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The Sims 2: 50 Easter Eggs and Secrets!


Ahh, The Sims 2. An old but gold life simulation game. While it has become a predecessor in The Sims
franchise, it still has some interesting secrets and easter eggs. Easter eggs as in references to pop culture,
movies, games, and more. Hello guys, this is onlyabidoang and today
I’m going to be showing you 50 easter eggs and secrets in The Sims 2. Of course, there are more than 50, but I limit
it to 50 so this video won’t be too long. If you know any easter eggs or secrets that
I didn’t mention here, let me know in the comments below! Okay now let’s see what’s in store, shall
we? If your neighborhood has this water tower
neighborhood object, sometimes you can find a flying inflatable pig passing by. Whenever your sim is preparing a food, they
might use a carton of milk.

On the back of it, you might find a “missing
person” picture of the well-known sim Bella Goth, which is a sim famous for its mysterious
disappearance in the game. Sometimes, you might also find a picture of
a clown, which is actually Sunny the Tragic Clown from The Sims 1. If you try to make the grim reaper selectable
through cheats, which I won’t actually do here because it would corrupt my game, and
then take a look at his bio, it’ll say that he educated from the University of Hawaii. It’s also stated that his favorite band
is Styx, which is an actual rock band in real life. If you’re in the neighborhood view, you
might find a hot air balloon passing by.

If you go to the free camera mode and take
a closer look at it, there seems to be two people there. One of them looks like The Sims 1 version
of Bella Goth, while the other sim is pretty similar to this guy on the cover of The Sims
1 Complete Collection. The same guy can also be found on the gondola
at the river in the neighborhood view. There’s a brick wall pattern called “Brick
Rolled”, which is a reference to rick roll, a famous internet prank where a random link
leads to the music video “Never Gonna Give you Up” by Rick Astley. Even the description of the wall stated one
of the lines from the song, saying “These old bricks are never gonna let you down”.

If you have a crashed UFO as the neighborhood
object somewhere, sometimes you might find a spaceship flying low and using a searchlight
around the crashed UFO before flying back to space. You can buy this television from buy mode. If you look closely on its DVD player below,
you can see a faint logo of Maxis, the developer of The Sims 2 itself. Someone that’s leaning more into the neat
personality can sometimes be seen cleaning the window with a sponge automatically, which
can’t be done manually. As some of you might already know, Will Wright
is the creator of The Sims. Hence, there are some easter eggs referencing
to him. You can find his face on one of a girl’s
shirt. Another one is from The Sims 2 University
where if you’re making a student, you can find his sims self in the picture on the background.

There’s also this neighborhood object resembling
the giant head of Will Wright himself that you can place. So, I made this house surrounded by the head
statue staring at the poor sim’s soul. Your sim can cloudgaze in which they will
lay down and look at the sky to increase their fun need. It might be fun at first, but if you’re
really, really unlucky, the fun might have to come to an end forever because there’s
an extremely rare chance a satellite will crash down on your sim resulting to their

But hey, at least you can sell the satellite
for two thousand bucks so that’s fun too, right? If your sim’s social need is fully red,
a giant bunny called the Social Bunny will be summoned just for your sim. This bunny can be interacted with any social
interactions except romantic. You can chat with it, tell jokes to it, argue
with it, or even fight with it to have your social need fulfilled. Also, other people can’t see the bunny so
you’ll look like a delusional person while you’re at it. Once your social need is back up to halfway,
the bunny will then leave. If you watch The Yummy Channel on the television,
you might find this cooking show. The way the show is represented looks a bit
similar to a real cooking show called “Iron Chef”.

The phone book children can use when playing
chess contains a cover with alphabet letters on it, despite the fact there's also Simlish
writing on it. It says a series of “asdfsf dfasd asdf”. If your sim reaches the top level of the law
enforcement career, they’ll have the job title Captain Hero. Yup, they become a literal superhero with
its own outfit as well. When they go to work, they will fly up in
a superhero pose and then return home the same way. Even their co-workers do the same thing. You can actually use a cheat to modify a sim’s
height. Just enter this cheat on the cheat bar “StretchSkeleton”
and then any value you want, 1 being the normal height. Decimals are also accepted. After entering the cheat, your sim’s height
will change accordingly. They can still interact with everything normally
even though the animations might be off-putting. You can use this to have realistic heights
like in real life, or you can go full attack on titan with this power.

You can also make them unrealistically short
if you enter any value below 1 and have them use this cute waddling walk as well. You can use “boolprop testingcheatsenabled
true” cheat and then summon the “Sim Modder” cheat object to change a sim’s aspiration. From that, you can find this secret aspiration
called the “Power” aspiration, which you can’t access normally. For one, this aspiration itself doesn’t
even have an icon. This aspiration is actually an unfinished
aspiration that was dropped before The Sims 2 release.

Be aware that using this aspiration in your
gameplay may cause errors and game glitches. You can buy this table lamp called “Pix-Arm
Drafting Lamp”. This is a reference to the lamp from the logo
of an animation studio “Pixar”. There is a wall lamp called “Prisoner of
Azkalamp". This is an obvious reference a Harry Potter
book called “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.” You can buy a piano called "Chimeway & Daughters
Saloon Piano", which is a reference to the famous piano manufacturer in real life “Steinway
& Sons”. There is a floor lamp called "Rave Against
the Machine", which is a reference to the popular American rock band Rage Against the
Machine. Back then, you can look at the sun and the
moon in the sky, but on the newest game update, they’re rarely visible now because of the
implementation of a “wall” that hides them sometimes.

So here, I use a mod that removes those walls
so they’re fully visible again. Sometimes, you can even see that there are
two suns or two moons in the sky. This phenomenon was still a thing even before
they added the wall. You can buy a dresser called “Hold me Closer
by Tiny Dresser Co.” This is a reference to a song from Elton John
called “Tiny Dancer” with one of the lyrics saying “Hold me closer tiny dancer”. If you buy the Fun-Kadelic Frequency Stereo
System and take a closer look at it, you can find an album cover that looks pretty much
like the album "The Bends" by Radiohead on the shelf below the stereo. If you like to make random strangers your
enemy, you better be careful because one of them might be working at a home furniture
warehouse. When they get upset because of you, objects
you buy from buy mode will be made more expensive for several days.

If your sim is in the athletic career, you’ll
be carpooled by this bus. Inside the bus, you can see two fake sims
in the passenger seat. In the neighborhood Strangetown, you can play
as the Specter household. And if you take a look on their backyard,
there are a lot of tombstones of random people which is still a mystery until now. There’s a theory that those are the people
Olive Specter murdered, but the truth remains unclear. Among the people buried are some people called
Hugh Thanasia which is a pun of the word “euthanasia”, Earl E. Demise which is a pun of the phrase
“early demise”, and Rigger Mortis which is also a pun for the phrase “rigor mortis”
meaning the stiffening of the limbs of a recently dead person. In The Sims 2 University, there is a pinball
machine with a sci-fi alien kind of theme called the “Election Day”.

This could be a reference to the movie “Independence
Day” with a plot centering around alien invasion. Still in University, you can buy this bulletin
board. If you look closely at it, you can find the
word “Open House”, which is unusual considering they usually use the Simlish language written
on objects instead of English. There’s a new tv channel for sports in Sims
2 University. The footage that are shown in the channel
are actually from EA Sports games, such as Fight Night, Madden NFL, Tiger Woods PGA Tour,
and FIFA. In The Sims 2: Nightlife, when you go to the
downtown area, you can find a clothing store called “Cold Issue”. This is a reference to an American clothing
retail chain “Hot Topic”. If your sim has been abducted by aliens at
least once, there’s a chance that when you’re using this dance sphere from The Sims 2 Nightlife
at medium or high speed for some time, you’ll vanish and the machine will turn off.

It will take around 2 to 4 hours for your
sim to appear again. Turns out that you were quote unquote “abducted”
because your sim will then get pregnant and then have an alien baby. In The Sims 2 Open for Business, one of the
toys that can be crafted from the toy making machine is Sir Bricks-a-Lot. This is a reference to Sir Mix-a-Lot, an African-American
rapper and songwriter. One of the designs of the toy also resembles
the rapper as well. Still in Open for Business, when you go to
Bluewater Village shopping district, you can find this clothing store called “Papaya
Regime”. This is actually referencing an actual clothing
retailer “Banana Republic”. It’s a well-known fact that you can’t
control pets in The Sims 2 Pets, though you can take a look at their needs and stuff. But, there’s actually a cheat that allows
you to actually control them. You just need to enter this cheat code on
the cheat bar “Boolprop ControlPets on”. Now you can control pets to do anything such
as going to a destination, jumping on beds and counters, using pet objects, destroying
furniture, etc. In The Sims 2 Seasons, if it’s snowing,
there’s a chance that a penguin will come to your lot.

You can pet the penguin when it’s around
or you can shoo them off. Also, they might pee on your yard resulting
in a puddle of water. You can increase the chance for the penguin
to show up by building a snowman in which they will interact with it, or by putting
a fish on the ground in which they will eat it. Still in Seasons, you can buy this decorative
scarecrow. It might be inanimate at first when you view
it, but if you keep viewing the scarecrow, it will scare the sim. Another one from Seasons is that you can go
to Riverblossom Hill and take a look on the Roth family. This household is actually pretty similar
to the famous Goth family in Pleasantview. The names of the family member are Morty,
Stella, Sandra, and Xander while members of the Goth family are Mortimer, Bella (which
is still missing, obviously), Cassandra, and Alexander.

Even both of their houses are somewhat similar. There’s a radio station on Seasons called
“New Age”. When played, it will play several songs which
are actually the build mode soundtrack from The Sims 1. In The Sims 2 Bon Voyage, you can take a vacation
to Three Lakes and then go to a community lot. There, you can find this giant tree ring in
which you can examine. Some notifications regarding the tree’s
facts will then appear, but then you’ll find 4 of these strange formulas such as DL
+ DC, DL + CG, and more. This is actually referencing all of Don Lothario’s
lovers, another famous sim from Pleasantview. These includes Dina Caliente, Nina Caliente,
Cassandra Goth, and Kaylynn Langerak. Still in Bon Voyage, if you go to Takemizu
Village and then go to any community lot, you might find a ninja there. He will be seen teleporting around and will
disappear after some time. You can learn how to teleport from him so
talk to him immediately before he left.

The ninja will then ask you a question with
two choices. The choices actually don’t matter because
any answer you choose will have 50% chance to be wrong and 50% chance to be correct,
so just hope for the best. If you managed to answer it right, the ninja
will tell you the secret to teleportation and you can now teleport by clicking on the
ground and choose “Teleport here”. People nearby will also react if you teleport. If you got the answer wrong, the ninja will
then vanish and you need to find him again in other community lots. If you have The Sims 2 Happy Holiday Stuff,
you can buy a Christmas tree and make a santa cookie on the oven. If you have both, at night Santa Claus will
actually appear from the tree.

Other sim might react to Santa’s appearance. He will then eat the cookie if available and
after finishing it, he will place a present such as toys below the tree. After that, he will stay on the lot for a
while laughing from time to time like a maniac. He’ll even use the toilet over and over
again. And after that, he’ll leave the house. If he is already summoned but there are no
santa cookies left, he’ll be upset and leave a lump of coal instead. You can interact with the coal and there will
be this note from Santa. Other than that, it’s basically a trash. Still in Happy Holiday Stuff, you can throw
a new year bash party from the phone anytime. The party will start at 8 and the party guests
will start making a ruckus until midnight. Police might intervene your party, but there’s
a chance that no police will come.

Instead, this old guy called “Father Time”
will join your party holding an hour glass. You can chat with him as usual, but when the
time is near midnight, he will start making a ruckus as well. And when the clock hits 12 AM, the old guy
will transform into a toddler called “Toddler New Year”. This toddler will then dance around for some
time before disappearing.

If you have The Sims 2 Celebration Stuff pack,
you can buy this sculpture of a cartoon couple hugging each other. They’re actually the characters from another
EA’s game “MySims”. If you have The Sims 2 Freetime and start
a new game, your home will then be visited by a guy called Rod Humble where he will put
a present containing a special computer. Rod Humble was the Executive Producer of The
Sims in 2004 and has been working on The Sims from the first game to the third installment.

As stated before, Rod Humble will leave a
present in front of your home. And if you open it, it will contain this special
computer that you can use. The computer has this llama sticker as well. And what’s special with this is that you
can actually play an early preview of The Sims 3. Once you unlocked this computer, you can also
play The Sims 3 on the console system. In The Sims 2 Freetime, sims with enough Music
and Dance enthusiasm might occasionally start whistling.

Some of the whistling sounds like a segment
of the buy mode song from The Sims 1. You can also hear a glimpse of The Sims 2
theme. Still in FreeTime, you can buy this train
set. If you already build the town, you can find
this house resembling the house from the cartoon “The Simpsons”. They even have the same windows, doors, garage,
and almost everything except for the house color. You can catch bugs on the ground and then
add them into your collection in FreeTime. There’s a chance that you might come across
a bug called “Ringo Beetle”. This could be a reference to a famous musician
named “Ringo Starr” that was actually a drummer for the well-known band “The Beatles”. In The Sims 2 Apartment Life, there is a hidden
lot in Belladonna Cove neighborhood. You can take a look at it by pressing tab
to go to free camera mode. It’s located at the corner of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, you can’t access it normally. So, I used a camera hack so the camera can
go into the corner and then I can select the lot.

The building there looks a lot like the hut
of Baba Yaga, a mythical creature resembling an old woman from Russian fairytales. Her hut is actually a wooden house with chicken
legs, which looks a lot like the building we’re seeing here. You can even see its claws along with their
footprints. And those are 50 easter eggs and secrets that
you can find in The Sims 2. Again, if you know any other secrets or easter
eggs that I didn’t mention here, kindly share them in the comments down below. Thank you so much guys for watching this video. And I’m so sorry if my voice sounds a bit
off in this video because I’m a little sick when recording this. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video and
if you like the video and want more, be sure to subscribe to my channel as well. See you later!.

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