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Surprising Homeless Dogs with a Christmas Train to their New Family! *Emotional compilation*


(upbeat music) – [Rocky Kanaka] I built
a train for homeless dogs to get them adopted. I'll do whatever it takes to help a dog, but this is next level! Not only am I gonna run a train right through the middle of one
of my bakeries for dogs, this magical train ride
is gonna take a tour around the world, from the North Pole, to Germany. We're gonna celebrate Hanukkah. Even stop by Miami. Now, it's not gonna be easy. And right outta the gate,
I ran into a challenge. How in the world do you
get a train upstairs? That's a good point. I will build a ramp. (upbeat music) We don't have a lot of time
before the dogs are here. I got a really thick piece of plywood, and I'm gonna run four by fours under it, so it's strong enough. With enough velocity the train can just- (Rocky blows air loudly) I've never done this before. (laughs) Let's see what happens. (power tools buzzing) Yeah! Perfect. I built a train ride for dogs. Naturally that's gonna have
a lot of moving pieces.

Here's the plan: the train comes in the back, rolls through the bakery,
stops at the train depot. The team and I will be waiting there with toys, treats, gifts, and more, all designed in the
theme of that world tour. After that, the train will
roll through the front door, go around the block, and we'll do it all over again. But here's the challenge: every time that happens, we'll change out the entire theme. We'll make the treats,
we'll grab the toys. We are pre-making some gingerbread men, or, as I like to call
them, gingerbread people. And I'm gonna pre-bake these, so when all the dogs
in the train gets here, we're ready to go, and then all we have
to do is decorate them. I'm just reworking some of my dough here.

I've already made the
large gingerbread men, so I can stamp out now some
small gingerbread people, 'cause you know, we have a
whole gingerbread family. Get it as close as you can. We'll bring this one in a
little bit, leave that one out. Got all kinds of
different shapes and sizes of gingerbread people. Hah! Like they're holding hands.

Let's throw these gingerbread
people in the oven! The train's here. The dogs are here. We're ready, but we need
to test it first. (laughs) Conductor, are you ready? – Yes. – Really, really hope this works. (train horn toots)
Oh! (claps) All aboard! (train chugging) (bell ringing) (exciting music) Success! What's up? Ah dude, good to see you again. Ah! More importantly, hi! (laughs) I'm still in love with you! How many pups do you
have with you right now? – We've got five total. – (laughs) That face is so kissable! (Rocky smooches) – Yeah!
(Rocky laughs) – We're actually taking
a tour across the world, from the North Pole, to
warm climate, to Germany. So many exciting places, and we've got dog treats and toys.

We gotta load all the dogs up. – Do it. – Bring that train in, come on! All right, if you're new here, make sure you hit that subscribe button, turn on those notifications, and let's get this train going. I know some people will
say this is too much, it's over the top. But for me, I think it's not enough! Especially when you
know Fiona's backstory. She was just used to make
puppies her entire life, and held in a cage. She was never even given a name. When Tye rescued her, he had to put her through
multiple surgeries that cost thousands and
thousands of dollars. At the time, he gave
her the name Big Mama.

And what I love is that we
came to all of you and said, "We need help getting her a name," and you all chose Fiona. I wanna thank you from
the bottom of my heart. And now I say, all of us give Fiona one of
the best days in her life. A holiday train ride that
goes around the world and gives her everything
that her heart could desire. Okay, I'm gonna give the signal
here in like two seconds. But remember the rule, we only have the time for
them going around the block and it goes pretty fast. – (laughs) Oh my god. – [Rocky] Are you ready? Okay. Alright, alright. All aboard! I gotta hurry! I gotta get ready. (dog house scrapes) I've got my pants on.
We're gonna pull this off. Oh yeah. – It's just so much heavier than it looks! – I should have taken
these lids off before.

– Nine. – I got a simple
Puppuccino recipe for this. Snicker Doodle bone. Fill the rest with
dog-friendly whipped cream. I've got some green coconut right here. We gotta move fast! – Where did I put this? – It's gonna get a little messy. – Rocky, how you doing? – The train's coming, I gotta move! Oh, that's harder to do than it looks! Oh, I'm running out. Red, red, red. Drizzle
some caramel in there. Okay, some green ones. Let's do the mix. This one will go to Fiona. – I hear the train, it's coming! (laughing) It's really bad. – Ha ha ha ho! Puppermint Puppuccinos. Just in time for the train
pulling into the station. (train honks) All right, tell us what you have here. – Welcome to the Winter Village. It's a snow covered station. – Wonderful! – Presents, candy canes, a
Christmas tree, Santa's chair. – Blake, great job.
– Thank you. I tell you what, I'd give you a high five, but instead what I'm
give you a puppuccino.

– Okay!
– Kel! Here, you wanna help? That one right there is
Big Mama's puppuccino. – Okay. – I made it special just for her. – Okay, here you go! (Fiona lapping) – [Rocky] Good girl! Precious? What's that? I'll give that to you. (uplifting music) Oh, there we go. – [Tye Friis] There it is! – [Rocky] It's the Snicker Doodles! Oh, that's a hit! Wow, they really love that puppuccino. The program at Puppuccinos
mean a lot to me because it reminds me of family. I wrote a song for this. What? You don't know the puppuccino song? – Oh! Let's do this! – It goes like this. (to the tune of "O Christmas
Tree") Oh puppuccino time, puppuccino time, oh how
I love your puppuccinos. – Oh… – It's the holiday version. I got her in the mood. – Oh yeah, look at that! Just need little holiday
music every so often.

– It's time to get the train rolling out. All aboard! I got some more treats to make! – Goodbye everybody! All right. It's gonna be
a lot harder this time. Slide the chair. – We're gonna decorate gingerbread people. I gotta get my outfit on. A lot of Christmas traditions
actually originated in Germany and Austria, so I thought, why not make one of the stops
for Kris Kringle in Germany? We're ready for Christmas! The good thing is, I have a whole bakery
team that can help me out. I've already got the cookies made, and I've got some green
yogurt and red yogurt. – Lower it. It's backwards. – Let's give 'em a smile. – Where's the train? – They're done with their town already. I'm gonna give this one a dress. Kelly's grabbing some green. Oh, well done! We're out of time.

Let's just do patterns. Keep going, keep going, keep going! The train is coming! Okay, we got 'em all? – [Blake] Yeah. – Ah, this is perfect! Waving, you're not waving! (foreign language) Fiona! – Why are you saying it
like, here is a golden dog? – (foreign language) Here you go. Oh, it's so gentle. She loves it. And you know what? I love her. And I have something really
exciting to tell all of you. There are a lot of dogs here
that need good loving homes. But you have some big news
about Fiona, am I right? – Yes, I do. – Okay. Please tell us. – Fiona is officially adopted. – Oh! Yay! (cheering and clapping) – Because of you guys
and the puppuccino video. – Oh man, that is so awesome! – They're fans of yours, they saw Fiona. – By the time you see this video, she will be with her new family. I'll put pictures and videos
at the end of this video, so stick around! Now you wanna hand out some
more gingerbread people – Yes!
– to the pups? – Yeah! – Three-legged husky. So gentle! Tango! Okay. Oh, okay, you're storing that one? – Hey, you wanna pick one? Yeah! – So a lot of you ask, hey, I wanna help.

I wanna be involved. Become a member. – Yep. – I don't know if I've been
clear enough about it before. Those funds allow us to help dogs. We're doing things with that. So you get to be a part of this. You get to be a part of a community. Sign up, be a part of what we're doing. We'd love to have you as a supporter. She's like, I'm ready,
let's spin around again. All aboard! – Bye! Okay, let's go. – Train's going around. I'm gonna change into my Hanukkah outfit.

(exciting music) – Ow!
– You okay? – Perfect. Let's see if we still
got the skills for… Oh! For these cookies, we sell 'em every holiday in the store. Boom, I'm done with my project! Oh, Hanukkah has seven
days of gift giving. So we gotta find some more gifts. Perfect. One, two, three, four, five, six! And then the treats are number seven. Let's go! Let's go to the holiday village. Come on, follow me. Happy Hanukkah! – I'm done! – Wow! I'll help you out, I'll help you out. Hold on.

Yeah it's coming
to raves, the whole thing. Alright, this challenge is a lot of fun! – I did it! – Let's all have squeakers, I love that. Happy Hanukkah!
(toys squeaking) Okay, Fiona! Oh, what's that? But you like the cookies, huh? Oh, good girl. Okay, we'll let you guys have that. Oh! Oh good doggy. That might be the first
toy Precious has ever had. Toy or treat? Oh it's a trade! So we've done the North Pole.
– Yes. – Christmas town in Germany. Hanukkah. Why don't we go someplace warm? All aboard! Say it, it feels good. – All aboard! It does feel good. – All aboard! (Rocky laughs) (train chugs) The toys were a hit for Hanukkah. I've gotta change! (dramatic music) – We're going somewhere tropical. Beach scene, sliders or burgers. Pre-made, these little sliders right here. – Ah! – Little holiday flamingo toys. Perfect! (shoe scraping) (dramatic music continues) (materials clattering) We just gotta beat the train. Right this way! I've got some sliders right here.

I've got some toys. And I love the Hawaiian
sample, look at that. This is your backdrop? Just frame it right here. It's coming. We should
fill this with water. Hurry, hurry! For the thirsty dogs. (tropical music) (Rocky snapping) – This is the Miami dance. It's the- And they're here. Hey! Last stop! We've got some burgers right here. Hey, that might be a
little big, huh? (laughs) You just lick 'em all? Okay. Is that the one? Okay, just the top? There you go. Which one, which one? That's the one? Okay. Yep, just the bun? Okay! Oh, there you go. Oh, yep. Got the cookie on that one? Why don't we dis-bark, (laughing) get some water and have
some fun. What do you say? Everybody off, let's go to Miami, come on! (Rocky groans) Let's go on vacation, you want some water? (bright music) There's a good girl! And I want you to do
something special for Fiona.

I want you to leave a comment
for her of love and support that her new family can read to her. I will make sure they
read every single one of those comments to this beautiful girl. – Oh look at that, right at home. (bright music) – She just came in last night. They found her in an abandoned home. But when they brought her in last night, she had three little puppies.

Look at these little puppies. (puppies whine) Aw, so sweet. So look, we have this
little one right here. Now these puppies are not even a day old. They don't even have their eyes open yet. But I need your help. I need a name for these
three little puppies and mama right here. 'Cause they don't have a name. They're two girls and
one little boy puppy. Look, they're so cute. All right, here's the deal. I'm gonna need your help
naming these puppies, so stick around to find out how. And I gotta tell you, the mom and her puppies,
the story gets even better. But first I'm gonna give you
the story on Empty the Shelter. So let's rewind and get this day started. (rewind noise) (uplifting music) – [Photo Taker] One, two, three! – Ring that bell! (everyone cheering, bells ringing) We're pulling up at Detroit
Animal Care and Control.

I have never been here before. Like most shelters, I have
heard that they need help. We're here! Oh, I'm so excited! I visit a lot of animal shelters and no two shelters are the same. Each one has their own unique
challenges and struggles. But Detroit, Detroit doesn't have it easy. The good news is, over the next couple days we'll
be doing Empty The Shelter so that we can help them get
as many dogs and cats adopted as possible, that's the goal. How are you? – Today's the day! – [Rocky] This is Cathy Bissell. She is the founder of the
Bissell Pet Foundation. – Here's the team! – What's up? How are you? The good news is her team came with her, so we have plenty of extra helping hands. Nice, warm weather. What's the plan? We have a whiteboard? Okay, here's the plan. Get all the animals adopted. (everyone cheers) We're gonna celebrate Christmas
with you and all the dogs. And we're gonna decorate and we have toys. Do we have toys, Cath? – [Cathy Bissell] Oh yeah.

– We've got toys for the dogs. I wanna see the shelter
first before we come in and decorate and see the animals, and just kind of get what
the real challenges are here, 'cause I think if we can discover that, that's how we can really
help get these pets into a loving home. I know it's easy to look at these kennels and quickly become overwhelmed. That's why I'm so happy that Cathy created Empty the Shelters, because this shelter and shelters across the nation are going to
have so many pets going home with their new families. When I look at these
dogs and their kennels, I see individuals, little personalities that are
ready to love and be loved. So I have to give a big thanks to Cathy because her program is
going to help send a lot of these dogs and cats
to their forever home. This dog right here is,
I thought it was a puppy. It's a mama. She's, she's had puppies, which is…

But she's not even a year, 14 months. – Right now we've got about 192. It usually fluctuates
between like 150 and 300. It's not 200 adoptable dogs.
– I see. – It's probably about a
hundred adoptable dogs. We've got ones who are being treated for upper respiratory
infection that we have in a separate section of the building. We've got ones who aren't
off stray hold yet, which are in that end of the building. They're waiting to see if their owners are
gonna come retrieve them.

– Yeah, I've got 30 cats. – [Shelter Employee 1] Yeah!
You wanna see the cats? – Yeah, is there a cat around? – We have Scrooge. Scrooge, there he- He's a very playful, playful dude. – That's a fitting name
for his time here, yeah. – And we have Orangesicle down here. – [Rocky] Okay! Hey George. Hi. – [Shelter Employee 2]
He's a sweet little kitten. – [Rocky] Hi George! – [Shelter Employee 2] And we
have Cranberry right there. – Your seasonal holiday names are amazing. I think we've come to the right place because Christmas is just
right around the corner and they're naming all
the cats holiday names, but they don't have any decorations up. It's hard! You know,
you're working all day, you're trying to save these
animals, help the community. You don't have time to
prepare for the holiday, so. You guys have already preloaded
the cars and everything. – We have! – A little Santa dog! That's awesome. – All right, so this is
where the pressure starts to build a little bit because
the shelter is now open.

We've gotta get this place decorated. But this is the moment where
we meet this mom who was found in an abandoned home
with her little puppies. Because as you can imagine, it's really hard for a mama and puppies to live in a shelter. So right away we went live
and we asked everybody to share it, hoping that
somebody could help. Somebody that could step
in would do just that. Here's what I need from everybody. If you know anybody, let them know because we
have to get the word out. (funky music) You like your stocking? – Merry Christmas! – Thank you so much for adopting. You guys are a part of Empty
the Shelter, so thank you.

– You're welcome! – Thank you, really thank you. – So how did you come to select her? – Do we need this? – Yeah!
– Okay! – When you wanna adopt her-
(bell ringing) – Good work, good work. Good. All right, we need people
coming to the door. That starts. It's like
a trickle right now. All right, hand that to me again. Is this the shirt? – Empty the Shelters.

– Oh yeah! Okay, we're doing something really cool. I've got Kelly here helping me. We're gonna make something that I think is gonna blow everyone away. Have you ever had like a
cookie or a brownie in a mug? You pop it in the microwave. We're gonna make that but for dogs. We're gonna call them
muffin mugs for mutts. We've never tried this before. – Let's give it a whirl! – I'm a little concerned.

This is the employee
break room right here. We need to spruce it up a little bit. Oh, there it is, there we go! – Hey! – The base for these muffins are gonna be all dog-friendly ingredients. Things you find in your cupboard like apple sauce and
honey and blueberries. We're gonna use whole wheat. We've got some baking powder
'cause we need the product to actually rise in the microwave. Kelly's been helping
develop this recipe with me. You worked out the
measurements per mug, right? – Yep, we only have spoons here, so we're gonna do five
and a half spoonfuls, a third of a cup. – Vanilla, two heaping
tablespoons of apple sauce. Oh yeah. I don't know how this is gonna turn out! This is the real deal guys. This is how it works at shelters, when you're making treats
for dogs on the road. Three minutes, why not? Let's go for it. (upbeat jazz music) – It smells! I can't see it. – [Kelly] Just wait, just wait! (Rocky groans) – [Rocky] Two.

One. (microwave beeps) Look at that! That looks delicious. Yeah, let's get a little
peanut butter on there. Good work! I think you
were a little nervous. – Well… – I knew the whole time it
was gonna work just fine. I'm a pet chef. I never messed
up a dog treat in my life. – Mhm.
(Rocky laughs) – One thing really important
is if you make this at home, let it cool. It's gotta be nice and cool for the dogs. If you want this recipe, become a member. I put all of my recipes
in the member section and you're helping support our initiatives to help more pets in need.

So become a supporter,
it's a small monthly fee, but it gives back and you get
to be a part of a community. Ah they're really good!
That is really good. It's that peanut butter I think. Bring some spoons, come on. She's a little nervous with her puppies. Hey girl. Hi mom. Oh yeah. This is for you! She's hungry 'cause she's
got her little babies. Come here. Come here, sit. (dog lapping) (peaceful music) This is so good for her
'cause it'll give her the healthy nourishment that she needs to feed her little puppies.

(laughs) Good girl! Good girl. Girl! Look at that. It is cleaned out. That's a good girl. Just had to go put toys and stockings. Okay, how can I help? – The stockings are on the very car and- – Okay. Okay.
– I'll come with you! – Just like Christmas morning for you, the dogs get toys and
treats and warm blankets, and oh, it's gonna be fantastic. Wow, you guys got all these toys, huh? – Are you kidding? Meyer
donated everything. Everything. – Oh, that is awesome. Okay, come on, let's go!
– Okay! (upbeat music) – It's really coming together. Okay, look, we've got treats right there. So you're adopting Zigzag? – Yes, I am! – Ring that bell! (everyone cheering) (more cheering) – Throw this up for Maverick. Look at it. Look at that, that's gonna
be all yours, Maverick. All right, you're taking,
you're adopting Tyson? This is so cute, I can't
wait for these dogs to get to play with their toys. Oh, this is going to be so good! This is nice because the
dogs know they can feel it because the team knows, right? We're doing this for the
team and all the staff that work really hard here.

And when they see this and
they feel good about it, dogs can feel that energy and
then they feel good about it. Today, something very
special is happening. The world's tallest
dog gets to meet Santa. I know! I'm excited too! Here's the best part about it. Santa is going to grant Goliath's
wish to him: a new family. Oh, it gets me right here in the heart. I love the holidays! Santa's coming to town
and we have to get ready. Santa is coming to town. We have to make a space
that's perfect for him. I thought we'd model it after
his home in the North Pole.

I think I've got just the idea. (bright music) I know it doesn't look like
much now, but it's a start. For all of you who have been
following Goliath's story, I know you're gonna love this video. And if you're new here, welcome, subscribe, turn on notifications, and let me tell you
Goliath's story real quick. – Just so happened that a
family was backing up a U-Haul. The front gate of the
shelter, lifted it up and popped him out, and
they were turning him in. Nine years old, he was super emaciated, you could see all the way through. – [Rocky] Santa is really
busy this time of year, but when I told him Goliath's
story, he wanted to help. And he reminded me that
the holidays isn't just about helping one, but many. I agree! So, I came up with a plan
where we can get thousands of dogs and cats in loving
homes for the holidays, but I'm gonna need your help. So stick around so you can
find out how you can be a part of that.

Okay. This is no doubt my
favorite time of the year in the dog bakery. We get to make holiday cookies
for all of the puppers. Now, when I think of Santa
and what Santa wants, ooey gooey peanut butter
cookies with some milk. So what we're gonna do here, mix all the dry ingredients together. Take your wet ingredients
and throw 'em in a bowl here. Apple sauce, honey, peanut butter. Take our wet ingredients
here, fold 'em together. Get 'em all mixed up
with the dry ingredients. Put a little bit in
there, mix a little bit. Perfect. A little bit more. Gets a little sticky. I like to get in there with my hands. What's baking for your dog
without a little mess, right? Put a little flour down. Keep working that dough a little bit. Let's taste a little bit.

That's good cookie dough right there. Just scoop right outta
your dough right here. Give just a little space in between. Just get 'em in a nice
peanut butter shape there. Take a fork, put it in flour. These are the little details
that's really gonna sell it for Santa. I'm a little worried
we're not gonna be able to pull all this together
before Santa gets here. We need like holiday decorations. – We can do a chair, like a tree, maybe. – Fireplace? – Tree, fireplace, chair,
holiday decorations. We wanna go as big as Goliath. As big as you're thinking, even bigger. – I think we can do it. – (laughs) Okay! What is that? If you were Santa, would
you sit in that chair? – Yeah, you're right. Hold on.

– Better chair, better
chair. Santa is coming! What is that? Santa hand writes letters. This looks like he's at
a computer at a desk. – He can type letters. – Maybe he emails now. – This is a Santa chair. Kelly, you wanna try it now? – Ooh! (everyone laughs) I'm ready for a nap. – You can nap in January
when Santa's done. – Okay, okay.
– Let's go. – Oh! – Got the fireplace! – It's like for little kids.

– Got a backup plan. – I'm a little concerned
about this backup plan. What is this? That is a fireplace. Wow! This is the biggest production
we've done all year. But I know that it's worth it. (bright music) You smell that? That's
peanut butter cookies. Wow! That is a delicious-looking
peanut butter cookie. Let's give it a try.

Mm, that is so good. But there's one thing that
we need with this, hold on. Milk! This is actually goat milk and
it's really great for dogs. I think the dogs are gonna love this. These delicious peanut
butter cookies didn't happen by accident. And if you want the detailed
recipe, join the channel. You can join for as little
as 99 cents a month. It really helps so that we
can go help more animals. Tye's on his way with Goliath, they're gonna be here any minute! I've gotta get these
cookies in Santa's house because Santa is coming! Oh, all right, we're ready. We've got the cookies.
Tree, check. Chair, check. – [Blake] You're going in like that? – Like? Oh yeah. (laughs) What? I got it. Whoa! (laughs) Hey, now we are ready for Santa. Oh yeah. Let's test it out. Hey everybody, I'm Santa! Let's straighten that out a little bit.

We need the tree topper. The tree topper is what makes the tree. Who doesn't love a little
golden retriever tree topper? Finishing touch. Whoa! Perfect. Get warm by the fireplace. Oh, this is amazing, all these presents! Look at this train, just
goes around the tracks. What?! (train toots) I love it! But it doesn't
matter what I think. It matters what Santa thinks.

It matters what Goliath and Tye thinks. Tye's here right now, so
I'm gonna go grab Tye, and see if he thinks
it's Santa and Goliath. Ready? Santa is coming!
– (laughs) Oh my god. – Goliath, hi! Santa is coming! Hi. Santa is coming! Watch this. (hat sings Christmas song)
– Oh my God. He likes it. (Rocky laughs) – He loves it! I got one for you. Oh I love your holiday sweater, Goliath. (hat beeping) (second hat sings
different Christmas song) – (laughs) Oh my God!
(Rocky laughs) (O Christmas Tree plays) ♪ O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree ♪ ♪ Your leaves are so unchanging ♪ – Happy holidays! How's Goliath been? – Awesome. Gaining a little bit of weight. – He's probably another 30
pounds since I've seen him. I can't wait to hear about his new family. Santa's on his way, so we
don't have a lot of time. – Okay.
– We've built this Santa room, but I want you to give the
final thumbs up on it and see if it's good enough for Goliath and good enough for Santa.

– Deal. – Come on, let's go right this way. – I'll be right back! – [Rocky] This is for Goliath. – (laughs) Oh, that's amazing. Especially with Hawaiian Santa over there. – Yeah! Goliath could just
lay here and warm by the fire. – Dog cookies? – Or reindeers.
– Ah, okay. – But I gotta know, for Goliath
and Santa, is this perfect? – Amazing. But this?
– What? – You gotta change this. – What, this outfit? I put a lot of elffort into this! (Tye exhales heavily) Okay.
– Much better! – This is it! It's time
for you to spill the beans. Who is adopting Goliath?
You gotta tell us. – I am.
– No, what, you? – Yeah. Can't let him go. The past dog that I adopted, Curtis, he left such a big hole in my heart. Luckily, Goliath is huge
and he filled it, so.

– Oh my- Come here man!
– Thank you. – Oh man! – When Goliath started coming out, he'd keep coming around
to me every single time. – He is so attached to you.
– Yeah. – But he doesn't know yet. – No, he doesn't know it yet. – Oh my goodness! Okay, we
should go grab Goliath, and- (bells jingle) You hear that? – I think I do.

– Oh, Santa is here! Okay,
we gotta clear this space. Come on, let's go, let's go, come on, Santa is coming, Santa's coming! (anticipatory music) – Oh, hello there Goliath! Good boy, sitting on Santa's lap! My, Goliath, what a big boy you are! What's that? You want
some treats and toys? Oh ho ho! Would you like to try a cookie? (gasps) Oh my goodness,
Goliath, I'm so glad to see you. And I know what you would really love.

That new forever home, wouldn't you? Santa will see what he can do for you. You're gonna have a merry
Christmas this year, and you're on Santa's nice list! We'll get you a nice home! – [Rocky] There's something
so magical about the holiday, and you have to think that after everything
Goliath's been through, he's hoping from the bottom of his heart that Tye is going to be his new dad. The good news is, it's that time. Let's watch Goliath get
his one true holiday wish. – I have a wonderful surprise for you! Oh, there you go! Ho ho ho! There's your new forever home. Hopefully we can find
more dogs just like you a wonderful loving home! – This my Christmas present? Oh yeah! Oh, you want the cookie? – Oh, Merry Christmas to you Goliath.

You are on my nice list. Santa's so proud of you! – Does he know?
– Yup. – He knows! Oh, good boy! Oh, that's a good boy! Oh, hey Santa, hi! – Oh, I dropped my bag! – Yeah, here you go! – I have a present in there big enough for a boy like Goliath! – Oh, it's a giant dog
toy, Goliath! Oh, wow! He's sitting on his toy. Okay guys, he knows.
Come on in, come on in! (everyone cheering) Happy holidays! – [Kelly] Good job, Tye! – [Rocky] Yeah, good job Tye! Oh.

(laughs) – Think this might have just, Cason might've just jacked this. – Cason? – What is that? Cason? Oh! Cason, you have sharp teeth! (country Christmas song) – [Rocky] When I think about all the dogs in shelters this Christmas,
it breaks my heart, because dogs are the definition of giving. They give and give and give. And the true meaning of
Christmas is all about giving. That's why this year, I've
decided to give a pack of rescue dogs their first Christmas ever. But this isn't gonna be an easy task, because dog shelters and
rescues aren't set up for Christmas. So I'm gonna have to
bring Christmas to them. I'm Rocky Kanaka and this year, I'm bringing some rescue dogs
their first Christmas ever. ♪ Gaze upon the sky ♪ ♪ Christmas on my mind ♪ Every year, our dogs get Christmas, – Mhm. – but dogs at shelters across
North America don't get to spend Christmas with their families. – No, they don't. – And so we got the tree,
we decorated the tree.

I mean, we put up Christmas stockings just like you would at your house. – [Zach Skow] Mhm. – [Rocky] Do you do Christmas stockings? – [Zach] Of course I do, yeah. – Yeah. What a silly question. – Yeah. – Bow's going on the tree! If you think about the dogs out there that have never had Christmas, they don't get the experience of all the wrapping
paper flying everywhere or them getting a present,
or Christmas cookies. – Christmas really is a family experience. The dogs in my house love
Christmas just like the people in my house love Christmas. They're always there ripping up, you know, wrapping paper and peeing
on new stuff and loving it, so why not involve the dogs? And why not have it
really just be an idea, that we can all watch,
that we can all get behind, and we can all enjoy, to watch
dogs experience Christmas.

You know, it doesn't
have to be anything more than just watching some
down on their luck animals enjoy something special for themselves. – So here's what we're
gonna do, here's the plan. The dogs right now, they're lining up, just like Christmas when I was growing up. Like, we'd all line up in the hallway- – [Zach] It's like
Christmas at the orphanage. – [Rocky] Yeah! (laughs) And then we run around the
corner and it's Christmas. So all the dogs are out there. They've been lined up and they're getting dressed up right now. We've got anywhere from
Santa hats to elf hats to even Christmas PJs. – Yeah. – And so- – I'm not convinced that all of them have been good all year, but we're gonna let it
slide this one time- – (laughs) This one day. – and give 'em all presents. – Let's have these dogs come in here and let's celebrate Christmas. – Ho ho ho, Marley Christmas. – Marley Christmas. Okay, are you guys ready? – Yeah! – [Rocky] Okay, hold on, let me come out and take a look at these guys.

Okay Bentley, your hat
matches your cast buddy! – Hungry little puppy. – [Rocky] (laughs) Awesome. Oh, wow. – Look at you!
– Oh, look at that. Okay, well, and then Hooch has
his holiday slobber scarf on. Come on in! (country Christmas music) Come here! Hey there Titan! (toy rattles) Oh! (laughs) Oh my goodness. This little puppers
right here, he's Cason, and he's brand new. I mean, in life, but also, he just came to Marley's Mutts yesterday. And while he's been
through some pretty big ups and downs right outta the gate, he made it just in time for
his very first Christmas. – [Rescue Volunteer] Come
here. Come here. Come to Mommy! – [Rocky] And that- That's Noel. Noel came to the rescue
after being abandoned, hit by a car, and in
desperate need of surgery. And while her two front
legs couldn't be saved, it's heartwarming to know that the whole community came
together this holiday season to donate the funds for the surgery that she desperately needed.

And I think the name
Noel is really fitting for this Christmas. We had to include everybody. – Yay! – [Rocky] This is Bentley. And he wanted to be an elf for Christmas. In fact, so much so that
he specifically asked that his hat match his cast. (chuckles) Okay Bentley,
we can do that for you. Bentley's story is just starting. Zach and Robbie from
Marley's Mutts happened to be at the shelter. Found out that he was on the 24-hour list, and snatched him up so that this could be his first Christmas, and
his second chance on life.

We did everything we could to
get him everything he wanted. And right now, there's only one thing left
on his Christmas wishlist. And that is a forever home. And look at Titan sporting his new jacket that he just got for Christmas. And this jacket is awesome
because it represents a lot more than just covering up some of his wounds that he got from abuse while he heals. – [Rescue Volunteer]
Titan! Oh yeah, buddy! Come here, I know you know that sound! Aw, what is that? (gasps) (toy squeaks) There you go! – [Rocky] Just like Hooch before Titan, that came to the rescue after being abused and being found without a tongue, he's now loved. They're all now loved. And they're a part of something bigger. A part of people who
say, we'll fight for you. We'll be there for you no matter what, so that you can have a
Christmas with a loving family, year after year after year.

(festive music) – You got a squeaky there.
(toy squeaks) (present shakes) – Oh boy, it's Puppuccino! If she doesn't eat it, then
she can use it as a pillow. – [Rocky] Oh, and I almost forgot! Santa didn't eat the
cookies we left out for him. I guess he was onto us
that they're dog cookies. But I think Santa would still
keep me on the nice list. And that means I would get one wish. And my wish for this holiday season is that every pet out there
finds a loving home.

And that you and your family
have a very merry Christmas. (The Wonders of Light by Snow Dept. plays) ♪ The wonders alive got
the prettiest sight ♪ ♪ For everyone to enjoy ♪ ♪ Standing up close by
the Christmas tree ♪ – Okay. Three, two, one. – Ho ho ho! Marley Christmas! – Let's go meet Grandpa Stew. Okay but first I gotta tell
you Stewart's backstory, it's a heartbreaker.

Someone had him in the
back of their pickup truck, swung by the shelter
and just discarded him like he was trash. And what's worse is there's serious signs of neglect and abuse. The horrible matting
on his fur coat is some of the worst I've ever seen. And it's painful for a dog. Look, this is the shelter just trying to give him some relief
and shave him down. ♪ Gaze upon the sky ♪ ♪ Christmas on my mind ♪ You know, I can't even begin to understand how someone would just
discard a dog like this, just because they're a
senior and they're old, when that dog has given them nothing but unconditional love their entire life.

And it doesn't even end there. The vet found BBs inside Stewart's body. Because of the painful
arthritis in his hips and everything else that
was going on with Stewart, and the shelter doesn't have
a way to facilitate a dog in these conditions, unfortunately, a timeline
for Stewart was set. But with only hours left, my
friend Larissa spotted him. Her and her group of friends rallied, and they found a temporary foster, and an organization called A
Purposeful Rescue that said, we'll cover all his costs. And thank goodness, because as soon as they took
Stewart out into the yard, you could tell he had more life to live. When I saw all of this,
I knew I had to help. But the real tipping point
was when my friend Larissa, who's a pet rescue expert
on the show Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel,
she sent me a video and then I just, I knew
I had to do something.

Okay, so I thought what I'd do, is I get into my bakery
and I get suited up. I don't think you're the real deal until you have your apron
and your hat on. (laughs) But I thought I'd get in my dog bakery and make up some treats for Stewart. So I've got everything laid out. Check this out. Look at this. All right, so we've got, I've got all my ingredients like cinnamon and honey and ginger, and you can probably guess what ginger and cinnamon would be for, all our gingerbread people. So I'm making all these holiday cookies. I'm gonna mix everything
up. I'm rolling it out. I mean, I'm going full out
because a dog like Stewart and everything he's been through, I don't want him just to have cookies. I want him to have
cookies baked with love. (upbeat music) I dunno, I'm just really, really excited. I've got, look, I've got Flip
here, helping me bake today.

And we've got these cool cookie cutters. Smell that? Check it out. Flip approved. Every dog deserves to be loved. And baking love into holiday cookies, I think is a great way to show that. ♪ A very merry Christmas ♪ ♪ We'll have this year ♪ My guy Flip here has been a great helper and I think he should get to
taste test the first cookie.

You ready buddy? There you go! ♪ Every day ♪ So gentle, good boy. ♪ Is a happy holiday ♪ ♪ A very merry Christmas to you ♪ (Flip crunches the treats) Okay, and Zoe, you're
being so patient over here. A little smaller one. ♪ Very merry Christmas I keep so near ♪ All the cookies are baked, they're fresh, I've let 'em cool. I'm gonna pack these up and
we're gonna get these over to Stewart so that he can have his first ever holiday cookie. There he is, look he's got a wagon. So cool. Hi!
– Hi! – I'm Rocky.
– I'm Laura, nice to meet you. – Laura, nice to meet you. – Come on, Grandpa Stew! – Is this Stewart? – This is Grandpa Stewart. – Grandpa Stewart. – He has a mind of his own. (The Wonders of Light by Snow Dept. plays) ♪ The wonders alive got
the prettiest sight ♪ ♪ For everyone to enjoy ♪ ♪ Standing up close by
the Christmas tree ♪ ♪ Glimmering light, I am
right where I wanna be ♪ – So apparently Chows' pads
can get really tender, and- – [Rocky] Okay.

How did you get involved
with the Purposeful Rescue? – Oh gosh. I got involved with the Purposeful Rescue with my first little rescue named Oprah. – [Rocky] Okay. A lot of people tell me, well, I couldn't foster because I'd
be so sad when the dog leaves. – Right, but it's really
rewarding, like having that dog, seeing them come from like the shelter pet and then watching them
transform into like, decompress, and like know
what the good life is, and- – Well, and like you've heard me say, it's not always about you, (laughs) right? It's about the dog. So that's why you do it. But like you said, it's very rewarding. – Yeah! – When you go through that process. – Absolutely. Just seeing, you know,
from start to finish, as a foster parent is like one of the most rewarding
things I think you can do. – What I love about him is, you know, who knows if anyone
ever took him on a walk? And so just Laura having
him out here today, this could be a dream come true for him.

This is what he loves, and he's getting to do what he loves now. You know, he might be 10,
15 years old, who knows? He's looking like he's 25 years old, (laughs) but now he's living his life. (Stewart woofs) You talking about it? You
ready for some treats? I mean, look at that face. Hit that thumbs up button if you think this guy is really cute. Hey, if you're new here
and you love rescue dogs like Grandpa Stewart as much as I do, make sure you subscribe
and turn on notifications. The thing about senior dogs is they just have so much love to give.

And Grandpa Stew here is
a perfect example of that. And to think, you know, for me, the holidays really mean family, right? And Stewart, he didn't have a family. Now, the fact that A
Purposeful Rescue jumped in, Laura, his temporary
foster mom right now said, hey, I'll help until we can
get him to a long-term foster. It just warms my heart. But what's really cool is now
we get to spend the holidays with him. So buddy, I have a whole
bag of goodies for you here. We baked all the fresh baked
cookies, and in just a minute, I'm gonna give him his
first ever holiday cookie. Now I know what you're thinking.

Like, well how do you know
he hasn't had cookies before? And I don't know, maybe he
has, but based off his history, the fact that he's got
BB gun pellets in him, the fact that someone
just dumped him and said, you know what? He's too
old. We're done with him. There's no way that he was
getting treats and cookies and things like that. Just a couple days ago, he
was a homeless senior dog, and now he's gonna get his
first ever holiday dog cookie.

I have a bunch of stuff for him. I don't know yet. I don't
know yet if he likes toys. I don't know. (toy squeaks) You like squeakers? What is that? (laughs) We've got tennis balls. Now I don't know, I don't know if you'll be
chasing after a tennis ball, but we can, you know. He may not have ever had
someone play fetch with him. So got all these holiday cookies here. Here you go, buddy. Happy holidays. (Stewart crunches cookie) No doubt, my jerky strips,
no dog ever passes these up. Oh yeah! (laughs) There we go. Good boy. Good boy.

Okay, you want some more?
Okay, yeah! (laughs) (hopeful music) I am not as festive as I should be, so I think we can fix that. (laughs) Get it? Bah humbug
but it's baaah humbug! I feel like there's still
one more thing that I could- (Rocky snaps) (laughs) There we go. Now I have my baker's hat on,
I have my holiday sweater on. I've got the holiday cookies here.

I mean, look at these things. This guy's even got little trousers on! First we're gonna take
all of the dry ingredients and we're gonna mix those together. I'm starting with oat flour,
rice flour, potato starch. Of course, the namesake of
this holiday cookie, ginger. The key ingredients for
gingerbread people: cinnamon. Now there's no sugar in this cinnamon. I know when we think of cinnamon a lot, we think cinnamon and sugar, but dogs actually really love cinnamon. And as long as it
doesn't have sugar in it, it's good for them, just
like it's good for us. Just mix it all together, make
sure it's well-incorporated. You don't want any strong chunks of ginger or cinnamon anywhere in a
certain spot in the cookie. So mix it all up. And then let's go to our wet ingredients and we're gonna mix all of
those and put them in a bowl.

So I've got a farm fresh egg, honey, which is a natural
sweetener, apple sauce. Make sure you get the
unsweetened apple sauce so that it doesn't have any sugar. The less refined added sugar
we can include in these treats, the better it's gonna be for your dog. Molasses, oil, and water. Okay, grab a whisk, mix it up, make sure it's all mixed in really nice, because then we're gonna
take the wet ingredients and we're gonna pour it
into the dry ingredients. That's my helper, Flip. He's got this down pat, don't you buddy? You got this down pat. After you've poured the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients,
go ahead and fold it in.

Just keep folding it and folding it. And then you know what? What I like to do is just
get your hands in there and just work the dough. Just take the dough as soon
as you've got it complete, wrap it in some saran wrap. Throw it in the fridge, let it
set for at least 20 minutes. If you can, an hour. Go ahead and preset your oven to 325. What am I going to do for
20 minutes to an hour? – [Kelly] Play with the pups! – I like where your head's at! (energetic rock music) Yeah! (laughs) Good boy! The dough is cool, so you should be able to just roll it out. If you're having a hard
time with the dough and it's still sticking to the
roller, grab some saran wrap, throw it over the dough, and
then you can roll it out. Okay, we've got our dough rolled out, and then from here it is smooth sailing. You grab your gingerbread
man, woman, person, you cut out all of the
dough that you possibly can.

Next step, line the pan with
a piece of parchment paper. You can place them pretty
close together too, because they're not going to expand. So let's put these bad boys in the oven. Let 'em bake for 20 minutes. Okay, two of the most important
things I'm gonna tell you in this entire video. One: make sure these cookies cool longer than you'd let them cool for yourself. Two: moderation. Don't let your dog eat an
entire sheet of cookies. Now for the fun part,
it is time to decorate! The decorations that look like chocolate on these cookies are actually carrot. And I know everyone in the
comments is gonna be like, dogs can't eat chocolate! No, it's not chocolate, it's carrot.

Oh, and I almost forgot
the key ingredient! The most important part
of this entire recipe. You're gonna need at least
one good pupper or doggo to taste test your
delicious holiday cookies. (festive music).

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