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Return Of The Goat II 🐐 | New World Order


Subject alive at all costs. Zero room for error on this one, people. Get down on the ground! Down on the ground! What are you doing? Down on the ground! Stay still. – Negative ID. – Leave him alone. He's not here, sir. Everyone, move out! Get those birds out of here. OK, I've got one. You ready? Bare-knuckle fight, Rocky versus Rambo. – Rocky in the first round. – What? Yeah! Like every time. No questions asked. Yes. You were right, the bridge was quicker. Well, I'm here now, so quit your gloating and get the drinks in. I can't stay long. – Hundred-metre dash. -Ooh! Buzz Lightyear versus Road Runner. Beep beep! I'm just playing. – Ah, man. – We finally made it! All right, I'm gonna go. What's up, babe? I thought I… I thought I saw… It doesn't matter. I don't see anything. Wanna check it out? – Let's do it.

– Sick. So, it was like a horse or a goat in a chair. Well, like a goat man and… Did it make any noise? Was it like… I love you. I love you. Hello? What the [ __ ] is that? Hey, you seen the flashlight? Oh, no sweat, I got it. Sarah? Oh, come on. Stop kidding around. Sarah? Sarah! [ __ ]. [ __ ]! – What the… – [ __ ]! – What happened? – Let's go! Let's go! Go, go, go, go, go! Go, go! Go! [ __ ]. Ow! Help! Help! Are there two sides to this story? Opinions are divided. For some, there are feelings of fear and confusion, for others… …terrifying, seemingly indiscriminate attacks which begs the question, who are these strange creatures? What do they want? …in society in 2014. This new breed of people continue to be spotted. What the [ __ ]? Recently, a late-night raid failed in targeting and arresting the organisation leader who evaded capture, leaving the FBI red-faced and at a loss.

And the public outcries for both action and… Sarah? What the f… Sarah? What the hell is going on? What is this place? What are you doing? Where am I? Listen, you gotta help me. There was, like a goat and a horse. My girlfriend, she was… They took her. Please, you gotta help me. Please. Why won't you help me? Hey, don't worry, man. We can help you. Whoa! What the…? What the…? Sarah.

…none of these creatures can be stopped is a matter the governments have been discussing. The UN are rumoured to be drawing up an emergency… …at the epicentre of the movement hailing from a small German town. No organisation has claimed responsibility… When are the government actually going to do something? Have you ever seen one? This isn't a fad or a craze or anything… – I'm scared. – The media have done it, they've created this circus around the whole thing. They don't even… You are all liars, all the media… Across the world, we are now seeing uprisings.

Why are these creatures… How these creatures can be stopped is a matter that the governments have been discussing. A single shred of evidence of…..emergency UN summit, where they have unilaterally agreed on a unique culling protocol to eradicate this rapidly escalating issue. Once the legislation has been signed off, the culling task force will be mobilised immediately. Morning, sir. The committee have voted on the goat crisis. They've sanctioned the culling order. It just needs a signature from upstairs. I'll take it up..

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