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That’s how Ina and Julie became family (Dogs are incredible) | KBS WORLD TV 210602


Hello. I'm the extremely lucky actor, Seor Ina. (She brought her miraculous dog) Ina, I heard that you're a big fan of the show. Yes, that's true. – I'm really nervous right now. / – Why? I can't even look at him. – Why not? / – What's the problem? Are you upset? (LOL) No, I'm a big fan of Mr. Kang. (She's a big fan of Hyungwook) I'm a big fan of the show. – This show is amazing. / – Really? She does so many variety shows and dramas, so I've never seen her nervous like this.

This is so amazing. (We've never seen Ina this nervous) Please tell us about your dog. Julie was sort of an abandoned dog. It's estimated that she's 5 years old and that she's a Jindo. High five! (Hello, I'm Julie) (So affectionate and lovely) (She's good at giving high fives) Kiss me. (Julie is Ina's dog that she raises with love) How did you first meet Julie? I'm part of this Internet community. They rescue big dogs that are abandoned. Nobody abandoned Julie, but this junk yard owner had puppies he didn't want to keep, so he wanted to give them away. The mother gave birth at the junk yard, and she ran away right afterwards. So we spent two weeks rescuing the puppies, and we were only able to rescue two. One of them was Julie. (That's how Ina and Julie became family) Can Julie do tricks? Yes.

How many can she do? (Are you talking about me?) Come here. – She's still half-asleep. / – Oh no. (Is it finally time to show off my tricks?) (Feeds her a treat first) Sit. (Yawns) (Should I sit?) (I'll just lie down) She's sleepy. (All this attention is making me shy) A nervous dog often behaves like this. So this is what you should do. – Walk her around a bit. / – Okay. That way, she'll calm down and be able to do her tricks.

So she's nervous now? From all these people and cameras focused on her. So try walking slowly. Try stopping and going. She isn't comfortable? Right. She's being cautious with her body. She doesn't want to stand out. Is that why? I thought you were comfortable here. Julie has a really nice backside, doesn't she? She has a very perky butt. Very shapely. She has such a perky butt. It's like a baby's butt, isn't it? So cute. – I think she's been to a salon. / – Yeah. – I groomed her. / – Oh, really? (Ina is Julie's groomer) Julie, lie down. (Tries to get Julie to lie down again) (Will she do it?) (Did Gyeonggyu's tip work?) Julie, lie down. See? This is what happens! Paw.

Other paw. (Good girl) Well done. Julie, hello. (Bows respectfully) – Good dog. / – How cute. (She's so adorable) How cute. Stand up. Stand up. Such a good dog. Julie, eat this. – Julie, eat it. / – Julie, eat it. (Eating isn't hard…) – She's a genius. / – Yeah. (Being called a genius for eating treats) (Looking at Julie lovingly) There's a special reason you're here today, Ina. You're a miraculous dog owner who found her lost dog. Yes. How did you end up losing her? When I have a shoot, I have my parents watch Julie so that she won't have to be alone for as long. My mom was walking her, and Julie got riled up when she saw a cat.

It happens. She ran at the cat and the hook on her leash came undone. She ran at the cat full speed. That's how I lost her. (Ina and Julie were always together) (She was in despair when she lost Julie) (And Ina even blamed herself) It was during a drama shoot. I got a call from my mom, but I couldn't pick up because I was shooting. She called me like 14 times, so I called her after the shoot was over. She said she lost Julie. So we looked for Julie for 13 days. I looked for her day and night. I couldn't eat.

I just rode my bike around looking for Julie. So you found her in two weeks after losing her? The morning of the 13th day. 13 days? (That's a miracle) How did you find her? I got a lot of tips, DMs, and texts. Probably around 500 combined. Over the 13 days. I posted flyers. I wrote that she has a chubby butt. You have to write their distinctive features. I even got permission to hang up a banner. You did everything you could do. My fans said that Mr. Kang said leaving your clothes around might work. So I saw that comment and cut up my clothes.

I left scraps of my clothes here and there with a note that said, "I'm looking for my dog. I left scraps of my clothes behind so that she would smell me. Please leave it here. Thank you." (The last thing she did to find Julie) That's a good idea because when a dog gets lost and tries to find its way back home, those can be really good clues. And when they get really lost, they'll look for you farther away.

But if those scraps of clothes are nearby, that will prevent the dog from going farther away. Yes, because of the scent. Lee Hyolee lost the dog she was fostering, so she took Mr. Kang's advice and found the dog with scraps of her clothes. (It worked when Lee Hyolee was looking for her dog) So it must've worked. She came back after 2 days. Where did you find her? 30 m away from that towel, and 100 m away from where we lost her. (30 m / Julie found / 100 m / Where she was lost) (They found Julie after 13 days) (It was hard for Julie when she was lost) She looks different from the flyer. Yes, very different. I might not have recognized her. You know that you're supposed to take a lost dog to the vet after you find it, right? – Yes.

/ – Right? – I took her right to the vet. / – Good. And she was okay? She lost around 3 to 4 kg. (Before she went missing, when she was found) She pushed a fence with her nose to get out, so her nose was all swollen. So that's where that's from. And her teeth were cracked too. It was necrosis.

(How unfortunate) So she had to have those teeth pulled. (She had to have her dead teeth pulled) Thankfully, she wasn't exposed to heartworms, and she's all better now. I'm so glad that she seems healthy now. (She's just sorry and grateful) (They found out they're precious to each other) (Stay with me forever) .

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