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The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: How to Add Ghost Pets to Your Household


Losing your loved ones naturally, especially
if they’re your pets, is really a heart-breaking moment. But remember, you’re playing The Sims. So anything is possible, including having
them in your family again as a ghost! Hello guys this is onlyabidoang and today
I’m going to show you how to add ghost pets to your household. To have a ghost pet, you obviously need to
have a deceased pet first. Remember that pets can only die of old age,
so no fire, no starvation, no dying from illness or any of that stuff. Deceased pets will always leave a tombstone
behind, so keep their tombstone. Every night, there’s a chance that your
pet will come out from their grave, which you can interact normally. If you don’t have any deceased pets and
just want to have a random ghost pet in your household, you can go to the Deadgrass Isle,
which is an island in Brindleton Bay where the lighthouse is located.

If it’s night time, you will see some ghost
cats and dogs roaming around or near the pet cemetery that’s located on the edge of the
island. Once you’re in touch with the ghost pets,
just begin increasing your relationship with them. If it’s your deceased pet, they will usually
already have a high relationship with you so it’ll be much easier, if you have a good
relationship with them when they’re alive that is.

Once you’re a good friend with the pet,
which is around 60% friendship points, there will be a new social interaction called “invite
to household”. After doing it successfully, the pet will
then be surrounded by a white aura and they will be added into your family. Ghost pets can be taken care of just like
normal pets and still have some similarity , but they have some characteristics that
normal pets don’t have. First, they won’t age, so you don’t have
to worry on losing your pets from old age again. But they can still be taken away if you don’t
take care of them. Another thing is that they cannot reproduce,
so yeah no ghost kittens and puppies in the game. Like normal ghosts, they can do some ghosts
stuff such as passing through objects, walls, and even floors sometimes and they have the
ability to possess something. They will also change color depending on the
emotion, which is pretty useful since it’s a bit tricky to check their emotions.

If you don’t know, there are pet emotions
that basically the same like normal sim but some of the emotions are under a different
name. And a bit of a fun fact, cats don’t have
the sad and ashamed emotion. Yeah, it’s already a fact that they’re
a complete jerks (jk I also have cats btw, to make it fair, I also have cats). Anyway, the colors for the ghosts for specific
emotions are white for fine, green for happy, lime for hyper, amber for scared, pink for
flirty, grey for mopey or drowsy, yellow for ashamed, orange for anxious, dark blue for
sad, red for angry, and navy blue for asleep. And that’s it for ghost pets. You might also be thinking on the ways to
revive them back to life, but I’ll probably save this one for another video. Thank you so much guys for watching! Hope you liked the video, and if you enjoy
sims related contents, be sure to subscribe to the channel! You can also comment down below ideas for
the next videos.

See you later!.

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