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THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 “The Gidget” Trailer (Animation, 2019)


(Music) (music) (clatter) (munching pickle slices) ILLUMIATION tail, ears you look so much like a cat it's crazy yeah, Who knew, so easy whoa, whoa, hold on, now you got to act like a cat (gets sassayyyyyy) I'm going to throw some situations at you and your just gonna react like a cat -Gotcha FECTH (squeak) -YEAH gonna get it -NO HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH – YOUR above that -cats land on their feet – really how do theaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hugh, I DID IT, -nice work you gotta it's a fact of life aabsolutley not never gonna happen ohh, maan UP, and tail on the face touch your but to the cup-Heheheheh- WALK on key bord there ya go coffeee on computer-(zap) (ting) And down.

Nice, yes, got it (tweet tweet) your as close to a cat as a dog can get (heha) THE SECERET LIFE OF PETS……….2 -Eat sweet pea WHAT Cats eat birds you seriously gonna make her eat sweet pea -oh nononononono course not HUAAHHH -Gidget, NO bad dog, bad cat-dog oof, sorry (catchy music that gonna stay in your brain forever) (same music) (different music).

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