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Pet Parents Be Like – “Us” Series Part – 3 || Mahathalli || Tamada Media


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– Why can't you stay back for dinner? Are you crazy? We've been here for 4 hours
while I promised Leo I'll be home in an 1 hour. Leo and Bailey would be waiting for me.
I can't stay any longer. Those two will keep each other company.
– They were acting all cranky. I have to go. They aren't used to us
leaving them all alone on Sundays. If I stay back for dinner,
who'll serve them dinner? So, we'll rather go.

You do this every single time. All okay?
– Yeah, all okay. Was it solid?
– Oh, yeah! – Yuck! It is usually brown, but today it was a little red.
– A little red? He only had eggs for dinner.
So, why would it be red? I know! He had a few
cherry tomatoes too. You had cherry tomatoes, son?
– You mean these? – Yeah. Go on, eat them. Listen up!
– Yeah, mom? – Did you think about it? About what?
– It's almost a year since you got married.

– So? What do you mean by so?
Don't you want to have kids? Already?
– People of your age already have become parents but you.
– You heard that? Who says we've no kids? Here is our first child and here is our second.
– Was that a joke? Say hi to granny!
Go on, wave to granny! Go to granny!
– Go where? What a pain you are! What is your problem?
– Here are your grand children. Say hi to them. Don't you like your grand kids? Jahnu, I've a doubt. Whom will you love more?
Your kids or your pets? What a stupid question it is.
– Yeah, right. You'll obviously love your kids more. No, I'll love these two more.
Because these two are my first kids. Isn't it obvious? What shall we watch?
– You tell me. Let's watch 'Hachiko'. Each time I watch it,
I feel so emotional. I'm reminded of Leo.

Shall we watch something else?
– Let's watch 'Dog's Purpose'. The dog in it looks same like Bailey.
– Let's watch some animated movie instead. Well, let's watch 'Lion King'.
Little Simba looks so much like Leo! So, shall we watch 'Lion King'?
– Nevermind. Let's watch Game of Thrones' final episode. Sure. Each time I see the dragon
in Game of Thrones I'm reminded of Leo. Like Mother of Dragons, I feel like I'm Mother of Dogs.
– Watch whatever you want. Don't you think these two
are giving him too much attention? I'm feeling jealous.
– So am I. Leo, son, come here.
– Come here, Bailey! It was nice, wasn't it? Just a little salty.
– Yeah, just a little. May I get anything else?
– I'm good. – So am I. I can't even finish this.
– I'm full too.

– No, we're good. There are only two pieces in here. Someone finish it.
– No, we're full. Why waste food?
– Forget it, Jahnavi. – Let's take it home for Leo. Yeah! That's a good idea.
– Jahnavi, this is so cheap. No, it is not.
We're paying for this. Isn't it full of spices?
– We'll wash it clean before serving it to Leo. Dinner for Leo is set.
– What is such a big deal about this? What are you doing now?
– I'm packing this one too.

Leo can have it. What nonsense!
– Had you had a pet, would've have known. You can now clear off the table. Jahnavi, are you going to work today?
I thought you could run me some errand from work. No, I'm not going to work today.
Even you aren't going to work? No, I'm not.
My son is ill. So, I'm looking after him. Even my son is ill.
– You've got kids? I'm talking about Leo. He is ill.
– I'm talking about human babies. I'm not talking about dog babies.
– Why? Aren't dog babies also babies? I love my kids as much as you love your kids.
Never make such comparisons again.

Alright, I'm sorry.
Take care of your.. Dog babies! Yeah, I will. You too.
– Bye! Dog babies?
What nonsense? Did Bailey just fart? Hey guys! So this was 'Pet Parents' episode.
If you could relate, give it a like. Let us know in the comment section
if you liked it so that we'd make a sequel of it. I hope you had fun. Don't forget to..
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