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The Secret Life of Pets 2 Trailer (2019) | ‘Max’ | Movieclips Trailers


Hi I'm home! Hey Maxie, let's say we go for a walk? Ahh, I gotta admit, this is nice. I… Don't… Wanna… Go…To the…Vet! The vet?! No! No no no! Katie: Let's go buddy. You tricked me! First time here? Uhh, yeah. Oh, Dr. Francis is the best veterinary in. The. Business. You're gonna love him. He specializes in behavioral disorders. But I don't… have any behavioral disorders. I– I– I'm fine, too. *chuckles* It's by human. That's nuts. I mean, you know, I I bring him a dead bird. She throws it out I bring him a dead mouse, Right in the garbage! I run and I run and I run and I run and I get out I've gone no no Nowhere! My owner always says you're such a good dog.

And I feel like a good dog. What if deep down? I'm a bad dog We start fires That was weird Oh sister, it's gonna get way weirder You.

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