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New Schleich Farm House Playset plus Animals Toys For Kids


( Cow moos) Welcome to Racetoytime! Hey Guys! Racetoytime here! And guess what? I have here the new Schleich Farm House play set! This set is super awesome because it comes with animals like cows, Donkey, this cute little dog, cat, piglet and there's a rat in the attic So let's go ahead and let's start building the farm house Here's the farm house Now I'm going to show you the accessories Here's the wood stove Here's the wood. This will keep the farm house warm Let's put this next to the sink Let's make the flower box Ooo, blue flowers.

They're so pretty! Here's the bench. Let's put a sticker in it Here's the seat bottom. So, this is a bench with storage Here are the plates Here's the sticker. The sticker has egg and vegetables And also it comes with cups. Now let's put these on the table Here's a dog dish, a push broom… A pitchfork, A crate, apples, A bunch of carrots, Hay bales, Wheelbarrow, The farmers, A bed, And a ladder Now I'm going to show you the animals. Here is a cow, A calf, Here's a mini pig. It's so cute! A rat, A donkey foal, Here's a cat. Wow, look at those eyes, they're green. It's super cute! And, lastly, we have this cute little dog, and I'll name him Sniffer, because dogs sniff a lot Here's the bandana Oh, this is so cute! So here's the farm house, with a barn, Here's the loft, Here's the chimney, And we can also disconnect the farmhouse from the barn Here's the patio and the bedroom Here's the door to the kitchen Water hose, This is the kitchen area or the dining area And the bedroom Now let's set everything up and let's play with the play set Let's put the animals in the pen ( Moo! ) (Donkey brays ) ( Pig snorts ) (Cat purring ) (Dog barks ) (Rat squeaks ) Let's add some horses to make it more fun! (Horse whinnies ) Let's also add a pony Here's a tractor We have some food for the animals Now, let's feed the animals Let's put the hay bales on the loft We're going to use the hay elevator to move the bales up to the loft ( Hay elevator motor sounds ) Let's feed the animals some hay Here's some carrots for the donkey Apples for the pig…

And dog food for Sniffer Good boy! Let's store one of the bales on the attic Oh, here's the rat! Let's put the rat on the ground Here's food for you, Little Buddy It's time to eat And one more thing to do. Let's give water to the animals Okay, that's it! Well, let me know in the comments which animal is your favorite in this video Be sure to subscribe and "like" this video if you have enjoyed it And also hit that bell icon to get notified every time I upload a video And before you go click on those videos on the screen to watch more fun videos here in this channel Thank you for watching and see you in our next video! Bye, bye!.

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