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Pets for Life: Keeping pets and families together


animals for me are part of my health you know i suffer severe depression when that 
thing attacks me with medicine everything   they know they just come and stay with me and put 
their paw on me they're part of my health program in the six zip codes that we serve 
for pets for life here in Philadelphia   there is one veterinarian and 
then there's one pet smart they had a vet here on erie 
avenue you know right but he died   because we all everybody around here 
was crushed and he never charged you up   and he took care of our animals it hurt 
us real bad because we had to find a vet   if you have a larger dog you're not going to 
get that dog in a SEPTA bus if your friends   your family they also don't have a vehicle it's 
almost impossible to get that care for your animal so once you guys came and got them neutered 
it was a you know big big relief for me my   my one daughter was like can they have any babies and 
i'm like no and that made me feel good i'm like   no they cannot thank god pets for life saved 
my life and the dog's lives thank you again   since he was little i always promise mommy's not 
gonna let not happen not gonna get rid of you   you're always gonna be with mommy i don't know 
if he understands he seems like he understands and then we were pretty much 
on the street we traded the car   for a trailer and we were staying in the 
trailer she was living without electricity   she was living without running water just for 
the sole purpose of being able to keep her dog pets are a huge part of every family and no 
one should be denied that bond with their pet   due to financial circumstances 
due to systemic inequities   everyone should be able to experience the 
love and the bond that a person and pet have you

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