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The Dog House: UK | Official Trailer | HBO Max


Oh what are you hoping that a dog will bring to your life ah happiness we're hoping that would green to help find our perfect dog we'll have a look see what we can find behind every dog there's always a story this is Ralphie his name is not being quite anxious just really nice you feel compelled to help people I feel trapped frustrated hopefully the happy-go-lucky Paul will be back with the help of a dog our aim is to find the best possible homes for the dogs we want to help everyone who walks through the door sometimes it does feel like a dating agency imagine going out on a date and four people turn up [Music] sometimes you get people with late emotional me she feels really frightened he's grieving I just would like a friends [Music] [Applause] into you you feel it in your heart you just know [Applause] it's a match made in heaven and they're all gonna be really happy together do you need a forever home you

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