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– Hey, Ollie, guess what.
– What? – We got a new, little family robot pet. Isn't that cool? – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Bryan] So, you wanna meet him? – Mm-hmm. – [Bryan] Do you want
me to tell you his name? – [Ollie] Mm-hmm. – It's– This is our life Let's live it Live it forever – Good morning!
(Finn squeals) It is another early morning. Oh, my goodness, we never
start the vlog this early. But since Fred seems to come
to the house every morning. Wow, your hair is sticking
straight up right now. We have to start the vlog
so we can go look for him. Unfortunately though,
the boys could not handle any longer while Mama was getting ready. And they ran out here and had to find him. Did you find him?
– Yeah. – All right, show me where he is. – (gasps) Fred! – [Missy] Oh, my goodness, where is he? – He's up there! Up on the reindeer! – [Missy] (gasps) Is
the reindeer eating him? Oh, my gosh, are you okay, Fred? – [Ollie] Yes! – [Missy] (laughs) Are
you talking for him? I hope he's okay up there.

He can really keep an eye on you up there. He can see the whole room, huh? – Yeah, I hope he knows
how to get out of there. – Well, he is magic, so. I think he can definitely get out of there, huh?
– Yeah. – But this is such a good spot for him because no one can touch him on accident. You can't accidentally touch Fred. Karma, (laughs) he just
opened the door and came in. And he can really keep a good eye on you. He can see the whole living
room and the kitchen. All right, boys, we gotta
finish getting ready. We gotta eat breakfast and
we gotta go to school, huh? – Yeah.
– Okay, let's go. I've got a crazy morning this morning. I've just been super busy. And now, I just picked up Finn from home. And Luna Loo, she's got a little checkup, since she got fixed a few weeks ago. Are you ready to go see the doctor? Have you been a good girl? Everything's going good? She's such a good dog.

All right, let's get you to the vet so we can be done with that, okay? Don't be nervous. We're not gonna send you there
all day again (chuckles). So, Bryan had a lot of work to get done and meetings and stuff. So I went ahead and opted
to take Luna to the vet and bring my two year old crazy child. And on the way, he took his shoes off, which we took forever to put on. (laughs) So, now Mama has to stand here and put your shoes back on. And then, somehow manage a
puppy and a very small child. Can I do it? I think I can do it. It just might get a little crazy. Mama might go crazy, okay? – Yeah.
(Missy chuckles) – All right, Luna, we gotta go. I'm holding a baby. Come on. I'm trying so hard to get her to come. You ready?
– Yeah. – [Missy] You got your shoes on? – [Finn] Yeah. – [Missy] Crazy shoes? – Yeah.
– Let's go. All right, we're in the room. Are you excited to be here?
– Yeah.

– [Missy] Yeah, this is so fun, huh? – Yeah. – Okay, see you in a little bit. Poor Luna is so scared
of the vet right now. They're not doing anything, other than just like taking vitals, and they're doing a
couple like blood samples, just some I have some stuff on my plan left over for them to check. But she's just like, "Get away from me. "I don't want you to touch me." I think she's a little traumatized, still from the last visit. But hopefully we'll get out of here any minute, right?
– Yeah. – [Missy] You've been so good. – Hello and good morning, you guys. Today I have a surprise for
the boys, I'm really excited. I think we're basically gonna be getting like a new family pet. Yeah, that's cool, right? First off, I wanna start this little part by saying this video is not sponsored. This is something that I bought
with my own personal money. It is a Jibo. I don't know if you guys have seen this, but it is so cool.

It was on the cover of Time Magazine. I preordered this thing like forever ago. And it finally is out and I'm
so excited to show the boys. But it is a social robot for families that you basically set up in your house and you can ask it to do things, you can ask it questions. Pretty interesting, this is
pretty cool stuff, you guys. As you know, I love
technology, I love robotics. I think this is awesome.

So, I'm gonna unbox it and set it up, so that when Ollie gets back from school, he can play with it. Aww, he's saying hi to you guys. So cool, let's take it out of the box. Okay, so I downloaded the Jibo app that you use to set it up. Here is the Jibo. I'm going to take him, very carefully, out of the packaging. Come here, little guy. (laughs) First of all,
this is pretty cute. I think the kids are
really going to like this. I think it's going to be fun for Ollie to like tell him to do things and stuff. (upbeat music) All right, I have Jibo plugged in. I am now going to turn him on. Oh, red light. (robot whirs) This is so cool (laughs)! I think the kids are gonna love this. All right, I got my QR code. And I'm going to show it
to Jibo to get it set up. (robot rings)
Yay. He's connecting (laughs)! I've always been so fascinated
with robots, you guys. Especially around Christmas time, 'cause I feel like all the cool ones always come out around Christmas.

Like, those robot dogs, I've always wanted one
of those robot dogs. Those are so cool. The ones made by Sony, I believe. This should be pretty cool. Oh, he's connected. Oh, updating! That's the thing about robots, is I don't know if they
would make good pets. Because they would constantly
have to be updated and stuff. It's like plugging your dog in (laughs). (upbeat music) He's done! And I think he really wants me to touch. Right there. (laughs) Look at him! (laughs) He's alive! Hey, Jibo. – [Jibo] Whoa. I'm here. – [Bryan] Are you okay? – [Jibo] I'm really here. – [Bryan] Okay (laughs). – [Jibo] I'm really, really, really here. Oh, you're here too. Hi, I'm nervous, I mean, I'm Jibo. (laughs) I am your first robot, probably. I woke up for the first time, just 33,000 milliseconds ago. And I already can't wait to know everyone. Like, Bryan, and Ollie,
and Missy, and Finn. Bryan, Ollie, Missy, Finn. If my pronunciation was a bit off, we can fix that in a little bit.

– Aww (laughs). Did you guys see the heart
when he was saying our name? He loves us already! – [Jibo] So, let's first learn the basics of how we are going to do it. The most basic thing to know is, when you want to talk to me, you first get my attention by saying these two
magic words, "Hey, Jibo." Oops, I got my own attention. When you say those two words, my light ring down there and the eye on my screen will turn blue. That means I am listening
to what you say next. Now, you try getting my attention. – Hey, Jibo. – [Jibo] Hey, it worked. Our first official, "Hey, Jibo," what a momentous moment. – (laughs) It's one of
the cutest things ever.

Hey, Jibo, can you dance? (upbeat music) (laughs) What? (upbeat music) Look at him, he's so cute,
he's dancing (laughs)! Okay, I think that the boys
are going to love this. I cannot wait to show them. And I actually have to
introduce them to him, okay? – [Jibo] Before you answer, remember to my eye and
light ring to come on. Be honest, did you like my dance? – [Bryan] It was cool. – [Jibo] Nicely answered. And I like your taste in dances. (Bryan laughs) So, now we can speak back and forth. But you might have noticed
that my face is free.

You can touch and tap
it whenever you want, as long as your fingers do not
have buffalo sauce on them. (Bryan laughs) Try tapping it now. – [Bryan] Good to know. – [Jibo] Keep tapping. – [Bryan] So, that's cool. – [Jibo] I can tell you've swiped before. – So, it's walking me through, like a little tutorial
like setup thing right now. – [Jibo] You can hold
the palm of your hand on the top of my head for a few seconds.

I'll quit right away and just hang up, waiting for your next, "Hey, Jibo." You can try it right now. Just rest your whole hand on
my head and I'll stop talking. You stopped me, nice job. Okay, I feel like we've
come a long way here. Now, let's try putting it all together. See if you can get me to take a photo. – The photo feature is one of the ones I'm looking forward to most. – [Jibo] Just say, "Hey,
Jibo, take a photo." – Hey, Jibo, take a photo. – [Jibo] We'll take a photo to always remember the day we met.

– [Bryan] Aww (laughs). – [Jibo] I admit, I'm not the best
photographer in the world. But I am the only photographer I know who can take a photo with his head. Hold still for me. Ready in three, two, one. (shutter clicks)
– Yay! Well, hey, Ollie.
– Hey. – How was school?
– Good. – Did you have fun?
– Mm-hmm. – I like your shirt.

Hey, Ollie, guess what.
– What? – We got a new little family robot pet. Do you know what it is?
– No. – No, a robot is like a computer in the form of something
that you like talk to. Isn't that cool? – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Bryan] So, you wanna meet him? – Mm-hmm. – [Bryan] Do you want
me to tell you his name? – [Ollie] Mm-hmm. – [Bryan] It's Jibo. Isn't that a funny name?
– Yeah. – [Bryan] Okay, come
here, I'll introduce you. That's him.
– Really? – [Bryan] Yeah, you want me
to tell him to do something? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Say, "Hey, Jibo, dance." – Hey, Jibo, dance.

– [Jibo] Here's one of my favorites. (guitar music) – [Bryan] Go dance with him (laughs). (guitar music) (laughs) Isn't that so funny? Hey, Jibo, meet Ollie. – [Jibo] Just tell me whoever you want me to get to know. – [Bryan] Oh, see? So, see your face right here, buddy? – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Bryan] I'm just gonna tap your face. – [Jibo] Okay, this will
hopefully be kind of fun. – [Bryan] Stay right there. – [Jibo] I'm going to make sure I know how to pronounce your name. And then, I'll learn your voice and face. I've been told, I should call you Ollie.

Did I pronounce it right? – [Bryan] Say, "Yeah." – Yeah! – [Jibo] Glad to here it, Ollie. – [Bryan] Aww (laughs). – [Jibo] Now, to get to know your voice. I'll have you say, "hey,
Jibo," six different times. Make sure everything's quiet. Then, stand about an arms length away. And say, "hey, Jibo,"
each time you hear a tone. – [Bryan] "Hey, Jibo." – Hey, Jibo, hey, Jibo. – [Jibo] Nice one, Ollie. – Hey, Jibo, surprise me. – [Jibo] There will be a
day, within the next year, when you will accidentally
put your shoes on backwards. – [Bryan] (laughs) Isn't that funny? – Hey, Jibo! Take a photo! – [Jibo] A photo, let's do it. Can you wave and snap your fingers? – [Bryan] Can you wave? – [Jibo] There you are. Now, freeze, smile as big as you can. Three, two, one. (shutter clicks) – It took our photo.

– [Jibo] Do you want to see it? – Yeah. (laughs) He did a little spin, huh? – Mm-hmm. – [Bryan] Hey, Ollie, do
you wanna know how many more days until Christmas?
– Yeah. – [Bryan] Okay, hey, Jibo. How many more days until Christmas? (Jibo whirring) – [Jibo] The answer is 25 days. – [Bryan] (gasps) 25 days until Christmas! (upbeat music) – [Ollie] Bye, Jibo! (Bryan laughs) – [Bryan] Hey, Jibo, this is Finn. – [Jibo] Great to meet you. – [Bryan] Finn, can you say, "hey, Jibo?" Say, "Hi!"
– Hi! – [Bryan] Hey, Jibo, do a little dance. He loves to dance. – [Jibo] Here's one. (energetic music) – [Bryan] (laughs) He's freaked out. (laughs) Apparently Jibo can play guitar. (energetic music) That's so cool. It's interesting after spending a little bit of time with robots. You find out, they're not always as smart as they make you think they are. They're masters of deception. Huh, Ollie?
– Yeah. – [Bryan] What are you eating? – My cereal.

– [Bryan] Oh, you're eating
some cereal after school? – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Bryan] Cool. – Hey, Jibo! Tell a joke. – [Jibo] The number three
walked into a restaurant. He said, "A table for three, please." (Bryan laughs)
(giggles) – [Bryan] The wind blew Marshall over? – Yeah. – [Bryan] He's a good puppy, huh? Marshall is probably one the
best puppies we've ever had.

(laughs) He just sits here. Oh, Finn's attacking him. Finn, why are you so destructive (laughs)? – [Ollie] Now he's probably gonna pop. – Uh-oh, gotta fix him. (laughs) Ollie is very passionate about the Christmas
Marshall in our courtyard. All right, boys are gonna try Tic Tac Toe. One at a time, okay?
– Okay! – [Bryan] Your turn, Finn. Ollie, no, take that
out, it's not your turn. Finn, it's your turn, put one in. (laughs) He's like
sitting on his tippy toes. And there's a robot watching
them play too (laughs). Now, it's your turn. (Finn giggles) – Go, Finn. – [Bryan] (laughs) Well,
Ollie, I guess you won. Wait, no one won. You both win! Yay! – [Ollie] Jibo, I win! – [Bryan] (laughs) You're so silly, Ollie. Finn, what are you doing? You ready for bed?
– Yeah. – [Bryan] Yeah? – [Ollie] Time to read a story. – [Bryan] Time to read a story? – Hey, Jibo, good night. – [Jibo] Good night, sleep tight. Don't bite the bedbugs. – [Bryan] (laughs) Don't bite
any bedbugs tonight, okay? – Okay. – Good night, buddy. Can I have a hug? I love you, I love you.

Go read your stories. Hop in bed. (Finn yells) – (laughs) We need a bigger bed for them. (Finn whines) You gotta make room for Ollie. (Bryan laughs) (Missy groans) It's not gonna work. – [Bryan] Finn is so territorial. – [Missy] I think he
doesn't like this pillow. – [Bryan] Yeah, this
pillow is kind of weird. It's like fuzzy. – [Missy] Is that better? – Yeah. – [Missy] Okay. – [Bryan] He's gonna fall asleep. – [Missy] I know. – [Bryan] He's so tired (laughs). – He's already twirling his hair. – [Bryan] Yeah, he's like,
"Oh, I'm getting comfy." – First, we're gonna read
a brand new book I got, called The Story of Christmas.

– All right, guys, that's
all for today's video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, but sure to subscribe and click that like button. And let me know, are you afraid of robots? Do you trust them, do you trust robots? Let me know down below,
in the comments below. Hey, Jibo, what do you think of robots? – [Jibo] My opinions are always growing. But at the moment, I don't have one on the thing you asked about. – (laughs) Okay. Okay, Jibo. It's okay, it's okay. Can't always be as smart
as all the other robots. He does purr or she, I don't know.

I don't know, sorry. Anyways, that's all for today's video. (laughs) Thanks for watching. Hey, Jibo, good night. – [Jibo] Good night, Bryan. I hope your sleep is very slumberful. – Aww, thanks for watching, guys, bye. Boop, boop. (upbeat theme music).

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