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OUR PUPPY IS MISSING Trapped Inside Abandoned Boulder Cave!


– We have like these
rocks on our property, these huge rocks, you guys, and they can like get inside there? Were they able to get inside? Karma, Luna, are you in here? ("Tribe" by Daily Bumps) ♪ Watch us shine, this is our life ♪ ♪ Let's live it ♪ ♪ Live it forever ♪ – Morning! – [Bryan] Good morning, Finn! – My dog! – [Bryan] What is this? – Dog. – [Bryan] This is your doggy? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Aw, is it a girl or a boy? – A girl. – [Bryan] A girl? And what's her name? – Troby.

– [Bryan] Troby? – Yeah. – Aw, that's a cute name, good morning! Good morning, Ollie! I see you peeking out over there. What's up, dude? – Good! (giggles) – [Bryan] What you doing this morning? – Got a Cheerio! – [Bryan] Yeah? – I do have a surprise for you guys. – [Bryan] You do? – Yeah.
– What? You guys, Ollie has a
surprise for you guys. Are you excited? If you guys wanna see Ollie's surprise, smash that thumb's up button. Are you gonna show 'em? – It's a baby! – [Bryan] A baby? – Yeah. – [Bryan] What kinda baby? – I think she's awake now. – [Bryan] Oh, really? – [Missy] Yep! – Is he babysitting?
– There's a baby. – What's going on? Alright, who's ready to see the new Daily Bumps baby, I guess? These boys are excited.

Oh, oh, and the dogs are excited. Is there a new baby in our family? That we should tell 'em about? Going into the bedroom Oh, is she sleeping? – [Ollie] Nope, she's awake! – [Bryan] Oh, she is. Lemme see. (gasp) Aw! That's your baby, huh? – Yep. I also take care of animals too. – You take care of animals and babies? Is this the cutest thing ever, you guys? I basically started this video and Finn is taking care of his puppy dog, Ollie's taking care of his little baby. – [Finn] Hey! – [Bryan] What? (giggles) – I'm here. – I see you! (giggles) I just love how caring and compassionate our boys are, I think. They just love everyone and they just always want them to be
happy and healthy, huh? – Yeah. She can't walk, but I am gonna
teach her to walk right now. – Oh, really? Hey, Ollie, guess what? – What? – I actually taught you how to walk. Isn't that crazy?
– Yeah. – Well, I had some help. Me, Papa and Mama all
helped him walk. (laughs) – [Missy] Alright, let's
practice your walking.

(baby babbling) – [Bryan] Oh my God, oh my God! (laughs) – [Woman On Couch] That was great! Here, you can have my phone. Reward.
– Good job! – He chomps the phone. (laughs) – [Woman On Couch] That was really good. (baby laughs) – [Bryan] Oh my gosh! (laughs) ("Roar" by Katy Perry)
Walk to Katy Perry. Walk to Katy Perry! (laughing) Alright, Ollie is teaching
his baby how to walk.

– One, two, three! (record scratching) – That's not how you teach him to walk. (Bryan laughs) Do you want me to show you
how you teach it to walk? – Yeah. – You go like this. And you, like, hold them up. And then you just help them
move their feet back and forth. – [Bryan] Yep, that's what we did. – And then you kinda let go, and you see if they can
catch their balance, and sometimes they fall on their bottom. – [Bryan] Finn, do you remember when we taught you how to walk? – [Missy] Do you remember that, Finnie? – Yeah, watch this. (cheerful music) – Oh, okay, I'm gonna stop. – I'm gonna see if this fits her. (Bryan laughs) – [Bryan] You're gonna be
such a good dad some day. Smash that thumbs up button if you think Ollie and Finn are gonna
be good dads some day.

So you're actually trying
to fit the dinosaur mask on the little baby doll? (giggles) For those of you wondering,
Draco is doing so good! He's our new bearded dragon friend, huh? – Yeah, we got a new family member. – [Bryan] Yeah, what are
we feeding him now, babe? – Uh, cockroaches. – For those of you who
follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my Insta story of me chasing a cricket around our house, and I had to actually had to catch it and put it back in the cage,
it was the funniest thing. So we got rid of the crickets and now we are doing cockroaches. It's a step up. – And the crickets were
stinky and hard to keep alive. The cockroaches are like so easy. They will literally live forever in this. – [Bryan] Oh, cool, we have a cockroach farm in our house now. – So we have cockroaches in our house. – This is totally completely
normal, I'm sure. (laughs) – [Finn] I wanna smell it.

(gags) – Yeah, it's kinda weird to smell. So cockroaches for the bearded dragon, and he seems to love 'em, so there you go. – [Bryan] So we just
fed the bearded dragon, and now what else do we have to feed in our farm today, babe? – We have to feed the
fish still, and the dog. (laughs) The dogs.
– I want it! – [Bryan] Oh, and the chickens. – And the chickens, yes. – [Bryan] Look at this, you guys. Missy is literally taking worms out of Draco's cage right now, it's crazy. – [Missy] They're like dead worms. I'm trying to pick up his poop right now. – [Bryan] Uh, that one
is definitely not dead. It is moving. Look at him eat, he's like, "Yes, please! "Clean me! "Give me food!" – [Missy] Thanks, bud. – [Ollie] Not gonna smell them! Not gonna smell them! – [Bryan] What are you doing, Ollie? – Taking out the trash.

– [Bryan] Oh, you gotta dump the fish bowl and then what do you gotta do? Whoa, look at you! You gotta rinse it out with water, right? So you can clean it all up for Draco. Careful, careful. (laughs) He still needs help
carrying the water to it. – [Missy] Alright,
Draco's food is all set. He's got some cockroaches, worms. – He already ate one! – [Missy] Yes, he did, huh? We just watched him eat one. Let's see if he wants another. Draco. Oh, he's like, "Eh, I'm
kinda done, I'm over it." (upbeat music) – [Bryan] Alright, Ollie, so
what do we have in this case? – [Ollie] We have– – [Bryan] 'Cause it doesn't
just stop at lizard, does it? – [Ollie] A frog!
(screaming) – [Bryan] Oh, we have a frog! (laughs) Ollie! – Okay, so he caught him,
pick him up, put him in there. (screaming) – [Bryan] Ollie, stop
screaming, it's okay. – [Missy] (gasps) Oh
my, look out, look out! – Karma, Luna, Karma, Luna, out! I don't want the dogs
trying to eat his froggy. – There we go, I got him.

– [Bryan] Okay, we got. (laughs) Why is there a frog
inside the house, babe? Frogs live outside the house. – Well, we caught it and
we've been feeding him worms. It's really hot outside, so we
just wanna take care of him. – [Bryan] Aw, this is actually like a really cute enclosure for him, too. It's all moist and perfect. – It actually is really cute. So we're gonna give him some more water and some worms now,
'cause they eat wax worms. And he's actually really cute. So welcome to the Daily Bumps zoo. Let us know down below
in the comments what animal we should bring into our zoo next, what else you guys would
like to see on display. – [Ollie] I need a gecko. – [Bryan] Okay, bro, I am not serious. We have enough animals. So today's kind of just been a chill summer day at the DB house. Still trying to get those new wall cabinets up in my office. Kind of had everything,
like, scattered around and like unorganized for a couple of days, but as soon as I get those bad boys up on the wall it'll be better.

Karma, Luna! Missy just told me she hasn't
been able to find the dogs. She thinks they may have gotten out. But I don't think they could have. The gate's been closed all day, so I don't think they had any reason to. So I'm just trying to find 'em. Always tracking down animals and kids in this house, you guys. Oh look, you guys, we still
have Happy Camper sign from Ollie's birthday party up still. That's so funny, I should
probably take that down. Karma! Karma! Sometimes he gets trapped in
that bathroom, but not today.

Karma, Luna! – Karma! I fed them lunch or breakfast
and then I put them outside. and I can't find 'em anywhere. – [Ollie] Mama, they're trapped in here, they're trapped in here! – What?
– Karma is? – [Ollie] Yeah, Karma and Luna. – [Bryan] What? Wait, seriously? We have like these rocks on our property, these huge rocks, you guys. And they can like get inside there? Were they able to get inside? Karma, Luna, are you in here? Karma, Luna! Oh no, where, where, where? Can you see?
– They got trapped in that– – [Bryan] Karma! – [Missy] Karma! (gasps) Karma, Luna, are you guys okay? – [Bryan] I don't see them in there. Karma, Luna! Oh, wait, is that Luna? – [Missy] Karma, boy! – [Bryan] Luna, Karma! – If they crawled in together, I don't know if they can both crawl out. – I hear them!
– You guys, calm down. – [Bryan] Oh, no, I think they might be trapped in there, you guys. – [Missy] Right there, oh! – [Bryan] Karma, what
are you doing, buddy? Oh no, I don't know if
you can get out this way.

Wait, can you? – [Missy] Can you come out? Come on, boy!
– I see Luna! – [Missy] You see Luna? – Yeah!
– Luna, come out! – [Bryan] I don't think
he can get out that way. You see her? Where is she? Luna? Oh, Karma, what are you doing? Oh, no, they gotta get out of there! Oh, no, you guys! Comment down below. How are we gonna get them
out of there, you guys? We gonna have to like lift
this rocks up or something? Karma, you wedged yourself in there, you're gonna have to figure out how to get out of there, buddy. Come on, come on! – Guys, I'm trying to save them! – You are? Let's see, is that a good spot? Oh, Karma! Karma got out and Luna got out! Oh, thank you! They're safe, you guys! Oh man, they were seriously trapped inside this like rock cave on our property.

Oh, that was crazy. – I mean, I think that
we need to just fill like the inside of these holes with concrete. – [Bryan] I know! – [Missy] I don't like anyone
getting stuck in there. – There is a lot of space for them to run around in there. I can't imagine if like Ollie
or Finn crawled in there, or if the dogs did it again. – [Missy] What else is in there? – Oh yeah, there could
be like a tarantula nest or like a rattlesnake nest or coyotes. – Oh, I was so worried about you! – [Bryan] I know, that was so sad, huh? – [Missy] Come here, bud. Were you stuck in there? It's okay, I missed you. – We got him back though, you guys. He always tries to run away. Do you guys remember that
one time we lost him, we were in a park and we had
to go through that tunnel? Do you remember that, Ollie? Yeah, that was crazy.

If you guys haven't seen that video, I'll have it linked in the
ICARD so you can watch it. Karma is usually up to no good. Karma is the antagonizer. He's the one who gets Luna lost
in all the tight situations. – Yeah, Luna just follows along. – Luna follows along because she is the trusty girlfriend, basically. In case you didn't know,
Karma and Luna are dating. We'll see if we throw
them a wedding or not, but if you guys have a good
ship name for Karma and Luna, let us know down below in the comments. What would their ship name be, babe? – [Missy] Uh, Kuna? – Kuna? Kuna or it could be Larma? Kuna is kinda cute, like, Kuna? – Or Larna. – [Bryan] Yeah, I dunno. (laughs) I'm sure people have better ship names down below in the
comments, so let us know. And if we choose your ship name, then we'll give you a shout out! Karma, boy, you crazy kid, you crazy kid! (calm music) – It is so hot outside and
it's so nice to be able to just come in.
– Hi! – And relax and cool off.

Huh, boys?
– Hi! – Hi. It has been a hot, hot summer, but summer is actually
finally starting to wind down. We've had a blast this
summer just getting to play with the boys, and the
pool, enjoy the weather. And we're actually
getting ready to head off on a little trip, which
we're super excited about. – Alright, you guys, I think
it's someone's nap time. – Me, it's my nap time! – Yeah, it's your nap time, huh? – Yeah.

– Are you gonna take a good nap? – Yeah. – Say night-night to
the baby in the mirror. – Night, baby! (babbles) – [Bryan] You silly! Can you give yourself a high five? Give yourself a high-five. Say night-night! – Night-night, baby! (babbles) – [Bryan] Alright, I'm trying to put this kid down for a nap. – So while Finn took a nap
today, I actually went shopping! I went back to school
shopping for both the boys, because they are actually
both starting school here in just a couple weeks and
I am so excited about it! If you guys wanna see like
a back to school video for Finn and Ollie let me
know up in the poll up here, 'cause I wanna do it on my channel.

So if you wanna see something like that, like what's in his backpack and all that, this is all really fun, let me know up above and
I'll see if I can make a what's in my backpack
video for you guys. But anyways, I'm actually just packing up now Ollie's back to school bag and I literally cannot believe
that this is what I'm doing! I'm packing both my boys'
backpacks for school.

It's so weird, it's so crazy. And Ollie's like going back to school, it's not even like first day. Like he's going back to
school, which is so weird. I'm excited. I'm excited to see my
boys get big and grow up and get smart and it's just so cool. I got a lot of stuff to
do and stuff to put away. (happy music) Just got the kids to bed. They are so excited because tomorrow we are actually
going on a huge journey. I just wanna sit down for a second. The kids are acting as though it's like, like they're more excited
about it than Christmas. Like they can't sleep, it took forever to get them to fall asleep and so I'm super excited
'cause they're excited and it's so awesome.

But thumbs up this video
if you're excited to see where we're headed and what we're doing. It's gonna be some really, really awesome fun content coming up, fun videos and I'm just like super excited. But I think I'm gonna go
ahead and end the video because we have to get ready because we are heading off
super, super early tomorrow. So make sure you guys give
this video a big thumbs up and we'll see you guys in our next one. Bye! Boop. ("Tribe" by Daily Bumps)

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