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what's going on everyone its Papa Jake
and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are introducing the
newest member of the papa you can follow me on instagram you know
already about Luna but she is the newest member oh the Papa Jake fam Tallulah is
a brand new member of the family we should welcome her with her very own
billionaire dog box for it in fact I didn't come up with his idea 8 she told
me she wanted a billionaire dog box for like two days ago as you can see Luna is looking for a
little bit of an upgrade and it just so happens Papa Jake knows exactly how to
make billionaire box 4 it's our new baby Luna so we're gonna have everything that
you might want inside of a box work we're gonna have a treat dispenser we're
gonna have water we're gonna have food we're gonna have toys we're gonna have a
comfy area a ball pit we're gonna have a ball launcher that launches out balls so
she can go and chase them I mean this thing is going to be absolutely insane
and it's gonna be the size of a miniature house now we've got in the
background here at some of the construction already started for her but
we haven't done any of the really cool interior work
but what we need to do is fill this entire thing in with awesome stuff for
her also Luna mentioned something to me the other day isn't I right Luna and
what what were you saying something what was that that's right Luna that's
right she is a member of the squad and if you guys want an awesome shout out at
the end of our videos all you guys have to do is join the squad by scrolling
down below smacking that subscribe button that bell but it and commenting a
little something we like to say that's right
every light that this video gets lonely you get a treatment cheek that's too
many treats we don't know how many likes this feels good I mean okay if it gets
the too many likes I might be a little bit crazy but let's see how many treats
we can get four they'll be alright well we're gonna let Luna go and rest while
we start working on our house and then we'll bring her in and show her just
what amazing box for building skills Papa Jake and Logan had so we did kind
of outdo ourselves and make a doggie mansion a little bit too big Logan if we
can't contain our box for building skills you could fit two humans here and
a dog in the top also maybe a llama although I don't know how big llamas are
so far we have the skeleton of Lunas new house
you come inside right now it is completely empty Beach we haven't done
all the really fun doggie stuff that we're gonna do but we want to make this
as awesome as possible burger is gonna be kinda like a secret space probably
too small for me Oh actually f it I'm like a dog we still do need to add
doggie doors as well as a bunch of other stuff to fill this place in so why don't
we get started with the building I'm a doggie door bro because the human door
is way too big so now if Luna wants to come in she just needs to walk in the
front door like this pop this open and she can go inside or for it the only
thing we don't have is a way for her to get up to a secret area so we might
think about that I could talk you out the favor that would be sweet Luna has
her very own fetch machine and it actually works guys picked this out load
and ready go fetch but I actually have not tried this thing out yet so why
don't we turn it on and see but that's okay so we can probably mount this
somewhere on the fort so we can shoot balls out and then Luna can run out the
front door and go and grab these balls she's a little bit too small so she's
gonna have to just kind of like push him around Jake I think this was meant for
baseball it might have been that for visitors a little dude playing baseball
here but that's okay you know that's what we do we make things work but
looking for we put this in the fort since it is a baseball pitching thing I
was thinking maybe a classic pop Jake first level and welcome back fourth fans
for the 10th annual baseman World Series up first the batty is Papa Jake with a
spatula all right guys we each have three chances to hit the ball whoever
hits bears the furthest wins strike one Jake destroys the pitching
Facebook back home where try because rules okay Logan gets one more track of
the rules Logan this isn't actually for us even though we're having a ton of fun
this is for Luna today is all about Lunas we need to get this in the box for
it start setting this up and then we can get we're becoming a baseball channel it's
actually pretty fun let's get this set up in the box for paluma and then we can
get to some of the more awesome stuff that we are putting in our doggy box for
and now we are installing Lunas automatic fetch machine the official fetch machine has been him
that's how you spell fat right I think I just spelled fetch wrong
doesn't matter the ball blaster machine and we all here see so I kind of ran out
of room for fetch and then I realized I misplaced the C and the H I see goes
first I did not know I came out I'm like yeah that's how you spell fast she's
fantastic that that is not how you spell fetch fetch the fetch machine is finally
complete you guys see me down here this is for Luna so she can see where the
ball goes because there's windows high up here good set it up and see how far
this ring actually fires so we would turn it on like this and go Luna go
fetch and then a ball would be launched just
like this please guys move on to the next thing we're adding in here which i
think is gonna be awesome it's the puppy ball pit oh it's gonna be a awesome
little ball pit for her to play around in with all the ball pit bulls I also am
gonna install this so of course we've got LEDs in here which means we can
change them to any color we want we can have them blue we could get them into
like a darker red or we just have them like orange which looks pretty good
right now so let's start making this ball pit out of these massive Lego
bricks I think this should be big enough cuz she is pretty small and I don't want
to have a too big that we lose her in it I think I make it about this big and
this I I have no idea if she's gonna react to this she's still a puppy so
she's never seen a lot of things and she's definitely never seen a ball pit
before we got the outline of the ball pit ready
now the fun part begins let's get some balls and throw it in here i mighta overfilled the ball pit balls
just a bit kind of still works okay you know it actually is pretty fun so we'll
see how Luna reacts I have no idea if she's going to like this but it's pretty
sweet to have her very own ball pit ball inside the house I've also got another
really cool thing I want to show you guys to check this out the next feature
that we've added to Lunas awesome so I've installed it inside the wall and
you probably think your Papa Jake what's that just looks like a weight
thing well it's not just a little white thing stuck in the wall okay that is
actually a camera that lets us look at Luna while she's in the box board but
more importantly we can shoot treats out of it check this out as you can see here
we can see opens in you so Logan who's waving in front of the camera and we can
see all of the fun stuff in here for Luna okay there's a teddy bear but if I
want to send some treats you just flick this little thing down here like that
and then pop out we got all of them this stuff in here the ball pit is looking
amazing I also added a mini trampoline I don't think she's gonna know how to use
the trampoline but I think I think it's gonna work out pretty good we got mr.
rhino here so in case she wants to play with mr.

of course we can send her treats whenever we want over here this is the
washroom so over here Lunas got her grass so she needs to go to the bathroom
we also have a little potty here it's a little mini potty for Luna and the
mirror so you look at yourself plus I'm mr. Pooh he forgets that this is where
you go potty and up here is Lunas chill space slash sleeping area dude it looks
so comfy up here this is like the best part of the entire fort we also have mr.
Sharkey mr. Sharkey we got a little teddy bear and all her cozy stuff up
here but Jake I just realized we have one massive problem how is she gonna get
up here we're just gonna have to lift her or she's gonna learn how to use the
trampoline no dog knows how to use a trampoline
that's gonna be the first dog ever to use the trampoline guys if you put
hashtag Luna down below she will know how to use the trampoline all right Luna
it's time to show you your billionaire boxboard I know you're so excited
go see it we got a big Luna we got a little door for you we've got a fax
machine I'll go check it out here is Lunas doggie door we've forced up
everything set up for you so that you can enjoy every aspect of it these are
super comfy cushions extra fluffy for Luna we made sure of that I know is down
Lou is moving around she's inspecting all areas of the floor
to make sure it's up to her standards Luna is not jumping on the trampoline I
don't think she knows how to jump on Travis your fetch machine and we turn it
off lonely get ready to batch Jake I think
Luna likes the fetch machine well she likes the fetch machine then she's gonna
love the ball pit you wanna see the ball pit you can't take this to Ryan Linda
doesn't want to go under there all right guys Luna is inside the ball this is your five-star bedroom we've got
your bed we've got your blankie we've got your mat we got everything you need
to chill out here and just relax the end of a long day and I'm sure with all
these likes them is gonna be getting a whole lot more treats thank you don't you get a little tired
out so guys let us know down below though if you liked having Luna in the
video and think we should do some more awesome videos with her because she
loves playing around and having a bunch of fun but she does get tired really
quickly so let's try and get 25,000 likes for Luna that's a lot of treats
we're gonna have to give Luna guys every like it's a treat for Luna she loved it
so much but guys I think this is where we're gonna wrap up the video but before
we do that we need to give a shout out to one of our amazing squad members and
today's squad member shout out goes to Ellen so thank you so very much Ellen
for being an amazing member of the squad if you guys see her down below be sure
to give her a big old thumbs up leave a comment and of course guys if you want
to join the squad and get a shout out from both me and Logan all you guys got
to do it super easy all you got to do is subscribe hit the bell button and
comment hashtag what school but that's all for today's video I hope
you guys enjoyed it this has been Papa Jake and lo again we'll see you guys
next time Jake and Luna and Luna that's right and
Luna J there's two house Luna Logan it's been Jake Luna and Logan and we'll see
you guys next time for another awesome video

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