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Reason Why This House Dog Gave Birth In A Dangerous Mountain.. l Animal in Crisis Ep 337


Guardian: Kkongji. Kkongji! A man is looking for 'Kkongji' desperately PD: Mister, who is Kkongji that you're looking for?
Guardian: She's my daughter PD: Your daughter?
Guardian: Yes, my… my dog daughter I'm looking for her becasue she hasn't come back home for a few days now. I'm worried. (Kkongji's house) One day, Kkongji broke the steel collar and left Guardian: At first I took it lightly,
thinking she'd be back soon. but she did not come back for few days, not even for food Now she comes here to eat.
The problem is that I have no idea where she's going Firstly, we decided to wait for Kkongji to come home to eat Guardian: There, that's her! This one here, who's walking towards the mister care-free, is Kkongji! Guardian: Come here~ Huh? She doesn't seem like a naughty girl who'd cause troubles! Guardian: Kkongji, lay down! Bang! What a lovely girl! It just looks like she went for a short walk (Kkongji: Oh, a camera?) (Nom nom) Guardian: This one is a mother.
She gave birth outside so I can't tie her up and keep her here One day, Kkongji left home and gave birth to puppies outside and she's parenting secretely from somewhere nobody knows Guardian: She wouldn't let me know where the puppies are.
Why do you think I called you? I couldn't find them! Kkongji…tell us where your pups are!! Guardian: Around the corner, there is a mountain.
I walk her around there one day, I was coming down here and and I heard puppies howling from the mountain The guardian guesses that she must've given birth somewhere in the mountain The next day Guardian: Why isn't she coming home..
PD: She hasn't showed up today? / No Guardian: Kkongji! She hasn't come back since she left yesterday Guardian: I don't know if something happened to the pups…
the mother dog isn't showing up so…

The guardian is worried something bad had happened Guardian: She must be starving.
She really should be here… The guardian waits for her nervously Kkongji showed up! Guardian: Kkongji! You rascal, where have you been?
Look at the state of you! Kkongji is covered in dirt.. Guardian: Where have you been? I was worried sick! What's Kkonji's secret? To unveil Kkongji's secret, we called a vet Vet: Puppies each have a nipple they suck on
Look, here and here, have been all sucked on At least 4, 4-5. I think she gave birth to many puppies Vet: I see that you and Kkongji have a great relationship
Guardian: Oh yes Vet: What I don't get is Kkongji giving birth outside in the mountain.
Was there any changes to him recently? A small change even, perhaps? Vet: After I got a job here, I brought him after a month and a half Could the sudden move of residence be the reason? Vet: First of all, dogs are pregnant for 60 days.

But from 40th days onwards, the bump starts to show
and they start to lactate. They are getting ready for birth Kkopngji must have made a nice home
for her puppies already in the previous home. She must have been confused at the change of environment . She must have hidden the puppies securely. But, only in her perspective.
Maybe it's enough for her but still they can be exposed to many dangerous factors Kkongji's puppies may be exposed to danger! We taged a GPS tracker on Kkongji's neck collar and waited until she moves back to her secret spot Kkongji's on the move! There! Kkongji roams around one particular spot frequently There must be where the puppies are! No time to dilly dally We got on with the rescue right away!! (Following the spots the tracker showed us) Rescue team: Kkongji! The team searched the spot thoroughly Guardian: I see a hole here
PD: Sorry? Guardian: A hole, here
PD: A hole?! Under a tree, there is a big hole Bringing in a camera to look inside…

And…! Rescue team: Oh, there they are!!! Kkongji and her puppies, BUSTED! You guys were hiding HERE?! Rescue team: 1,2,3,4,5,…6. There are 6
Rescue team 2: 6 puppies?! In this dirty hole, Kkongji has been taking care of her puppies..! The rescue team starts harvesting them one by one Rescue team: Oh, so CUTE!!!😍 Starting with this one that look exactly like Kkongji the rest of the puppies are coming out from the hole! Each of them are so adorably chubby😍 Rescue team: Huh? There were 7 7 puppies!!! Kkongji's family is all rescued! Back to home The vet is going to check the puppies' health conditions Are they all okay? Vet: Wow, they may weigh almost 2kg now! They are all over 1kg.

At this age! They look very healthy! Vet: Usually, they'd get respiratory diseases or skin diseases but they seem to be all clean. the environment wasn't great but I think the mother dog took really good care of their puppies. There seems to be no health problem at all. Guardian: Kkongji.. well done, hmm? Atta girl Thanks to Kkongji's care and affection, all the puppies are healthy! Vet: You must be pretty surprised when she gave birth outside, right? Guardian: Yes! Vet: This could happen again. So I think it's good to micro-chip her as a preventive meausre Vet: In fact, you have to register her, legally
Guardian: Oh, really? Vet: You will be fined if you don't Decided to micro-chip Kkongji! Vet: See her registration numbers here! Kkonji has a identity number now! Guardian is building a house for Kkongji's family so that Kkongji can focus on parenting! Kkongji and the puppers enter~ Puppers seem to like it
(editor note: Aren't they so so so adorable?) Guardian: You've done so well.

papa's sorry for not knowing your mind Don't leave home now, let's live here with papa, okay? Good girl~.

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