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Tia Rescues Dog Tied Up in Abandoned House | Pit Bulls & Parolees


Hello? Yeah. OK. Text me the address? Bye. All right, we go. For a dog trapped
inside a house, it's like being in an oven. You know, a dog doesn't sweat,
they can't regulate their heat, you know, as easy as humans,
and can overheat, you know, in a matter of minutes. Said it was a
two-story [INAUDIBLE].. Right here. Here in the city,
you know, there have been times when I've
walked into what I thought was a completely abandoned
house, and surprise, something was there. I don't hear anything. There's a lot of,
like, squatters, you know, living in them. And we've also run into
a couple where, you know, the bad guys stash their
drugs, and their guard dogs to guard the drugs.

So it is like a
roll of the dice. What looks like an
empty house may not be. But it's really hot. If there is a dog in
here, it's pretty baked. You know, you just
suck it up and you just do what you got to do. [GASPS] Whoa. OK. I don't know if I
can get in there now. Crap. Here we go. It's very still and suffocating. It's got to be at
least 100 degrees. That's what happened when
I tried to open the door. This door fell and
I couldn't get in.

[MAKING KISSY SOUNDS] Oh my god. Because the house
is completely empty, you would think if
there's a dog in here that I should hear something. But at this point,
I'm not hearing anything– no barking,
no scratching, no whining, nothing. Holy crap. I don't see how a dog
could get up here. In this kind of heat, not
a dog, not anything living is going to survive too long. This is really weird. I'm starting to
think, am I too late? We can try. Oh my god, this is insane. Well, someone's been
hanging out up here– candles, liquor. I guess some people have
been squatting up here. Clearly it looks like somebody's
been here– a squatter, maybe something worse. Whoever they are, I
don't think I want to be here when they come back.

Whew. Whoa, it is hot up here. Wow. OK. [GASPS] Hi. Are you OK? Hey. So, since this is our first– oh, you are a nice boy. Hi. Are we friends? Oh, you're tied up. Oh my god. Oh, you're hot,
buddy, you're hot. Let's get you untied first. Oh my god, it's so hot up here. This old dog was just
tied up with, like, this electrical
cord, pretty much in the hottest
room in the house.

You know, you, you let
out a sigh of relief, but at the same time
you're, like, really? Come here, boy. Ew. No water. Hello. Something gross and dried there. Who knows who did this. There's no water in here. I mean, pretty messed up. I'm sure he's dehydrated. You know, panting, because
he's obviously overheated. You know, who knows how much
longer he would have lasted. But at this point, you
know, all I go to do is get him out of here. All right, buddy, can you move? You are a big one, too. Crap. Oh, I know, you
want out of here. Hold on, buddy. How are we going to do this? Holy crap. Come here. Come here.
You trust me? Come on.
Here, buddy.

Come on. Oh, wow. Oh boy. Come on, buddy. Come on. I don't know if I can
carry you down these. All right, dude. Come here. All right. Oh my god, there's no way. He's so huge. I mean, this dog, even though
he's not in the best shape, he's actually pretty heavy. And looking at this
spiral little staircase, I don't even know how
he got up these stairs. How are we going to do this? How are we going to do this? So we're both dying of heat. He's really big, and he's
actually very arthritic, it seems like. So I'm thinking, what do I do? Do I lower him down on a rope? All these things are going
in my head, you know, how to get this poor
dog out of his hotbox.

Where are you going?
Come here. What? Where are you going? What are you trying to show me? What? What? No way. [LAUGHS] You know, a lot of times animals
just know things that we don't, and we need to listen to them. Really? [LAUGHS] He's like, lady,
you're making this so much harder than it has to be. All right, buddy, come on. All right, I'm going to
have to carry you, I think. Oh. OK, buddy. Hold on. I know, I know, hold on. Hold up. Hold on. Trust me, trust me, trust me. Oh, you're so heavy. Good job, buddy. OK. Come on, let's go out. So finally getting
out of the house, you know, I was able to, like,
really get a good look at him.

You could tell he was an older
dog, a little underweight, but right now he seems OK. Where are you going? Breathe. I'm just happy that we're both
breathing in some fresh air, and we can feel the ground now. Come on, buddy, let's go. Come on, let's get out of here. So the first thing
we're gonna do is, you know, get him
into cooler temperatures. Get some good, clean
water in his system, give him a little bit
of food, and just get him comfortable for the night. Who knows how long it's
been since he's had, you know, any of those things.

I mean, we're never
going to know his story. He may have just gotten
too old for somebody. But we just got a
really nice, old dog, and someone's loss is our gain. Hey, sexy beast. Me? [LAUGHS] You, too. Thankfully since we rescued him,
he has settled in really well. And he's actually
a really great dog, just a really, really nice dog. He's so happy. He's so happy. Can we sit down? I know what it feels
like to be old. I'm old, too. We decided to name him Legacy. You know, he's been around
for quite a number of years, and if he could talk, he
probably has quite a story to tell, you know,
about his legacy. What we got going on
here, all these little– like, little cysts and stuff? Yeah, so I took him to the vet
and she removed and burned off a bunch of, like, hemangiomas.

They were all benign. He has some arthritis, but
he seems to be– he seems to get around really well. Hey, hey, come here. And then, other than that,
he's in really good health. He feels good. Yeah. Overall, for a 13-year-old
dog, not too bad. Not too bad. You know, for someone
to have him that long and not appreciate him
all the way to the end, you know, shame on them. Mm. Thank you..

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