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The Secret Life of Pets (2016) Film Explained in Hind/Urdu | Secret Life of Pets Summarized हिन्दी


The movie titled "Secret Life of Pets" is going to be explained. There are two major characters of this movie. One is dog named "Max" and other one is its owner named "Katie". They have a close friendship between them. But "Max" does not like a thing, Why does "Katie" go outside time and again , leaving it? Why does she not keep it with her every time? "Katie" had a task to do outside but "Max" used to stop her daily. And it used to wait for her, sitting at the doorstep. There are also other pets in the apartment where "Katie" resides.

It is obvious that their owners have some work outside to do. All pets feel excitement when their owners go outside. They do what they like. They take food according to their choice, They dance and frisk. But "Max" is saddened. It likes "Katie" very much and it likes to spend time with her. Apartment's pets come to the house of "Max" today. And they ask it, Why are you so sad? Do you not feel good when you are alone at home and can act according to your will. A black dog gives "Max" a ball which is very liked by it. Because "Max" used to play with this ball in its childhood. It plays with it for a while. When all pets leave, Then he puts that ball on the table. And it begins to wait for its owner "Katie", sitting at the doorstep.

As the evening arrives and "Katie" enters while opening the door, Then "Max" is very excited. It stands up , shaking its tail. And it begins to frisk. But what is this? There is a big dog as "Katie" opens the door. Which was a brown fluffy dog. "Max" does not like it . Why did it like? "Max" is envied. "Katie" takes "Max" in her lap. Meanwhile, that fluffy dog spoils that ball. Which had been kept safely on the table by "Max". "Max" gets furious. Moreover, it occupies the bed of "Max" at night. "Max" goes to "Katie" to reveal that I am enough for you as a pet. And I don't like that fluffy dog at all. We should return it back! But "Katie" puts "Max" into a room. And she says to it, Sleep now! I will play with you tomorrow. "Max" does not like it. Next morning, , it moves to a cat. Which is in its neighbourhood as a pet.

It is very shrewd and sharp cat. "Max" shares with it everything, How has "Katie" brought one more pet? And I am losing my value! That cat suggests it, You will have to do as such, That "Katie" may return it back. You will have to be good in her eyes. "Max" understands that what he has to do now. He stops "Katie" to go to her work again. It thinks that the time that I will spend with it , she will understand that, I am enough for her! But "Katie" does not understand . So she goes for her work. "Max" and the fluffy dog are alone at home there.

That big dog eats all food of "Max". "Max" becomes aggressive on it. Then it sees a rat there. The big dog chases it. But it is crashed with a wall. Because rat had run away. Due to this, flower vase is fallen. And it is broken. "Max" says that it will spoil our home. Then an idea comes in its mind. It says, Let it be the cause of breakage! "Katie" herself observes , How much loss it brings. "Max" also begins to break the house's items itself with it. It throws the books down and breaks all kept pots there.

And it says to the fluffy dog, I never acted as such till today! You came yesterday and there happened a great loss. "Katie" will think as it has been committed by you. And you will leave this place soon. Where is my concern then I am a little puppy! "Katie" will suspect you from every way. That poor big dog is blackmailed. And it is ready to obey "Max" . All pets go out to enjoy where fluffy dog throws "Max" into a trash bin, getting a chance. There are already 2 cats which are fighting in that trash bin. Which pushes "Max" out of it. Now all cats come to that fluffy dog. It flees but poor "Max" is left behind. Cats ate going to attack it. So animal control officers are arrived there, hearing their sounds. They drives away, taking "Max" and big dog . Now a little rabbit, a pig and chameleon go after them. So that they may release them. Because all animals used to take care of one another. As human beings take care of one another.

Rabbit is nearly to release them then "Max" asks them, Why have all of you come here ? Why are you rescuing us? Rabbit tells them because human beings are worst. They change our place . And if we leave the house, Then they don't care. Tell me , are you also like this? "Max" says , Yeah! our owners are like this. They replace us! Rabbit tells that we have created a club against the human beings. Where we fight for our rights! "Max" says that I will also like to be the member of it. Then "Rabbit" releases them. That van is imbalance . From where they come out on time.

A white cute puppy is seen in the neighbourhood of "Max". It goes to search for "Max", not finding it for a long time. It meets a hawk on the way from which it asks the location of "Max". Hawk says to it, Come inside! That eagle wanted to eat that puppy. As being innocent, that puppy goes inside. It runs away as that hawk is going to attack it. But hawk could not move forward because its claw was chained. It apologizes that puppy saying, If you make me free! Then I can help to search for "Max". Puppy frees it. And it is flown in search for "Max".

On the other side, rabbit is seen. Which brings "Max" and that fluffy dog in its club. And it tells to all other animals that these are our new members. They also detest a lot from their owners. Moreover, "Max" had also told them, That "Max" and fluffy dog have ended their owners. It had said so it may show itself great. So all animals are very inspired from them. But they are tested while placing a snake before them. As the snake will sting them and they have ability to escape from it or not. But they take their steps back in fear. Contrarily, hawk is seen which has brought that trash bin cat while lifting it. That white puppy begins to ask it that, Tell me, Where is "Max"? Then that cat tells that puppy, That "Max" has been kidnapped.

Hearing it, that white puppy is grieved. Because it used to like "Max". On the other side, everyone knows in the club, That they have not killed their owner. They are so coward and pets. Then their leader appears there which is a cat. It commands all animals to kill them or push them out . But they both begin to run and the snake is also after them. But it is entangled in a rod and is ended after being crushed under the debris. Now that "Max" and fluffy dog reach in the sewerage while running.

Where they poor fall into the contaminated water. On the other side, that white puppy tells all pets , going there. "Max" and that dog are lost. As being their friends, we will have to rescue them. All get ready. It is seen here that, "Max" and that fluffy dog comes into the clean water. Where they notice a ship. That fluffy dog instantly gets in the ship. But "Max"is still in the water. That dog throws a rescue ring tube.

Taking its support, "Max" also gets in the boat. Now they both are feeling much appetite. Now they have approached the land. They sit before that person whom they see eating. But those people have to eat their meal. They are smelling the different variety of food. And they are not understanding, How did they quench their appetite? Contrarily, all other pets who were searching for "Max" and the other dog, They go to an old dog and ask for help, They say that we will move to the rabbit and rescue "Max" and its partner from them.

Now they all move to that club together. But rabbit and its team attack them. So they start to run from there. "Max" and that fluffy dog are seen there. Who go to a factory , feeling appetite. Which is the sausage factory for food. They eat many sausage , going there. And conversation starts between them. That fluffy dog tells "Max" that my owner used to love me too much. One day, I went far while playing and lost. And I was unaware about the address of the house. Then animal control officers seized me and I reached here in some way. Then "Max" says to it, We will search out your house collaboratively. But animal control officers reach there before they plan anything.

And they begin to catch them. They both escape from there. And they eventually remain protected from them. Now they both reach that fluffy dog's house together. Where they witness a cat there which say to that fluffy dog that you have no place here. Go away ! Then house owner also arrives there. Seeing him, that fluffy dog begins to bark. Because it was angry as they did not struggle to search out it. Now "Max" says to it, enough! Let the anger be gone.

Then fluffy dog begins to shout, Why had we come here? Animal officers again come there because of their fight. They seize "Max". But that fluffy dog releases "Max", putting itself on its place. And he moves with the animal control officers. "Max" also begins to go after that van then rabbit and its team observe it. They all are after that van. But animal control officers also capture the rabbit team. And rabbit and "Max" rescue their life in some way.

Now they both were alone. They think , Why did they not rescue their partners, building a team. Rabbit and "Max" get in the bus and they crash it with that van while driving. All animals are released there because of hitting. And they come outside. All animals gather around "Max", coming outside. To take their revenge! At the same time, that puppy comes there. Which had come after flying over hawk. It fights with all animals. And it makes all animals to fight while passing between them.

Now "Max" sees that fluffy dog is still in that van. Which is in hanging position. "Max" goes to rescue it. That van soon drops into the water. That fluffy dog still had not come out of the water. So "Max" also jumps into the water.It tries to unlock the cage. Then there comes rabbit who has the key of that cage. They unlock the cage with that key and that dog releases here. Taking it, all come upward. It is seen that pig arranges a cab. Getting in it, all pets drive to their houses. All feel pleasure. On the other side, "Max" also expresses to that cute puppy, That it also likes it. And it wants to gratify it. That it rescued it, coming from a distance. The rabbit is seen there where a little girl adopts it as a pet.

Because it is very cute. It is little aggressive. Its anger is also cooled down when it is befriended that little girl. When that little girl loves it a lot. It also understands that all human beings are not evil hearted. And the rest of the animals also feel pleasure, meeting with their owners. No "Max" and that fluffy dog also move to their house.

And they begin to wait for "Katie", sitting at the doorstep. When "Katie" opens the door and observes both waiting for her together, She heartily feels pleasure, Because "Max" and that fluffy dog had befriended. And they three spend a very good time, sitting together. This fine movie completes on this scene. It is wished that explanation has been liked by you. Thanks for watching! .

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