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Sizzik Element of Success Family Battler All Elemental Pets


this is a 20-feet syczyk is an all elemental pets for the element of success part of the family Butler achievement your first pet is an electrified razor tooth with rip blood in the water and devour your second pet is a corrupted blood with touch scorched earth and explored and your final pet is a tiny bog based this will need to have the same or more health than your corrupted blood with leap and run page start your ears or two and pass the first round clover will use stunning Peck and force in your lost health pet which should be your corrupted blood with your corrupted blood in the bottle start with scorched earth and then use in touch until clover is defeated once clubber is defeated squirt enters cast one whose touch then pass one round squirt will have use dive and be unattackable after divers hit cast scorched earth followed by explored after using explored bring in your tiny bog beast cast rampage the second round of rampage we'll finish off squirt and squeeze will enter and be hit by your final round of rampage once the rampage is finished cuts the leap until run page comes up cooldown [Music] once run pages of cool-down use it usually hit with one round of it before being defeated once your bog beast is defeated your razor tooth will enter the bottle cuss trip followed by blood in the water Rajeev our this should finish up the fight hope you found this video helpful thanks for watching

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