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Rescue Dog Has First Eye Contact With Her New Family (Part 2) | Kritter Klub


Let me introduce our family♬ He’s Haengbok haha The youngest cutiepie
Healing Guardian: The disciplinarian lolol ‘Sarang’, the disciplinarian♥ They were on the streets. All three of them To the abandoned dog fellas the couple has given them the embrace of a family Guardian: Kiddos, let’s eat~ Happy meal time (Hurry woof) (Hungry) Kiddos, have a nice meal (Nom nom) One more bowl? Full to the brim Guardian: There’s another special fella who’ll be eating Under the container in a cramped gap The special part of the fam that wouldn’t come out from the corner Baby, come out for a sec and eat It’s been two months already Although the couple have been feeding her every day She’s still very vigilant Town resident: Probably been abandoned, in my opinion Perhaps someone really neglected her here..? It could be the very reason why even in such a dangerous situation, she couldn’t leave I want to let her know that, where she is right now isn’t the world but the world is a warmer place Once she’s rescued we are determined to adopt her Like the 3 furrends whom they have become a family to to this fella whose world is this cramped space wanted to let her know the warmth of a “family” Rescue team arrives (Wary) After setting the capture frame spaciously decides to wait..

(Peeks) (Cautious) When she’s out this much This is the moment! Rescued successfully! To such an unexpected situation, she’s startled (Slam) (It’s okay) Town resident: Feel sad… sobbing TwT It hurts… to watch… but since she’s going to a good place To check if she has any illness examination begins Cha Jin-Won, Vet | WORLD PET Animal Hospital: In general, she doesn’t have any health issues So relieving TwT Guardian: We’re just so thankful she was able to be rescued before getting any illness Finally the moment escaping from the burdensome, painful times Pit-a-pat…..♡ Baby~ Awwie~ sho pwetty♥ look at you Beauty explodes Guardian: Named her as Saetbyul (morning star in Korean) so she can have only the good things like the shining morning star Today, I gained a pretty name and a new family..★ (Awks) ‘Saetbyul’ busy hiding into a corner Guardian: So worried… (Don’t be) Lee Chan-Jong, Director
Esac Training Center Lee Chan-Jong, Director | Esac Training Center: Once she comes out from the container Lee Chan-Jong, Director | Esac Training Center: She doesn’t know if this is a place where she’s assured safety What you need now is INDIFFERENCE (Sniff) Waiting for her to figure out herself that this place is safe A moment later..! ‘Saetbyul’ comes out of the cage (glance) pretending not to see Then She comes near and sits next to them stealthily..! Lee Chan-Jong, Director | Esac Training Center: Don’t touch her but say ‘Baby~’ Baby~♥ Yesh, mommy ♥ Touching first eye contact (Proud) Now, it’s time to meet the dog fambam A BIG WELCOME Noice tew meet ya 🙂 (Nom nom) Glad & proud <Baby c’mere~ Righto~ Completely adapted Our new Saetbyul, thank you for accepting us and let’s be healthy and happy forever~♥

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