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Spending 24 Hours in a Dog Shelter! Challenge ( update dog now fostered At Home )


(upbeat music) – Today I'm gonna be spending
24 hours in a dog shelter. It's not gonna be an
easy challenge, I know, but there's actually a
really important reason that I'm doing this. So I heard about this dog,
Coco, that hasn't been adopted yet and when I heard his story and saw pictures of him, I
knew I had to get involved. And I thought if I was gonna stay here, why not completely transform this space, kind of a DIY home
makeover, make the interior like a tiny home, but
right here at the shelter? And sleeping in a shelter overnight and completely converting
this space before dark isn't gonna be easy, so I'm gonna bring in someone that I know can
help me get the job done. Great, good entry. – Hey. – My wife, my lovely wife, Kelly.
– Hey! – Even pregnant, I know
that she can step up and help me get the job done. – Yep. – That didn't sound very confident. – That's okay, we're gonna do it.

– Okay. And you know what? Transforming a space like
this in a matter of hours isn't gonna be cheap either. So that's why I wanna say
thanks to our sponsor, Vessi Footwear, and I'm
really excited to say that they're gonna actually do a donation matching program, more on that later and how you can get involved, but first. I think we gotta start coming up with how we're gonna transform this space.

– Let's do it. – And we gotta go meet Coco. – Okay. – All right, let's go. Let's go, are you goin'… (laughing) We filmed this video a couple of weeks ago and since then, the Maui Humane Society, like a lot of shelters across the nation have had to close their
doors to the public. So I think this video couldn't have come at a more important time.

Okay, we're about to meet
this little man right here, Coco, to see how we can help. (upbeat music) We're gonna spend the whole night together and this is a really good sign right here. This makes me really happy. I don't know how a dog
like Coco isn't adopted just in an instant. I think he likes you. – Yeah? All right, let's load
him up and take him home! (laughing)
– No! Wow, now that I've met
Coco, I am even more determined to transform
that space and to also come up with a plan for
him so that after tonight, he never has to live in a shelter again. All right, the clock is
ticking on this challenge, so we are getting started
by heading to the store. – Okay, so you know the plan? You got it all figured out? – Yes. But I'm a little worried about what we can actually fit in the space. – Do you know the size? – Yeah, 10 by seven by four. – Are you sure? – (laughs) I think, I
measured it with my foot, which my foot is about a foot.

– Super accurate. Maybe we get measuring tape first thing. – Okay, first purchase, measuring tape. The Maui Humane Society
does an excellent job caring for the animals
and this space right here is actually the space
that we'll be making over. And this kennel's size
and shape is similar to that of rescues and
shelters across the nation. Now outside of a bed,
a blanket, water bowl and food bowl, there's
not much in a kennel like this because it needs to serve a very specific purpose to keep the animals safe and it's meant to be cleaned and sanitized multiple times daily. Now the space we're working with right now is four foot by 10 foot,
so that's 40 square feet.

So while it's more than
adequate for any dogs staying here in the shelter,
it's definitely small if you're gonna try to build a tiny home. I've made a basic 3D rendering of this so that you can kind of see the space and so that we can try certain things out, like I don't know, putting a bed in there. Okay, we need a measuring tape– – Furniture.
– Yeah. If we get the measuring tape, then we can kind of figure out the size
of the furniture we need. Should we get one of those? – That's definitely not gonna fit. – That's not gonna fit, huh? Yeah, so we have to do
something different like, I think if we can do a futon or a couch or something that is like a
sit up and then a lay down.

Okay, as Kelly pointed
out, a bed is probably not gonna fit, and as you
can tell from this diagram, a bed definitely does not fit. So I'm thinking maybe
instead we do a couch, something like this. And if we're gonna have a couch in there, let's definitely have
some things like rugs, and we need storage for sure. We could do a bunk bed. Okay, the only problem
with this, 56 inches wide.

– [Kelly] 56 inches is too big. – Crap, I'm so close to having a bunk bed. – [Kelly] I know. – All right, let's keep looking. Oh yeah, yeah. – Storage, you could also use it as another table. – [Rocky] Do it, let's
throw that in there. Hold on, I'll throw it,
hold on pregnant lady. Whoa, wait! I could've got that for you. – It's all right. – Oh, hold this. I definitely need some of these. I found 'em, these are the winners. All right, now to the
measuring tape, let's go. This could be good, this could be kind of our dinner table if we need
it because it folds out, so living in a tiny home, you have to have everything really compact and I think this could do the trick.

Could we do like, almost
like sleeping in a chair sort of thing? – [Kelly] Do you wanna sleep in a chair? – I wouldn't mind for
a night, but I'd like to find a bed and I think that still takes up a lot of space. Oh, yes! This is really nice, right? – [Kelly] Yeah, it'll be comfy. – It's like that centerpiece, and the fact that it lays down too, could be perfect. My only concern are these arm rests. – [Kelly] Is there
another one without 'em? – Oh, oh, here! Ah, ah, look! This one, I don't know
how much this one is, but look, that could work. – [Kelly] All right, let's get that one. – Okay, yes.
– How are we gonna carry it? – I don't know, I don't know. These are all really good questions. – [Kelly] We will have to get a U-Haul. – We will figure it out.

That is so much stuff. – Hope it all fits. We don't have the couch yet. – Oh my goodness. (upbeat dance music) All right, we're getting
started with the setup. I have the rugs first. I think this is only appropriate to start. Look at that, aloha. I think we put the rug down first. Oh no. It doesn't fit. Did we measure it wrong? – [Kelly] I thought you
got the measuring tape.

– No, I thought you
got the measuring tape. – [Kelly] No, you were supposed
to get the measuring tape! – That's why we… That was the one thing we needed the most, was the measuring tape. Well who's fault is it
the rug doesn't fit? – [Kelly] You. – No, you. We're gonna make it fit. Okay, so we have the first rug down, but we didn't get a measuring tape. We definitely fell short by like, half the thing. So we've gotta go get another rug. While we were setting up the kennel, I passed my this guy right here, his name's Maurice and look at that smile. You wouldn't believe it,
but he's 10 years old, he's actually a senior
and so when I found out that it was bath time for him, I jumped in. I was like, I gotta help
because the volunteers at the Maui Humane Society, they, man, they're some of the
best group of volunteers and the staff there,
everyone works so hard to help these animals
and so I know we have a lot to do, but I also wanted to jump in and help and as you
can see, Maurice wasn't the biggest fan of it.

So I was moving fast, and
we were kinda making a mess. Okay, I just wanna point
something out here, most dogs don't like
baths, but when they're in a shelter, they're stressed out and a bath can be a really difficult time. It can get messy, but you
did see how my shoes got wet and so this is a perfect
opportunity to talk to you about Vessi Footwear and
how awesome these shoes are.

Now they're a sponsor of
this video and I love it because as you saw when
I was giving the bath, this shoe got wet and guess what? My foot is completely dry,
which is really awesome. They're waterproof, they're weatherproof. And I was worried that
they'd be kinda hot. If you've ever had a
pair of waterproof shoes, they get really hot. These things, really
breathable and I have owned a pair of these shoes before
Vessi ever came to me, so when they came to me
and wanted to sponsor the video and they wanna
do donation fundraising match, I thought, you know what? This is perfect. So for every dollar you
donate, they're gonna match that up to $5,000. – Did you tell 'em about the donation? – That's what I just
said, I just told 'em. – Oh, okay. I missed it. – We're excited, but
hey, she's got 'em too. I'm excited about these shoes, I'm excited about how Vessi said, "Hey,
we wanna help support." So go right now to
VessiFootwear.com/Rocky, and when you go there, make sure you enter promo code Rocky because
you'll get $25 off.

And when you buy a pair of these shoes, you're supporting a
company that helps support dog rescue and supports
me and what I'm doing. So go get a pair of Vessi shoes right now, VessiFootwear.com/Rocky. I'll also put a link
down in the description, so go click that right now. All the donations will go
to the Maui Humane Society, so hit that donation button. Let's prove to the Maui Humane Society just how awesome this
dog loving community is. Oh, and Maurice's bath
is over and he's back to his happy old self. – Go get it, Bubbas! Yeah, there he goes. You're so cute! He said, "I still play,
just like any kid, huh?" Oh, we love you. This is our storage space. – [Rocky] Our staging room, right? – Staging room. We have all of our stuff that's eventually gonna be in this kennel, we're getting it set up over there.

I feel like a lot of this stuff we should maybe put in after we go
back and get the futon. – [Rocky] We're already
running out of time. I mean, it's midday right now. So we should hustle. We'll go get the futon and then come back and put all the pieces in there. Okay, at this point we
are down to the wire. We're back at the store,
but it's a lot later in the day than we thought
and I want to make this so that Coco has no idea it's the shelter.

It should look like a room. – Yeah, like a tiny home. – Like a tiny home. Okay, let's go.
– All right, let's do it. (upbeat jazzy music) – Come on! (laughing) All right, we got
everything, but I'm worried we're not gonna have enough
time to put it together because we actually have an
orientation we're going to 'cause I will say, what's
really cool about this whole event is it's a slumber party, and so multiple people are all putting their whole kennels together. Okay, how's the decorating going? – Excellent!
– Yay! – So ready! – [Rocky] Okay, is there a theme in here? – Well, we have a little
beach scene going on.

Chair, I want my dog to feel relaxed and just day at the beach kind of thing. – [Rocky] Oh, yeah! – Don't look in the back,
the back is not decorated. – [Rocky] Well that's where
the ocean goes, right? – Well yes, yes. – So I can't wait to see
everyone else's kennel. I can't wait to meet everyone, but that orientation is
definitely gonna cut down on the amount of time we have
to pull this off for Coco. – Better step on it! – [Rocky] Okay, there it is. – Go ahead, assemble it. (laughing) – I'm a little concerned about this one because how can a couch fit in here? – [Kelly] How's it going? – I think it'll go together pretty quick, but it's all these little things that just add up and take a lot of time.

Putting a whole room together in what, eight, 10 hours? There's not a lot of time left. How are you? Give me that camera, I just wanna show everyone the behind the scenes here. How are you doing? – I'm good, I'm supervising. Let's pick up the pace here. – Oh, wow, wow. What? This is Jamie-Sue,
Jamie-Sue, walk me through your theme that you
have going on in there. – No, it's not quite set up yet. So I'll be sleeping on a cloud. – [Rocky] It looks so
soft, can I touch it? – [Jamie] Yes! – [Woman] Go ahead.

– [Rocky] That is really
satisfying right there. – [Woman] Wait til it glows. – That's gonna be like,
the most satisfying night at sea. (upbeat rock music) What side do I need,
this side or this side? I think Coco is gonna love this couch. Okay, but now what? – We got a lot of stuff. We have the ottoman,
we have a little table, we have all the decorations. Let's just start getting it and go. – Yeah, let's get it in here. I got you, let's go. We definitely figured out some key items that will fit in this
space, like the couch and the rug and the ottoman for storage. But what really makes a house a home, or in this case a tiny home, is a lot of the small
details like pictures and lighting and things
that can really show love and warm up a space.

So Kelly told me she's
actually working on something secret, so we're gonna
head back to the store one more time and get some final pieces. – All right, I got a couple of last minute finishing touch items
that I'm going to pick up and I think they're gonna be pretty cool. I'm excited to see 'em. Great, thank you! – [Rocky] I feel like you're
pretty excited about this. – Yeah. – [Rocky] All right, let's see it. Yes, Coco! Oh, that's so cool. – Okay, that's one of them. – [Rocky] All right, we've
got more, we've got more.

But wait, we gotta wait, we
gotta wait for the reveal to show everyone. – Okay, okay, okay, okay.
– Let's go. (upbeat music) This is coming down to the wire. We are losing our light fast. Still gotta put curtains
up, all the pictures. We have to get so much ready still before Coco sees it,
because when Coco comes in I want him to know that from now on, this is his home. I accept him as family. Okay, I'm a little worried
because it's getting– – Dark.
– It's starting to get dark already. – Well, we brought some
lights, so let's get that up and that'll help and then
we can get everything else in there. – [Rocky] All right,
we are behind schedule. – We got to go. – Go Key!
– Go! I got one more to put on
here, where should we put it? – [Rocky] I think right here,
look, there's kind of a spot right in this area. – [Kelly] Wow, looks pretty good in here.

– This in New York would go
for thousands of dollars. It's time, it's getting dark. I think we're ready for Coco. How do you feel about the space? – I'm excited. – My heart is beating really fast. Why don't we go get Coco and I'll walk him through and let's see what he thinks? – Okay, let's do it! – Hit that Like button if
you're as excited as I am for this big moment, the reveal, where we find out what Coco really thinks. Good boy, oh! Do you like the couch? (upbeat electronic music) ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ – [Kelly] What do you think? You think Coco likes it? – I think he is pretty happy. It's like he knows this is home. I'll never be in a shelter again, I'll always have a family.

I feel like a lot of people would think we're crazy for spending
the time, the money, the energy, the effort. I don't think so, I think it's worth it. I know a lot of you watching
think it's worth it. Vessi sponsoring us and
matching donation funds, all of you who have donated,
you know it's worth it for this little guy right
here to know that he's loved. What do you think? You look beaten. – I'm ready to go to bed. We got a couple more
things we still gotta do. – What? – I got something, are you ready? – [Rocky] Oh yeah, my Hawaiian shirt! What's that?
– And for Coco. – [Rocky] Oh, you got a
homemade shirt for Coco! – Yeah! – [Rocky] Oh, let's put 'em on! Aw, this is awesome! You ready for this? – [Kelly] Ready.

(upbeat Hawaiian music) Oh my gosh! (laughing) Coco, you're so handsome, look at you two! – Stylin' profilin'. – [Kelly] Hey! – Hey, hey! He's a little camera shy
when it comes to fashion. – [Kelly] I think we need
to make Coco some treats for being such a good boy.
– Yes, yes! You wanna treat? So I just wanna point out
that we did these prints of Coco, I mean last minute. We jumped on that. You were instrumental
in getting that done. – Yeah, that was fun. – We're gonna get Coco a family. We're gonna get him adopted. Until then, he is with us. We claimed him as our own. – Okay. – So much so, he lives in our hearts, but he also lives in history
in our family portraits. This is our family
portrait when we announced that we were having a baby. And look who was there, Coco! – Photoshop may or may
not have been involved in the making of this
family portrait with Coco.

But you know, details. – [Rocky] Props for your
Photoshop skills, man. Like last minute. I don't know how you pulled that off. – Yeah. I don't know, I got nothing. (laughing) – [Rocky] You don't know
how you pull it off either? – I don't know how I pulled it off either. It's getting late. – [Rocky] Hey, what do
you think it's gonna be like sleeping here? – For you, I imagine it'll be
a good snuggle time with Coco. For me, I'm probably
heading back to the hotel. – [Rocky] What? All right, fine, bye. Okay, it's treat time for
our little man right here. We're gonna make peanut
butter oatmeal no-bake little ball treats. You just eating oats? We can do better than that. He's on a health kick right now. Just pure steel cut oats. That's his go-to. It's a half cup of peanut butter, about a cup of oats. Some maple syrup, just a dab. Mix it up, then what you do is you take it and you put it in the Saran wrap and make little balls out of it. We'll put these in the coolers to cool and look, he's already going for it.

He's already having his treats. You don't have to roll 'em up
in little balls for this guy, he loves it. You can have anything you want, my man. Okay, the rest of the night
was just pretty much magical. I mean, we got in our
onesies, yes, our onesies. That's what you do at a slumber party. Oh, and I pulled up my YouTube channel and we watched some of the videos. I told him about the dogs that have been in positions like him before. We went on awesome adventures
and they eventually got a loving family and
were at a loving home. And I told him he was next, it's coming.

Eventually we started to fall asleep. It took him a little bit
longer because I don't think he wanted the fun to stop, but eventually as the lights went down and we fell asleep and I got the opportunity to comfort him. It's like he knew, he just
knew that from here on out, he was gonna be okay and that he was loved and all the work that we
put into it that night was so worth it just to
spend that time with him cuddling and reassuring
him that he was safe. (gentle piano music) It's like 2:00 a.m. right now. And he gets a little
scared 'cause of the wind so he wakes up ever so often.

I just kinda pet his
little head and get him to go back to sleep. He's one of the cute dogs
that loves to snuggle. (rooster crowing) (dogs barking) It's first thing in the morning
and time to make breakfast for little man. (rooster crowing) – [Kelly] How'd it go last night? – You know what, little
man did not wanna go to sleep for a while,
but it was really neat because I just kept comforting him and eventually he just went to sleep and it was really heartwarming
and a couple of times it got really windy and he got scared and then he looked to me for comfort and it was just neat to see
everything they go through and spend that time with
sweet little man Coco. And this morning the roosters
were even roostering. – [Kelly] What are you doing right now? – Oh, what is a sleepover
without pancakes? I'm mixing up the mix right there and I've got my little
portable right here.

– [Kelly] Here, are you gonna need this. – Yeah, thank you. Hey, here, let me see this real quick. Whoa! Tell me something, how
did you sleep last night? – I slept great. – [Rocky] Oh yeah? – Yeah. – [Rocky] The nice comfort of the hotel with the pillows and the– – Blankets and the air conditioning and shower, so. – [Rocky] It's rough
being pregnant isn't it? – Yeah, it is. – [Rocky] You know what though? You still did good. You did really hard work and you came here early this morning. Whoa, whoa, whoa! (laughing) That's all right, it's all right. Safe, safe. Oh, look at that, that's a hearty little pancake right there. Stack 'em high. Instead of IHOP, it's
like doggy hop right here. Maybe that's our next
restaurant video, doggy hop. Okay, I'm gonna do just a little bit of just pure maple syrup.

You gotta stick around
to watch him eat those. But first, I gotta tell you
something really exciting. We came up with a plan last night. This is Jamie-Sue, Coco's foster mom! – Hi!
– Yeah! So, slumber party last night,
a plan has been devised. You're gonna take Coco to San Francisco to a group that's going
to continue to foster him so we can get him adopted on the mainland. – Yes. – Okay, what is the group? – Every Pet's Dream. – Every Pet's Dream and
you can follow along just follow along on my Instagram. I'll be doing Insta stories and updates so that we can get Coco adopted. I'll put that down below,
go follow the updates. You're gonna send pics of the plane flight and everything right?
– Absolutely, yes, yes. – Guys, fosters rule
and fosters save lives, so thank you, seriously, for fostering. – I love it. – Yeah, and thanks for not
keeping us up all night. (laughing) – [Jamie] Do you want pancakes? Want your pancakes? Do you want your pancakes? – [Woman] Just wanted to let you know that the sweet boy Coco has arrived and he's doing great.

We just came back from a nice walk and he's dog friendly, he's super sweet. We would love to find
this great guy a home. So thank you so much for all you're doing to help dogs, but
especially for everything you've done to help Coco..

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