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The Surviving Dog Family, In Fear And Despair, Prefers To Stay In The Cage


This is the dog family we rescued from the dog meat truck yesterday At that time, the mother dog was locked tightly and could not move. After saving them to the shelter, they are reluctant to leave the cage Especially the dog mother, who has been refusing to eat or drink, and fell into fear They are still too timid. these little guys are ok Puppies are not so scared There's something wrong with this dog's face Look, does this look like a skin disease? This puppy is so cute Hey, this nose looks like a skin disease This is just bigger than the palm they want to kill them hateful dog dealer they are very pitiful look this, they snuggle up to each other we can feel painful, and want to cry why some people want kill them casually? there are so many irresponsible people why gave them warm home before but can let them lose the hope now Smooth out its hair stuck together, we need be slow we'll hurt it if use a huge strength How did you fall into the milk? it lie on its mother's head Take it out and wipe it it's time for eating, don't be afraid come here babies Eat it, don't fear don't be afraid anymore It's safe to come here we won't hurt you You should eat well, you have 3 babies don't be afraid, okay? Sister Yuan, are they afraid of you next to them? probably yes Otherwise I'll go to the side first let them eat themselves they may be afraid Let's just let them eat first stay away from them ok

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