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Six Reason Why Pets Are Good For You


Emotions are sometimes harder to handle than
your physical well-being. If you’re both physically and emotionally
fit, then you’d know you’re truly healthy overall. Having pets is actually one way to help you
achieve a healthy body and mind. Even if you’re a dog person, a cat person,
or maybe a hamster person, social activity with pets can help you in more ways than you
might think. Hi I’m Anna welcome to my channel
Today I will be discussing 6 Reasons why pets are good for you.

1. Pets can boost your mood. Cuddling your cat, petting your dog, or even
just watching your fish swim back and forth can induce less anxiety and less stress. Your cortisol levels, or the hormone associated
with stress, decreases and your serotonin levels, or the hormone associated with well-being,
increases when you interact with pets. 2. Walking your pet demands physical activity. Dogs, like humans, need to be physically active. Thus, any good dog owner would include it
in his or her daily chores to walk their dog. Your dog would not be the only one getting
an exercise by going out for a walk, you would too. This simple form of physical activity which
is dog walking can have tremendous benefits to your health. It will also help you slim down and soak up
some vitamin D. 3. Pets can help manage your blood pressure. Having pets can actually help keep your blood
pressure in check. Studies show that in a group of 240 married
couples, those with pets have lower blood pressure and lower heart rate at rest than
those without.

The results held true even as they were undergoing
stress tests. Of course, a healthy diet and exercise still
plays a major role in managing your blood pressure. 4. Growing up with pets can reduce allergies. Contrary to popular belief, medical evidence
suggests that being around pets more can actually prevent children from developing incurring
allergies and asthma as well as from contracting eczema. This is mostly because exposure to pets can
help young people boost their immune systems as pets can generally be quite dirty.

Without the exposure, children will grow up
without the necessary protection from different causes of allergies and asthma. 5. Taking care of pets teaches responsibility. For children and adults alike, responsibility
needs to be learned and there’s no better way than to do so than by having a pet. Just like humans, pets need to be taken care
of. They need food, bathing, shelter, and social
interaction. Learning to keep your pet healthy and happy
can also help teach you how to be responsible, not just in taking care of others, but in
completing the tasks you need to do. 6. Pets can help with depression. If you have depression, had depression, or
don’t want to have depression, pets can greatly help. One of the main factors of depression is the
feeling of a lack of social support.

Pets can give you unconditional love and listen
to you for as long as you want to talk. Petting animals also have a therapeutic effect
that can help keep you calm. Pets can also prevent the feeling of hopelessness
and fear of having to go through another day. In fact, pets give owners something to look
forward to. If you like watching this video please share
it to your friends!.

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