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TiNY PET DOG!! Surprising Family new shirts! Pirate Dad – Mermaid Mom – Niko Shark – Adley Unicorn


(spring noises) – [Jenny] Oh, yeah! – [Shaun] Oh, looking good! (upbeat music) (camera clicking) (upbeat music) – Yeah! – Yes! – I'm going to show you you can find. – Oh, wow. Oh, the spin move! We'll try and do another
re-order, and then the more fun– Hey! Hey! They go! – Her name is Minnie. – [Shaun] She's so small! (motorcycle engine roaring) – Up up, uh, oh! (glass breaking) (beeping) Welcome to an extra special best day ever, because I've got a surprise for you guys! Kind of a family and the
kids, but mostly you guys! And it's in this box, right here. – What's in the box? – Oh, here come the
kiddos. They're excited! They don't even know this is coming. Hi, Niko! Oh, I love you! Do
you want to see a surprise? – Yeah! – It's in this box.

– Box! – Yeah, it's in the box! Come here! – Oh! – Hi, babe! Have you seen Adley? – No. Do you like our new statue we got? – [Shaun] Whoa. That statue
looks just like Adley. That's cool. Well, I have a surprise for
Adley, let's go find her! Come on, Niko! Should we take that statue with us? – [Jenny] Maybe. – [Shaun] Here, I'll go grab it. (man grunting) Yeah, I got the statue, just in case we want it. (Adley giggling) Hey, statue, guess what? Do you talk? Ah! Statue, you're slipping! (man panting) I've got
to rescue this statue! Don't break your statue neck! (laughing) If I kiss you, do you turn
back into my daughter? (Adley yells) – Ah! Oh! I kissed the statue
and it turned into Adley! – I wasn't really a
statue, I was pretending! – [Shaun] Oh, really? Okay. – Surprise! – [Shaun] Guys, whoa, whoa, whoa! Pause. This is magical. – Let's go inside and let's- – [Shaun] Do the secret code, mom. Do you know what the secret code is? – [Niko] Oh yeah! – [Shaun] Can you pick that up, Niko? – No – H E 3 0 3 H A 0 3 – [Shaun] Now you guys know our code.

All right, everyone sit on the couch. I have a presentation. – Daddy! Remember when
we went camping, Dad? Dad. Dad, I love you. – [Shaun] I love you too! Yes! All our camping stuff! That was fun! We still have our camping stuff
here. It's been a week or 2. (screaming) Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! That is a surprise, young man! Come sit on the surprise couch! Mom, sit right here.

– [Jenny] Okay. – [Shaun] Do some filming. – [Jenny] Okay! – Okay, I have lots of things to present. Are you guys ready? – Jump! Jump! Jump! I hope it's new, new, new toys! – Niko Bear's own shirt! – [Adley] (screaming) Oh, it's so cute! (Niko squealing) – [Shaun] Oh, you want to put it on? – Yeah. – I was like, "Does he not like it?" – [Jenny] Oh, wait, he's wet! – Where's mine? Where's
mine? Where's mine? – Put on Niko's shirt! (verbal trumpeting) Put your arm through here.
Put your other arm in there. – [Jenny] So handsome! – It's a Niko Bear! – [Adley] There's a
shark, and then Niko Bear. – Yep. And it says RAWR. Because Niko Bear always goes, "RAWR!" Do you like it? Do you want more? – Yeah.

– [Shaun] Okay, show Mama! Do a dance! – [Jenny] Oh yeah! – [Shaun] Oh yeah! Niko's
shirt! It makes you run faster! Ta-da! Da-dun-dun-dun-dun-duh! – My shirt! – A for Adley and a unicorn! – I'm gonna go change in it. – [Niko] Ow. Ow. – Ready? Oh! A for Adley. Sunnies! Oh, yeah, dude! Oh, yeah! Oh! Do you want a unicorn one? Look! Just like her unicorn towel! Unicorn surfing, having a good time. And it has rainbow lenses!
Remember how you picked out? Unicorns the inside! – Do-do-do-do! – Oh! Go Adley, go! – [Jenny] I love it! – You want to know what
I can do? More power. – Oh, wow. You have more
power now? You can do that? Look at these sunglasses. – [Jenny] Do those come
in adult sizes, too? – [Shaun] You know it. – [Jenny] Yes! – [Shaun] Should we show mom hers? Okay, mom, get ready!
Go present this to mom! – Mom! – Oh yeah, oh yeah! – [Shaun] Presenting… – [Adley] Ta-da! – Oh! I love it! – [Shaun] There's mama, and Adley, and Niko, and the new little baby! And look, guys, there's ones for all of us in all the different kinds,
so come check this out.

Adley, tank tops. – [Adley] Big tank tops! – Oh yeah! – [Shaun] Ooh! Looking good! Surprise! Look at Dad's! – [Jenny] That is pretty cool! – It's a pirate ship and it says Shonduras and it's in a little capsule. And an octopus! Do you guys like this one? – So cool! – Okay, wait, I have
another one, though, too. I got this one so I can wear mom's.

– [Jenny] Aww. – Black one. Look, I like that. – [Adley] What about this? – Hold on, hold on. There's
a new one I got to show you – [Jenny] Oh, there it is. – I found it. Ready? – [Adley] Ready. – Pirate Dad! – [Jenny] That one's cool! – Isn't that cool? – Eh. – What! What? Pirate Dad is so cool! – Mommy! – [Jenny] Look at that one! Yeah. – [Shaun] That one's for mommy. We got all the different sizes. So. If you like Niko's shirt,
Dad's shirt with the pirate, this one, or Adley's, or mom's, you can get any of them in
any size and almost any color. We all picked like 5 or 6 colors that we wanted off from them. – [Jenny] Yeah. – Oh, the white looks cool. – [Adley] Wait! Wait! Don't forget this! – Check out these! – There's a han-itizer.

– Look at that! A cute little han-itizer! – We got bubbles! – Look! Cute little Adley bubbles! – We got sunglasses! – So, like, these are like
really nice sunglasses with bags. These are just fun ones. – [Jenny] Niko, you want to open yours? – [Shaun] You want to open yours? – Yeah. – I have sunscreen. – Okay, here. Han-itizer,
sunscreen, and bubbles. – [Jenny] Don't pull the
strings, it makes it tight. So, guys, check it out.
Han-itizer, bubbles, sunscreen, and sunglasses in this
bag – $5 that's all. They are gonna go so fast.

We only got a thousand
of them, so pretty much the first thousand people to order these, you got lucky. I think we're gonna try and do another order of another thousand, if we can get enough,
but, it's kind of hard. So these glasses, for example. Here's your glasses.
Adley helped design these. (camera snapping) Adley chose the rainbow lenses. We put a little A for
Adley thing right here. Unicorns on rainbows that are drippy, and even on the inside. – [Jenny] Love it. – So these ones, with the
bag and everything, $10. That's it. We're giving
you guys a screamin' deal. We just- – Ow – [Shaun] Oh, do you want to do bubbles? Let's see if they work. We really appreciate you
guys watching our videos and supporting us. You're excited? – Yeah! So we don't want you
guys to ever feel like we're trying to make money off you guys.

We can make money on
YouTube or wherever else but this stuff is just for you, because we really love you, and thanks for watching our videos and
just being part of our family. – Yeah, we really love you guys! – Blow! Whoa! And the bubbles work! Can you say A for Adley? We need to make some Niko Bear bubbles. So we're going to try to do cool little merch drops like this
a couple times a year. The next one will probably be, like, Christmas time or holiday time. Oh, good job, Niko. (Niko blowing) – [Jenny] Good job, bud! – Oh! Look how cute
this Niko Bear shirt is! – [Jenny] Oh, I love it! (liquid spilling) Ooh! – Bubbles spill if you
turn them upside down. – [Jenny] Yes. – Let's try the han-itizer.
Who wants han-itizer? – [Jenny] Me! – There you go. Whoa! – Can I have- – Niko you're crazy! – [Jenny] It's a spray! I love it! – Han-itizer? (bottle squirting) – [Niko] Oh! – [Jenny] Oh man, that's- – All this, the bubbles, han-itizer, sunscreen, and sunglasses. – [Jenny] That's fun. – $5 How do you beat that? I
might be wrong.

Are these 10? – [Jenny] I think they're 5. – And then the glasses?
Were these 5 or 10? – [Jenny] I'm not sure. – You know what? We're not sure, so we're gonna send you the website. But that's not it! So the other day- this is a third of the
stuff. We have more stuff, but we already opened it. (whispering) I'm gonna tell them right now. So the other day we came
here, there's more stuff. Adley has a towel, and juice boxes. Oh! Adley! Boxes! You know what? Cut to the clip of us
opening up the other stuff, and then come back, because
we're going to eat popsicles. All right, you guys
ready for the surprise? – Yes! – Turn around. (coughing dramatically) What have we been working
on for a long time? Adley's cool shirt and toys and merch. And now they're finally here, and they're for you guys, too! All right, surprises! – [Jenny] Hey! Get back here! – Hey! Are you peaking?
You need to get back here! No peaking! I got 'em. – [Jenny] Adley. – Hey! Get out of here! I remember I was showing Adley all the things we were designing and there was on thing that
she really really wanted and now they're here.

You ready? – Yeah! (excited screaming) – A for Adley unicorns! – [Jenny] Oh my goodness! – [Shaun] Aren't these cute? This is called tie-dye.
It's like crazy colors. – [Adley] I love them! – There's a blue one! – [Niko] Blue? – These are for all your
friends that watch your videos. – I want to keep all of them! – Nah, you've got to share them! – Okay, next surprise.
You might need something to put all those unicorns in. (gasping) Adley unicorn bag! – Okay, this is how many I want! – [Shaun] Okay. Put them in. Pulls it like that, then
put it to see how it works. Oh yeah, you are looking good, girl! This one's for Niko! Do you
want to put some unicorns in it? – Yeah! – [Shaun] Okay! Oh, good job! – Let's give these to all my
friends that watch videos! – [Shaun] Yep! More surprises! Get ready! Look! More bags! Look
how cute these ones are! Which ones do you like more?
The rainbow or the unicorns? – All of them! – All of them? I think
that's a good answer.

Ready? – These eyes are closed! – Juice boxes! – What? – And they're refillable! A for Adley, and then you
can put your juice in here, and then look, watch, straw! – [Jenny] Whoa! – We saw these online and we ordered them. We hoped they would be cool and they are. – Isn't it awesome! Will you give these to my friends at school?
I'm keeping the red one! – Okay, you keep the
red one, but guess what? Adley, we have lots. We have, like, sixty, ninety, a hundred,
a thousand of these. Did you know that? – Nope – And you could put milk, like a baba. – [Jenny] Which color do you want? – Blue. – Blue? – We were just about to
do a little phot shoot for the website and
get all the stuff ready so you can get it and I was like, you know what, we should hurry
and film this just in case, because it's going to be

Plus, without my phone– Asked Nick to film really quick, and yeah! What do you think, babe? – I love it! – [Shaun] I love it too.
Adley was super stoked about these unicorns. Me and Jenny
were super stoked about these. And they're bigger than I thought! – [Jenny] They're way
bigger than I thought! – [Shaun] And then these bags will be fun. And more stuff coming. We've got glasses, and shirts, and all sorts of stuff. Oh! The unicorn towel!
Do you have the towel? Adley, come here, I need a model! The new towel! What's your best,
uh, runway modeling, Adley? Oh, wow, oh, the spin
move! That is great! Whew! And this is– Adley, how soft is this? – It's so soft! – [Shaun] Yeah! So soft! It's very soft.

Oh! Uh, Adley? Travis is
here, and look what he has! – Doggie! – [Shaun] Look at this little guy! So this is Travis's dog. – Her name is Minnie. – Minnie! – [Shaun] She's so small! – [Travis] Here, you want to hold her? – Yeah! – [Shaun] Look, it's little Minnie! Aw, she gave me kisses! Adley, what did we get for
Minnie? Do you remember? – A clip! – We got a clip for Minnie because we were talking to Trav
on FaceTime last night. Travis helps Adley and
me with all our deals. Like, all the cool toys and
stuff that we get to play with? Trav is the one that gets them sent to us.

– [Adley] Give me the clip! – And this is the little clip. – [Travis] Oh my. (laughing) – [Shaun] Look Minnie. Do you like that? – She's like following it! – [Shaun] I think she's excited! All right, should we put it on? Uh, wait a sec! You guys
have the same color hair! Put your hair by Minnie! – [Jenny] You look just like Minnie! – [Shaun] Here, put your hair by Minnie. Oh boy! You guys are twinners! All right! Minnie, you are adorable! You're so cute, Minnie! – Oh, good job! – Give you guys a quick
shout out to a couple people.

So this is Brenda over here. She helped design Adley's merch. And then also, another new
guy to the space station– which, we haven't been to
the space station in forever, so you need to meet all these people! – Hello! – [Shaun] Jordan! – How's it going? – So Jordan is the guy who built the website that you're going to go to. And it's super fun and interactive, and that's where you can get
all the cool Adley merch, which he also helped us
get all the Adley merch. Jordan's basically a rockstar. So yeah. This is the new dream team
behind Shonduras and Adley. Also, we have Shonduras merch
coming, but, like I said, half of it's here right now,
half of it's coming later. But, I was just too excited. We just had to start filming right now. And it's all just good, good stuff. We've got people cruising on the track. That's Edgar and his wife, they're also new to the space station. And then, of course, we've got to go check back in on Jenny and Minnie.

– I want to keep her! – [Shaun] So cute! Hello clip! – Let's celebrate and eat popsicles! – [Jenny] Hey, Nico already got one! (slipping noise) – Whoops! – [Jenny] There's the bubbles! – There's the bubble. – [Jenny] Dad! Help him! (Niko crying) – Are you stuck? (slipping noises) Don't spill the bubbles! That's a pro tip. – [Jenny] Go sit on the carpet! – All right! Whew! We are gonna celebrate with some popsicles. Hey!
That's not popsicles! So here's how you get the
stuff. Keep this video going, or do another one,
and then on a different page, or a different device, go to AforAdley.com and all the stuff's gonna be there. Hey! Are you sneaking behind me? You sneakers! And, uh,
you guys can look through, see all the shirts in all the
colors, decide what you want. If it's sunglasses, or
towels, or juice boxes, or- Who did that? (Adley giggling) Figure out whatever you want, and then I would order it fast, because we only have a
thousand of everything.

We'll try and do it another reorder and then do more fun th- Hey! Hey! Niko! We'll try and do lots of
other fun stuff, but, uh I think that stuff's gonna go fast and it's our very first
ones, so it's exciting. Hey! Hey! Kids! What are you doing? Hey! You stop that! Hey! You stop that! Short vlog today, just wanted
to show you all the new stuff and unboxing it, and how exciting it is. Made it all for you guys. And go check it out. Have the best day ever. – Bye! – [Shaun] Whoa! (bubbly music) (anime music).

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