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The Secret Life of Pets 2 – Episode 1 – The Dark, Annoying Plan


Man I'm so bored! We can't go outside
because of the cold weather. But, look! I mean the sun is out. It's still safe to
go outside whether you want to or not, guys. But, um, Max is saying it's cold
outside because you can feel that breeze. But anyways, um, yeah, I'll just have to watch
TV. Nah, that would be boring because I don't
want– I don't want to do boring stuff. Because if I did, I would be real bored,
and I'd be real sick and tired of it.

So I have to go up to Max and I'll say
something to him about his girlfriend, probably she needs to break up with Max!
I have a plan. I really don't. Please don't judge me. (MAX SNORING) Hey, Max. Yeah, Chloe? Um, I've been experiencing
some technical difficulties about your girlfriend. Why would you want to say that? She doesn't even, um, experience technical
difficulties. She doesn't do that, I mean, Why are you saying that, I mean, like, why
are you saying that to me? Well, um, I was just wondering that you might probably
have to break up with your girlfriend. Why? Why would I do that? She's my– she's
my dream lover! Uh, she's your girlfriend? Okay. All right, now all I want you to s– What I s– What I simply want is to– is– Never mind. What do you want? You simply have to break up with your girlfriend. But by simply, you mean hard? No, simple means easy.

It's just simple, you just
have to tell her you have to break up with her. I'm not telling her I need to break up with her! Plus, I have– (MAX SAYING GIBBERISH) That idea you just gave me was so STUPID that, um, I
didn't even listen to it! I'm not even gonna follow that order. So without
further ado, let me go back to sleep. No, Max! Please don't go back to sleep! Please don't act like it's– it's a play. It's not. Uh, I actually know that! All right, um,
if you don't want to break up with your girlfriend then I'll have to tell her
what you didn't do. Like, t– Like, um, Y–you gon' be framed I'm not finna
be framed! If you frame me and tell her what I just did, then she gon' have to
break up with me! Well, um, If you do it, I'ma call the police
and then our friendship is over. Okay, I won't. But I will. Wait, what did you say? Oh, it was nothing, Max.

I 'bout to say! Crap! I forgot that I have to take this off!
Wait I can't take this off. Crap. Oh wait, can't you find Gidget? CHLOE: Probably not. Well okay. Man, it's just an awesome day! No wonder why nobody wants
to go outside. It's like an awesome day out there. What happened? Uh, Max you're gon' have to, um, take that back, I already found her. MAX: Okay
I'm going back to sleep now. Alright, okay, wait a minute, Ernie– I mean– Max, I'm telling. MAX: You
better not tell! I'm gon' do it anyway. But, um,
Gidget. Yeah? Max, um, just told you, that he needs to break up with you. Well, I need
to break up with him too! Because he wants to break up with me!
I mean, we just got married yesterday! What? No, you just got married last year. Oh. Yeah, y'all just got married last year. So there's no way he could– Yeah. Well, um, I
need to break up with him because he wants to break up with me!
So, yeah. I think I am! My plan worked,
it finally worked.

Finally, it worked! What plan? Oh, it was nothing. Actually, it was something. I told s– um, Gidget to break up
with, um, Max by telling Max– by telling Gidget that Max doesn't love her anymore. So, now my plan just worked and now, she gonna have to, you know, Gidget's gon' have to
find another girl– I meant, boyfriend. Instead of Max. So, you know what, yeah. I finna
check on my baby she– see what she's doing. Probably s– going to watch some TV. Probably not. (GIDGET CRYING) Gidget, why are you crying? You broke up with me! Wait, what, no I didn't! Yes you did, Chloe just told me! CHLOEEEEEEEE! Uh, oh he's calling my name, he's getting mad!
Oh man! What– what am I going to do? I mean, I
don't want- I finna sit here.

MAX: Chloe, come here right now! MAX: CHLOE! Fine, I'm coming! Yes, Max? Gidget just told me that I broke up with her.
I didn't. Is this true that you just told her that I broke up with you (Gidget.) but I
didn't. Um, no. Then how come I heard you having a conversation about me? Oh, um, we
were talking about you and Gidget going to be in love. No! No, Chloe! You just told me that Max and I should break up, So you know what, Max, we are breaking up! What! No! We're not breaking up, we had a relationship for like
a year for now! We just– we were in love! We just got this relationship last year,
I mean, why do we have to break it up? Because you just told me that you gon' have
to break up with me. No I didn't! Chloe that's it! I'm afraid that I'm gon'
have to throw you.

You can't throw me! (BANG!) That's what you get!
Look, Gidget, I'm sorry, I didn't do it. Chloe was just telling a story on me. I don't know what's gotten into Chloe. I mean she just wants to, um, make me break up
with you. No, you're too beautiful to be broken up
with. Look, Gidget, I understand that you don't love me anymore because I told–
because Chloe told you that I have to break up with you but I didn't. So…… Is
that a deal? No it's not a deal! How come it's not a deal? Look you're too
beautiful, you know, I mean, I like you. Um, probably I have to respect that. Hmm, would you? Yeah probably, I don't know. Well, you should because you are too

Too beautiful, I say, too beautiful. Thanks for saying that, I mean, I thought my heart would be broken forever. No. Now you just found yourself a love. Thanks, Max, I really appreciate it. Yeah, I don't know what's gotten into HER But you know what, look, I'm sorry, I didn't– I don't
want to say that stuff to you. You are so beautiful, I would never ever
have to break up with you ever again.

Since, um, Chloe's plan didn't work, Guess Gidget believes me. I guess. So, now, do you believe me or forgive me? Well, um, yeah. Well thanks for forgiving me. Yeah, I know. You're– I know you're playing, but
you didn't even say this stuff to me. (GIDGET COUGHS) No, I will never ever have to say that stuff
to you ever again. You're my wife and nothing will go– nothing could go wrong
with our relationship. Well, yeah, cool. Yeah. That's–that's actually
cool Max, you just learned a valuable leeson.

Uh, Chloe actually did, so I'm gonna tell
Chloe the valuable lesson. Chloe, don't tell any stories. Yeah, like,
yeah. Okay. Alright, you– we alright now? Yeah. Okay. (SMOOCH!) Yeah. Okay..

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