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Sizzik Machine Learning Family Battler All Mechanical Pets


this is actor feat syczyk using all mechanical pets for the machine learning part of the family Butler achievement your first pet is any level 25 mechanical pet with explored your second pet is an iron starlet with wind-up Power Ball and supercharged this one needs to have the serum or less health and your final pet which is little bling with the depletion extra plating and make it rien parce or anything for your first pet club will be your stunning pet and forcing your lowest health pet which should be your iron stylist with your starlet in the bottle just wind up the charge supercharged and then wind up the hit this should finish off clover once clover is defeated squirt endless start with Powerball squirt will use dive cuss windup the charge followed by supercharged and then wind up the hit and then use Powerball until squirt is defeated when squirt is defeated squeeze renders swaps treat your little bean start with extra plating followed by mega Tran and then inflation once inflation has finished custard on the mega Tran and then inflation this should be enough to finish off squeezer if your little thing is defeated use your explored pet to finish up the fight hope you found this video helpful thanks for watching

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