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Ukraine’s 63rd Brigade Moves East – With Trench Family Of Wartime Pets


they held this stretch of
land for five months across hundreds of miles of front
line units of five men each like this one were
all that stood between Russian troops and the city of
Mecca live Now they're moving t the next trench. The next front
line one or 2 hours for clean and we go because
he still faces the risk of Russian capture. The unit's cap
asks us to use his call, sign a name
from a popular Ukrainian christ story. I can't say exactly
where I'm going, he says, but we will help our
armed forces kick the invaders of there. Before the war,
Bakula was a truck driver. None of us had lived in
the trenches before. He says, I personally was never in a
war. It's both scary and cold, but we're Ukrainians, we
will endure everything five months in this location. How
dangerous was it It's a uh, is that romantic We're
here to defend civilization.

He says that to you,
legal values and human justice. That's what we protect
here. They lived under constant fear of Russian drones searchin
for the next kill. Did you ever see the drones
many, many times Many drones looking for you, Not only
for me, a narrow path under cover of trees was the
only safe passage between units along the front. They knew
you were here right If they knew that we were here, we
die, he says the day to day existence of soldiers in
this war is rarely captured. Access to the front lines
has been limited to your house over months lived in
dust and mud, rockets and shells shaking the ground at
all hours. It's my bed. That's where you sleep.
Yes. Even the most inhospitable places begin to feel like
home. Of course I will remember for all my life
this place, but next position will my home because it's all
my home. I saved my home. Life is primitive in the
trenches. Yet they found one small comfort. They found us.
Are they coming with you Of course, of course our

Who else is in your family You've got two kittens
and one dog, Dora Dora. Very smart dog, cyber girl.
This war is gonna end someday. Who's going to keep
the dog She will choose. She will choose. Of course,
I hope me. The unit prepares to move toward
their next mission in their rudimentary vehicles. Auto
catastrophe, he says Before leaving, he scratches out
a makeshift sign to leave behind. Warning of Landmines.
These for the 63rd are their final words of
Goodbye, Jason Bellini, Newsy w the 63rd Brigade
outside Nick Alive .

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