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Stranger Things 4 | Kiss, Marry, Kill | Netflix


We are gonna play a PG-rated version of a classic party game, just to see where everyone stands. It's called "Kiss, Marry, Kill." We're gonna go down the line. All right. Joe. Kiss, marry, kill: Demodogs, Demobats, the Demogorgon. Which Demo? Well, kiss for any of them would be terrible. So marry, who's the best one to marry? – Come on. Yeah. – Maybe the Demogorgon. He's a human. Yeah. Ish. Form. That's marry.

Kiss, kill. Marry, kiss… Kill the bats. Marry- kiss the dog. – Yeah. – Still a dog. -Wow, this is messed up. -I mean, it's okay. Everyone kisses their dog. Or let's them… -Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's cool. Maya. Kiss, marry, kill: D'Artagnan, the Mind Flayer, Billy from Season four. Don't kill Billy again. -Kill that Flayer. Not gonna, no I'm definitely… I'm definitely kissing Billy. -Okay. -Season four. I'm definitely… I mean, I don't wanna… I mean I think I'd kill the Flayer, no? Kinda would be amazing to marry the Mind Flayer. Now that I think about it, I'm marrying the Mind Flayer.

Great. You can guys can go on double dates with the Demogorgon, we got the Mind Flayer. -That is hot. -That's great. No, we just could have a very intense mental connection. That's what I'm saying. Yeah. The Mind Flayer would be like, linked. -You could get really linked. -Yeah. What if the Mind Flayer loved you? That'd be great. -Like that could be amazing! -Powerful. You'd feel so safe. -Powerful. -You'd feel so held. -Yeah. -Powerful. Mentally. Mentally held. -Okay Joe. Kiss, marry, kill: Murray Bauman, Victor Creel, or Vecna. Ooh… Gotta marry Murray, I think. Yeah. Kill Victor Creel. -Wow. -And then what's the next one? -You're gonna kiss Vecna? You sure about that answer? -I mean, he's beautiful.

-Have you seen Jamie? -Have you seen Jamie? -Okay. Yeah. All right. Listen, no judgment.


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