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SECRET LIFE of PETS Max vs Snowball new Tire Chew Toy TheEngineeringFamily Funny Toys Video


– [Voiceover] Family fun for everyone. (playful music) (dog panting) (humming) (barking) – [Gidget] Go ahead Mel,
I'll get the next one. – [Mel] All right, thanks. Send it right down. – [Gidget] Thanks, coming up. I wonder why Max asked
us to come here today. – [Mel] I don't know but I
hope it's something good. I hope it's something good. Squirrel. – [Gidget] Oh Mel, focus, we
are having a conversation. – [Mel] Oh I'm sorry, you
know I hate squirrels. – [Gidget] Yeah I know,
I think I smell them now. – [Max] Come on Duke, we gotta hurry. We're all ready 10 minutes late. – [Duke] Sorry, you know how big I am. It takes forever to get
down that stairwell. – [Max] No excuses, we gotta go. – [Duke] Okay Max. – [Max] Duke wait here,
I'm gonna go first. – [Duke] Okay. (panting) – [Together] Max. – [Gidget] Hey max, why did you want us to come to our secret hide away? – [Max] I wanted to show you
the new toy Katie got me. – [Gidget] Oh wow Max, that's so cool. – [Duke] Uh, guys, I don't think I'm gonna fit in the elevator. – [Max] Oh well. – [Gidget] Max, don't be mean.

Here Duke, I'll send it down. Just try to get in it okay? – [Duke] Okay I'll try. Here I go. Uh, yeah, I don't think
I'm gonna fit in it. Is there another way up? – [Mel] Sure, sure if
you can climb the slide. – [Duke] Well I've
never climbed the slide. I'll give it a go.

– [Max] Guys. – [Gidget] Max be nice. That's your brother. – [Max] I didn't choose him. – [Gidget] It doesn't matter. You have to give him a chance. – [Duke] Hey guys I made it. (screams) – [Gidget] Sorry Duke,
didn't mean to scream. You just startled me that's all. You're a quiet climber. – [Duke] Thanks. – [Max] Any way, like I was trying to say, this is the new toy that Katie got me. – [Duke] Uh, Maxie, I
think you meant got us. – [Max] No, no, I meant me. – [Duke] No, I think it was us. – [Max] I'm pretty sure it was me. – [Gidget] Okay Max, Duke, what's the toy. – [Max] Look guys, it's so cool. I can roll it, I can chew
on the rubber, it's so cool, I can roll it around in the yard.

I just love it so much. – [Gidget] Well Max, that's so cool. Can I try? – [Max] Oh yeah, sure, sure here you go. – [Gidget] Oh yeah,
yeah um, it is so chewy. Oh Max this is a great toy. – [Mel] Oh my turn, my turn,
give me, give me, give me. (growls) – [Duke] Oh yeah, my turn next. – [Max] Um you don't wanna try. We've all ready tried it, too
much slobber on it right now. – [Duke] Oh yeah, good
thought Max, good thought. – [Max] We're looking out for you. – [Gidget] Max. – [Max] No, no, we really are. There's just too much slobber on it, and I'm really looking out for him. (barking) – [Snowball] A wheel, that's exactly what I need a wheel. Yeah, I need a wheel to be a bunny mobile. Haha let me have that wheel. Huh, there's a problem though. I got it away from those
over sized gerbils. – [Duke] You know what, it's okay. I really don't mind the slobber. – [Max] No, no Duke, trust me, you don't even want this. You don't want it.

– [Duke] Well you guys made
it look like so much fun, I think I do. (boom) Oh guys, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to drop it. – [Gidget] Oh Duke, that's okay. We can go down and get it. – [Max] No it's not okay. You always do this. You break the vases, you
mess up the furniture, you're just a big mess up. – [Gidget] Uh Max. – [Snowball] Well that was easy. I didn't have to do nothing. Liberation forever, domestication never. (laughter) – [Gidget] Wait, did you guys hear that? – [Max] Hear what? – [Gidget] That sounded like Snowball. – [Max] Oh now, my toy, Snowball! – [Snowball] Uh oh, oh
no, I've been caught. I gotta hide. (barking) – [Duke] Uh guys, I'm stuck. Don't worry, I found the way out. – [Max] Oh no, the wheel. A gift from Katie. What am I going to do? – [Gidget] Don't worry Max,
we will figure out a way. We will get the wheel back. Don't worry. – [Duke] I have an idea. – [Max] This is no time for games Duke. – [Gidget] Max give him a chance.

He is your brother. – [Duke] How about we
just sniff out Snowball? He has a really distinct smell. – [Max] Duke that will never work. We can not sniff out a bunny. Think, think, think, think, think. What should we do? Think, think, think, oh come on. Oh wait, wait, think, think, oh man, come on, think, think, I got it. We can sniff him out. – [Mel] Oh Max, that's a great idea. – [Gidget] Don't worry Duke,
yours was a good idea too. – [Duke] Thanks Gidget. (playful music) – [Snowball] Those silly
dogs, they can sniff forever but they ain't never
gonna find me up here. – [Duke] Hey guys, I smell something. – [Mel] Oh uh butterfly. – [Together] Butterfly. – [Max] Oh man we missed it. Oh wait the wheel. – [Duke] Guys, that's
what I'm trying to say. I think I smell something. – [Gidget] What is it Duke? Do you smell Snowball? – [Duke] I don't know if it's Snowball, but I'm definitely picking
up a sense of cuteness with equal parts meanness, so it couldbe. – [Max] Snowball I see you.

Give me back my wheel. – [Snowball] Naw brother,
it's my wheel now. Liberation forever, domestication never. – [Duke] He's not your
brother, he's my brother. Max jump on my back. – [Snowball] What, how you get up here? You half rabbit or something? – [Max] No Snowball but I got a family. Now you better give me that
wheel back or I'm gonna take it. – [Snowball] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, I was gonna give it to you anyway. Why you got to be so
mean to little creatures? – [Max] Thank you Snowball. – [Snowball] You may have stopped my plan, but you can't stop the revolution. Liberation for ever, Domestication never. – [Max] Duke, you know
that was really nice.

You didn't have to do that. You really are my brother. – [Duke] That's what I've
been trying to tell you Max. – [Max] Do ya, uh, wanna
turn with the wheel? – [Duke] Really, you mean it? – [Max] Well Katie did
get it for our family, and you're part of the family. – [Duke] Uh, it really is chewy. Oh it's so fun. Thanks Max. – [Mel] (sniffing) Squirrel. (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] Wow, what
a great story of family, and friendship, and working together. Wasn't it cool how all
the dogs came together to help Max find his wheel? What was your favorite part? Was it when they were chasing a butterfly, or working together? Let us know in the comments below. And who was your favorite
Secret Life of Pets pet? Was it Gidget the cute,
little, fluffy doggy, or Snowball the crazy bunny? Make sure you tell us
in the comments below. – [Voiceover] And for
more dogtastic videos with Max and Duke, and all the friends from
Secret life of Pets, make sure you subscribe
to the Engineering Family, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

– [Voiceover] If you
really loved this video then give us a big paws up. Our secret spelling word
for the day is gonna be Max. M-A-X, Max. Make sure you type that
in the comments below. – [Together] Bye everyone,
thanks for watching. – [Voiceover] Hey there everyone. Thanks for watching our video. Now make sure you subscribe
to the Engineering Family so you can see lot's of cool videos. In fact there's another
cool video right there. You can select and watch it. I think you're really gonna like it. Is it Team Umizoomi, Paw
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