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Travel Machine HIDE N SEEK!! its BOYS vs GiRLS finding present pets hidden on pirate island beach!


– Niko, We're going to find you! (squeaking noises) – Found him! – [Mom] Oh! Your cute little
legs are sticking out. – Oh, he doesn't wanna
get out of his house. – [Mom] Come on, Niko! Oh. – Hi. – Is that your house? – [Mom] We found you! – Is that your house, Niko? Come on, are you hiding, still? – Is she gone? In there? – I think she's right, here! (excited screaming and laughing) Let's get her! – Ahhh, here we come, I'm finding you! I'm a worm. Whoa, what's happening Momma? Whoa, what is in there? – Where are we? Where's Adley? – Adley, where are you? – Adley, where are you? – Let's keep going. Wait, what is that? – Oh, I don't know, it's pretty. – It's purpley, we don't
have time we gotta hurry! – If you pull that? (screaming) – What's going on? – What's going on? Which one did we get? – Look, ours just broke again.

– Ah, oh, it's fluffy! – Come on doggie! Ahhhhhh! Hi! Welcome to A for Adley. Today, we are playing hide and seek. – Wait, where are the boys? – Where are the boys? – A note! Coopa. – What does it say? – It has a note, read it. – We are hiding. – We have to go find them. – Okay! – Where are they? – Ohhh, boys! – Ohhh, boys! – You missed the intro to the video! – Yes, you do. – Not under the table. – In here? In here? – I hope they're not in the oven. – They're not in the oven. – Oh, what about the bathroom? – What about this one?
Huh, not this one either. – Shhhhh. Hey, quiet with your toes, shhh. – Under here or under this table, no.

Under the couch! Under the couch, nope. – That would be tricky. – How about over… – Oh! Did you hear that? – Yes, I hear that. You go look in the bathroom and
I'll look in the bonus room. I mean the honeycomb room. They're not in the honeycomb room. – Hmmmm. – Where are they? (door opening click) (excited screaming) – We found you! – We found you! Our turn to hide! – We get to hide now! – You guys are hiding, should we count? – Back in the closet! – Ahhh! – Okay, it's hiding time. (loud footsteps) – Come here come here come here. – Come here, come here,
come here, I got a good one. Adley! Okay that's a good one. (laughing) – We're back in the closet! (laughing) Ready? – Five, four, five, one… (laughing) – Nine. – Ten. – Ten, good job! Hey,
should we go find them? – Yeah. – Okay. Where's those girls? Let's get 'em. Girls, where are you? We're going to throw pillows at you! Let's find 'em. (pillow smacking sounds) – Hiya! – Hiya, ya! – Hiya! In here? No. – No, not under that chair.

Hey mom, I'm going to find you! – Under the couch? Under the couch? – Under the couch? (laughing) No. – Let's see here! No. – Nope. – Dog bed, no. – Are they, under the brown couch? Are they under here? Where are they? – Under the couch, no. – Where are they? Oh! I hear something. – Get her, ahhhhh! We got Adley! All right, tell us where
your mom is right now! – Uh, I don't know. I didn't see anything. (boxing bell sounds) (laughing) – Under here? No. Where's mom? Under the couch! – She's still not under the couch? – [Mom] Niko! – Where is she? – [Mom] Niko! – Oh! (laughing) – Where is she? She's not here. – Is she gone? In there? – I think she's right here! – Ahhhhhhh! (Laughing) – Let's get her! (screaming) – Pillow fight! – Boys are the best at hiding! Niko, let's go hide. Come on. Hey, you guys gotta
count, go up the stairs. – One! – No, no, no, up the stairs. – Up the stairs! – Okay, let's go! – I'm on the stairs. – One, two, three, four…

– Ready or not, here we come! – Here we come. – Wooo! Here we come, I'll find you. I'm a worm. – Do you see them under the couch, worm? (laughing) Hello, little worm! Do you see them? Under the couch? – No. – Okay. – And then they're under that table. – The mudroom. – The mudroom? What's that? Hmmm, this? – Ah! No. – That's umbrella. – Let's find Niko and dad. Niko, we're going to find you! – Found him! – Oh! Your cute little
legs are sticking out! – He doesn't wanna get out of his house. – Come on Niko. – Hi. – Is that your house? – We found you. – Is that your house, Niko? Come on. Are you hiding, still? I think he just wants to still be hiding. – Let's find dad. – Yeah. I see something! (footsteps) Hiyaaa! – Ahhh! Did you see my toes? Me and Niko's legs were poking out. All right, let's go count. – Go count! We're gonna hide! In the bathroom, go on. – Hiya, one… – You know what? I've been saving something extra special.

Come in the craft room. – What is it? – They'll never guess what it is. – Okay. – Open it up. – Open it up. – Alright, let's go in. – Come on, Momma. (muffled banging against floor) Oh! What's happening, Momma? Whoa, lets go, whoa! (tape rewind sound) (whirring noises) Whoa! It stopped, we're here! Wait, where are we, though, Mom? – We're at Pirate Island, of course. – Pirate Island? – Yeah, come on, hurry
before the boys find us.

– Yeah! – Where should we hide? – Hmmm… – It needs to be really
good so they can't find us. – Like behind the sixty good. – Behind the skull! Come on! – Behind the skull? – We're here! – They'll never find us here. – [Dad] Nineteen, twenty! – [Niko] Here I come. – Here we come! Mom, Adley! – Mom, Adley! – Where are you guys? Do you see them? – No.

– Should we look outside? – Mama, where are you? – Nope, she's not out there. – Mama, where are you? Mom, where are you? – I found a hat. (laughing) – Here? – Should we go look over in there? – No. – No? – No. – Where? Under here? – No. – No. Oh! What's that? That looks weird, what do you think? – There. Mom are you in there? You here? – Adley are you in there? – Adley, in here? (punching noises) – Should we go inside? – Yeah.

– Okay, be careful, let's go! (thunking noises) (laughing and excited screaming) Whoa, we're here! Wait, where are we? – Where are we? Where are we? – Adley, where are you? – Adley, where are you? – Mom? – Mom, the traveler tent is shaking! – They followed us here! Oh no, hide! (grunting) – You out? – Yeah. – We have to find mom and Adley! – Yeah. – Oh! Water, you gotta jump! Two, three. Oh, good job. – Water! – Oh! Water, jump! Oh, good job. Oh, more water! Whoa, oh, good job. Let's go find 'em. Oh, did you hear that? They're over here somewhere.

– Mommy, where are you? – Adley, where are you? (faint yelling) – Do you see something over there? – Yeah. – Let's go investigate! – Yeah! (faint yelling) – Where are you, girls? – [Mom] Ahhhh! – Aha! We found you! (screaming) Aha, we found you! You guys tried to use a
travel machine and be tricky. Now it's out turn to be tricky. Bye girls! – Uh, we're already counting! – Bye! – Bye! – One, two, three… (whoosh) Eleven, twelve, thirteen,
fourteen, fifteen, sixteen… – Where are you going? – I hide too. – I know, we are counting together so we can find them together. – Here I come, here we come! (whoosh) – Are they in the jail? – I think. I hear them, we're close. I hear them, we're close! – Hello! Do you see them? – I hope this is lava proof. – You know what, we can flush them out. (tape rewind sound) – Yeah! – You thinking what I'm thinking? – Let's right here.

– If you guys don't come
out we're gonna get you wet! Are you over there? Huh, not over there. Nico! – Behind us. – Behind us, are you guys over here? (screaming) We found them! Get them! – They got us wet! We were underneath and they got us soaked! – We found you guys! Alright, are we going to hide now? – Hide, I seek! – Niko, let's count. Over here, ready? One, two… – Let's keep going. Wait! What is that? – Oh, I don't know, it's pretty. – Purpley. – It looks like a present. – Yeah, but we don't
have time we gotta hurry! – Go hide, hurry, they're counting! In the treasure, hurry! – One, two… huh – Three, four, five. – Five. – Should we go get 'em? – Yeah! – Yeah! Adley, where are you?
Should we go this way? – Yeah.

– Oh! Adley, where are you? – Adley! – Adley! Did you find them? What's that? – A toy. – It's a toy? – Yeah. – Look it's little puppies. Should we go show Adley? – Yeah. – Let's go find them, come on! – Adley! – Adley, mom, for reals,
we just found something and it's cool. They're not up on the ship. No. – In the treasure chest. – Oh in the treasure chest? – Ah! – Ah! – You found us! – Wait, I have one of those too! – Wait, you have a, what
is it, a present pet? – Should we go and open them? – Yeah, come on! – Let's go! Should we open it, Niko? – Yeah! – I don't even know what's
inside, we gotta open it. It says, it says there
could be a pet inside.

– There could be a pet inside? Let me see what it says. A hundred plus sounds and actions, which puppy will you get? – Come, it's going to hatch soon! – All right, let's bring it over. – Ready? Pull here. – [Dad] Pull a tag. Wait,
where are you guys pulling? – Right here. – Okay. (ripping sounds) Niko, here's yours. Oh, we got it! Niko, you gotta pull this tag. Ready? Come pull this tag. It says, pull tag, so you pull that. (tape rewind sound) – Wait! (screaming) – What's going on? You hear that? – What's going on? – I think there's a dog inside. (screaming) It's hatching? Niko,
yours is hatching, look! – This is so cool! – I see mine! – Oh, it's hatching! – It's coming out! Which one did we get? – Oh! Ours just broke again! I think yours has another foot! – Another paw print! – Oh, oh, it's fluffy! (dog noises) (laughing) – The sides! The sides! – Oh this is crazy! – They're going in! – Niko, ours is ripping out the sides.

– Oh, my gosh. This is
the coolest present ever. – Niko, look right here. – Come on, doggie! (screaming) Hi! We have Casey. – Wait, Niko, where's yours? – Here it comes! – Hi, Casey! – Casey, it's okay. – Whoa, I see yours Niko! Hi! – We got Casey. – Hi, Casey! Oh, ours is named Princess. – Hi, Princess! – Oh, here she is! (dogs' cooing sounds) – Look at my bow! – That's cute! (kids' roaring sounds) Hey, careful, you all play nice, puppies. – They like behind the ears. (barking) – Oh, they do like behind the ears. – Oh, she's like walking to your dog. – Come here! Come here! – Oh, she was going! – Come here, come here! Come here, come here! – Aww, so cute. (game start up ring) – Okay, this is going to be a game. – Ruff, ruff, rawr, rawr! – You did it! Good job! (sad riff) – Ruff ruff.

– Niko lost. – Ruff ruff ruff. – We wanna go see the pirate ship. (barking) Okay, I'll go get you
some food and water bowl, just stay right here. – Oh, are you guys thirsty? (dog crying noises) – [Mom] I know, guys. – Whoa, daddy. – Okay, I'll watch 'em. No going anywhere, we're
getting you some food and water. – We went to go get some… – Yeah, where are you going? – [Adley] To get some water! (barking noises) – Oh! They're getting
kinda hyper, get in there.

– Here you guys go, here you go Casey. – [Mom] They love a good belly rub too. – Oh, you love the belly rub? – [Mom] Oh, she loves that. – She's drinking! – She's drinking, oh! – Okay. – Good job! – You're drinking. – Does she want some? Mmm is that yummy? Whoa, careful, guys, careful. That's enough water. – I get the dog food. – Oh, you got them some dog food? Get your dog food! Oh, good job! – Come on, say goodbye. Thanks for watching! Bye! (thunk) (snoring sounds) – [Dad] Hey, hey, hey, hey, mom. (snoring sounds) It's okay. (snoring sounds) – Coopa! Okay..

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