ann Arctica, you go in the green– Yeah, these are so gooey when you put 'em in
water it's like so gooey. – It's like slimy. – Let's do Angry. – Oh, that one?
– I am Angry! (growling) I've got a lightning face. Hi Adely, I'm happy. (giggling) I'm happy.
– I'm happy. – You're angry. – I'm angry.
– I'm happy. Next unicorn, grab the cloud.

– Grab the cloud. – Here's some water.
– Get the water. – No one touch this cloud this time, just let it soak. – Just let it soak. Bye little cloudy. – It's pink. Or red.
– This is a pink one. – Okay, I'll get out the package. There you go. (paper rustling) Let's see, we go, Oh guys, look a cutie little, I don't even know what it is.

– That's so cute.
– It's her friend. This looks so cool.
– Oh my gosh. – I love that. Wait, it matches your shirt, kind of. Come here old guy.
– Look at her eyes. That is so cool. – Pink girl. – And she gets wings. – Oh, I like your wings. – Oh they match her pet. – Let me put them on. Here's your wings. – Thank you. – Do you have a unicorn decoration? – Yes, it's nail polish. – Guys, guys let's what she chooses. – Oh yeah.
– Oh yeah, let's do it. Okay, what does she like? – She loves painting. – She likes to paint? – That's so cool.
– Hey, I like painting too.

– She doesn't like shopping. – Okay, don't take her shopping. – Yeah, no shopping. – Okay.
– Wait there's one more thing. – Yeah, what's this thing on the bottom? – Oh, she's one star.
– Oh it's the unique here. Oh she's one star unique. – We should we should see what Ann is. – Let's see how many stars Ann is. She's three stars unique. So what home does she go in? – It's the pink one. – Put her in her pink home? There you go wit your friends. – All right, I'll go get fresh water. – Okey dokey. – Hello. – Hey, do you wanna come over to my house? It's the Glamor Ganzaland. – I can't 'cause my friend is too crazy. – Hey, crazy friend. – Hey, crazies, lets go down here. – Okay, come on, we're goin' home, come on, we're goin' home. Hey, I have the wrong friend! – That's Andy Aria, Hawaii. – Where's our friends? I think they went to Hawaii. – I'm back.
– Hi, where were you? I was in Hawaii, but it was cold there.

– Oh, you were in cold Hawaii?
– Okay. – Well, bye.
– Bye. – We ready for another one? – Yeah. – We just went to Hawaii
and picked up the ponies. – Which color are we gonna do?
– Swimming party! – Watch out, goes in, coming in. – Watch out!
– Boom – No one touch it now. – No one touch it, just see what it does. – Whoa, that's really cool. – It's turned into slime. – No one touch okay? Daddy reach down more. – The cloud is melted. Should we open her? – Yup.
– Here comes unicorns. – This one's the unicorn. – I'll do this one, I wanna do this one. – You wanna do that one?
– Yeah, I'll do this one. – I'll do this one – Oh this is so cute I wanted it! – That's so cute.
– That's the one you wanted. – Yeah.
– Oh, you love her. – Oh look, she has a little
sunshine for her unicorn horn. – But she likes the sun, maybe. – Yeah.
– Here's her friend. Hello? – Hi!
– Hi! Whoa, do you wanna be my friend? – Yeah.
– Hop on my back, let's go.

– Her name is Sunburst Sydney. – Sunburst Sydney.
– She's in the land of the Mysterious. (chuckling) – Okay, let's see what we know about her. – She likes picnics! – She likes picnics?
– And loafs of bread. – Okay, what does she like to eat? – A sandwich? – A sandwich. – She likes sandwiches. – What's this? I love sandwiches.
Okay, this is what she doesn't like. – Thunder!
– Storms! Yeah, she does not like bad weather. – Oh, let's see how rare she is. Do wanna see how many stars she is? – She's two stars. – She's two stars
– Two stars that's pretty cute.

– So she goes in the land of mysterious. – Greenlands. – There's a storm everywhere. – In mysterious land. – Then, she likes them. – I like storms. – The storms are scary! – No storms are so fun. Is that the sun? The sun's scary, I don't like the sun. (screaming) Okay, let's do one more. – Which one should we do? – Wait, did we do a pink? – No.
– We did do a pink, I think. – What's in this? – Yeah, we haven't done a yellow yet. – Let's do yellow. – Okay.
– Soak it up. – Let it slither round, soak it up. What color we get in. Okay.
– All right. Hey, corn comin' in hot, yeah, hot tamale. Here the corn coming in hot tamale.

(giggling) – Open up. – Open up, open it up. – Crazy, crazy.
– Yeah, open it up. (gasping) – Oh my gosh. Dad's gonna love this.
– What? (moaning) A gold one with purple. It's like space station,
gaming and purple. That's my favorite color
and mom's favorite color. – Oh you gonna love this one dad. – What is it?
– I love it. – Purple and gold.
– And black. – That's our favorite colors. – She's awesome.
– That's what we wanted. – That is what we wanted and her friend is so cute.
– What's her name? I need to know her name. – Hi!
– Her name is goddess Goldie. – She is the queen
– Where's her– – She goes to Superstar city.

– She has a crown. OKay. What does she like? – She likes to sing!
– She likes to sing. – What does she like to eat? – Oh, what's she like to eat? – She likes to eat popcorn. – Popcorn!
– Popcorn! – She does not like going in cars. – She doesn't like driving maybe– – She does not like car rides. Let's see how many stars she has. Oh, it's a good one.

Two stars.
– Two stars. Oh yeah. – She my favorite because I like gold. Okay, we have two more clouds,
should we do them fast? – Yes. – More water, mom. Hi, are you the new unicorn? – Yeah. – Hi. – Okay whose next?
– Take 'em over to your house? – I am the queen. – You belong in Superstar city. Come over here. – Okay, go play with your other friends. – Okay, everyone play, we're gonna open another unicorn. Okay, which cloud do you wanna drop in? – We're doing this one. – That one? Pop it in. (pop music) Bye little cloud. Red. Oh, it's red for sure. Ready to flip out a unicorn, ready? She's ready, she's excited.

Good job. – I'm gonna go and solve this. – No way Jose. – Here's some unicorns. – Oh we got some unicorns. – She has,
– A baker hat. – A baker hat and–
– A mustache. – Yeah.
– A mustache. – I'm excited. – I got the unicorn. It's a girl. – What's on her? Does she have pizza hair?
– Pizza hair? – She likes pizza. – I bet she likes pizza. – Her name is Latsa Matsa Ella. – I found her friend Len. (chuckling) – So cute. – That is way cute. Imma make pizza for you. Do you want a pizza? – No need. (laughing) – What do you like, what do you like? – Soccer? Okay. – What does she–
– What does she like to eat? – She likes eat a cheese.

– I like to eat the cheese.
– I love cheese. – I love the cheese,
you love the cheese too. What does she doesn't like? – She doesn't like– – Pineapples? – Pineapples?
– Pineapples? – Pineapples is delicious! – Yeah!
– Yeah! – She better not eat pineapple– Oh, I know she doesn't like pineapples on her pizza I bet. – Yeah, that'd be gross on a pizza. – Hey, make a pizza. – We have one more.
– Have one more. Wait, Adley turned into
a man with a mustache. – Are you a Count Dracula now? I am a Count Dracula
and she is from Italy. – I'll go get the water. – What is your name? – Miss Jovia. – Hello Miss (mumbling) This is the last one, catch. Let's play pass the cloud. (mumbling) how about I sit. – Okay, ready? Oh, good catch, oh, good catch. You gotta catch it with your hands. If it falls in your lap that's good, but not the ground.

– Not the ground though, okay. – Next one, stay right
there, put hands out. I'm gonna bounce it
behind you off the wall and then in your hands, ready? Pizza, pizza. Good catch, but I got another
good catch it with my hat. – Got it.
– My turn! Let me have my hat. – This is my hat. (giggling) What, hey that's my
hat, don't touch my hat. Get your own hat. Okay, should we do the cloud? Where'd the cloud go? – I need your hat. – No, this is my hat. (giggling) You can't steal my hat. – I just gonna take it off for one minute.

– Okay, one minute. (laughing) What are you doing? What are you doing? – All right, we got the last one. – More water, but we
dunno where the cloud is, we lost it. – It was in your hat.
– What? It was in my hat? – I'm gonna mix it. – Go!
– Go. – Roll up sleeve. – Blue.
– Blue. We've never had a blue one before. Which one is blue? Funtasy Land. She's ready to get out. She's getting crazy. She's coming out.
– I'm ready. – Okay, she's coming crazy, ready? – No more touching. – Okay, no more touching, I'll move it. – There we go. – Okay.
– I got the unicorn. (gasping) – You guys, I'm freaking
out, a skateboard.

I got a skateboard one. She's so cool.
– She's so cool. And look at her friend. – Dude, this is my favorite for sure. – What else is there?
– Do you wanna ride the skateboard? Oh my gosh.
– Oh yeah, oh yeah. – Adley, I have a question. – What?
– Can I please have this unicorn? – Yes.
– Yes, thank you, you're the best! – Do you wanna see what she likes? Okay, let's see what she, wait, what's her accessory? Oh, that's cool.
– A wind up doll. – Yeah, a wind up doll. – She really likes teddy bears. – She likes teddy bears.
– I like teddy bears. – Okay, let's see what she likes to eat. – What is that?
– What is that? – Macaroni and cheese! – I love macaroni and cheese. – And she doesn't like batteries. – Batteries?
– Batteries. – You don't like batteries? Do not put her by–
– She's a wind up! – Oh!
– Yeah! Okay, what's her name? – Wind Up Wonder Wendy. – Whoa. – And she's from Fun to See Land. – Fun to See Land.
– 'Cause she likes to have fun.

Where are the new ones? Hi, I'm her friend, we're
from Fun to See Land. – That's so cool. – Yeah and we skateboard, show my trick. Yeah, oh that was cool! – Thanks for watching, bye.
– Bye! – If we got a unicorn
what would we name him? – We would name her Unicorny! – Unicorny?
– Unicorny? – Unicorny, Unicorn Bunny.
– Unicorn Bunny, that's a weird name.
– Unicorn Bunny that's funny!.

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