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Swimming in the Langtang River | Rural Nepal Local Family | Langtang Valley Trek Nepalūüá≥ūüáĶ| Day 5&6


good morning today really marks sort of a uh 
bittersweet moment of this this trek so uh we are   now going to begin to loop back and kelly a little 
more information on that yep we are starting here   in kensing and we are going all the way back to 
llama hotel okay so what took this two days we're   going to do it in one day exactly and so it should 
be pretty mellow um it'll be nepal flat yeah with   a downhill slope really the downhill slope all 
the way to um llama hotel it should take us   six hours or something like that for today and 
then time check 7 51.

7 51 and yeah we'll we'll   check in again along the way and just see what 
we what the sights are it's so beautiful out   today it's like blue sky all these blue skies they 
were saying you don't see blue like this uh except   for like the month of october so we're really 
fortunate to have these blue skies during the   monsoon plus all the greens so we get all types 
of benefit you can see the mountain peaks are out   very nice okay well we're gonna hit the trail and 
see you down the road a little bit just down the   road from kensing wow you come across this amazing 
stupa structure you know june you were telling us   a little bit about some of the symbolism of these 
uh um statues what is that is that about here   every monastery or estupa you visit you can see 
those type of yes i see like deer yeah and then   the wheels yes so the wheels in the middle called 
dharma wheels dharma wheels which symbolize that   eight living path of buddha enlightenment okay 
and then with two tears on the side there is a   two type of believedness uh in buddhism okay one 
said that when the buddha has got long meditation   and got enlightenment okay he start speaking out 
and there was no one around to listen it but there   was a deer oh wow and another said that buddha was 
a deer in his previous life i see and then there   is a 13 steps on the top okay that symbolize 
the the procedure of uh meditation okay to get   enlightenment i see so the 13 different levels and 
that's what those red stripes are up there right   so there's 13 stripes and are there 13 stripes 
on every stupa or just this one in particular   every stupid okay every super and some 
of the monastery we have have this   okay yeah it's therma wheels yes in every 
monastery okay and that's what is now i   notice there's a very big one on the inside are 
we allowed to go in there or is that just right   you can go inside and spin the wheels 
okay for good luck okay maybe we should uh   step inside and give that a spin you think 
huh yes all right let's do it namaste so the dharma wheel wait really has a nice incense smelling here   very pretty three times one day three 
times okay so i'm done okay there we go   so three times around the wheel oh thank 
you okay it's okay yeah yeah very good donation yeah yeah we do donation and then you 
would go around the outside and spin the wheels   there is that right yeah yeah you can do it and 
to the outside they have the dharma wheels as well so just kind of a nice way to honor 
the tibetan culture and religion as we work our way around the supa 
and it's clockwise is what arjuna was   telling us always clockwise around the 
building got the dharma wheels in there all right and again what a look that's just 
down the down the trail and you come across   i mean it's a beautiful stupa right out here 
yeah very nice and with these clear skies   the mountain peaks are out yeah a very nice 
spot just to take a little rest but we will uh   continue our journey on down the road here thank 
you so much appreciate it namaste thank you all   right have a good day just a donation here for 
the monastery and the stupa upkeep i do believe   it is customary on a long time trek at least 
one time on your journey to jump into the river   so you can tell it's really ripping but right 
here seems to be a little soft spot so we're gonna   attempt to get in and uh continue the tradition 
of getting into the river all right here we go so cold all right it's so cold i can't feel my 
legs already all right here we go oh that's cold all right oh yeah 
ah that is refreshing invigorating   very cold anyone next i'm just gonna stick my 
head in okay go for it you don't have to take your   yeah wow the only way you can really do that   is that the sun is out other than that it's just 
going to be too cold but with the sun just right   all right let's see if anyone else is going 
to do it granny's going for just his head how is it i can't feel my face all right 
gonna sit on a rock and then just relax   the secret is uh letting your body feel the sun i don't want socks all right so cedar are you 
gonna stick your feet feet in all right so   just aim your face at the sun all right get 
in there all right how does it feel so cool nice excellent the tradition has been continued 
we've all had some sort of body part in the river   granted how you feel tough awesome well 
we will sit here we'll let that sun   just kind of warm us up and then 
we'll continue on down the trail   cedar going for it wait a second turn of events oh she's dead how was it all right now just find a spot maybe 
here and just aim your head at the sun to warm up all right now we're gonna let the sun do its magic 
we'll continue down the trail here in a little   bit all right so we're just back to the town of 
longtong as we continue on but there are so many   yaks here and there's two babies there's one right 
there and there's a little black one down there   and they are adorable now this was brown bear 
country would definitely not be crossing between   them like this but with the yaks i feel it feel 
pretty secure that we're making a good decision   here but oh my goodness that is just the most 
adorable little baby oh boy the baby's charging wow oh oh the playful little critter huh wow i'm scared if one of the yachts charges at us 
because it charges at our gym yeah yeah we uh we   don't want to be charged by yak and then the town 
is just looking great the weather is held out all   day so far it's it's now almost 11 o'clock and we 
still have these blue skies fantastic so you uh   almost got charged huh because the act is always 
very aggressive yeah with the baby yep so we don't   have to go very close to that look like pretty 
much a false bluff but yeah you don't want to   find out why was it following you oh wow that's 
so adorable you want to like me so very good   for oh an hour or so out from lunch so we'll uh 
pass through the town here of longtong but just   a wonderful bonus day of sun and blue skies 
very very pretty so just walking down the   hill as we continue further towards town we come 
across these guys group of monks from thailand   how long will you be in nepal how long in nepal   oh that's okay yeah all right but your 
whole group is here yes nice to meet you   yeah namaste a whole group of people so you 
know when you walk these trails it's really   great you'll see all types of people yeah yeah 
very nice all right hey guys namaste thank you all right so again as you hike and walk you just 
never know who you'll meet or what groups you'll   come across but these guys uh from thailand yeah 
very nice so yeah those monks were really nice   guys we did some selfies with them and i thought 
it was funny not funny but like interesting to see   traditional dressed months from thailand 
in the in the wilderness of nepal   visiting all the monasteries that i can like 
connect with uh but they all had like really   nice iphones and like insta360 action cam 
i'm like whoa those guys are cool like some   progressive monks yeah so yeah exactly some new 
age monks so there you go i hope they're making   videos yeah me too and we can follow them that 
i think is one of the cool things about nepal   on this journey that we've been on now this is 
not peak season but we've pretty much been to   ourselves but each day we've met at least one 
or two other hikers finland america australia   so it is kind of cool and other um people from 
nepal yeah yeah like local guys uh certainly   local people to this region hauling wood and 
donkeys and doing the daily commutes that they do   but also nepalese tours that are enjoying as well 
so very cool all right well we are heading back   obviously into the jungle now and we're slowly 
working our way back to town yep all right so one   thing kelly and i really wanted to talk about 
was the idea of coming to nepal and using a   guide service or not using a guide service yeah 
like um you could do this trek without a guide   it's pretty much one way or one road or one 
trail and you kind of just follow the map it's   self-explanatory there's enough tea houses to 
get you from point a to b and uh with a lot of   breaks in between yep but the um the thing is 
is that when you have a guide you're able to get to know the person you get to know a little 
bit a different angle of the history yeah more   more of the lifestyle of the nepalese guides 
and porters and what their life is like right   so one of the advantages and that's definitely 
one of the advantages of hiring going with a   guide service again like the nepal hiking team is 
we have now met uh arjun we've met druba we've met   nam ross and sandeep and again we would never 
have come across these guys shared our story   with them heard their stories learned about 
their families like you just make so much   more connection to the to the yeah to the place 
of the nepal people and culture so to come here   and do this trip by yourself is great and it's 
certainly something you could do and organize   the one element you will miss though with 
not going with a guide service is that local   connection i think i think so and also like we 
were talking about earlier is that you can go on   your own and just like that's the adventure of it 
absolutely figuring it out having like the fun of   will we make it to the spot where at the 
end of the day or not um but you can also if   doing it planning it on your own is so is 
stopping you yes that's your roadblock if   that's your roadblock just hire a guide yeah 
it's fun it's exciting you get to meet people   yeah and with a family i mean again we're not 
like solo backpackers here doing it on our own   we've got three kids right so to have that support 
team to have a little bit of a safety net that way   does go a long way in our like kind of the 
mental mindset approaching a place like nepal   and this mountain track so that's kind of our 
thoughts on hiring a guide we recommend it we've   been to nepal twice and each time i've been with 
a guy but we've always had kids with us and for us   it's just something we enjoy all right there's no 
no wrong way to do it that's correct no wrong way all right so we're at a very special place 
now june can you tell us kind of where we are   my friends my childhood friend house here 
okay so these are your childhood friends house   okay and this so and can you tell me a little bit 
like so i see obviously a lot of corn here what's   going on with our corn so this is like the kind of 
drying it okay once it's completely dry they will   make it separate with the seed inside okay and 
they will piece make a floor okay into rice meal   and they will make a roti on it or don't okay so 
this is our human consumption yes this corn okay   and so they obviously like do they they have 
all this acreage here this is all their property   yeah that's where it comes from okay all right 
and then who lives in the house here so i mean   my friend's father and they have three brothers 
okay two blood brothers family and uh okay so   multi-family but the same yes bloodline can we see 
the house and maybe introduce to some people and   all right so now arjun's going 
to give us a bit of a tour   all right arjun who is this he's the father of 
my friend okay so this is this is the father who   of the property yes okay nice to meet you sir 
namaste thank you namaste all right thank you   all right so we'll step in and we'll get a little 
tour of the house here a multi multi-generational   family a little bit of a store they're selling 
something okay so they have a store in their house   a home shop and who are these people so he's 
my friend and his wife okay namaste thank you okay so even in here uh this is the like the 
store corn storage i see the color outside   is the latest one so this is from last year oh 
okay so it does take a long time to dry so this   is how it looks like so this is already totally 
dry i see some of the yeah yeah okay so with this   then they will grind the corn yeah this one 
actually they feed animals okay so after i   see so after a year that becomes animal feed right 
and then there's like potato stores and this is a   fair corner okay a prayer corner yeah very nice 
okay so again just a look at an actual rule uh   life here oh here's a buddy hello hi buddy 
okay so i can see they've got a big bed here   and uh this is certainly a kid's room 
yeah yeah okay so a child's room we've   got of course your little tv a fun little uh 
net there for the kids oh is this your room maybe it's the brothers the brothers room it's 
sad well thank you for showing me your room   yeah all right there's two also a bedroom okay 
those are maybe for the adult bedrooms all right   they have uh some kind of domestic animal right 
here okay uh goats maybe yeah the goats are around   the side that side so at the night time okay so 
you can see moving into here and during the day   they will just put it in here okay now these goats 
are they oh and they have a cow are the goats like   for what are they are they for eating eventually 
or yes okay all right the mother god is breeding   proposed okay so child god would be selling and 
eating proposals okay and then the cows in the bag   those are some healthy looking those are bigger 
yes so it's a big cow and yeah the cow for a milk   purpose and then the fermenting from the waste 
okay and there's some buffalos for me oh sure   okay so they have both cow buffalo and also 
these goats okay all right wow very good and is   it typical for a family a multi-generation family 
to have this many animals or yes in nepal pervin   says even if they have a few members in a family 
yeah to have one buffalo one cow and few goats   are very typical it's very typical okay yeah very 
nice and who what's upstairs are there so we can   be okay yeah that'd be great thanks because this 
is actually a two-story house yes so obviously   it's also there is some store and then somebody's 
bedroom and then terrace okay all right so again   now do that so the separate families might live on 
different floors right okay all right they are not   at separated so they have same kitchen okay okay 
and is the kitchen usually on the second floor   so this is their main kitchen okay so this 
is a multi-generational kitchen here so   everyone will be using this kitchen from 
grandpa to brothers to the wives and so on okay another bedroom there's you know tv i 
see now this is probably a bug net actually another bedroom yep okay and you kind of get 
the idea oh kit okay like i saw it more like   a kid's room or is this uh kids yeah all 
the other abc chart family photos bug net   oh hello hi here is it okay if 
i show your room hello namaste   thank you so the two girls share the 
room very nice sisters oh very cool what's your name jonathan what's your name nice to meet you yeah 
thank you for letting me see your room and your   house is very beautiful it's very nice house i 
get to see your animals very cool and who is this   so he's uh hello namaste oh his wife grandpa's 
wife yeah thank you and so she's sucking the corn   yep getting the corn ready for so he's she's just 
trying to make those things and hanging in here so   this all dries yes once it's dry and then oh i see 
she's she's nodding the corn and so it's hanging   to help within the drying process yes okay so 
and then how long will it hang after a couple   of months or one month or two months it will be 
get dried and they can use by multi-purpose either   they can feed anymore like that they can feed 
themselves okay all right normally what happened   is here they have lots of rice terraces okay 
around so okay man family normally eating rice   okay sometimes they make a dinner or a chapati 
yes thanks with this and mainly for animals okay   and you were saying all the husks so they don't 
just like just get rid of that this is used for   animal feed yes they the animal can feed it i 
see so i see so well they feed their goats and   their cows and all this stuff so this is like 
buffalo buffalo goats do not eat that okay it's   too hard for them okay i mean the the view that 
they have it's just extraordinary so you can see   corn terrace rolling mountains just beautiful and 
across the street there's some kind of wood mill oh some kind of factory keyboard 
okay like some kind of wood processor oh some kind of wood factory i say yeah i say 
i say i see uh thank you for showing me namaste   thank you so let's go through oh 
okay we'll go look at the terrace now   so just a great look of the uh life of a 
multi-generational nepalese family here in their   house so when they make what's going on here so 
when they make a dough yes it's very difficult to   make in gas stove okay because it has to say quite 
hardly yeah so they will use this type of file   natural kite okay natural fire yeah i see 
wow kind of the heat goes all the way up okay yeah thank you this is all water yeah this 
is a water tank uh something too okay and yeah so obviously kind of got other laundry up here 
and what's the name of this town again you   said uh it's uh our private like area that we're 
called people people talk people die and how many   people live in peopletown well uh it looks very 
rural compared to obviously like something like   kathmandu it has to be like couple of thousand i'm 
not aware about exact population but it's quite   big town it's big area sure so when we have been 
to sepulveda we took uh that road from upper yeah   okay so we came basically wound down the mountain 
yes so since i know that my friend is here   then we took down path now okay we're gonna meet 
right there the highway and then okay and then so   your friends the brothers they went to school with 
you yes now are they also involved in tourism or   do they primarily work the farm here what kind 
of life are they living big brother yeah he's   the oldest he just retired from army oh okay i 
finished his service for 16 years okay is army   mandatory in nepal or is it voluntary it's just 
uh not voluntary it's kind of job okay yeah okay   so government pay you a salary after retirement 
pensive okay does everybody go to the army all   the men or just are interested they can okay 
so if you're interested okay all right and the   another brother yes he lives in malaysia 
okay malaysia and now he's in vacation   so he's here now from malaysia okay all right yeah 
and so then the father so who maintains basically   the property here is it this is the grandfather 
okay the father the father maintained and then   the sons and their family are kind of following 
him i see helping him i see i see and that's their   primary source of income yes is is the farm here 
and everything that we do farm here is basically   for their leave okay extra income from their 
pensions that's why the sun is working yes abroad   and other sons he just have been to australia okay 
last month so is it common then in nepal for the   children to say leave nepal or seek employment and 
then do they support the parents back home that   way very normal okay i see it doesn't matter they 
go to abroad or they go to capitals or but they   have to make the carrier first and support the 
family i see wow very nice um well that's a pretty   great look at the uh nepal kind of uh local rural 
lifestyle yeah very nice well thanks uh thanks for   the tour and uh yeah i think we definitely kind of 
got to have an inside look here on life in rural   nepal that's great and we'll all thank uh thank 
you the grandfather and all them as well they're   bringing us sodas which is very thoughtful yeah 
thank you so much uh thank you thank you again   it is pretty hot out here so to have a soda 
is a nice way to uh cool down a little bit forest you like the fanta shower too sour yeah 
he just prefers the corn he just wants corn all   right there's probably corn sugar in it so you'd 
think he would uh he'd like it but uh yeah thank   you so much uh for the cokes uh great way to 
sort of cool down a little bit when you say yes uh not bad not bad pretty good it's 
been a long time since i've had a coke   at least not cooked yeah yeah 
no kidding yeah quite delicious that's great a nepalese coke we'll 
take it cheers yeah cheers indeed   thank you so much for showing 
us your house thank you   namaste thank you so nice to meet you i appreciate 
thank you for the house tour it was really fun   to learn about uh kind of your experience 
thank you it was great thank you no mistake namaste oh cool so what'd you 
think of that kel that was awesome   yeah a great way to like meet local people in 
a way that you would never would have otherwise   right so to get the inside look of the uh 
the house the house the farm the animals   meet the mom and dad yeah like yeah it 
was kind of cool like to think about   sort of the multi-generational side 
of uh nepalese families and living yes all right everybody we are back in 
kathmandu and we are at the famous   the famous roadhouse pizza guys how is the 
pizza good delicious horse's chocolate fish   cedar cheese and pepperoni and i got one of the 
kind of the meat specials so the pizza absolutely   fantastic but let's get to uh let's get down to 
business what an adventure we had that was great   yeah a lot of hiking cedar what was your favorite 
part of the hike my favorite part of the hike   was when we went to the top and we saw the snow 
mountain that was so cool that was cool kenzie   up all the way up at the top high five how about 
your scalp same highlight yeah i'll have to say   same highlight it's just being able to do that 14 
000 footer with the kids and having a good time   the whole day clear skies it was amazing very cool 
very cool granny how about you what about the hike   my favorite part about the hike was when we 
saw all those monkeys and then the baby deer   came out of nowhere oh yes we did see some 
cool wildlife didn't we yeah we saw a baby   deer yeah that was awesome my dog chased that 
deer right in front of us that's really sweet   uh mine definitely uh hiking the peak as uh 
cedar mentioned obviously the whole tea house   experience meeting so many cool people hiking with 
the nepal hiking team top of the line good quality   our entire group of people that was our 
two porters that was sandeep and nam ross   uh that was druba who was with forrest the whole 
time and a big thank you to our guide arjun who   was great and a really big thank you to ganga 
with nepal hiking team who really organized our   itineraries and on the fly i mean again 
we were supposed to go to everest base   camp view um but that just introduced the weather 
so to go to long time as an alternative was great   that was perfect he was super 
organized the website's wonderful and   the trip was amazing drop a comment down below if 
you have any sort of questions about how we can   help you prepare for such an epic journey to nepal 
uh with that being said any add-ons of anyone are   we just getting hungry for more pizza and we've 
got more pizza more pizza all right everybody   well i hope you enjoyed uh this video 
and we will catch you in the next one you

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