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Top 6 Dog Breeds That Families With Young Children Shouldn’t Have.


many dog breeds are especially loved after playing in famous movies however their lovely appearances they are shown on the screen doesn't mean you are safe when keeping them there are many dog breeds that always need adult supervision and are not suitable for families with young children here are six dog breeds that should be kept away from families with children let's jump into the video and find out [Music] number one chihuahua this is considered the smallest dog breed in the world these dogs understand their size and for this reason they can be afraid of children young children sometimes misunderstand the chihuahua as a toy so if a chihuahua is not well paid it will bite the children with its small sharp teeth [Music] number 2 telmation the movie 101 dalmatians made the breathe amazingly attractive however some things in the film were actually exaggerated dalmatians are large hearty and active dogs even if the breed is very sociable children should never be left alone with this breed because they need a lot of training to be able to control the dogs [Music] number three russian toy this is a very good and loyal dog breed but you should know that they are very sensitive so if a family has noisy kids they probably won't like it these dogs can quickly become fearful or acting conversely aggressive as if they were being provoked zoologists recommend that suitable owners that can keep this breed are young women middle-aged women or families with adult children [Music] number four husky this is a playful energetic dog that needs a lot of attention from its owner they must be trained for a long time these dogs are not aggressive towards people but this does not mean that they can be left alone with children more specifically they need to be taught how to express their emotions correctly not to jump on children and knock them over on the floor [Music] number five doberman this breed has a strong desire for dominance it will take a lot of effort and training to teach this dog to understand the children are owners too and they need to be protected and respected besides choosing a puppy of this breed is not easy because they are bred a lot so there are a lot of unhealthy puppies you better be careful [Music] number six akita inu the friendly smiling faces of these dogs became very famous thanks to the movie hatchi a dog's tail however in ordinary life akita news is not harmless first they are very wary of strangers and children of other families in addition adult dogs of this breed are often aggressive towards other dogs or animals therefore this is not a suitable choice for families with young children [Music] you

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