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NiKO explores Disney’s ANIMAL KINGDOM!! the ultimate family vacation continues, new Star Wars park!


– [Shaun] Holy cow! Whoa, what? (upbeat music) – I wanna pet him. Where's your hat dad? – [Shaun] Is my hat. (yelling) Hey you've given Chewy a hug before. High five. – [Attendant] He doesn't do that. – He's so cute. – [Shaun] Aw! (logo clangs) We're safe! – [Jenny] We're safe! – Woo! (upbeat music) Good morning, everybody! Good morning, Niko. Is it too early? – [Jenny] It's early. – We're almost here, are you ready? Okay, turn around. (Adley squeals) – [Jenny] Holy cow! This is so cool! (upbeat music) – I had to hold his hand on
that bridge, he insisted.

– [Jenny] Whoa! That's so cool! You ready? So good, guys. – This looks delicious. Do you like blueberry muffins? – [Jenny] Yeah. – I love cantaloupe! – [Jenny] I love cantaloupe, too. – [Shaun] Will you give me a strawberry? You love cantaloupe! – Here you go. You don't wanna use your dirty hands. Instead we have these clippers. – Wow. – [Jenny] Adley is that knife good? – You want a strawberry bite? – Hey, get off stem. – [Jenny] He just wants
to take them all off. – Yeah, he doesn't like them on the thing. Good job, guys. We made it here early, we're
gonna have a lot of fun today. (upbeat techno music) – Guys, guess what Niko ghost! (laughs) – Were you a ghost? – [Shaun] You guys look so
epic walking in this place. – Oh yeah. – More trumpets! – What are these things? – [Shaun] They're elephant trumpets. – Oh. – [Shaun] What does an
elephant trumpet sound like? (blows raspberry) (Shaun laughs) A cave. (horn honks) – A monkey just dropped a banana on me. – A monkey did? (upbeat music) Stand tall! – [Matt] Make sure you
stand tall right up here.

– Oh, you need to eat more vegetables! Have fun with Matt. Hey, high fives. See you later, alligator. Boop. This is so crazy it's empty! It's like an extra cool experience because there's nothing in here. – I don't know what to
expect and I'm so excited. – Yeah, we have no idea what
this ride is by the way. Zero ideas. – [Ride Operator] You will
experience sudden drops and acrobatic aerial maneuvers. – Oh shoot (laughs). – [Shaun] Okay, nine and 10 stand on it. What? – Thanks to science, Avatars can ride on Banshees too. That's why you're linking to an Avatar. Okay, to get you flying on
a Banshee we need to find each of you an Avatar.

– [Avatar Ride Computer] Hold
on to the hand grips as shown. It's important to hold onto
the hand grips at all times. After you're seated,
back and leg restraints will be firmly engaged. – Oh my gosh.
– [Shaun] You good? – I don't know. – I'm nervous for Jenny's nervousness. – [Avatar Ride Computer] Forward
holding onto the hand grips and supervise your children. – [Shaun] These are so cool. (Avatar Ride speaks in foreign language) – Your first flight seals the bond but you cannot wait. Think, fly! – Fly? (yells) – Wow. – Wow. – Real reaction. – That was worth the four
hour wait I would say. – I would wait four hours to do that. I would never say that ever, you guys know my personality so much! That was the coolest
ride I've ever been on.

– That was so cool! – Coolest experience,
like completely immersed. You're on a a dragon that's
breathing in between your legs. – And your legs are moving like this and then water shoots in your face. – And you smell stuff and like– – [Jenny] I don't think
we're going the right way. – Point is it's incredible . I think we're gonna go again if we can figure out where we are. Look how cute our kids are! – He's got Niko's sunglasses on his head. He's so cute. – That is Matt. Basically, Matt's the guy
making it happen for us showing us where to go,
what to do, all that stuff. This experience has
been 10 out of 10 great. Disney hooked it up,
took care of everything. Not paid to say any of this but they definitely gave us
the experience of a lifetime. – They're awesome! They're so cool. – They're hashtag Disney
partners creators. – Disney creators. – Hashtag Disney creators now.

– I love it.
– Which is amazing. Let's give Disney some
love in the comments for sending us out here. Kids, that was crazy! Adley, I rode a dragon. Remember at the airport
that big crazy blue dragon? Whoa, that looks scary! Are we going there? – Yeah. – [Shaun] I rode on one. Did you guys find pet dragons? – Help! – Don't eat fingers! No! Saved ya. Whoa! What? No, I'm sorry. Holy cow that's awesome! Whoa, hey! Geez, we're gonna have
to buy these calm down. Will you give me a shave? Oh yeah and this side.

Oh you're shaving? Okay. – Get some animals. – [Shaun] Wanna go see some animals? – [Jenny] That looks so good, Adley. – Look you can use this to get an egg. Watch. – [Jenny] Did you get it? – Try one of these, suck
it up with the straw. Suck hard. Did you get it? Hey, she got it. – That's really good! – [Shaun] Niko, do you wanna try this? You like it? We're going on a safari. Hey Adley, what's on the safari. – There's real animals. – Real animals. – [Shaun] Like what kind of
animals do you guys think? – Baby giraffes.

– [Shaun] No, really? – That's what we're gonna see up there. – [Shaun] These are all the animals you guys have to look for. See how many we can find. I see a bear! – That's Niko. There's elks. Look, right there! – What? That is huge! A group of hippos is called a bloat. The more you know. (upbeat music) – [Safari Tour Guide]
Five minute power naps throughout the day that'll
add up to the full 30 and they do sleep standing up. – [Jenny] Oh my gosh. – [Safari Tour Guide] Also
give birth standing up. – [Jenny] That's so cool! Hi! – I wanna pet him. – You can't pet him. – That was awesome! – [Shaun] That was cool!
– [Jenny] Yeah. – [Shaun] Whoa. – Their horns can get six feet long. Oh! Niko look there's a lion.

Do you see him Adley? – [Adley] Yeah. – [Jenny] So cool. – Where's your hat dad? – I lost my hat. My hat's somewhere over there. I kinda just lost it. I gave it to a zebra. There's a zebra wearing my hat somewhere. – Did you have fun Niko? – Yeah. – Yeah? Whoa. – [Shaun] Oh these babies are so cute! Look at this little giraffe. There's a panda. – [Jenny] So a lion. – [Shaun] There's a lion. – [Jenny] And a giraffe. – Look these are cute, we saw this. – [Shaun] Aw we did see a little lion. Oh look, a baby hippo! – I wanna buy this one. – [Shaun] You wanna get that one? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Oh is that gonna be
your little baby this trip? – I wanna buy this please. – [Cashier] Of course, it's so cute! Do you wanna give it a big squeeze for me to send some love before.

Can you give it a big hug? Ooh wee! Thank you princess. You gotta take really good care of her, okay I'm trusting you. There you go. – [Shaun] Perfect, thank you. – [Cashier] Have a wild day, friends. – [Shaun] Cute! She's just a little baby. – Gotta get used to us first. – [Shaun] Oh she's gotta get used to us? – Yeah, just like our guinea pigs– – [Shaun] Get used to us. – 'cause she's kind of being naughty. – [Shaun] Are you kind of being naughty? What's her name? – Pandy Beary. – [Shaun] Pandy Beary? – Yeah. – [Shaun] That's a cute name. Hi, Pandy Beary. – Yeah. Hi, Pandy Beary. – The girls just went to the bathroom and I'm hat shopping. Look at this hat, this is my new style. Oh, and the poncho you like this? What do you think about my style? – You look weird. – [Shaun] What? What should I get the hate
or the jacket or both? – Both. – Both? All right, we're getting both.

Let's see how I look here. Oh yeah, why wouldn't I get both. Yee haw! Yes! Jenny said I probably
shouldn't get the hat but I did get permission
to get the jacket. – What are you getting? – [Shaun] The jacket. – On your mark, set, go! On your mark, get set, go! – [Jenny] One, two, three. (Adley roars) – Ooh that was a good roar.

– [Jenny] That was a good–
(Shaun roars) – Let's hear your roar, Niko. (Niko roars) That was good. We're gonna watch a Lion
King performance right now. Pretty excited. (upbeat music) Look at how tall he is! (people roaring) (upbeat music) (people cheering) Was that cool? (upbeat music) Are you getting tired? – Yeah, too. Niko looks so cute with Pandy Bear. – [Shaun] Oh he's got
his little panda bear? Are you sleeping, Niko? – Shh. – He's asleep. Me and mom are going to a rollercoaster and then lunch time. What's this rollercoaster called? – Everest. Mount Everest. – [Shaun] Bird. – Leave him alone. (laughs) I'm so excited. – [Shaun] Good luck. – Good luck. (yelling) (upbeat music) – Good job! You're gonna miss! – Dad, stop! – You won! That's so nice.
– Niko, Niko! – Yeah, that's for you. Come on Niko. – [Jenny] You look so pretty, Adley. Do you like it? – What? You look so pretty! Look at her! Well that was fun. We just filmed the most fun Adley video. They ran around and played games and painted faces and it was good stuff.

Back to the best day ever now. And Niko's a bear. Hi, Niko bear. – [Ride Attendant] Are you tall enough? – [Shaun] Oh yeah! Tower of Terror time! – [Ride Attendant] Do you
want to go on Tower of Terror? – [Shaun] Big kid ride. – I wanna see with daddy. – [Jenny] Okay, you stand right here then. – [Shaun] You be in between us. Do you know what this ride does? – I want it to be a surprise. – All right, got that
on camera future Adley. You wanted it to be a surprise. – Scream, it's okay it
makes you feel better. Mommy screams on this ride. – [Shaun] All right, come on in get these seatbelts on. Good luck. – [Ride Voice] Tower of Terror. – [Adley] I'm not scared. (people screaming) – Look can you see outside? You are so brave. What do you think did you like it? – I love it! – [Shaun] Matt, she did awesome. – Yes, high five yeah! – [Shaun] Should we do it one more time? – Yeah! – One more time! All right, let's go.

She is so brave, I love it. All right, what was your favorite part? – When we went up and down. Super fun! (people screaming) – [Jenny] Oh yeah! – Leave your hands up the whole time! – [Shaun] Hands up the whole time? – Hands up the whole time Mom! – [Shaun] Whoa, you're flying! Hi, mom! I think we're going. – Sorry Slink about what's going on. – Oh no! (people screaming) So far are playing in the chains. – [Jenny] Wow, who is that? It's Chewy. – [Shaun] Hey, you've
given Chewy a hug before. I'm giving him a hug. Come say hi. Bye! – [Jenny] Thank you! – Whoa, you guys got to meet Chewy? Ready? They don't even know who
they're gonna meet next either.

– [Matt] Oh my goodness. – Hear that? – [Jenny] I hear some heavy breathing. – I'm scared. – [Jenny] Who is it? – Should we go say hi to him? – And everybody follow him he wants you all on the
carpet by the window. All together. – Whoa, he's tall. Niko's all the way over there. – [Jenny] Hi, Niko. The force is strong! – [Darth Vader] Together
we can rule the galaxy. Will you join me? – No way! – [Shaun] She's not joining. – I am patient. You will embrace the
power of the dark side. – Should we get out of here? – Yeah. – We're out of here. – Can you say bye? – Bye. (Jenny laughs) That was crazy! We survived. – [Jenny] Tickle him! – [Shaun] Tickle him, tickle,
tickle him, tickle, tickle! – It's BB-8! – [Shaun] Hi. – BB-8. – [Jenny] Do you like him? – [Shaun] Aw. Whoa (laughs). – Bye. – [Shaun] Bye! – Bye. – [Shaun] He said bye! – Oh, he's so cute! – Oh he's so cute. – [Shaun] Oh that was way fun! – He said bye bye his own. – That was much better
than Darth Vader, huh. – [Shaun] Yeah who did you
like more BB-8 or Darth Vader? – BB-8.

– Bye.
– Bye. – All right, we made it. The new Star Wars ride,
we've never been on it. What do you know about it? – All I know is it's hard to get in here. – [Shaun] Do you know anything about this? – I can't say much 'cause
we've got a soldier– (small explosion) – He scared me! – And BB-8. – BB-8. (intense music) – Bye BB-8! – Bye! – Oh my gosh, look at
all the Stormtroopers. – Are they fake? – I don't know, I've
never done this before.

I wonder if Lucy knows them. – Lucy, are those your friends? They are? What are they gonna do, do
you know what's going on? – They didn't even tell me. – They didn't even tell you? All right, I guess we'll see what happens. Whoa! – [Jenny] There's more. – There's more Stormtroopers. I don't know how I feel about this. Do you know how to fly spaceships? – Enemies of the First Order, we will soon snuff out
your meager resistance. You chose the wrong side
and now you will pay. The Resistance prisoners. – You have what I want. Keep the prisoners here, I will return to finish this personally. – [Shaun] I think we're prisoners. – All right this way. (upbeat music) – [Shaun] All right,
let's get out of here. That's our robot and that's
how you control the robot, huh? Hey, you can make him do that. Adley's controlling our robot. Get us out of here Droid. Oh no! Whoa! Oh no! (lasers shooting) (upbeat music) Oh no! Get us out of here! Oh no! – Abandon ship, I repeat abandon ship! (screaming) (upbeat music) – [Shaun] We made it! – We're safe, high five! – We're safe! Woo, we did it we escaped! – Thanks for watching, bye.

(upbeat techno music) – [Shaun] Come on! – It's so fun! – [Shaun] Yeah..

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