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– [Bryan] How amazing is this, you guys? Universal hooked it up
with our own movie theater! We get this all to ourselves? (upbeat music) – [Ollie and Bryan] Good morning! – Good morning guys, and welcome
to the Daily Bumps channel. Be sure to click that
subscribe button if you're new and turn your bell on for
our post notifications – We have a surprise for you
guys, but I can't tell you! – Oh, really? We actually have a surprise for you.
– You! – And we can't tell you. That's right, you guys. Today we are headed to a mystery location. Where do you think we're headed? Comment down below where
you think we are headed, but we are headed
somewhere super top secret. – I think I do know! – [Bryan] Oh you do, do you? – I don't know if he knows! – So yes, we are headed
to a mysterious location.

We've got Finn in the
backseat also, say hi Finn! – [Missy] He's like, I just woke up. – He isn't very happy
because he just woke up, but I think he will be happy once we get to where we're going because he is gonna be
ready for the surprise. Ollie was just telling us what letter he learned in school yesterday. What letter was it, buddy? – I don't remember.

What is it, Mama? – Remember, it's buh, buh. – B?
– Yeah! – B, good job! And whose name starts with the letter B? – Bryan! – Oh my goodness!
– Who's that? – That's you! – No, my name's Dada. – But your last name is Bryan. (laughing) – Hear that, you guys? Exclusive, right here on Daily Bumps, my name is Dada Bryan.
– Bryan. Wow. So, what's Lanning?
– Truth.

What's the Lanning name? – [Bryan] I thought
Lanning was our last name! – That's like, a famous name. – Oh, that's our famous name? (laughs) – [Missy] I don't even
know what that means. – He's so silly. Alright, we're headed there. – I'm so excited! (baby groaning) – It's fine that Finn is grumpy because I am up for the challenge. That is what dads do. Before the end of the day I am gonna see a smile on this face! Hey Finn, are you bein' a little
bit of a Grinch right now? It's okay if you're grumpy.

I still love you. (laughs) What do you think? – I think he's the Grinch. – [Bryan] Really? (laughing) – [Missy] Aww. – Actually, that's what kind of movie we're going to, the Grinch. – [Bryan] Spoiler alert! (laughs) Alright boys, you ready to see what movie we're gonna go see? – Yeah! – We're gonna see the new Grinch movie! – Yay! – [Bryan] Are you so excited? – Yeah!
– You so excited? – Yeah. – Okay, but I bet you're wondering, how? 'Cause that movie's not out yet. But Universal Pictures is
hookin' it up for us today, and we're so excited, so be sure to smash that like button, 'cause you guys are about to come and find out. (upbeat music) – And all of our friends is here! – [Bryan] That's right, we got all our friends here with us! You excited to see the movie? Yeah? (laughing) You excited, Amelia? – Yes.
– Do you like the Grinch? – Yes.
– Should be fun, huh? I smell pizza and popcorn.

Look at everyone's comin' down. – Yay, you excited? – [Bryan] Almost. (upbeat music) – Meme and Papa are here! – Wait!
– That's right! The whole fam is here! – [Missy] Is that the Grinch? – Huh?
– Is that the Grinch, or is that Papa? – [Bryan] Oh! Oh, I thought it was
the Grinch for a second. Gotta be careful in case you see a Grinch around here, you know? – Yeah, you never know. – [Bryan] We got a big one on this screen. How amazing is this, you guys? Universal hooked it up
with our own movie theater! We get this all to ourself? – Yes.
– That's so cool! And what do you got, popcorn and snacks? – Yes.
– We gotta go get a drink. – [Bryan] Awesome! Look at all this yummy food we have! I know, right? It's like our own premiere.

(happy music) – [Bryan] Hey babe, I have an
important question for you. Would you still love
me even if I was green? – Of course. – [Bryan] Aww. (laughs) Watch out, kids! Grinch is comin' for you! So this is the VIP section, apparently. Is that what I hear is goin' on?
– Yeah. – [Bryan] "Your date is
just here for the popcorn." – What is this stuff? – Um, I'm here for the
nachos and the pizza! We just got out of the Grinch
movie, and look it's snowing! That's crazy, it's snowing indoors? Whoa! (laughing) That is so cool! We just got out of the movie.

The new Grinch was so cute, you guys.
– It was so cute. And it's perfect for the kids. – [Bryan] Yeah. (laughs) (upbeat music) (laughs)
– It's magic! – [Man] Come here, bud! – That's amazing. – [Missy] Amelia, it's snowing! Bailey, is it snowing indoors? It's magic! Oh my goodness, he's making a snow angel! (upbeat music) Ollie! They're throwing us a little Grinch party. Should we go check it out? – Yeah! – [Missy] Ah, let's go see! (upbeat guitar music) What! Is that a Grinch cake? Oh my gosh! Daily Bumps! That's amazing! Wow, look at all these prizes! They really hooked it up, man! Oh my goodness! Wow, that looks so cool! (upbeat guitar music) Look what they did!
– Look at this cake! This is amazing! – [Missy] And they have our logo! – Daily Bumps logo, that's
awesome, huh, Ollie? – Yeah! – That was so nice! – [Missy] Is this a cake? Oh my gosh, it's a cake.

– It's a real cake. – [Missy] It literally
smells like sugar over here. – Smells so good! It smells like Christmas! – [Missy] Yeah, it does. What's in here? – We got goody bags! Look at this. We got Funkos, there's
Max, and the Grinch. – [Missy] Wow! – And we got Mystery Surprise Eggs. – Oh my goodness.
– That's so cool, you want one of these? – Yeah, I do.
– There you go, dude! You want one, dude? – [Missy] Ooh, what do you say? – Thank you! – Look at the cute stuffed animals! Love it! Oh my goodness, that is so cute! And just like that, the
basket is gone! (laughs) – So cute, though! – [Missy] It's so cute! – It was a great movie! – Yeah!
– It was awesome to see! Seriously.
– It was so cute.

It was like, perfect for the kids. Grinch can be kinda scary, and he was not scary. He was very cute.
– Yeah. – Loved it. Look at this little Grinch! You guys are like twins! (laughs) Little hair. Finn, can I see your smile? – Cheese!
– Oh, we worked so hard for that smile! (upbeat music) We are home from the movie, and check out everything we got, huh? – Look at all this food! – [Missy] Yeah, look at all this-
– And we have the puppy dog. – [Missy] Oh my gosh, so who is this? – Max.
– Yep, this is Max. – [Ollie] And that's the Grinch. – The Grinch, this is kinda like the baby Grinch, I feel like. We got stickers, face masks, a
mask so we can be the Grinch, we even got this amazing advent calendar, it's the Grinch, look at this! We're going to be collecting the little Grinch toys in the month of December, huh? – I think I know what we can use that for. – [Missy] What? – A calendar. – [Missy] Yes, so it's a calendar. Remember how every day
in December we open one? – Yeah.
– Yeah, so we're going to do that, and I'm so excited 'cause these are the cutest little toys.

And then what else did we get? – [Ollie] We got a gingerbread house – A Grinch gingerbread house
– that we're gonna do right now. – Yep. – Do you have to cut out these? – [Missy] Yes! – You gotta cut out the Grinch, the Max, and what is it called? – [Missy] That's Cindy Lou. – [Ollie] Cindy Lou. – And I forget her friend's name, but yeah, this is the cutest thing ever, so I think we're gonna do that right now.

The movie was absolutely adorable. I'm so thankful for them allowing us to go and take over the movie theater,
and watch the cutest movie. Make sure you guys go watch the movie. It's out November 9th. You can see it at any theater near you, and we are so excited to get to see it. That was so cool, huh? – Yeah. That was so nice of them letting us have our own movie theater. – [Missy] Yeah, and
then all the cool stuff they got us, and it snowed even! – Yeah.
– It was so cool. And check this out. We actually stole a few cupcakes. They kinda fell, but they're really cute.
– They melted.

– I think we're gonna eat 'em still. I'm still gonna eat 'em. Yeah, I think Ollie and I
are actually going to work on this cute little gingerbread house. I think that's going to be so much fun. But I do wanna let you guys know the movie comes out November 9th. It's so much fun. Go see it at a movie theater
near you, it'll be a blast. So, as you guys know,
today we actually got to go see the movie at a
theater all by ourself, and Universal actually wants to give you guys a chance to
give you that as well.

So make sure you guys go
down in the description, click the link, and go sign up to try and win a movie
theater to yourself, and you can go watch the Grinch with all your family and friends. Alright, should we work on this? – Yeah!
– Okay! Let's do it! ("Let's Catch Santa" by Daily Bumps) ♪ She just laughed and
said you must be wrong ♪ ♪ 'Cause my kid could never be that bad ♪ ♪ And then she heard them say ♪ ♪ Let's catch Santa Claus ♪ ♪ We want to make him stay ♪ ♪ Let's catch Santa Claus ♪ ♪ We'll have Christmas everyday ♪ ♪ We love his ho, ho, ho, ho, ho ♪ ♪ And Mom and Dad will never know ♪ ♪ That we stole Santa Claus ♪ – [Bryan] Pretty cool song, huh dude? – Yeah. ("Let's Catch Santa" by Daily Bumps) – [Missy] Alright, Ollie.

What do you think of our Christmas house? – It's so cool! – [Missy] It's so cute! We even cut out these cute little Grinch, and Max, and Cindy Lou characters. And you, you woke up from your nap, and now you're eating all the candy! (laughs) Okay, boys, do you remember the new character that's in the Grinch movie? – Yeah.
– What's his name? – Fred. – Fred, and who else's name is Fred? – Our Elf of the Shelf? – Elf on the Shelf, huh, Finn? Guys, our Elf on the Shelf is called Fred, and they have a new character
in the movie called Fred, and I'm like, did they
name it after our Fred? (laughs) Anyways, yeah. We just got done with this. I think it turned out so cute, and I definitely don't
think it's too early to start practicing our Christmas
house decorating, right? – Yeah.
– Our gingerbread house decorating? Because we do gingerbread
house decorating every year, and it's like a huge
contest, and it's a big deal, and I think I got a lot
of practice in just now.

I feel like I'm ready for
our contest, huh, dude? – You know what, guys?
– Hey, guys? – What?
– I could do two snowmens here. – [Missy] You put all the
candy around the house. – [Ollie] I could put this one here, this one here.
– You did such a good job. Hey Bryan, did you see our
little gingerbread house? – Yes, I think it's so fitting that as soon as Halloween is over, you guys are already gettin'
into the Christmas spirit. – I know, it was so much fun. I already feel like
it's Christmastime now! Huh?
– No, it totally is. – I wish I could not have a paper cut. – Yeah.
– Yeah, he got a little paper cut out of the drawer, didn't you? – But he's doin' better. We almost had to take him to the hospital, but I think he's doing good. – Yeah.
(laughs) – [Missy] Oh, what's wrong with you? – You got a paper cut?
– Did you get one too? (kisses finger) All better! – Oh, I got a paper
cut too, I need a kiss! – (kisses finger) Mommy
makes it all better.

Anyways, we're gonna end this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it,
we had so much fun today. Luna's like, hi, hi! Luna, hi, hi, hi! Give this video a big
thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and we will see you
guys in our next video! – Bye!
– Bye! – [Ollie] Boop. (upbeat music).

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