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Our Elf Surprised Us with a Private Movie Party! πŸŽ…πŸ»


– Who can do the biggest smile right now? Cheeeeese! Big smiles. Big smiles. Bigger! Biggerrrr! β™ͺThis is our life β™ͺ β™ͺ Let's live it β™ͺ β™ͺ Live it forever β™ͺ – Hey guys, and welcome
back to our channel. If you are not subscribed to us already, make sure you click that
subscribe button down below. Our friends at Elf on the Shelf
have partnered with us today in the making of this
piece and I am so excited to see what Fred brought us this morning. Okay, so the boys have been
begging us for something super special from Elf on the Shelf, and this morning Fred actually
brought it from Mrs.

Claus in the North Pole. So, they're actually sleeping still, I think they're waking up and I'm so excited for them to see it, they're gonna be over the moon. (festive acoustic music) – [Missy] What in the
world is all of this? Good morning boys! – Hi – [Missy] Are you just
hanging out in your bedroom? – Finn just put a pencil up here. – [Missy] Oh my goodness. Silly. – Or maybe Fred did that. – [Missy] Yeah, speaking
of Fred we can go find him. Let's go get Fred! – Oh my gosh. – [Missy] What did he do? – He made popcorn in a maze! – [Missy] Oh my gosh, Finn come out here! Do you see? What did he do? – He left popcorn! – [Missy] You're eating it? – Yeah – [Missy] Come on we gotta go find him! You're eating popcorn, that's so funny. So we're looking for Fred
this morning, where is he? (boys yelling) What did he bring? – [Ollie] He brings prizes for us! – [Missy] Wow! (festive acoustic music) Finn, what did Fred bring us? – [Ollie] He brings us prizes.

– [Missy] He brought you prizes? So it looks like he brought
the Elf Pets St. Bernard. – And you can rub his heart, the heart is on the barrel and you have to rub it so he can get love. – [Missy] Oh, wow. Yup, he's got a little heart on him, that's where all his magic is held. Ollie. – [Ollie] What? – [Missy] It looks like he
brought us a DVD to watch the Elf Pets Santa's St.
Bernards Save Christmas movie. – Well I don't have school
today so now we can watch it! And Fred can watch with us! – [Missy] Yeah! I think Fred brought us this DVD so that we can finally watch it. And we can watch it all
together and eat popcorn, doesn't that sound fun, Finn? – Yeah. – [Missy] Ah, it's so awesome,
that was so nice of Fred to bring us all this
from the North Pole, huh? That's cool, did you see
what this says, Ollie? So this says, Mrs Clause sent you a
treat from the North Pole. How awesome is that? – It's so awesome! – [Missy] That is so cool.

I am so excited to have a little
family time, and watch the Elf Pets Santa's St. Bernards
Save Christmas movie. This is gonna be so fun. And we can break open our little Elf Pets and watch it with them. – Hey Momma I'm gonna
go get daddy and get– and watch the show with us. – Alright I think the
boys are gonna go get Ryan so we can all watch the movie together. So awesome. I'm so excited that he
actually brought this movie. We've been dying to see it. Alright, should we watch
the movie together? – Yeah. – Yeah. Let's do it. (snow globe chimes Joy to the World) (bell chimes) – [Missy] We've got the
movie all ready to play, and we're finishing up our breakfast.

– [Ollie] And we get our prizes. – We got all of the cool
stuff that Fred brought us. – [Ollie] So like, this one's mine. – [Missy] Uh huh. And this one's Finn's, huh? Is that the same one from last
year, did he bring it back? – Yeah. – [Missy] How awesome! – That's his old one. – [Missy] Aww, how cool. You love him? – Yeah. – Alright so we're just
waiting for Daddy to come out and watch the movie with us together, but we are so excited
about all this cool stuff, I think we're gonna open it. And if you guys wanna
check out any of the stuff that Fred brought us, you can
go to shop.elfontheshelf.com or you can click the link
down in the description and check it all out.

This is so cool, okay. Should we open this one? – [Boys] Yeah! – Alright let's do it. – [Missy] Alright, here's
your St. Bernard puppy dog. Oh, he's on a lil– Oh, look, Karma got a little
jealous there, didn't he? He's like wait I'm your puppy! – I think I'm gonna name him Cutie. – [Missy] Aw, that's so sweet. – I wanna name it, uh, Cutie, too. – [Missy] Oh, Cutie, too. (Holiday string music) – That is so cute, it's a little puppy? – Yeah. – A little St Bernard? – [Missy] And he brought all
these cute little toys with him – Oh, that's his dog bowl? – [Missy] Yes. – He has popcorn in his little truck. – [Missy] Oh, my goodness,
your doggy is like, already at work, working
on the truck, Huh? – Yeah – [Missy] Alright, boys what do you say? Should we sit down an cuddle
and watch this movie together? – [Boys] Yeah! – See, Fred's right here! – [Missy] Yup, Fred is ready to watch. This is the first time
we get to see it finally, so we're so excited.

Let's go ahead and sit down
and watch, come on guys. (holiday string and piano music) – [Missy] Alright, it
is lunch time for Ollie and is it lunch time for Draco, too? – Yes – [Missy] Good job. That movie was so cute, the
boys absolutely loved it. In fact, we watched it
twice which is pretty funny, but yeah Finn is actually
now taking a nap. Ollie is gonna eat some lunch, and we're just having
a really fun day today. I think were gonna go a
couple fun Christmas-y stuff. So after Finn wakes up from
his nap we're headed out, so it's gonna be awesome. It's been a really, really fun day, and Fred made it extra special. – And we're off, and we have arrived at a Christmas Winter Wonderland event that we are doing with the boys tonight. – Yes. – It's gonna be super fun. – Are we gonna have so
much Christmas Eve fun? – Yeah. – [Bryan] What are you boys
doin' out of your car seats? (laughs) – Did you ride like that the whole way? – Ollie is getting really good at putting himself in the car seat, getting himself out of the car seat.

Yeah, you're getting to be a big boy. Alright love you boys. Should we go inside and have some fun? – Yeah! – Who can do the biggest smile right now? Cheeeeese! Big smiles. Big smiles. Bigger! Biggerrr! – [Missy] Ollie, look who's behind you. (Missy laughs) Is that so cool? – Yeah – [Missy] What do you think of that? – It's so awesome! – [Missy] Ollie.

Is it so cool? – Uh huh. – Can you do that, Finn? – No. – No, it's pretty cool, huh? – [Missy] I think Finn
is mesmerized by this. (Christmasy lounge music) – [Missy] We found reindeer! Ollie, I think you have
to figure out their names. What's their names? – [Bryan] Look at this one – [Missy] Comet? – Comet and Cupid – [Missy] Comet and Cupid? Which one's this one? Which one you think this one is? – I think this one's comet,
'cause he's really friendly. – [Missy] Aw, look at comet. – [Finn] I think that's Toofid! – [Missy] What? – Vixen. – [Missy] Vixen? – Yeah. (Missy laughing) (Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer) – [Crowd] Five, four, three, two, one! (Slow festive music) – [Bryan] Wait, did I see Santa? Did you see Santa fly across the sky? – [Missy] Is it snowing? – Yeah. – [Missy] Finn, are you
playing in the snow? Is it so cold? Oliver, about to freeze
his little hands off. Oh, gosh. Ah! No! It's so cold! Alright, time to get out, let's go. So I think we had a blast at
the little Christmas event because check this out.

So cute. Alright, we gotta get them to bed. (slow festive music) Boys are in bed and it
is finally time to relax. But yeah, I'm actually in my office again. I think it's pretty cool
that I have an office, now. Anyways, I think we're gonna
go ahead and end this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it! We are having so much
fun with Fred this month. If you are loving all these
Fred videos, let us know. Give the video a big thumbs up, and let us know what else you
wanna see us do this month. It's Christmastime and we always do, like, tons of traditions and
we go and see tons of stuff, and I just wanna know from you guys, what do you wanna see, specifically? So, let us know down in the comments.

If you do love our videos, make sure you click one of the fun videos we have on the screen here. We always do lots of fun
stuff this Christmastime, so make sure you check
out all those fun stuff. But for now, we will see
you guys in the next video. Bye! Boop..

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