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Royal Family Members’ Pets | ROYAL FLAIR


in the british royal family there is a great love for animals especially for dogs [Music] many of them are very famous among the supporters of the royal family [Music] maybe the most popular case is lupo the black cocker spaniel that prince william and kate middleton adopted in 2011. [Music] unfortunately prince george's beloved companion died in 2020 undoubtedly the sad news shook up the family and their followers as well other pets who have our attention queen elizabeth's famous royal corgis [Music] all the royals know of the love that her majesty has for her lovable fur babies [Music] and it is not a secret that the queen has always had a fascination for this type of doggy breed since she was 18 years old her father king george vi gave her her first puppy and since that day she has always had her furry companions [Music] one of the queen's great concerns is knowing who will be made caretaker for her pups when she passes away royal love towards dogs comes from the time of queen victoria she was even one of the first to object to cutting the tails and ears of our canine friends in 1885 victoria was the first royal to visit the battersea dog's home a stray dog shelter today the royal family has worked with other animal rights initiatives such as mayhew which megan collaborated with when she became royalty [Music] prince leopold son of queen victoria was the first royal member to adopt a dog [Music] he was a terrier who was fondly named skippy and he was rescued from a hostel at that time [Music] meghan markle adopted two dogs before meeting and marrying prince harry a beagle named guy and bogart a mixed breed the couple recently welcomed another dog a black labrador whom they chose to name hula in the swedish royalty there is also a prominent family member named rio and he's a cavapoo and belongs to victoria and daniel the royals of holland have also shown off their love for their black labradors nala and skipper princess marie christine von ribnitz the wife of queen elizabeth ii's first cousin prince michael kent is the only one who prefers to love felines [Music] is no doubt that as long as there is love to go around there will always be room for another fur baby to join the royal families [Music] you

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