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Pilfer Pet Battle Guide and Family Fighter Strategies


Hi! I'm Hazel, and this is your guide to the Pilfer
pet battle on Argus. I'm going to start with a super quick strat
for world questing, then go through family specific teams for the Family Fighter achievement. Pilfer lives here in the Antoran Wastes. I don't know what he could possibly be stealing
out here but it's time for it to stop.

First up, the fastest strategy for when you
just wanna get your World Quest done and go. This also doubles as the Beast Strat. First is any raptor with more than 263 speed
set up with Exposed Wounds, and second is your Zandalari Anklerender or Kneebiter with
Black Claw and Hunting Party. Any third beast should do but another Falcosaur
won't hurt, especially if you're not rocking the full attack breed of the first one.

Starting with the Exposed Wounds raptor, use
Exposed Wounds and then promptly die. Bring in your favourite Zandalari Comborender
and use Black Claw, then Hunting Party. The first round is only OK but after that
it really kicks into high gear. Problem solved. Next is Aquatic. I'm using my Ghost Shark with Huge Sharp Teeth,
Ghostly Bite and Dive, a Sea Calf with Water Jet, Bubble and Blood in the Water and in
third is my new Lagan eel with Deep Bite, Dodge and Dive. A Slithershock Elver would also work assuming
that your breed sports more than 263 speed which mine regrettably does not.

Starting with the Ghost Shark use Dive, then
Ghostly Bite. Sure, you stun yourself, but he's recovering
over there for at least one of those rounds so we're good. After Ghostly bite you pass your stun round
and use Huge Sharp Teeth twice before your Ghost Shark double dies. Bring in the Sea Calf and use Blood in the
Water, then Bubble, then start spamming Water Jet. His bleed falls off before we get Blood in
the Water back up so we can just stick to Water Jet until the Sea Calf dies.

Out comes my eel so I'll use Dive, then Dodge,
then Deep Bite three times. Repeat that cycle one more time- Dive, then
Dodge, then Deep Biting. Those early bites just tickled but by the
end we're really quite chompy. Next we'll do Critter. I'm using the Darkmoon Rabbit and it is key
that it's a Darkmoon rabbit set up with Huge Sharp Teeth, Dodge and Burrow, a Sneaky Marmot
with Jab, Blinding Powder and Smoke Bomb and a Darkmoon Hatchling with Trample and Predatory

This one is kinda long so buckle up. Starting with the bunny use Dodge, then Teeth,
then switch to the Marmot. Use Blinding Powder, then Jab three times,
then Blinding Powder again. Switch to the Darkmoon Hatchling. Use Trample three times, then switch back
to the Rabbit. We'll use Burrow, then Dodge, then Huge Sharp
Teeth three times. Burrow again, then Dodge, then Huge Sharp
teeth again until your rabbit finally dies. He's about to Cannon so I'll bring in the
Marmot and use a quick Blinding Powder. Swap to the Darkmoon Hatchling and seeing
as he's below a quarter health, Predatory Strike. I knew I kept that lanky purple bird around
for a reason. Next we've got Elemental. I'm using a Pandaren Water Spirit with Water
Jet, Dive and Geyser, a Ruby Droplet with Absorb, Bubble and Draing Blood and third
is a Nightshade Sproutling with more than 263 speed useing Lash and Blinding Poison. That sproutling could be swapped out for a
Forest Sprout over 263 speed with Refuge or even the Bound Stream with Dive.

Starting with the Water Spirit I'll use Dive,
then Geyser, then Water Jet twice. I swap in my Ruby Droplet and use Bubble,
then Drain Blood for the Damage, then Absorb. Switch back to the Water Spirit. Geyser again, then Dive, then Water Jet one
more time before the spirit's done. Bring back the droplet and use Absorb, then
Bubble, then Absorb again. For a bit more damage and to wait out the
bubble cooldown I'll swap in my third pet and use Lash, then Blinding Poison, then spam
Lash. My Nightshade doesn't quite finish it off
but he does eat the cannon, leaving my droplet to Drain Blood and seal the deal with Absorb.

He's still got all his health points, look
at that! Next is Humanoid. I'm using a Sister of Temptation with Agony,
Curse of Doom and Lovestruck, and second is Squirky with Punch, Stampede and Bubble. I threw a Lil Bad Wolf in third but didn't
need it. Starting with the Sister use Lovestruck, then
Curse of Doom, then Agony. She dies to the cannon, at which point we'll
bring out Squirky. Use Bubble, then Stampede. Stampede itself is doing weak damage but that
100% damage taken debuff affects both the end fo the Agony and the Curse of Doom, which
is really nice. After Stampede Two good Punches finishes the
fight. Next we'll do Mechanical. I am for possibly the first time ever using
a Rabid Nut Varmint with Rabid Strike, second is my Pocket Cannon with Explode and third
is my favourite Darkmoon Zeppelin with Missile and Decoy.

Starting with that rascally Nut Varmint spam
Rabid Strike until it won't let you anymore. In my experience you get four. Roll in the Pocket Cannon and pick any damage
shot. Press it twice for one shot, then use Explode
while he's still got that Rabid debuff. On the Zeppelin, throw up your Decoy and start
spamming Missile. It never lets me down. Next we've got Dragonkin. First slot is the Twilight Clutch-Sister with
Tail Sweep, Phase Shift and Twilight Meteorite. Second and third slots are my Nether Faerie
Dragon and Sprite Darter Hatchling respectively, both with over 263 speed and set up with Arcane
Blast, Evanescence, and Moonfire. Start with that Clutch Sister and use Phase
Shift, then Meteorite, then Tail Sweep three times.

Use Phase Shift, then Tail Sweep, then one
last Twilight Meteorite before the Clutch sister dies. Bring in a faerie dragon and use evanescence,
then Moonfire, then three Arcane Blasts. Again- Evanescence, Moonfire, Arcane Blast
away. When your first dragon dies and the second
one comes out, follow that same pattern. Evanescence, Moonfire, Arcane Blast three
times. Or as many as it takes for him to keel over
already. Next is flying, and I bet you've heard this
song before. First slot is a Skyfin pet with Wild Magic,
and second is Ikky with Savage Talon, Black Claw and Flock. Start with the Skyfin and lay down Wild Magic,
then heroically eat the cannon with your finny little body. Bring in Ikky and use Black Claw, then Flock. That almost does it but before you go AFK
hit Savage Talon at least once to really polish things off. Next up is Magic. I'm dusting off my Nightmare Bell and setting
it up with Shadow Shock and Dark Rebirth. Second is the Lofty Libram or other book pet,
more than 263 speed and take Shadow Shock, Amp Magic and Curse of Doom.

Any third pet will do, I slung along my Twilight
Fiendling but your favourite Surge of Power pet is also a safe just in case bet. Starting with the Bell, use Shadow Shock four
times, then Dark Rebirth. Shadow Shock another three times before you
lose your bell. On the book use Curse of Doom, then Amp Magic,
then start mashing the Shadow Shocks. The Magic racial is almost always underwhelming
but versus the cannon pets it feels like cheating. Last is Undead. I'm using my Unborn Val'kyr with Curse of
Doom and Unholy Ascenscion, and second is a Restless Shadeling featuring more than 263
speed with Shadow Shock, Plagued Blood and Phase Shift. That could be easily swapped for a Ghastly
kid with Diseased bite and Ethereal. Third slot can be any Undead Pet, I brought
a Ghost Maggot and included Survival just in case. On the Val'kyr, use Curse of Doom, then Unholy
Ascenscion. The Shadeling's about to do a lot of work
over here. Go Plagued Blood, then Phase Shift, then Shadow
Shock six times.

You really just Shadow Shock him to death
if we're being honest. So, that's Family Fighter Pilfer! Thank you so much for watching. Subscribe for the rest of the Family Fighter
guides and other super cool WoW videos. Let me know what you think, share your own
strategies in the comments if you like and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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