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oh my god oh my god i'm so excited for today's video because today i'm actually going to
be testing out a viral tick tock that actually shows a secret egg inside a pet simulator
x that only gives you exclusive huge bets i know this doesn't sound real but let's actually
give it a try so i'm gonna actually watch the tic tac right now but before that i'm
actually giving away my huge festival cat one of my huge festival cats if you guys want
it all you guys need to do is subscribe to the channel turn on post notifications like
the video and comment a secret word that i'm gonna be saying in today's video so make sure
you guys watch this video carefully because you might get a huge pet from the secret egg
inside of pencil letter x all right so let's actually watch the tick tock right now all
right here we go he says guys i am freaking out okay he's dancing and stuff okay that's
pretty cool look what i got from the secret egg of pets wait is that a huge festival cat
that's worth 150 billion gems there's a secret egg that has only exclusive exclusives oh
my god okay follow me okay let's actually see what he does first go to the fantasy shop
okay super simple to do right this is really easy um now go to the candy egg and it has
four normal cupcakes okay so he had he already has two okay now go to the ancient island
okay this is one of this is a part of the fantasy world i'm pretty sure now name all
the cupcakes two three six six okay that's kind of random is that like a secret code
after that two of the names will be blurred out what oh look at the names two of them
are like hashtags and two of them are just like two three six six the secret code that
means you're doing good right okay let's actually do it okay now comes the important part so
let's actually pause the tick tock i'm gonna pause it and let's actually do what he did
because there's a lot of steps inside of this tick tock so i don't want to get confused
and let's see what he did all right so the first thing he actually did was he went to
the fantasy world as you guys can see i'm at the fantasy shop right now and he actually
told us who has four of the cupcakes right here i'm pretty sure i have them um let's
actually see if i have them i actually have two of these but i think i'm gonna hatch up
i'm gonna hatch the four because i want to do this tick tock perfectly right so i'm gonna
actually hatch it let's turn on auto hatch let's see how many tires it actually takes
us to get the um the cupcake instead of pencil letter x um wait i think i'm going to turn
on my lucky boost all right i got tons of these i'm going to turn both of them on uh
let's actually see hopefully we get the cupcake um let's see how many tries it takes us all
right guys i got one let's actually get the other three oh i got another one two two okay
two more two more to go all right three one more to go all right there we go i think i
had four of these right now as you guys can see i got a team of them you guys can see
i got six right now and one huge cupcake so all right let's actually do the step number
three i'm pretty sure all right so the step number three was to basically go to the ancient
island so i'm pretty sure this is it uh and now we're supposed to wait let me actually
get rid of my huge festival cat i mean my huge cupcake and now i'm supposed to name
them two three six six the secret code that apparently gives you huge pets so let me actually
rename them right now uh so i'm gonna go with two three six six and then i'm gonna copy
it because yeah i don't wanna type it all like four times so apparently you're supposed
to blur out the names uh so let me actually try it and let's see all right so the right
now i'm supposed to name the third one and apparently it's supposed to go it's supposed
to blur out so i don't know if i oh wait it actually blurred out okay that's actually
pretty cool i think this might i think i might be doing it right so i think this name is
supposed to be blurred out as well oh there we go what okay so that means i'm doing it
right that's what he said right so now i'm so let's actually do step number four i actually
forgot what step it is so let me actually rewatch the tick tock and i'll be right back
all right so he basically told us if two of the names are blurred out that means you're
doing all of the steps like correctly so my two of the names are actually blurred out
as you guys can see that is pretty cool okay now let's actually watch the tick tock and
uh let's continue to do the steps he actually told us to do all right so let's see he said
now go to the volcano and break the big chest with the normal cupcakes okay okay so okay
okay i i don't think that should take a lot of time okay so you just broke it oh he got
a lot of coins final step okay okay climb up wait where are we supposed to climb up
oh i know the secret now make it on top of the tech entry okay i know how to do this
okay make sure you guys watch it carefully i'll make a jump and stay on the barrier wait
what oh okay i get it okay wow that is like this is pretty cool this tic-tac is pretty
pretty cool like this now delete all the normal cupcakes no okay so he's deleting it now jump
and uh oh wait wait wait wait you got that's where the tick tock basically ends up and
apparently wait you guys saw that there was a exclusive egg i'm not sure if that was exclusive
there was some kind of an egg so let's actually do so he told us to first go to the um to
the cave so i'm pretty sure the cave is right here so let's actually go to the spawn world
and uh as you guys can see wait oh okay so i'm supposed to i'm actually gonna wait for
this chest to spawn then you're supposed to break it with your normal cupcakes i'm gonna
i'm gonna be oh my god i already i already have like one day of it left okay so the chest
actually spawned and now i'm supposed to break it so i think yeah that's going down pretty
fast i don't think that should take a lot of time um so i'm actually waiting at it i'm
actually getting a good amount of coins all right we're on the final bit of the chest
as you guys can see i got tons of coins and we're done with the step number six now is
this i think this is the final step that's what he said in the tick tock now is supposed
to actually go here i'm going to go to this check-in room make sure you guys watch this
video carefully because i might be getting something really cool i don't know what the
egg has it's an underground egg so i'm pretty sure it might be something like really cool
now we're supposed to actually climb up so if you guys don't know how you can actually
climb up this oh i can't oh i think you need to you have a hoverboard for this i'm not
sure all right so as you guys can see i'm actually making making it on top of the did
i fall down over i thought i almost fell down okay so as you guys can see i'm making it
to the end of tech entry uh and now he told us to be careful here because this is a really
tough step so what you need to actually do is i think there's a barrier here as you guys
can see that is a cool barrier you cannot see it from here like if you see there's nothing
here but if you guys actually see it from here there's a barrier all right so now you're
supposed to jump and stay on the barrier just like that and as you guys can see i i'm done
with the step number seven and now we're getting closer and closer to getting an exclusive
egg inside of pet simulator x as you guys can see i'm on the barrier now what you're
supposed to do is apparently i'm pretty sure you're supposed to delete your cupcakes so
i'm gonna imagine i actually delete my huge cupcake bro i would be so bad okay so you're
supposed to delete it one two three i just get i'm gonna make sure i don't delete my
huge cupcake i'm gonna be so mad you know what i think i'm gonna delete these two as
well because i think we're supposed to get rid of the cupcakes bro i'm so scared imagine
i click it and now wait let me see okay oh my god i got scared for a second okay there's
my huge cupcake um now you're supposed to jump apparently and there's gonna be a secret
exclusive egg under the map of pet simulator x all right so i'm gonna jump right now but
before i jump i need to tell you guys a secret word for today's video the secret word is
gonna be insane so if you guys are still watching the video go ahead and comment and say in
the comment section down below and you will be entered into winning my huge festival cat
all right let's actually jump make sure you guys like and subscribe don't forget that
all right now i'm gonna jump in three two one jump alright i'm gonna open my hour bird
so that i can glide for longer apparently i'm going to be looking everywhere because
apparently there's going to be a secret egg here um should we go i have no i have no idea
where should i go should i go this way or should i go that way i don't know i'm just
gonna keep going what this is actually pretty cool this secret is on another level i think
i think the secret alone is pretty nuts all right so i'm actually going down and apparently
i haven't seen any egg right now uh wait oh my god i'm flying down what wait there's no
egg wait what's that guys you guys see that what is that hold on wait wait wait you guys
see that oh my god i just keep spawning here i'm flying i'm basically on a wait what is
this place why is there so many wait hold on guys you guys see what's happening now
i can't see the secret egg i couldn't hash the secret egg bro this is nuts this is crazy
bro and i'm stuck i can't move i can't see it now i can't see the secret egg instead
of pencil letter x but let me know go ahead and try it and let me know what happens in
the comment section down below and i will see you guys in my next video until then bye

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