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Rottweiler: Ferocious Guard Dog Or A Family Pet? | Watch BLACK BEAUTY BREED, Streaming Now!


The very first time I saw a Rottweiler,
I didn't know what breed of dog it was, and I said… [Gasps] "That's the most beautiful dog I have ever seen." The Rottweiler is really just a working ranch dog. It's a farm dog.
It's not a guard dog, it's not a watchdog, it's not a mean, aggressive dog,  but it's a dog that can do anything.
The Rottweilers were one of the first search-and-rescue dogs up at 9/11 at ground zero.
Unfortunately, people, their ideas of the Rottweiler as being quick to bite,
People have this notion that these dogs are really mean, when in fact there isn't, you know, something that is I just want people to see that this dog can do anything if they put the time in Rottweiler is the most loving, sweet dogs.

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