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Siyani Mega Ep 40 – [Eng Sub] – Anmol Baloch – Mohsin Abbas Haider – Saniya Shamshad – 8th Oct 2022


What is all this going on
I don’t understand? And they just not have
demanded for money, they have their eyes
on your property as well. Yes, and father I also
have told Yawar, I will die but I will not
do such demands. Child, why did you say this? Look, everyone
will get the rights but on time, no one will get anything
before time. When did I want this father, I don’t want this, if Yawar will pressurize me, I will leave that house forever. No child, don’t think
of leaving the house, look I have already helped
Yawar financially, still if you want, I will help you but he is
asking for a huge amount, What is this? You have given me
a huge amount already, as if he is used to of these things.

You just stay patient child, tell Yawar to come and meet me. I don’t understand
what happened to them. Mother, I also don’t understand, what happened to them, they haven’t talked
about money ever but now with the money they
are also demanding property and they were saying that no one asked us in Zohaib’s wedding
and no one have invited us properly, there is no respect
of son in law in this house, he is talking weird, what happened to him? Oh God, this never happened before what is all going on? This is all because of your wrong decisions. You would not have given this
much money to daughter in laws and people would not have talked,
this is why people are talking, after so many years,
they never speak like this and now you see today they have demanded for property
as well with the money.

Until we are alive, we cannot
divide the property, please tell him that, whatever your father
have earned until now, he used it in your education
and marriages and whatever we have, the property and factory,
everything belongs to you all, but why are you in rush? I don’t want this father, I don’t want it, but they are talking about this. You don’t worry child I will speak to Yawar about
this matter tomorrow. Faiza, Naveen, go and bring water.
I am bringing the water. Enough.
Mother. I am scared, that your name will not
come in this fight, you already have resided your
house after so much difficulty, Why? Why my name will come? You put wrong things in the mind
of Yawar and his mother, Faiza never came to her mother’s
house before like this, right? I just say the truth, now if they cannot digest it,
what will I do? Anyways, whatever it is, my husband has to
give the money, he takes care of the
whole work of the factory, and as far as Zohaib is concerned, he is on salary, we cannot expect that
he will give something.

This is all because of you, you have done all this, now we have to give the money
and property at the same time. Leave it mother, that old man will not give
a single penny to anyone, share in the property
is something else. When the son in law will demand
his share in the property, then they have to give something. We will see it later. I wish, she will get divorced,
it would have been better, at least, we will get rid of
the everyday demands. Mother, what are you talking? Please think good about your daughter, if she will get divorce, she will
come and stay in this house because she does not
have any other shelter, and she will make your daughter’s life hell.

God will do good I cannot see hope about anything good. Great, great, great, you are sending
so many pictures. Rizwan, what are you
doing with my phone? Can’t you see, I am playing
with your phone, I broke this phone that day, how did it you fix it? I got it fixed, give it to me back. You are in tension? You are desperate to see
your lovers Zohaib’s picture? Rizwan, give it to me back, are you mad? Hello, behave yourself, I did not raise my hand on your since long, so you are talking a lot. what else do you know
instead of raising your hand, Okay my love, get easy,
don’t take tension. Rizwan, my patience level is ending, My love you don’t take tension, this is your phone and sit down, yes, I remember, my two friends have invited
me in some big hotel, so you just get ready,
we both will go to eat.

Those stupid friends, I will not go anywhere
with those friends, did you get it? Spare my life. Look Ujala, you are taking wrong, they are not bad boys, they are good, and belongs
to some good family, why am I saying this to you by the way, you are not innocent as well, I know your character very well. Enough Rizwan, it is enough, don’t take Zohaib’s name now, I never had any relationship with him and I still don’t have it now, Kiran sent these pictures
to me so that I will get hurt she wants to make me jealous but she doesn’t know that I am not weak, the person who can stay with
a person like you under one roof he can stay with any problem. Behave yourself, otherwise,
I will take your tongue out. What can I expect from a person like you, you will take my tongue. She is getting powerful these days, what is she eating? There is nothing in this
house to eat these days, Zohaib may be sending her the food. Where are you going? Are you going at work? Yes, I am going to office,
I took an off for 1 week.

We spent 1 week in
the wedding functions you did not get a chance
to spend some time with me and by the way mister
our honeymoon? There is an important
project came up so I have to go office and for the honey moon,
we will go next month, Okay, so you can take more offs, because I have to see the whole Europe. Why do you want to see Europe? We can go to northern area,
we will see our Pakistan. Sorry, I have no interest
in seeing northern areas, if you don’t have money, I can say to my father,
he will arrange everything. Nawal, how can you think that I will go out on the
expense of your father? Listen to me, I haven’t taken the name of Europe because
you have your upbringing there, and you must have
seen the whole Europe, so I wanted that you
will see Pakistan now. I have no interest in this What are you saying? There is no intercom in the room? Intercom, why? I have to order a juice. So, it is your house, you can go and take it from the kitchen.

Yes, I know that it is my house but for the facility of the family there
should be intercoms in the house, it is of no use to say anything to you, I will ask uncle to install
intercom by tomorrow. You will go in this condition? Yes, I am going to
take juice downstairs, I am not going there
to sit with your family, so chill. Yes, but I will not like it that
you will go out in this dress I think they are fine, what is so wrong
in these clothes? There is nothing wrong,
I just don’t like it. But I like it, the way I am,
I will be the same, don’t try to change me
or pressurize me. I asked Sabra to bring the tea,
but she did not bring it. Hello everyone. Hi, how are you? I am fine, how are you? All good. You look very nice, are you going somewhere? Yes, I am going out with friends. You mean alone? You should have taken
Zohaib as well with you he will get bored in the house. I offered him, he is not in mood and I cannot carry him
with me everywhere, okay uncle,
I want to talk to you.

Yes, you can say child. I need an intercom in my bedroom, so will you ask anyone to install it? why do you need it child? It is needed aunt. My bedroom is very
far from the kitchen so I have to come down
for all the small things and I need a juice in the morning and Zohaib needed a coffee so it is good, that everyone
will have intercom in their rooms. We don’t need it, our hands and leg are there, if you need it, you can install it. I am sorry if you mind it, if it will get installed everyone
will have this facility, okay, I will leave for now. Take care You too. She is saying right, we should install the intercoms, Zarbab, please install
it in our room as well, this girl has done good. it is fine, we can install it. It is okay mother, she belongs to a big house now, we cannot say no to her, she has been brought up in facilities, so we have to take care of her.

Sister-in-law, if you needed anything,
you should have told me. I would have come and give it to you, It is my house as well, so I can take it, I don’t mean that, you can take it. Listen, your studies are completed, so what do you do the whole day? House works, I don’t get time from the house work
that I can do anything else. there are not so many houses works, why don’t you do any course? Do you go out or not? No, I don’t go out at all, I stay home.

What? You are spending a simple
and boring life, you have nothing in you
that the girls these days have, do you go on shopping or not? No. And friend’s house? Oh my God, you are spending very
boring and colourless life, by the way I wanted to have a juice. I will make it one minute. Why will you make it? Where is Sabra? Sabra is giving food to
the rest of the servants. Only Sabra sees the
kitchen work in this house? yes, for now, after so much difficulty,
I have hired a cook in this house, but aunt kicked her in anger, I mean, she fired her, so now whatever it is,
we have to do this, the men of this house
doesn’t like the cook’s food. Why? Because, people in this house thinks that the women in this house should
just take care of the kitchen I mean, not even women,
especially daughter in laws, now it’s just you and me in the house,
we are daughter in laws so we have to divide our work in to half, we can do one thing, you can cook food one day and one day, I will cook the food and, in some works,
Naveen will help us, okay? It seems that your sister-in-law
doesn’t like what I said, anyways, it makes no difference to me.

I will be the same, don’t try to change me or pressurize me. I have no interest in seeing northern areas, if you don’t have money, I can say to my father,
he will arrange everything. If I would have known that
your family is so conservative, I would not have been married to you at all, and if this will go on, I will have no regrets in getting a divorce
right after 2 days of wedding.

Mother, how can they think, that me, Nawal Siddiquie, the daughter of Shams Siddiqui
will present food for them, how disgusting mother you haven’t told them that our daughter doesn’t
do any work of the house. Nawal, my love, I thought that when they have seen our house,
status and lifestyle, they should have an idea that the girls in this era do not do any
work of the house these days, anyways, you don’t worry, I will do the party for your in laws, and then I will say clearly to Zohaiib’s mother that Nawal do not have the
habit to do the work of kitchen and I did not have done the marriage
of my daughter in your house so that she will do all the kitchen work, I am amazed that what is so missing with them that they ask their daughter in laws
to do the kitchen work? They have nothing missing
except for a broad mindset, today I just asked for an intercom, Zohaib’s mother saw me as if I have
asked for an expensive item. Nawal, my love, you also
have some patience. Mother, I cannot have patience, mother I am so exhausted, you were wrong, money, family and status,
they have nothing, everything is fake.

Okay enough now, it’s been 1 week to your marriage and you have started demanding for things, why do you need to demand an intercom? You can be demanding but
let the appropriate time to come. This was the right time, if I would not have told them now, they would have treated me like
her middle-class daughter in law, and I don’t like her at all, she was comparing me with her, we have no comparison, I will let her know her status very soon, I don’t like that girl at all, if you ask me the truth, I don’t know she belongs to very poor family, anyways, you just leave her, you just shift to my bungalow
when I go to United Kingdom, you will get rid of these everyday issues.

He will never go, he has so much attitude. That is fine, if he will not get agree, we will
convince him on the right time, and if needed, we will speak to him as well and if we have to pressurize him,
we will do that do, Nawal, the wedding money that
we have kept for you of 2 crores, just because Zohaib will always
be under your pressure, and he will not ignore
your any wish or desire. Okay, for now you can just leave it all, there is a time for this, for now just arrange a good maid for me, who can do some small
work of me and Zohaib. Okay, my love, everything will be done, I am here, I will do everything before I go, you don’t worry and stay happy. Okay, bye. What is the matter? Why you are making so many dishes? Is everything okay? Madam’s son in law is coming on the dinner, I think they are here already, he is sitting in guest room with everyone.

He is a son in law, not some prime minister. Madam takes care of her daughter
and son in law very nicely. Why are you doing all the work alone? Naveen helps you usually? Madam and Naveen madam helps
me in the kitchen work, I just cut the vegetables, but the whole food is cooked by them, Naveen madam had to go
out for some work, she must be coming I am amazed, she is lost since morning
and no one cares. She has to go to her friend’s house, Mr. Zohaib dropped her. Okay fine, don’t talk too much, once the Biryani is done, fry the kababs and bring
it in my room, okay? I am hungry, I will not wait for anyone. Okay No, please don’t do any
formality of dinner, we are here to talk
and then we will go.

No, how will you go? You all came here after so long I will not let you all go without food. Faiza, you didn’t tell them
that why we came here? I… Leave her, she doesn’t care about
her in laws at all, she only care for her
parents and siblings. If it will be in her hand, she will reside in
her mother’s house, she just has to write a name
for this wedding and that is done What are you saying? I have done a good
upbringing of my daughter. You call it a good up bringing? What is the matter sister? You look upset, did my daughter have done any mistake? No brother, we have done mistake,
we are innocent, that we consider you
all from good family and get your daughter married
and took her from here.

What are you saying? You tell me, at Zohaib’s wedding, what is your way
of giving us the invitation, this is not the way and no one came
to ask me from this house, I was so sick. We all are sorry for that, actually, there are so many
works in the wedding house that, Yes, you have brought your
daughter in law from a rich house, in fact, both the daughter in laws
belongs to rich family that is why you have written the
wedding money for them for crores, she must have taken a good
share from the property as well. What are you talking? Look sister, this is our personal matter. And we don’t have that free money that we will distribute it to our daughter in laws. Okay leave it about the property, but what upbringing have
you done of your daughter? She has made her in laws in
famous in her mother’s house. Mother, father, please trust me, I haven’t said anything like that, why are you saying this? Yawar? Faiza, I know, I trust my upbringing.

Yes, you will say, that the entire world is lying but
your daughter is saying truth only. Mother, leave it, why did we come here
and what are you talking? Look, you will not like
what I am saying but you haven’t done a good
upbringing of your daughter and you haven’t given her the right. which right are you talking about? We have given you a lot, and we have given a good dowry to
our daughter and depart her from here and we also have taken all the
responsibility of her daughter as well, we have done so much for you
and you are still not happy with us, Please leave the matter of dowry sister, a poor person also gives something
to her daughter and depart her, and as far as the school fees is concern, so this was your daughter’s wish that she will get admitted in the
biggest school of the city, honestly, I am not in favor of wasting my money
on daughter’s education, no matter how educated they are, they have to do the house work at last.

Okay, leave all this, please tell me real topic, what do you want? Brother we want that you will give your daughter
her share in the property, if you cannot give it in your life, it is okay, you can write down that how much
share does she have in the property? Brother, I know that you do not find
it appropriate of what I am saying but the reality is that we cannot
trust the brother these days, Yawar’s father has also given
the share to everyone in the property, after him, no one fights on that, we have given the rights to
everyone as per the legal ways, we want that your daughter will get
the share of her from the property, look , we are not saying this for us, it is beneficial for your own daughter.

Thank you for your suggestion, Mother, please discuss that topic as well. What? Okay, I will tell you, actually brother, my son faced a loss in
his business few times back, we did not inform you all,
but my son was worried. uncle, I need money for
my business investment urgently, if I will not do the
investment immediately, my business will get ruined and I will face a lot of loss uncle. Look brother, complains are something else, where there are so
many people, they do fight, I just want that you will
give 1 crore to my son. As a debt, please give him, when his business will run, he will give you back in instalments. What will I tell you mother, both the mothers were speaking continuously,
no one gets silent, Okay, tell me who won? No one yet, the competition was on, I am thanking God that Faiza’s mother-in-law did not
have taken my name, if she would have taken my name,
it would have been bad. that is why I say this, if you want to tell the story, just tell them in a way that the
story teller will get lost in the story and he will forget
who told the story? Just keep some
chance to say no for you Yes, she doesn’t seem like this that she will take my name
in front of everyone.

Don’t trust anyone now, just keep your hand clean Yes. You told me the whole story but you did not tell me that
how much money did they ask for? Not much, 1 crore and do you know it seems that they will take
the money and will leave. this is not good. why it is not good? Look, your father-in-law
doesn’t do anything, your brother-in-law is doing job so he is on salary, your husband
has to do everything, Zarbab will be in problem.

Yes, I will not allow Zarbab
to give money and let their parents gets
agree to give money and you will see, it will make the difference
when you give money, now if you Zohaib will give
the money or Zarbab, it will not make any difference. Now you see, the payment is big, it is not like that they will ask
and we will give them. it is the matter of daughter, your mother-in-law will not
ignore it for longer run, now you will see the game,
but don’t worry just wait and watch
what will happen? Anyways, leave them, tell me about your sister in law,
how is she? she is flying very high, its been 1 week that she is here and she changed
the whole situation of the house but you know what is the best part, she do something all of a sudden that everyone sees each other’s face. What does she do? she is a strange woman, she wear modern clothes and don’t ask about the routine, sometimes we are sleeping,
so she was doing the breakfast and when we get up,
she goes and sleep, sometimes, at 12 and 1 at night some
of her friends come to meet her and food, she never
eats food with us, she don’t talk to anyone and poor my parents in laws,
they just see each other.

Oh God, these girls are so bad, we did not have done the up bringing
of our daughters like this. 1 crore is a big amount Faiza, I am scared that
if we will give her 1 crore, he will demand something else. Mother, I never want that
you will give him the money, I don’t want this, mother I am crying
that I will ruin my house, mother my daughter
is very young now and I don’t have a son. What happened Faiza, why are you thinking this? We will not let this happen ever.

Mother, you don’t know Yawar, if he will make it the
problem of his ego, mother who will face
the consequences, me and my daughter mother I will still say to you don’t give him a penny, he doesn’t deserve this. Faiza sister, you? What happened? You are crying?
nothing happened, we are just sitting
and talking. What are you saying that
your daughter is crying?.

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