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I just found a spiral 
staircase mod for The Sims 4. I was just browsing Twitter this morning 
and I found this tweet only posted like,   half an hour ago, introducing 
this spiral staircases mod. You can kind of see in this video, but it looks 
like they've made functional spiral staircases. I can't wrap my head around this, I didn't 
think it was possible in The Sims 4. They posted this big frequently asked 
questions page on their Patreon kind of   explaining how it works and what it does 
and what the problems it's having are. Because obviously it's only in early access,   it literally just came out so there's 
still some bugs they're facing. So they basically made these spiral staircases 
that completely function like normal. You can even stack them like in this GIF 
so you can go up multiple floors and stuff. We honestly have a pretty cool 
stair system in The Sims 4 already,   but I've been wanting spiral 
staircases for so long. Right now by default we have just 
these sort of plain flat stairs,   but you can kind of configure them 
into a lot of different directions.

Uou can sort of adjust them whatever way you want,   I mean there's a lot of room for 
creativity with the stairs in this game. And compared to other Sims games, this is huge. I don't know how many of you were 
around when they first announced this,   but I literally cried when they first 
showed this because I was so excited. Like, there were actual tears in my eyes, 
I was so overjoyed by this stair update. Because before they were just plain, 
just flat, you couldn't do anything,   but back in the older Sims games, 
we also had spiral staircase items. I just googled this to show you a 
picture, but they looked like this. But you can see, it was only two 
by two so it was quite small and   it fit really well into a lot of 
smaller spaces because of that.

And they're also great 
because they were stackable,   I mean these spiral stairs were so good. I used to use them all the time. I've always kind 
of had like a fascination with spiral staircases. I guess to me they seem like, really 
fancy and that's why I like them. Although maybe in real life this is not 
for me, like the holes in the stairs just   kind of scream tripping hazard and we all 
know that I am very clumsy and not safe. But they look very cool and so 
I'm really excited about this mod.

Honestly I didn't even think it 
was possible in The Sims 4 so   I am extremely impressed by this mod 
and I haven't even downloaded it yet. Let me close my game really 
fast so that I can download it. This one should just install like any other 
script mod ,so you just drop those in your   mods folder and make sure that you've got 
script mods enabled in your game settings.

Let me just grab a tester sim really fast so 
that we can actually play around with this. I think Stanley will do. Okay, I grabbed 
Stanley so he can help us test this one   out and to find them you search spiral 
in the build mode category and then you   find the spiral staircase cut out 
and also these spiral staircases. We've got two options.

I think 
I'll just build a little house   here so that we can make Stanley try and climb it. I'm also going to turn move objects off just in   case because I'm not trying 
to like, mess anything up. And then we put the spiral staircase there, and 
I guess we can just stack it, right? Like that? Did I rotate those wrong? I might 
have rotated them wrong, hang on. Let me put some lights so I 
can actually see this better. Uh yeah, I did rotate those wrong. Okay, you want it to line up like this obviously   so that your Sims can get up into 
the landing and then go back up. What you don't want to do is have a gap 
in the floor where they can't stand. Okay, our ginormous spiral staircase is built,   unfortunately he needs a door as well 
because otherwise he can't get in here. Stanley, would you like to climb 
some stairs my little friend? Come on buddy, you can do it.

Oh my god. It's animated really well too. 
Wow, look at that! Okay, go again. This time do two levels. Come on buddy, you can — 
oh, stop complaining about the heat, you're fine. Go, climb. Up, up, up, up, look at him go! 
Oh my god. Why am I so excited about this? He does, he keeps going! There's obviously a couple small issues 
with this because it's in early access,   it's not done yet, there's still 
some bugs they're trying to work out. So for example, only the shortest wall 
height is visually supported right now,   but it sounds like it'll still work on all wall 
heights, it just won't look right just yet.

I'm actually gonna test that quickly and 
see if he can get up there like this. I think it should work, but we'll find out. 
Oh, it does work, it just doesn't look right   just yet obviously because there's like, a hole 
and stuff and he kind of floats up at the top. They were saying in their little FAQ that 
they can't really change this to be like,   dynamic, like how other stairs are. So you know how the regular stairs will like,   automatically adjust to the wall height 
depending on what you change it to? They were explaining how they can't change the 
spiral to be dynamic, but they are gonna make like   a short, medium, and tall version separately, they 
just only have the short version done right now. Think of it kind of like how there's 
different wall heights for curtains,   like the curtains don't automatically adjust, 
you have to just grab the different heights. Same thing for these stairs, they 
just haven't finished them yet.

They're also a little bit different 
because they work like items instead   of like a staircase, it isn't 
like a separate build feature,   it's more of like a furniture piece so you 
can put it in your inventory and stuff. I kind of want to test with other age 
groups right now because they said in   their little description that all of the 
age groups except toddlers have animations. They're still working on toddler animations 
right now so they'll just teleport. They also said that pets won't 
teleport so the pets kind of   need some work still, but I want to test it out. I actually could not express to 
you how impressed I am by this. I know I keep saying that, but 
like, this is just so cool. I can't believe they managed to do this,   like I honestly can't believe 
they pulled it off like this.

Okay, so obviously Stanley, adults, elders, 
everyone else is gonna be animated, right,   but it looks like the toddlers are just 
gonna teleport, whatever that means. So I'm gonna find out. Come on 
Thalia, you can do it, you can do it. Oh yeah, they did. Honestly, maybe that's better. You know how slow they are 
at going upstairs? Maybe if   toddlers just teleported, 
our lives would be easier. Watch this, watch this. Boom. Easy. But they are gonna fix that, they 
are gonna give toddlers an animation,   they just haven't finished it yet, 
but maybe I like it better without it. I'm just saying. Maybe it's like a nice speed run 
tactic is to just have toddlers teleport upstairs. Okay, and I guess it doesn't work with pets 
then, like the pets won't teleport even.

They said pets do not have any animations and do   not teleport. Teleporting will come 
soon in an update and then replaced   with animations at a later date like 
toddlers, that makes perfect sense. I mean, I personally wouldn't 
prioritize the pet animations,   right, like there's other things 
to work on so we can wait,   I will gladly accept this spiral staircase 
gift in the meantime because this is so cool. The other kind of weird slight bug 
is that when you delete the stairs   it doesn't delete the cutout with it so you 
got to do that separately, but that's like,   no big deal, right, you can just do the 
two separate, like it's not a big problem.

I'm actually really excited about having 
two variations of these right now as well,   it's fun to have like, the wooden 
version and the metal version. And they each have a couple really nice   swatches, those are like, super easy 
to fit into your houses and stuff. This is making me want to build 
like, a super cool like, tall,   skinny, industrial apartment, right, 
like this staircase is perfect for that. I mean, just in general this is like, perfect 
for smaller spaces because sometimes you don't   want to have like, a ladder to get you 
upstairs, so I want something small,   I want it to be skinny, but I also want it to be 
like, a little bit more fancy than just a ladder. And this is so good to fill that void. Especially   if you build a lot of tiny houses and 
things, I mean this is just perfect. I keep having Stanley go like, up and down 
the stairs because I'm so impressed by this. I just didn't think it was possible in The Sims 4. I guess mostly because after we got the 
stair update and we didn't get spiral stairs,   I kind of just figured oh, it's not gonna happen.

And obviously this isn't like, official, it's a 
mod, but I mean I just figured when we got this,   that was gonna be it and we wouldn't get anything 
else, so I'm really excited about this mod. I'm so, so impressed. So like I had mentioned, this mod 
is actually in early access so   it's not available for free to download just yet. So if you want to download 
it today, like right now,   you can get it off their Patreon 
which I will link down below. Otherwise it comes out completely on October 
17th. Of course I'm gonna link their Patreon,   their Twitter, the download, all of that 
down below if you want to go check it out.

Let me know if we should do a 
build using these because I am   feeling really inspired to do some 
spiral staircase builds right now. Modders just consistently blow 
me away with their talent. I just can't believe they did this,   I mean my little brain doesn't know anything 
about modding so to me, this is like magic. These are miracle workers that 
are making these things happen,   so if you want to support them, again 
their stuff is all linked down below. If you like mods and mod videos like this 
for The Sims 4, I do a bunch of these. I actually just did one about 
the color picker mod. With it,   you can change the swatch of literally 
anything to any color, like using hex codes. It is so cool so I'll link that 
video down below too, but with that,   I'm gonna cut this video right here 
so thank you all so much for watching. Have the best rest of your day, and 
I'm gonna catch you all tomorrow, okay? Bye everybody. Oh my goodness, this could not 
have come at a better time. I'm currently trying to pre-record in 
case I lose power from a hurricane and   I am so glad this mod released 
now so that I could test it out.


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